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EX File Keys

Hidden well throughout Filgaia are 15 "EX File Keys". True to their name, they are used to unlock "EXtras" upon completion of the game, but these keys won't come easy!

Should you seek to truly complete Wild ARMs 3, you will have to obtain all 15 EX File Keys. Beware; some of them may be quite easy to come by, but some of them are very difficult, and a few of them will test your patience to its absolute limits!

Below is a table listing the locations of the EX File Keys and the requirements for obtaining them. The "number" attribute for each key is merely for organizational purposes. 8P

Ex File Keys
Number: How to Obtain:
#1 Located near Yggdrasil, at the coordinates X: 5804 and Y: 17747. You can't get this during your first visit to Yggdrasil, though. Come back with the Item Checker won from the Novice Division of Gunner's Heaven. Then travel through Nidhogg Pass one more time to reach the Yggdrasil area.
#2 Located at Sunset Peak. To reach Sunset Peak, solve Millenium Puzzle #14 to obtain the Teleport Orb. Use the Teleport Orb to warp to Southfarm Train Station. At Southfarm, purchase a ticket to East Highlands. Now, when you board the train, the "Emulator Zone phenomenon" will occur, and the train will go off course and warp you to the hidden train station, Sunset Peak. Dash into the clock at Sunset Peak, and the EX File Key will fall out.
#3 Breed all 8 plant types to 100% at the Secret Garden, and Florina will give this to you. Click here for details.
#4 Sold in the Black Market for 9,999,999 Gella! However, there's a tip you can do to obtain this a lot easier. Defeat the optional boss Heimdal Gazzo in the Dissection Facility, and you'll win a Gold Pass, which halves the price of all items sold at the Black Market. To get the money rather quickly, head for the top floor of the Abyss with one or more Pocketbooks equipped and battle the Calupdis enemy. He will attempt to steal 10% of your Gella, and then if you kill him before he gets away, you will be rewarded with double of that! Repeat until rich.
#5 After defeating Ragu O Ragla in floor 100 of the Abyss, defeat him again on floor 1 for an EX File Key. Click here for help with the Abyss and Ragu.
#6 After opening all 319 Treasure Chests, head to Fortune Gear and open the black treasure chest that you couldn't earlier. This is the 320th Treasure Chest, Black Box. Defeat him in a battle for EX File Key #6. Click here for a list of every treasure chest in the game.
#7 After completing all 20 Millenium Puzzles, go back to Dune Canyon station and talk to Simon to get this key. Click here for help on the puzzles.
#8 After filling out EVERY SINGLE SPACE (100%) of the World Map, head to Humphrey's Peak. Go underneath the "bridge" in town, and walk as far as you can north. There is a hidden tunnel that will lead you underneath most of the town here, and we're going to follow it, so keep walking north! When you hit the dead end, keep stumbling around and hitting X until a conversation window opens up. This is Uncle Gob, and he tells you how much of the map you've discovered. Once you've seen 100%, Uncle Gob will thank you for showing him the world and will hand you an EX File Key.
#9 Speak to Martina in all of the required locations. Click here for details.
#10 Collect all of the Adventure Books and read them to Kaitlyn (Clive's Daughter) in Humphrey's Peak. Click here for details.
#11 After acquiring Lombardia, head to co-ordinates X: 5400, Y: 4300. Here, fire some missiles through the gigantic stone ring, and the sand will start to get violent! Now, go to your Sandcraft and immediately drive to the source of the disruption. Battle the second Balal Quo Naga and win for the Key.
#12 Defeat one hundred battles against the Arioch enemy group. Click here for details.
#13 Defeat Bad News in Gunner's Heaven. Click here for details.
#14 Complete the Telepath Towers sidequest. Click here for details.
#15 Pickpocket this from the final form of Nega Filgaia.

And now, a short explanation on using those keys.

Upon completing the game, after the ending scenes have played, the credits have rolled, and "THE END" has displayed, the game will ask you if you would like to create a separate EX file. To utilize the EX File Keys, it is necessary to create this file, but make sure you create it as a separate save, because you will not be able to play the game from this file!

Once you have created said file, you will have to load it to access the EX File features. Load the game normally, and a screen will come up with 4 icons to select from. Each of these icons is "darkened", and to brighten them up to access them, you will have to use up your keys. The options are:


: Allows you to view your status as of when you completed the game. I am not kidding you. Costs 1 EX File Key to access.


: Allows you to watch all 8 variations of the opening movie. Costs 8 EX File Keys to access.


: Allows you to watch all 4 variations of the exit movie, which is the movie played when you choose not to continue playing prior to saving. Costs 4 EX File Keys to access.


: Allows you to replay the game from the beginning, but with your level, Gella, and MTC the same as when you completed the game. Any Sheriff Stars that you either held on to or equipped (but did not DELETE) will be carried over too. Costs 2 EX File Keys to access.

Please note that you only actually need 8 EX File Keys to access all of the EX File options, because once you are done viewing the movies or whatever and you choose to exit the EX File screen, the options become locked again and the keys return to your inventory. However, should you want to access them all at once, you will need to acquire all 15 keys.

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