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Throughout the game, your characters will find special items called Tools. Tools are used on the field screens (except the World Map) by pressing the Square button, and are used to solve puzzles or perform other actions. Each character has 3 Tools that are unique to them, and with the exception of the Radar, the Tools are mandatory to find before you can complete the game.

Virginia's Tools

Tool Name: What it Does: Where to Find:
Tindercrest A highly flammable Crest Graph that Virginia can toss. Press Square to throw it in front of you, and it travels in a straight line. Can be used to burn things, light candles, stun certain objects, heat up metals, unthaw frozen things, etc. Gob's Hideout
Galecrest A Crest Graph that allows Virginia to travel short distances by floating above the ground. Press Square to start Virginia moving nonstop in a straight line. Use this to jump over pits that are one space wide, or simply to run through rooms quicker. Nidhogg Pass Part 3
Changecrest A Crest Graph with the power to transform. Press Square to throw it in front of you, and it travels in a straight line. Turns large orange gems into blocks and vice versa, and it turns certain animals in towns into items. Hit a white gem with a Changecrest, and you'll instantly teleport to that white gem's location! A list of animals that can be transformed and what they can be transformed into can be found HERE Dim Root Pass

Clive's Tools

Tool Name: What it Does: Where to Find:
Bombs Versatile explosives that no Wild ARMs game (or Zelda game) is complete without. Press Square to place one in front of you, and wait a few seconds for it to blow. Useful for activating switches, destroying wreckage, or sending machinery to the scrap yard. You can place about 8 at a time. N/A (Clive begins with them)
Mighty Gloves Special gloves designed for hard labour. Select them to activate them, then press Square to use them. Can be used to lift (but not carry around) heavy blocks or push massive blocks. Faraway Lands
Grappling Hook A Tool for "getting high", the Grappling Hook can be used by standing underneath a grappling hook point and pressing Square to shoot the gun upwards. When pulled up, face the direction in which you want to descend, then press Circle. The Grappling Hook can also hit ceiling switches. Fila Del Fia

Jet's Tools

Tool Name: What it Does: Where to Find:
Boomerang Throwing stick with a loyal nature; it always comes back! Press Square to throw, and move the Control Stick around to control the angle in which it is thrown. Useful for hitting hard-to-reach switches, and if it hits a wall, it falls down, affecting anything it happens to land on. N/A (Jet begins with it)
Radar A Tool built with treasure hunting in mind. Pressing Square to use this tool will scan the current room for treasures, and will highlight points where treasure can be found, such as barrels, crates, chests, etc. Leyline Observatory (examine the lockers near the beginning)
Radical Sneakers Better than those overpriced Nike ones, and these ones AREN'T manufactured in Filgaian sweatshops. Press Square to jump a short height, or press Square and a direction to jump in that direction. Used for climbing very small ledges, hitting floor buttons, springing across the room when used on special tiles, and reaching hard to reach ceiling cages. Iron Dragon's Nest

Gallows' Tools

Tool Name: What it Does: Where to Find:
Freezerdoll A snowman doll with magical freezing powers. Hold Square to shoot a continuous freezing beam out forwards, and rotate the Control Stick around to turn while firing! Fallen Sanctuary
Steady Dolls Dolls used to retrieve things from afar, or hit hard to reach switches. Press Square to toss them out in front of you, and they will head out a certain distance, then return, affecting whatever they touch. If you toss them into a wall, you can move them around freely and press X to activate switches or open chests! Lunatic Garden
Kramer Dolls Kramer Dolls play a song that attracts monsters and makes them want to fight. Press Square to play a song, and a battle will start, providing you are in a dungeon. Also used to awaken the hidden bosses in the holographic archives.

As long as they aren't Newman dolls....

Dim Root Pass

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