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It was a dark and stormy night...

These ever-too-commonly said words mark the beginning on an incredible RPG adventure that will test your mettle, your patience, and should you choose to do the sidequests, your sanity. Let us begin...

NOTE: I will be using the in-game compass often in my walkthrough to determine direction. Therefore, if I say "enter the east door", make sure the game's compass is on and follow it's direction. The compass is a very useful tool for the 3D environnments of WA3.

Also, do not be overwhelmed by the mass amount of text in the walkthrough. You see, I like to write a lot more than I really should, but it's mainly to keep the walkthrough flowing and more interesting to read, so I tend to joke around or stop for a minute to let the gamer reflect on the story. Mind you, there's no spoilers or anything. But still, there is a lot of what you might call "filler" in this walkthrough, but there's a solution. To get the answers you need, simply seek out the bold font for puzzle solutions, important points, etc. Of course, that's not to say all the unbolded text is unimportant.. on the contrary, some of it is essential for the first-time player, so I suggest skimming through the pages in the walkthrough first.

Character Introductions
Virginia's Intro Gallows' Intro
Jet's Intro Clive Intro

Chapter 1:
Our Team: Together at Last!
Searching for the Eternal Sparkle (Ruins of Memory)
Meet the Schroedingers (Serpent's Coils)
Andro, Crio, Heiraco (Ka Dingel)

Chapter 2:
Rescue Claudia? (The Unclean Mark)
Into the Darkness (Lunatic Garden)
Crossing the Sea of Sand (Sand Canal)
Into the Light (Glimmering Emblem)
The Figaia Theory (Leyline Observatory)
Meet Clive's Family (Gemstone Cave/Fortune Gear)
Bring Back the Flame! (Faraway Lands)
Aguelite and Germatron Get! (Survey Point 17)
It's About Time (Infinitum)
The Two-Headed Serpent of a Dungeon (Nidhogg Pass)
The Tree of..... Life? (Yggdrasil)

Chapter 3:
History Lesson # 1 (Iron Dragon's Nest)
History Lesson # 2 (The World's Footprint)
Paying Respects (Ruins of Memory)
Brotherly Love and Creeping Chaos (Fila Del Fia - Telepath Tower Start)
It's a Trap (Caging Tower)
Wings Over the Wasteland (Inner Sea - Laxisland - Dragon's Lair)
Disaster Girl of the Wasteland (Dissection Facility)
Adlehyde's Royal Treasure (Ruins of Memory)
The Forces That Humans Forgot (Getting the 4 Legendary Guardians)
Photosphere Redux (Dim Root Pass - Cradle of the Metal God)
Not Quite Malduke (Deus Ex Machina)

Chapter 4:
To Be a Pillar... (Sacrificial Altar)
The Death of a Titan (Demondor Pillar)
Parting and a Reunion (Demondor Pillar - Rear)
Seek Not Lolithia (Mimir's Well)
The Last Dance In the Castle of Dreams (Nightmare Castle)

Secret Garden - Decaying Labyrinth
Telepath Towers
Millenium Puzzles
Gunner's Heaven
The Abyss

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