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First off, a big thank you to Split Infinity for the information contained on this page!

If you want to look up a specific enemy or find a certain item, press CTRL + F to bring up the Find menu. Type what you want to find, click "Find" and there you go!

Each enemy has two items to steal and two to drop. The second one listed for each enemy is the rare item. Remember, only one enemy can drop one item per battle, with the exception of the Gimel Coins and Dragon Fossils that are commonly dropped by nearly every enemy, of course.

By the way, here are the abbreviations I will be using for the elementals.

  • EAR = Earth
  • WAT = Water
  • WIN = Wind
  • FIR = Fire
  • THU = Thunder
  • ICE = Ice
  • LIG = Light
  • DAR = Darkness

One last note; this Bestiary is NOT complete, nor will it be for a while. I'm currently in the process of putting together a much better Bestiary with information from the Japanese WA3 guide which Amaiko is scanning for me. It's currently incomplete, but you can view it HERE

HP: EXP: Gella: Steal: Drop: Location:
Halved: Resist: Weak: Active: Absorb: Copy:
A Bao A Qu2030060008500Potion Berry, Power BoostMini Carrot, Power BoostAbyss LV 61-100
/WINEAR//Storm Blade, Sky Twister
A big beastie that's prone to wind-elemental magic attacks.
Aello164010650??Abyss LV 1-100
Can cause Disease and Poison with "You can have this and that". Kill quickly, or it will steal your items and run away on the same turn!
Agawogdent2550073628800Mini Carrot, ???Potion Berry, Prism CrownAbyss LV 61-100
Can hide in its shell and defend, or attack with Rock Gazer. Has GOOD items, so try and Lucky Shot it.
Albion470011601200Mini Carrot, ???Potion Berry, Earth RingAbyss LV 11-100
THU//EAR, WIN/Reflect, Crack Tremor
Uses Earth attacks, but ISN'T weak to Wind, so be careful.
Alligatiger1680258364Potion Berry, NectarPotion Berry, Gunstar SignAbyss LV 11-60
WAT/THU, ICE//Hydro Launcher
Uses Gnaw to chew on you and Hydro Launcher to deal Water elemental damage.
Amduscias520111120???, ???Revive Fruit, NectarNidhogg Pass
Lance Thrust causes instant death if it connects. Be VERY careful.
Amon1370034004800NoneNoneAbyss LV 30-60
//LIG/DARFeeble Mind, Eraser, Screaming Mad
Screaming Mad is annoying as always. Use Spectre on it for big damage.
Amon Gamech1900055457200???, Dark RingMini Carrot, Ebony ShadowAbyss LV 61-100
//LIG//Eraser, Feeble Mind, Screaming Mad
Much like Amon, but with better items and more HP.
Annaberge2401418???, ???Antidote, Mini CarrotRuins of Memory, Ka Dingel
//ICE//Toxic Breath
Uses Stampede and can poison. Kill it with Refrigerate, while making sure not to agitate it with physical attacks because it counters.
Anzu1250210230???, ???Antidote, ???Dim Root Pass
/WINEAR//Sky Twister
Uses wind attacks, and can poison.
Ape Vargon540120138Grab Bag, ???Heal Berry, Mini CarrotYggdrasil Area
Purely physical beast. Use Vortex or Cremate on it, though it just mighr run away.
Apocrypha3707280???, ???Heal Berry, Potion BerryThe World's Footprint
//FIR//Inspire, Refridgerate, Vortex
Uses lots of spells. Your typical evil magic book; Cremate it.
Ascomid3434???, ???Heal Berry, ???Doomed To Obscurity
Very easy to kill
Axe Beak140/td>1214???, ???MedicineTHUtle Twister Area
Can cause Disease with Disease Beak. Use Vortex on it.
Balloon3212Potion BerryHeal BerryBaskar Village Area
Weakest enemy in the game. Please don't email me asking for strategies on battling it.
Balphon870151176MoonstoneAntidote, MoonstoneAbyss LV 1-100
Uses Poison Bite. Extend + Refrigerate groups.
Bandersnatch2300360380N/A???, ???Deus Ex Machina
Has permanent REFLECT cast on it, so don't use Arcana. Uses Dark attacks.
Baphomet1730268280???, ??????, ???Demondor Pillar: Rear Area
/DarEAR, LIG/DARFeeble Mind, Phantom Hazard, Reflect
Has permanent REFLECT, MAG+ and STATUS LOCK cast on it. Can cast Reflect, too.
Barbarossa580115120???, ???Heal Berry, Thunder RingFila Del Fia, Caging Tower
Lightning attacker. If you Inspire it, it starts using Superconductive Gimlet, which is VERY powerful.
Barghest5889NoneHeal Berry, ???Den of Miasma
Clive's intro enemy. Very easy.
Barnago3043819???, ???Heal Berry, Fire RingCradle of the Metal God area
//ICE//Caloric Sphere
Uses fire attacks.
Basilisk51095100???, ??????, ???Iron Dragon's Nest
//ICE//Bronze Powder
Can poison or bronze your party members.
Baskerville870151180Potion Berry, Fire RingHeal Berry, Fire RingAbyss LV 1-100
//ICE, LITFIR/Caloric Sphere
Refrigerate them. Uses fire attacks.
Beast Slug10546???, ???Heal Berry, ???Baskar Village and Jolly Roger areas
//WIN, ICE//None
Very plain, uninteresting enemy.
Black Buzzard1250210230???, ??????, ???Dim Root Path area
DAR/LIG//Screaming Mad, Paralysis Gas
Can paralyse, or paralyse with counterattack. Be careful.
Black Chameleon2980175100???, ???Magicleanser, ???Island North of Boot Hill
Can bronze your characters. Switches Elemental weaknesses when you hit it with its weakness.
Black Knight591016792000???, NectarRevive Fruit, Secret NoteAbyss LV 61-100
Uses Black Greed, Black Rage and Black Indignity; all powerful attacks.
Black Pudding475102110???, ??????, ???Iron Dragon's Nest
ALL BUT LIG/LIG//Screaming Mad
Immune to physical attacks. Use Spectre to kill it, Stare Roe to kill groups.
Blue Book6023???, ??????, ???Ruins of Memory
ALL but FIR/FIR//Quicken, Refrigerate, Pressure, Decelerate
Burn the literature. If found with Spartoi, it Quickens Spartoi which gives it Geist Gust attack.
Blue Snail4000334350???, ???Potion Berry, Mini CarrotYggdrasil Area
EAR, WAT, THU/WIN, FIR, ICE, LIG, DAR//Thunder Spark, Electrigger (After it closes briefly)
Uses thunder attacks. When it hides in shell, it only takes half damage from it's weaknesses.
Bockle750120140???, ???Potion Berry, Revive FruitSacrificial Altar area
//THU, ICE//
On second turn, uses Angry which does damage equal to the amount of HP that group of Bockles has remaining. Kill fast!
Bogle3006270???, ???Heal Berry, Potion BerryBoot Hill Area
Physical attacker. Counterattacks with Gob's Revenge.
Bombardier6504824???, ???Potion Berry, Revive FruitBallack Rise Area
Uses Angry which does damage equal to the amount of HP that group of Bombardiers has remaining. Kill fast!
Bonedrake670100120???, ???Heal Berry, Potion BerryLeyline Observatory
Can hit all team members with Rotten Breath. Use Spectre on it.
Brant2000348420Nectar, ???Revive Fruit, Mini CarrotAbyss LV 1 - 100
Uses Don't forget me! to blow up on you on first turn, doing damage equal to it's current HP. KILL ASAP!
Buckbaird2500400450Alarm Clock, Heart LeafBreath Mint, Peppy AcornDemondor Pillar
//THU//Melancholic Ray, Hypnotizer
Hypnotises and causes misery. Has good status prevention gear.
Calupdis246016080NoneNoneAbyss LV 1 - 100
Steals money, then runs. Check the Tips and Secrets section for a moneymaking trick with these.
Cannon Buffalo1880318460Potion Berry, Holy GrailHeal Berry, Revive FruitAbyss LV 1-10
Nothing special
Captor4208388/td>???, ??????, ???Survey Point #17
Cancels attacks with Power Smash, lowers HIT with Thumbing.
Carrion Crawler870150160???, ???Pixie Dust, Hazel SprigAbyss Area
THUEARWIN, ICE//Crack Tremor
Can paralyze. Uses Earth attacks.
Cave Taurus2802225???, ???Heal Berry, Potion BerrySand Canal
Mindless charging enemy. Vortex it.
Chimera Fray740140200Fire Ring, ???Heal Berry, Fire RingDissection Facility
//ICEFIR/Caloric Sphere, Volcannon Trap
Uses Fire attacks. Steal from it!
Chimera Geo680140150Earth Ring, ???Heal Berry, Earth RingDissection Facility
THU/WINEAR/Rock Gazer, Crack Tremor
Uses Earth attacks. Steal from it!
Chimera Muse680140150Water Ring, ???Heal Berry, Water RingDissection Facility
//THU, FIRWAT, ICE/Hydro Launcher, Maelstrom
Uses Water attacks. Steal from it!
Chimera Wing740180200Wind Ring, ???Heal Berry, Wind RingDissection Facility
//EAR, WATWIN, THU/Sky Twister, Storm Blade
Uses Wind attacks. Steal from it!
Christine3407280???, ???Heal Berry, Potion BerryThe World's Footprint
Use Spectre for an easy kill.
Chupacabra2460590600Potion Berry, NectarPotion Berry, Revive FruitAbyss LV 11-30
Purely physical. Use Spectre. Rare encounter.
Clay Puppet4408992???, ???Heal Berry, Earth RingYggdrasil
Use Vortex or Pressure to kill.
Coatl2100064009800???, Elder RecordPotion Berry, ???Abyss LV 61-100
WAT, WIN, FIR, THU, ICE, LIG, DAR////Sky Twister, Current Spark
Has good items.
Cob3256780???, ???Heal Berry, Mini CarrotBoot Hill area
Is known to counter physical attacks.
Cockatrice590116120???, ???Antidote, MoonstoneYggdrasil
THUEARWIN//Petrify, Toxic Breath
Can poison and paralyze. Use Vortex.
Comic Book1102428???, ???Seed Powder, Soul FeatherLeyline Observatory
Can cause Glass. Steals HP with HP Robber, but steals more when it's HP is low. Use Cremate.
Crab Bubbler3705358???, ???Antidote, MoonstoneFortune Gear area
/WATTHU//Toxic Breath, Maelstrom
Can poison, uses water attacks. Use Inspire on it.
Creeping Chaos300001000010000NONEMini Carrot, NectarFilgaia Overworld (after killing 5 Telepath Towers), or Sunset Peak after killing Mothership
Cast Status Lock on everyone ASAP. EXCELLENT for leveling up.
Critter1903840???, ???Heal Berry, Cait's BootsFortune Gear
/////Feeble Mind
Occasionally wastes turns doing nothing. Kill any Griffins in battle first.
Cult Martyr1830321420Potion Berry, Full CarrotPixie Dust, Blue BracerAbyss LV 11-30
Can paralyze, and sometimes counters physical. Undead, so use Requiem on it along with Spectre.
Cursed Corpse3202830???, ???Pixie Dust, Blue BracerLeyline Observatory, Little Rock area
Can paralyze. Kill with Spectre.
Cyclops60009501200???, ???Revive Fruit, ???Nightmare Castle
Can counter physical attacks with a paralysis attack. Use Dark Matter to kill.
Dakleit39809801200NONEPotion Berry, Elder RecordAbyss LV 31-60
/////Cremate, Pressure, Petrify, Vortex, Inspire, Refrigerate
Rare encounter. Uses 6 different elemental attack Arcana.
Decarabia730144150???, ???Potion BerryFila Del Fia area
/////Phantom Hazard, Heal
Begins battle in closed form (very high defense.) Each turn, alternates between open and closed form. Uses dark attacks.
Delphin4708890???, ???Heal Berry, Mini CarrotInfinitum
Uses earth attacks, and begins battle with a defensive boost on. Use Vortex to kill.
Demiurgos2400070239200Potion Berry, Mega BerryMini Carrot, ???Abyss LV 31-60
EAR, WAT, WIN, FIR, THU, ICELIGDAR//Bright Blast, Luminous Impact
Uses light element attacks. Use Dark Matter to kill.
Dendrobium2250066909200???, Full CarrotPotion Berry, Dried FlowerAbyss LV 61-100
Strong physical attacks. Kill with Refrigerate, but try and get it to drop it's item.
De Re Metallico1700358430???, ???Mini Carrot, Full CarrotAbyss LV 31-60
//FIR//Supressed Curse?
Uses dark attacks. Kill with Cremate. Sometimes runs from battle.
Devonova640010001200Full Carrot, ??????, ???Nightmare Castle
WIN/EAR//Storm Blade, Sky Twister
Uses wind attacks. Kill with Petrify.
Doomsday2000010002000Nectar, ???Potion Berry, ???Nightmare Castle
Cuts entire team's HP in half with Graviton, and can reduce Max HP by 20% with Kirlian Buster. If he uses Kirlian, use Reset Arcana and try again.
Doppelganger1600240260NONE???, ???Nightmare Castle, Abyss LV 31-60
Uses Install Data to transform itself into a perfect clone of one of your characters, with all that character's stats and Arcana. Kill quickly.
Drill Mandrill680136140???, ???Pixie DustThe World's Footprint area
Can paralyze all team members at once. Kill with Vortex.
Dryad11068???, ???Toy Hammer, Memo PenWestwood Station area
EAR/FIR/WATSweet Sigh, Heal
Can cause amnesia. Kill with Cremate.
Dust Man3406870???, ???Antidote, MoonstoneFila Del Fia area
Can poison. Appears in LARGE groups. EXCELLENT for building MTC; just summon Stare Roe on a large group.
Earth Figure1300200220???, ???Heal Berry, ???Demondor Pillar - Rear area
THU/WIN/EARRock Gazer, Heal
Earth elemental attacker. Kill with Vortex.
Eel Volk1600256280???, ???Pixie Dust, Blue BracerSacrificial Altar, Sacrificial Altar Area
///WAT, THU/Current Spark, Hydro Launcher
Uses water and thunder attacks. Using water or thunder attacks on it causes it to counter with that element, I believe.
Elbucky7906834???, ???Peppy Acorn, Heart LeafLaxisland Area
Boosts stats with Great Booster, can cause misery status. Also spends turns doing nothing sometimes.
EM Being250010001300Potion Berry, Thunder RingPotion Berry, Thunder RingAbyss LV 11-30
//WAT//Current Spark, Electrigger
Thunder elemental attacker. Cannot be hit with physical attacks, unless you use Clive's Lock On force ability. Cast Pressure on them.
Empusa1201114???, ???Heal Berry, Mini CarrotKa Dingel
Steals HP with HP Robber, stealing more if it's life is low. Focus on one at a time, and kill with Inspire.
Evil Dead940159170???, ???Potion Berry, Dark RingDim Root Path
Uses dark attacks, sometimes wastes turns. Use Spectre, try and get it to drop it's item.
Fairylight301012???, ??????, Light RingGlimmering Emblem
LIG/DAR//Bright Blast, Reflect
Uses light attacks, can cast Reflect. Kill with Dark Matter. Later in the game, return to Glimmering Emblem and kill with Lucky Shot to get Light Rings.
Fire Genius1760296338Potion Berry, Growth EggHeal Berry, Fire RingAbyss LV 11-30
//ICE/ICECaloric Sphere, Volcannon Trap
Fire elemental attacker; use Refrigerate. It's Spontaneous Combustion attack does damage relating to how high your Fire Ward skill is set; with 4 Fire Ward preventing all damage, 3 causing you to lose 1/4 of current HP, 2 causing you to lose 1/2 of current HP, 1 causing you to lose 3/4 of current HP, and none causing you to instantly die.
Flauros340013001400???, ??????, Nine LivesAbyss LV 31-60
Can paralyze and confuse. Weak to all elements, so kill however you want.
Fleurety1000160180???, ??????, Ice RingCradle of the Metal God
//FIRICE/Arctic Lance, Cocytus
Ice elemental attacker. Use Cremate or summon Moor Gault for groups.
Forbidden661016521900???, Robber's EgoPotion Berry, Robber's EgoAbyss LV 31-60
Can cause paralysis, poison and disease, can do damage equal to max HP minus current HP. CAN ONLY BE KILLED BY NON ELEMENTAL ARCANA, PHYSICAL ATTACKS HAVE NO EFFECT! Have Gallows Extend Dark Lucied to kill.
Gagison98910???, ???Medicine, Hazel SprigKa Dingel
WIN/EAR//Stink Cloud, Decelerate
Can disease. Kill with Petrify.
Gamygyn1850295320???, ???Heal Berry, Mini CarrotMimir's Well
Can "eat" HP with Devour, meaning however much HP Devour takes off, he gets. Kill with any elemental Arcana; it's weak to every element.
Gargoyle1730270300???, ???Wind Ring, Earth RingSacrificial Altar, Demondor Pillar
THUEAR, WIN///Rock Gazer, Sky Twister
Uses earth and wind attacks. Drops elemental rings, so try and get it to drop them.
Gasnoid34309401000NONE???, AmbrosiaAbyss LV 11-30
/////Sweet Sigh, Stink Cloud, Slumber Fog, Downhearted, Paralysis Gas, Luminous Moss, Glassblower, Bronze Powder, Asphixiation
Can't be hit by anything physical, can't be pickpocketed. Can cause every status ailment in the game with various attacks. Very rare encounter; use any Arcana to kill.
Geldam2710611800Potion Berry, Mini CarrotPotion Berry, Mini CarrotAbyss LV 31-60
Immune to physical attacks; absorbs all elemental attacks. Kill with non-elemental summons or Arcana. Try and kill in one hit; it can damage you by it's max HP minus current HP with Gooey.
Gerbug2002025???, ???Antidote, ???The Unclean Mark
Can poison. Kill with Petrify.
Giant Maximum917026443200Potion Berry, Force UnitMini Carrot, Force UnitAbyss LV 61-100
Purely physical beast, quite stupid looking.
Gigantes42008101000Mini Carrot, Mega Berry Potion Berry, Grab BagAbyss LV 11-30
Extremely common, purely physical and dumb looking.
Gob2712???, ???Heal Berry, ???Gob's Hideout, Midland Station area
Purely physical. Gob gob!
Gorbash3090232118Potion Berry, ??????, Holy GrailYggdrasil
ALL////Caloric Sphere, Vanish
Uses fire attacks. Can instantly kill characters with Vanish, though it's rare (he may counter Arcana with it.) Try and have it drop it's item.
Gorg1500272300???, ???Pixie Dust, ???Caging Tower
Can paralyze and poison. Kill with Refrigerate.
Grabsk770153160???, ???Potion Berry, BaselardRuins of Dreams, Ruins of Dreams area
Cancels commands with Power Smash, lowers accuracy for a few turns with Thumbing. Kill with Inspire and physical attacks.
Great Pumpkin383010281320Potion Berry, Growth EggPotion Berry, EvergreenAbyss LV 61-100
/EARFIRWAT/Hydro Launcher
Water elemental attacker that can use Water Zone to make water attacks more powerful for 3 turns. Cremate them, or summon Moor Gault. Boosts stats with Great Booster.
Gremlin700130140???, ???Mini Carrot, ???Dissection Facility area
When Gremlins are in battle, Shoot and Gatling commands cannot be used. Occasionally wastes turns. Blast with Arcana other than Inspire.
Grendel1960058007800Revive Fruit, ???Potion Berry, Sunset RedAbyss LV 61-100
/ALL///Crack Tremor, Vanish
Uses earth attacks, but can also use Vanish on all characters, which induces fallen status on all. Either come with protection from instant death, or kill REALLY quickly.
Griffin2505058???, ???Heal Berry, Wind RingFortune Gear
WIN/EAR//Storm Blade, Turbulence
Wind elemental attacker. Kill with Petrify.
Haborin1000160180???, ??????, ???Cradle of the Metal God
//ICEFIR/Caloric Sphere, Volcannon Trap
Fire elemental attacker. Use Refrigerate to kill.
Harvestman37009601000Revive Fruit, Holy GrailDark Ring, Holy GrailAbyss LV 11-30
Dark elemental attacker, can kill instantly with Hellsize Masquerade. Undead, so use Requiem or Spectre on it.
Helter Skelter485104110???, ???Mini Carrot, Lion ShieldNidhogg Pass
Starts with a RFX bonus; cast Eraser on it to remove (which also disables it's Geist Gust attack). Kill with Spectre.
Hidden900260270???, ???Heal Berry, Mini CarrotDragon's Lair area, Dragon's Lair
Purely physical, but very resistant to physical attacks. Kill with Arcana.
Hide Bomb795128136???, ???Heal Berry, ???Demondor Pillar
Light elemental attacker, sometimes wastes turns. Kill with Dark Matter, or summon Luceid on them.
Hobgob1602024???, ???Heal Berry, Potion BerryGlimmering Emblem
Counters sometimes. Uses Gob-to-Gob, which is difficult to explain. Check the enemy attacks section if you need info.
Hodac6703642???, ???Heal Berry, ???Gemstone Cave
Purely physical beasts. Will not attack you if there is a Rock Baboon in the battle with it; it will attack the Rock Baboon instead.
Horned Monster47096100???, ???Heal Berry, Revive FruitBoot Hill area
Purely physical monster. Kill with Pressure.
Hyperion635015601900Potion Berry, Crisis ArmPotion Berry, Crisis ArmAbyss LV 31-60
Counters both physical and magic attacks. Restores a bit of HP every turn (does not count as it's command for that turn). Use Vortex or Spectre to kill.
Hypopmus2700500650???, ??????, ???Abyss LV 11-30
////WAT, THUCurrent Spark, Electrigger, Hydro Launcher, Maelstrom
Uses thunder and water attacks.
Imitator350180100NONENONEVarious trapped treasure chests
Only appears when opening certain treasure chests. Very easy to kill, and required for the 320 chest EX File Key.
Ivory Lizard2600570860???, ???Potion Berry, Wind RingAbyss LV 30-60
//EAR, WATWIN, THU/Storm Blade
Wind elemental attacker. Kill with Pressure and Petrify.
Jabberwock1130184200???, ??????, ???Deus Ex Machina
//ICE//Baking Breath
Fire elemental attacker. Freeze with Refrigerate.
Jack-O'-Lantern740136140???, ???Heal Berry, Fire RingDissection Facility area
Refrigerate it. Either wastes its' turn with Basking in the sun, or uses Spontaneous Combustion.
Jammer Imp1390220250???, ???Potion Berry, Mini CarrotMimir's Well
Uses Thunder Zone and Water Zone, which amplify thunder and water attacks, respectively. If this enemy attacks with a Land Lamprey, end the battle IMMEDIATELY.
Jelly Blob4089/Pinwheel, Mini CarrotSerpent's Coils
Immune to physical attacks, so hit it to build up force, then zap it with any elemental Arcana.
Jumbo Bearcat4900635700???, ???Potion Berry, Mini CarrotAbyss area
LIG/FIR//Luminous Impact
Light elemental attacker, sometimes counters. Strong physical attacks. Use Cremate to kill.
Kelaino1500230250NONENONENightmare Castle
Sometimes wastes turns, but can also put you to sleep, cause disease and poison with "You can have this and that", and sometimes steals an item and runs.
Kobold1280120130???, ???Heal Berry, Potion BerryMany places on the overworld
Earth elemental attacker. Use Vortex to kill, but it takes a while to wear this enemy down.
Land Lamprey1800210256???, ???Water Ring, Thunder RingMimir's Well
///WAT, THU/Hydro Launcher, Current Spark
Water and thunder elemental attacker. If encountered with a Jammer Imp, end the battle IMMEDIATELY.
Last Battalion571016002000???, AP AmmoPotion Berry, AP AmmoAbyss LV 61-100
Counters almost all attacks, counters Arcana, counters Thunder elemental attacks with "Together now, we are unstoppable!", which does LOTS of damage. Be careful!
Leonard37608681000Potion Berry, Elder RecordPotion Berry, Elder RecordAbyss LV 31-60
//EAR, LIGDAR/Cremate, Pressure, Petrify, Vortex, Screaming Mad
Uses earth, fire, wind, water Arcana. Counters dark Arcana with Screaming Mad. Blast with Spectre.
Leprechaun2000930950N/APotion Berry, Mini CarrotAbyss LV 11-30
As long as Leprechauns are on the battlefield, Arcana and Extension commands are sealed. Kill them off with physical attacks or gems (not thunder ones). Wastes turns doing nothing occasionally.
Lily Pad61201470600???, ???Potion Berry, ???Abyss
/////Current Spark
Uses thunder attacks, but usually does physical ones instead. An extremely common enemy that looks like the Incredible Hulk gritting his teeth to take a dump. Winner of "most out of place enemy name" award.
Little Grey2200580600Peppy Acorn, Heart LeafAntidote, MedicineAbyss LV 31-60
Causes paralysis, poison and disease with Human Experimentation attack. A rare encounter, but not to be trifled with. Summon Stare Roe to wipe out groups of them.
Lycanthrope (Beast Version)1000167180???, ??????, ???Dim Root Path area
Purely physical, but has a BRUTAL attack called Gorefest, which may be a physical counter. Details pending; for now, use Spectre to wipe it out.
Lycanthrope (Human Version)1000167180NONEHeal Berry, ???Dim Root Path
/////Grav, Sleep, Eraser
Tries to half your HP with Grav, so wail on it with physical attacks before it does too much lowering.
Lynch13109648???, ???Revive Fruit, Holy GrailBallack Rise area
Can cause instant death with Hellsize Masquerade. Blast it with Spectre.
Mad Gasser164010653Potion Berry, Hazel SprigMedicine, Hazel SprigAbyss LV 1-10
//FIR//Stink Cloud
Can disease, and has an attack titled Laughing Gas that never seems to do anything. Cremate it.
Manticore4338690???, ???Antidote, MoonstoneInfinitum area, Infinitum
WIN/EAR//Sky Twister, Quick
Wind elemental attacker, can poison. Petrify it.
Marid1201416???, ???l???, ???Lunatic Garden area
//WAT//Sweet Sigh, Hydro Launcher
Uses water elemental attacks, can cause amnesia. Uses Water Zone to amplify water attacks, but Water Zone also gives any Oak enemies on the battlefield access to a paralysis attack.
Masa Gnome7906834???, ???Revive Fruit, AmuletLaxisland area
Can instantly kill with Asphixiation attack, so deal with it quickly. Cremate it.
Master Therion2170065009800Full Carrot, NectarNectar, TalismanAbyss LV 61-100
Counterattacks with Task Force, lowers defense with Fragile, and can lower Max HP by 20%! Beat it up with physical attacks, and if it uses Kirlian Buster, use the Reset Arcana to start over.
Melchom3500160200Grab BagLucky Card, MissangaSunset Peak area
Lowers your Luck stat with Unlucky, and can cause Misery. Just plug away at it.
Melchom Lich3980108310000Big Grab Bag, PocketbookGella Card, MissangaAbyss LV 61-100
Lowers your Luck stat with Unlucky, and can cause Misery. Just plug away at it; it's hardly the deadly fiend it was in WA2.
Mimic800150200NONENONEVarious treasure chests
Only appears when opening certain treasure chests. Very easy to kill, and required for the 320 chest EX File Key.
Moss Fungus2202328???, ???Antidote, ???Humphrey's Peak area
//FIRTHUWATToxic Breath
Can poison, and occasionally wastes it's turn doing nothing. Cremate it.
Mu412011401400Big Grab Bag, Pulbo Calbo???, ???Abyss LV 61-100
The most cowardly enemy in the game; it's only attack is to run away. If you want to steal from it, try to get a Preemptive Strike, then Pickpocket it and use Replay Arcana to Pickpocket it again. Immune to physical attacks and elemental Arcana; use non-elemental Arcana and summons (Zephyr) to wipe them out.
Mushussu5805226???, ???Breath Mint, Alarm ClockNidhogg Pass
FIR/ICE//Slumber Fog
Can cause sleep. Refrigerate it.
Myconid550108110???, ???Pinwheel, Clear ChimeRuins of Dreams
Can confuse ALL characters with Luminous Moss, so be careful. Summon Moor Gault to wipe out groups.
Necromancer6120870950???, ???Mini Carrot, Dark RingNightmare Castle
/DARLIG//Phantom Hazard, Feeble Mind
Dark elemental attacker. Spectre it.
Necronomicon2560870950Mini Carrot, Full CarrotMini Carrot, NecronomiconAbyss LV 61-100
/////Supressed Curse?, Unbreakable Spell?
Yep, the ancient book of the dead he is. They're quite rare, and the rare item they carry is great.
Necrosaurus910172180???, ???Heal Berry, Potion BerryDragon's Lair
Purely physical enemy that is also undead. Spectre it.
Nosferatu2320068678800Full Carrot, Elder RecordPotion Berry, Dark RingAbyss LV 61-100
EAR, WAT, WIN, THU, ICEDARLIG//Screaming Mad, Phantom Hazard
Dark elemental attacker. Beat it down with physical attacks and Spectre. I THINK it's undead, so try Requiem on it.
Nybbas840162170???, Soul FeatherSeed Powder, Soul FeatherCaging Tower
/DAREAR, LIG//Agony Effect
Can cause glass status, does non-elemental magic damage too. Spectre it, or Petrify it.
Oak2401518???, ??????, ???Lunatic Garden, Little Twister area
"Watering" it with Pressure causes it to start using Paralysis Attack. If there are Marids in the battle with it, Marid's Water Zone attack will also allow it to use Paralysis Attack. Cremate it.
Oak Shaman3003840???, ???Heal Berry, AmuletGunner's Heaven area
"Watering" it with Pressure does... something. I don't know yet. Casts Sleep on you. Cremate it.
Oak Warrior3203840???, ???Heal Berry, AmuletGunner's Heaven area
"Watering" it with Pressure does... something. I don't know yet. Purely physical; cremate it.
Obsidian Lizard2600570860Potion Berry, Mega BerryPotion Berry, Water RingAbyss LV 31-60
//FIR, THUWAT, ICE/Maelstrom
Water elemental attacker. Cremate or Inspire.
Okypete4109498NONENONEYggdrasil Area, Yggdrasil, Iron Dragon's Nest
Occasionally wastes turns, causes disease, and uses Steal to take an item. Turn after it steals, it uses Take Out to escape with item. Kill it before it escapes with Petrify.
Orc2201315???, ??????, ???The Unclean Mark, Little Twister area
Purely physical. Drown it with Pressure.
Orc Shaman2903815???, ???Heal Berry, ???Gunner's Heaven area
Physical attacker that can cast Eraser to negate positive status. Pressure it.
Orc Warrior3103815???, ???Heal Berry, Mini CarrotGunner's Heaven area
Cremating it often results in a mean counterattack, so don't. Pressure it instead. Purely physical.
Orgon Energy3560950980Potion Berry, Dark RingMini Carrot, Dark RingAbyss LV 11-30
Rare enemy. Uses physical and dark attacks. Spectre it; this should be routine by now.
Pillbug5445???, ???Heal Berry, ???Fallen Sanctuary
Strong physical defense, so Refrigerate it.
Pordarge901012NONENONEWestwood area, The Unclean Mark, Ka Dingel
Occasionally wastes turns, causes disease, and uses Steal to take an item. Turn after it steals, it uses Take Out to escape with item. Kill it before it escapes with Petrify.
P Delphin50096100???, ???Potion Berry, ???Infinitum
Physical beast, sometimes runs away.
Quox2260360380???m ??????, ???Deus Ex Machina
WIN/EAR, ICE//Slumber Fog, Baking Breath
Can cause sleep, fire elemental attacker. Once it loses half it's HP, it becomes airborne and cannot be hit by regular attacks. Use Lock On to hit it, or use Refrigerate.
Rachael1803840???, ???Heal Berry, Cait's BootsDecaying Labyrinth
Physical monster that wastes it's turns trying to slow you down. Spectre it.
Radiant Black1320210230NONENONEDemondor Pillar: Rear
/LIGDAR//Baryon Corrida
Non-elemental spellcaster, can use Resistance Field to raise all monsters magic resistance for 3 turns. Out of all the Field attacks that the Radiant monsters can use, only one can be on at a time.
Radiant Bronze1320210230NONENONEDemondor Pillar: Rear
/LIGDAR//Baryon Corrida
Non-elemental spellcaster, can use Defense Field to raise all monsters defense for 3 turns. Out of all the Field attacks that the Radiant monsters can use, only one can be on at a time.
Radiant Crystal39209231200NONENONEAbyss LV 31-60
/LIGDAR//Baryon Corrida
Non-elemental spellcaster, can use Resistance, Haste, or Defense Field to raise all monsters stats (MGR, RFX, DEF, respectively) for 3 turns. Out of all the Field attacks that the Radiant monsters can use, only one can be on at a time.
Radiant Silver1320210230NONENONEDemondor Pillar: Rear
/LIGDAR//Baryon Corrida
Non-elemental spellcaster, can use Haste Field to raise all monsters speed for 3 turns. Out of all the Field attacks that the Radiant monsters can use, only one can be on at a time.
Rat Monkey1604850???, ???Potion Berry, AmuletDecaying Labyrinth
Can poison. Spectre it.
Remnant2503240???, ???Pixie Dust, Cait's BoothArea southeast of Gunner's Heaven
Can paralyze. It's undead, so Spectre it.
Rock Baboon7504856???, ???Heal Berry, Potion BerryGemstone Cave
EAR/WIN//Rock Gazer
If any Hodacs are on the battlefield, Rock Baboons will attack the Hodacs instead. Once the Hodacs are dead, the Rock Baboons will attack you instead. Purely physical; use Vortex to kill.
Rock Buster298017575???, Memo PenToy Hammer, Memo PenArea north of Boot Hill
Can cause amnesia, attacks physically. Kill it with Vortex.
Ruby Lizard2600570860Potion Berry, Mega BerryPotion Berry, Fire RingAbyss LV 31-60
//ICEFIR/Volcannon Trap
Fire elemental attacker. Freeze it with Refrigerate.
Sabnak493012301300???, Full Carrot???, ???Abyss LV 31-60
//ALL//Supressed Curse?, Unbreakable Spell?
Casts non-elemental spells. Any element of Arcana works well!
Sammael65009101300???, ??????, ???Nightmare Castle
DAR/ICE, LIG//Hypnotizer, Tranquilizer, Evil Glance
Can cause sleep, paralysis and bronze. Refrigerate and Spectre it.
Sandcrab4007882???, ???Pixie Dust, ???Survey Point #17 area
Purely physical enemy. Pressure it.
Sapphire Lizard2600570860Potion Berry, Mega BerryPotion Berry, Earth RingAbyss LV 31-60
THU/WIN, FIREAR/Crack Tremor
Earth elemental attacker. Use Cremate or Vortex.
Saracenian2505258???, ???Peppy Acorn, Heart LeafSecret Garden area
Can cause misery status, also uses HP Robber, which does damage equal to it's max HP minus current HP, so focus on one at a time.
Scorpius1500245260???, ???Revive Fruit, Holy GrailSacrificial Altar
EAR/WAT//Crack Tremor
Earth elemental attacker. Pressure it.
Sekmet1420234250???, ???Potion Berry, ???Cradle of the Metal God
//WIN, ICE//Rock Gazer
Earth elemental attacker, with more powerful physical attacks. Refrigerate works well.
Shrieker4308390???, ???Toy Hammer, Memo PenYggdrasil area
Causes amnesia, so summon Moor Gault on large groups of them to avoid losing EXP.
Silent Chaos600003000030000Gella Card, Lucky Card???, ???Filgaia Overworld (after killing 5 Telepath Towers), or Sunset Peak after killing Mothership
Cast Status Lock ASAP, and cast it again later if you fear it will run out. EXCELLENT for EXP; check out the Tips and Secrets section for a good EXP gaining trick with these guys.
Spartoi12879???, ???Heal Berry, ???Jolly Roger area, Ruins of Memory
If found with a Blue Book, Blue Book will cast Quicken on Spartoi, giving him access to a powerful Geist Gust attack. Kill the book first with Cremate, then focus your physical attacks on Spartoi.
Spriggan512013701400Mini Carrot, ???Potion Berry, Earth RingAbyss LV 31-60
Purely physical beast; just shoot at it.
Stealth Stalker1200220240Nectar, ??????, Cute RibbonNightmare Castle
Very dangerous enemy; causes Fallen status with it's attack. Invisible (physical attacks cannot hit it unless you have Clive use Lock On.) Use Arcana or Lock On to take it down. Runs away from battle sometimes.
Strategy Guide1020166200Moonstone, Alarm ClockAntidote, Breath MintAbyss LV 11-30
//FIR//Reflect, Harmful Wave, Sleep, Turbulence
Can cause poison and sleep. It may cast Reflect on itself, so just summon Moor Gault to wipe out groups of them; they're weak to fire. And I guarantee this shrine is better than any strategy guide; it doesn't attack you. 8P
Sun Flayer2900460500???, ???Potion Berry, Ice RingNightmare Castle
/////Reflect, Cocytus, Eraser
Casts Cocytus on all (ice damage). Uses Reflect on the first turn, so maul it with physical attacks before it does anything dangerous.
Targum1052226???, ??????, ???Leyline Observatory
//FIR//Petrify, Cremate, Vortex, Inspire, Pressure, Refrigerate
Attacks with many different elemental spells. Cremate them; is that burning literature I smell?
Thunderdrake1490272290???, ???Heal Berry, Thunder RingDragon's Lair area, Dragon's Lair
///THU/Electrigger, Current Spark
You must hit it with Inspire or anything thunder-based to disable its invisibility. Then, feel free to use physical attacks on it. Thunderdrake attacks with thunder elemental spells.
Toy Soldier2000300360NONEHeal Berry, Cait's BootsNightmare Castle
Counters almost all attacks, counters Arcana, counters Thunder elemental attacks with "Together now, we are unstoppable!", which does LOTS of damage. Be careful!
Triffid3507278???, ???Heal Berry, ???Nidhogg Pass area
Has a strong earth-elemental attack called Earthquake. Burninate it with Cremate.
Trilobite2401922???, ???Heal Berry, ???Little Rock area
DEFEAT ASAP; has an attack called Insect Breath that reduces your HP to 1.
Troll64583100Potion Berry, ??????, Lion ShieldArea east of Gunner's Heaven
Purely physical beast; restores a bit of HP per turn. Spectre works well.
Twin Tail1702630???, ???Breath Mint, ???Humphrey's Peak area
//THU//Sleep, Grav
Casts Grav to halve your HP, and can put you to sleep. Sometimes wastes turns. Jolt it with Inspire.
Undead Reptile3657680???, ??????, Lion ShieldDecaying Labyrinth
Can hit all characters at once with a non-elemental breath attack. If you have it at the time, Spectre is this lizard's worst nightmare.
Unknown30096100???, ???Magicleanser, Holy AnkhFaraway Lands
Can bronze characters, but that's all it does. High DEF against almost anything; have evernyone attack with assorted Arcana.
Unlucky3170920950Tiny Flower, MissangaPotion Berry, ???Abyss LV 11-30
Occasionally wastes turns, attacks physically, and can lower entire team's luck stat with Unlucky. Kill as quickly as you can.
Urchin Bug952022???, ??????< ???Survey Point #17
High defense, so freeze it with Refrigerate or blow it away with Vortex. Earth elemental attacker that occasionally runs from battle.
Vaccumon2306470???, ???Warp Star, BaselardFaraway Lands
Reduces HP with Grav or wastes turns, but occasionally, will use Eject to kick you out of the battle and return you to the beginning of the dungeon. Kill as soon as possible; Inspire works.
Vampire41209901200Big Grab Bag, NectarTiny Flower, ???Abyss LV 11-100
Don't cast Arcana on it; it counters with Kirlian Buster, which reduces Max HP. Don't physical attack it either; it counters with Energy Buster, which resets your EXP total back to however much you had when you gained your last level. Instead, summon Stare Roe on it. Thankfully, this enemy is rare.
Vermithrax1600287300???, ???Heal Berry, Wind RingAbyss area
WIN/EAR, ICE//Storm Blade
Wind elemental attacker when it is flying. Starts flying when it loses half it's HP, at that point it is impossible to hit without Lock On or Arcana. Refrigerate it.
Virsago900190200???, ???Heal Berry, Potion BerryDragon's Lair
Physical attacker that occasionally wastes turns. Inspire works well.
Vodanoi1400035003700Pixie Dust, ViolatorPixie Dust, ViolatorAbyss LV 11-30
Very rare encounter with one of the best items in the game. Do whatever it takes to get its rare item.
Voidra38309701020Big Grab Bag, ??????, ???Abyss LV 11-100
Reduces HP with Graviton or wastes turns, but occasionally, will use Eject to kick you out of the battle and return you to floor 0 of the Abyss. KILL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
Walking Dead680129130???, ???Pixie Dust, Blue BracerFila Del Fia
Purely physical undead enemy. Spectre it.
Will-O'-The-Wisp600100110Potion Berry, ???Heal Berry, Light RingNightmare Castle
Often wastes turns doing nothing. They appear in large groups, so summon Luceid on them for a quick victory.
Wiseman3857280???, ???Heal Berry, Potion BerryThe World's Footprint
Wastes turns and attacks physically. Sometimes casts Great Booster on itself or one ally, greatly boosting their stats. Defeat with Inspire or physical attacks.
Zaebos630122130???, ???Revive Fruit, AmuletRuins of Dreams, Fila Del Fia
//WIN, ICE//Rock Gazer
Freeze with Refrigerate or blow away with Vortex. Its physical attacks are fairly strong.
Zohak24800719210000Mega Berry, ???Potion Berry, Full LibraAbyss LV 61-100
Can confuse, poison, disease and paralyze. Heals every once in a while. Has a really good item on it. Good luck!
Zonedike3180230115???, ???Potion Berry, Tiny FlowerSunset Peak area
Reduces HP with Grav, also lowers your EXP with Energy Buster. Personally, I reset the game when I find these things.

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