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Side Quests

The following is a list of the many side-quests in Wild ARMs 3, along with some helpful information for completing each one.

Side Quests

Gardening Millenium Puzzles
Telepath Towers 320 Treasure Chests
Adventure Books Arioch
Optional Bosses Martina
Gunner's Heaven The Abyss

Adventure Books

Clive's daughter Kaitlyn loves storytime! She loves it even more when her daddy reads books to her. Why not take a bit of time away from exploring the ruins and remains of Filgaia's past and partake in a little daddy-daughter time by reading a series of stories to her?

That's the basic idea behind the Adventure Books quest. Strewn throughout Filgaia are 11 Adventure books, and when read in order, they form a touching story about a young boy and his relationships with his friends, his only living relative, and his new friend Marivel, the Crimson Noble.

To start this quest, talk to Kaitlyn using Clive anytime after you first reach Humphrey's Peak. She'll give you the first book, and she'll ask you to find the rest for her. The locations of said books are listed below.

Book #: How to Obtain:
1 Speak with Kaitlyn using Clive anytime after you first reach Humphrey's Peak.
2 In Fortune Gear, take the northern door in the second "L shaped" room. It's in a chest.
3 In Infinitum, behind a wall of Mighty Glove blocks in the room with the Pyrodrake fight is a room with a chest containing this book. Move the blocks, then bomb the wall behind them.
4 In Nidhogg Pass, tiptoe halfway across the shoddy bridge, and then walk on the center space normally to drop down to a Duplicator door. Open that door to reach the room with the chest containing the book.
5 The boss in The World's Footprint drops this book.
6 In Fila del Fia. In the room with the shoddy floor, examine the northern wall near the exit for a crack. Bomb it, then head inside to find the chest with the book.
7 In Dim Root Pass, near the end of the dungeon, take the southern door in the room where you can head either north or south.
8 In Demondor Pillar - Rear. In the room where you had to Boomerang a switch that's underneath the walkway, use Steady Dolls to reach the chests.
9 In Mimir's Well, at the other end of one of those god-forsaken block puzzles.
10 With a Duplicator and a Migrant Level of 18 or higher, hea to Leyline Observatory and open up the book entitled Adult Mag. Defeat the Adult Mag boss for Book 10.
11 With books 1-10 in your possession, talk to Catherine (Clive's wife) with Clive.

Now that you have all 11 Adventure Books, speak to Kaitlyn with Clive and agree to read all of the books from start to finish. You don't actually have to read them; skipping though the text will do, but I recommend you at least read some of it; it's a cute little tale with a number of references to the second Wild ARMs game. Once you're done reading, Kaitlyn gives you an EX File Key!


What's tiny, red, and battles your party 100 times? Arioch!

This side-quest is not for the impatient. In fact, you'll need a fair bit of spare time to complete this quest, so you might not even want to bother. However, if you absolutely insist on obtaining all of those EX File Keys, I can't stop you.

In the Den of Miasma dungeon, head through the dungeon as you normally would until you reach the bombable wall in the room before the room where you fought Goldrake. If you haven't done so already, bomb the wall and head inside. Play the Kramer Dolls in front of the blue and red gyroscope to battle Arioch! Believe me, you'll win this battle. 8P

But it's not over yet. Groups of 4 Arioches will now appear rarely as random encounters in dungeons throughout Filgaia. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to defeat 99 more groups of Arioches. To make matters worse, the Arioches get stronger and stronger after each fight. And to make matters even worse, Arioches show up rarely, and they never appear in the same dungeon twice consecutively!

Use this method to find the tiny red bastards faster and easier.

  • First, head to Gob's Hideout. Switch to the Kramer Dolls and use them. Fight the battle. Keep using the dolls and fighting until Arioches appear. If they don't appear within 10 battles, move on to the next step.

  • After winning the Arioch battle, exit Gob's Hideout. Head to Doomed to Obscurity. Do exactly what you did last time; use the dolls over and over again until an Arioch shows up, and if they don't appear within 10 tries of the dolls, or if you defeat the Arioches, move on to the next step.

  • Follow the steps above for Fallen Sanctuary and Den of Miasma. Once you complete those, head back to Gob's Hideout.

    Using this method, I was able to battle all 100 groups of Arioch rather quickly. Your reward for defeating all the Arioches is an EX File Key!

    Optional Bosses

    The following is a list of optional bosses in Wild ARMs 3, as well as the steps needed to engage battle with them. Click on a boss's name for strategy that will open up in a separate window. I've listed the bosses in the order I suggest you fight them, for your convenience.

    Ring Keeper: After discovering The Secret Garden, agree to help Florina rid Filgaia of the evil soil. Head to Decaying Labyrinth, and you'll find Ring Keeper at the end.

    Bombur: In Ark of Destiny, play the Kramer Dolls in front of the "blue save robot", Bombur.

    Arioch: In Den of Miasma, head through the dungeon as you normally would until you reach the bombable wall in the room before the room where you fought Goldrake. If you haven't done so already, bomb the wall and head inside. Stand in front of the holographic archive and play the Kramer Dolls.

    Lolithia: In Mimir's Well, enter the password "emeth" into the terminal (make sure it's all in lower-case, and don't enter the quotes!).

    Kraken: In Little Twister, play the Kramer Dolls in front of the well near the entrance.

    Heimdal Gazzo: In Dissection Facility, head to the room where you must push the two massive blocks to form a bridge. Push the first block out of the way to reveal a door, then head inside and use the Kramer Dolls on the holographic archive.

    Adult Magazines: With a Duplicator and a Migrant Level of 18 or higher, head to Leyline Observatory and open up the book entitled Adult Mag. Agree to take a look at the stimulating material. 8P

    Black Box: Open 319 of the 320 treasure chests, then speak to the black chest in Fortune Gear.

    Power Trask: In Ka Dingel, head to where you fought Trask before. Stand in front of the holographic archive and play the Kramer Dolls.

    John Dee: Head back through Nidhogg Pass to Greenlodge, and awaken the holographic archive there.

    Balal Quo Naga (Second Round): Head to what appears to be an eye of a needle formed out of rock in the southern parts of the map (use the World Map on the shrine to help!). Fly there on Lombardia, and fire a missile through the "eye". If this is done correctly, the sand will start to react violently. Land Lombardia, then use the Teleport Orb to warp to Jolly Roger, and jump on your Sandcraft and head towards the newly-created disturbance. Disagree to evasive manuvers. NOTE: This battle is identical to the first Balal Quo Naga battle.

    Emperor Marduk: Complete all 3 divisions of Gunner's Heaven within the turn limits, then speak to Duke Begucci.

    Bad News: After defeating Marduk, speak to Ortega and choose Chat.

    Luranaire Zein: You'll find him in the Abyss, floor 30.

    Zaverga Zein: You'll find him in the Abyss, floor 60.

    Ragu O Ragla: You'll find him in the Abyss, floor 100.

    Ragu O Ragla (Round 2): After winning the first fight, you're pretty much forced into this one.

    Martina Sidequest

    Poor little Martina; her mother is sick and bedridden with a strange disease. And since Martina's mother is ill, poor little Martina is living with her mean old aunt in Claiborne. But Martina is a curious little girl, and shortly into the game, she will journey far across the wasteland in search of a cure. Talk to her along the way and you will be rewarded!"

    That's the gist of it, really. To start this side-quest, you'll have to speak to Martina during your first trip to Claiborne. ASK her about her mother to get the quest started. Do not worry if you start this quest really late; you can complete it any time.

    The quest basically consists of you talking to Martina at each of her stop off points. However, it takes time for Martina to move from place to place, and as a result, 60 Counter Points must be accumulated before Martina will make it to the next location on her list. To pass the time quickly, simply stay at the Baskar Inn or any other inn three times before visiting Martina's new location.

    Here is a list of the places you will find Martina in the order you will be required to visit. You can try and do this relatively early in the game, but it's best to just do it during the endgame. Also, make sure you talk to her until she has nothing new left to say.

    Claiborne: Talk with Martina at the Horse Theft Saloon, and ASK about her mother. Leave town, then return again. If Martina is no longer here, proceed.

    Westwood Station: Talk with Martina TWICE, and she'll move on to Little Rock.

    Little Rock: Martina is at the saloon. Speak with her and speak with the guy she's sitting with. She should move to Little Twister now.

    Little Twister: Martina is in front of the saloon. Speak with her and she'll be on her way to Humphrey's Peak.

    Humphrey's Peak: Head to the house with the orange roof; this is Chevelle's house. Talk to Chevelle AND Martina, making sure to get all of their messages, then head over to Clive's house and rest a few times.

    Humphrey's Peak: Martina SHOULD be at the town fountain. If she isn't, sleep at Clive's place some more. If she is, speak to her twice, and she'll leave for Jolly Roger.

    Jolly Roger: You'll find her in the Saloon. Speak with her twice, and she'll find her way over to Ballack Rise... don't ask me how!

    Ballack Rise: You'll find her right at the entrance to town. Speak with the kid next to her (David), then speak with her twice, and finally once more with David. Now she's going to Laxisland.

    Laxisland: She's in the top floor of the Saloon Speak with her twice, and speak with Mileux once. Now, head to Humphrey's Peak and speak with Cheville.

    Laxisland: Talk with Mileux, Cheville and Martina, then leave and rest a few times to pass the time.

    Laxisland: Speak to all three girls again. Now, if Martina mentions something about thanking everyone for helping her, then you're just about done! If she doesn't, go and pass some time by staying at the Inn in Baskar a few times, then come back.

    Claiborne: With the old witch out of the picture, Martina and Mileux are happy once again! Speak with Martina for your reward; an EX File Key!

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