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Telepath Towers

Remember those funny looking Hyulkonton/Hayokonton aliens from the previous Wild ARMs games? Tall, white and creepy looking and always worth good EXP?

Well, they're back and badder then ever in WA3 as the Creeping Chaos aliens! In fact, there's a whole sidequest that revolves around them invading Filgaia! Strewn about the World Map are locations known only as Telepath Towers, which are communications towers set up by the Creeping Chaoses. By talking to a certain character and reading a certain book during Chapter 3 of the game, you'll be able to seek out and destroy their comms equipment, which in turn angers the aliens and dispatches them all over Filgaia. Take them all down, and you'll find yourself battling the Hyulkonton UFO Division and eventually the alien mothership!

Here's a few things to note before you start the quest. Please read these, because the Telepath Tower quest is very easy to miss, and if you don't get it started early, you'll NEVER be able to start it. There are people who have reported to have started the quest without doing certain steps, but better safe than sorry, right?

  • After completing the Fila Del Fia dungeon in Chapter 3, use your newfound Grappling Hook Tool to reach the higher-up bookshelves in the Ark of Destiny library. Read the book entitled "Mu and Lemuria Monthly".

  • On your first visit to Laxisland where you speak with the locals to gain access to Dragon's Lair, speak with the grey-haired man in the northwest corner of town. His name is Roswell, and he's a paranormal investigator who forsees the coming of alien lifeforms to Filgaia. Speak with him and listen to what he has to say.

  • Upon defeating the Prophets in the Ruins of Memory, head back to Laxisland and speak with Roswell once more, taking in everything he says, ASKing him about anything that comes up. This should allow the first Telepath Tower to be found. From there, simply head to co-ordinates X: 16710 Y: 18173 and search to unveil the first of the towers! From this point forward, you will be able to find and destroy the towers anytime you wish.
  • Destroying the towers is fairly simple. Simply approach the tower on the map and press X beside it as you would do when entering a town or dungeon, and a message will come up. From here, simply choose whether or not to begin the battle. Hopefully, you'll emerge victorious!

    Each Telepath Tower actually consists of 3 Telepath Tower enemies. Each group of towers has a different amount of HP and access to two different types of attacks; a weak Hyperion Blaster, and a status-ailment causing beam (the status causing beams the boss can choose from vary from tower to tower).

    The easiest way to defeat the towers is as follows; head to Den of Miasma or Doomed to Obscurity or any place with damage floors. Now, continually step on the dangerous terrain until your HP hits 1 for each character (when the damage done by the floor comes up as 0, you'll know you're there). Then use a Heal Berry or two on each character to get them all up to about 401 HP. Save your game, and begin the hunting. Start the first turn with an Extension + Status Lock spell, then follow up with an Extension + Permanence. Afterwards, just start casting Valiant on your team members while everyone else attacks, and when someone is Valianted, have them Gatling one of the towers you haven't hit yet.

    What this will do is render you invulnerable to the status ailments, and it will also ensure that you'll be doing lots of damage to the towers very quickly. Best of all; due to Permanence being cast, you won't lose your Status Lock!

    The only Towers that you may need to watch out for are 10, 15, and 0. These towers are capable of causing Fallen status. If you absolutely feel you need to, head to the Abyss and fight the Cannon Buffalo enemies there for Holy Grails to get the Fallen Ward skill for your team.

    Now, here is a chart containing the towers, their locations, their HP totals (per tower), their ailments, and their EXP. The towers do not drop Gella.

    Tower #: Co-Ordinates: Ailments: HP Per Tower: EXP:
    1 X: 16660 Y: 18119 (in the "middle" of the Laxisland island) Amnesia 6900 3000
    2 X: 4928 Y: 15098 (from Gunner's Heaven, head south a bit, just past the "arch" and search around the eastern cliff) Disease 7500 3500
    3 X: 10078 Y: 16279 (just east of The World's Footprint) Poison 8100 4000
    4 X: 6578 Y: 9599 (just north of Little Twister) Sleep 8700 4500
    5 X: 893 Y: 22609 (on a cliff just west of Nidhogg Pass) Misery 9600 5000
    6 X: 9039 Y: 5479 (on a solitary island just north of Ka Dingel) Paralysis 10200 5500
    7 X: 20858 Y: 7629 (on the "path" to Demondor Pillar - Rear) Glass 11100 6000
    8 X: 12938 Y: 15569 (just southeast of Den of Miasma) Confusion 12000 6500
    9 X: 24912 Y: 11774 (on a solitary island just south of Little Rock) Bronze 12600 7000
    10 X: 24419 Y: 8299 (near Demondor Pillar - Rear; you'll have to ride your horses along the trail, because you can't land on the terrain the tower is on) Fallen 13500 7500
    11 X: 13918 Y: 1259 (near Boot Hill in the "rocky" area; you will have to blow away one of the rocks with a missile from Lombardia) Amnesia and Disease 14100 8000
    12 X: 22402 Y: 22547 (ride your horses north of Gunner's Heaven, and head west when you reach the chasm over to the west. Jump over with your horses and search under the huge arch) Poison and Sleep 15300 8500
    13 X: 6778 Y: 22003 (west of Dim Root Path. It's on the "green" cliff) Misery and Paralysis 15900 9000
    14 X: 15395 Y: 4784 (VERY well hidden just south of Jolly Roger. First, fly Lombardia a tad bit south of Jolly Roger, then descend and look for a boulder in the rock wall. Blow it up, then pilot your Sandcraft onto the newly-revealed beach) Amnesia, Disease, Misery and Poison 16500 9500
    15 X: 5905 Y: 12868 (teleport to Sunset Peak, then call your horses and ride them west, jumping over the chasm) Bronze, Confusion, Fallen, Paralysis, Sleep 17400 10000
    0 (Optional) X: 15729 Y: 2441 (on the small beach north of Boot Hill; use the Teleport Orb to warp to Boot Hill, then board your Sandcraft and travel north to it) All 65500 32000

    So what happens when you wreck the towers?

  • After destroying the fifth Telepath Tower, you will be attacked by a Creeping Chaos. After the battle, Creeping Chaoses will begin to appear all over Filgaia as random encounters. You'll know it's them when you encounter an enemy group with an abnormally high ECN cost.

  • After destroying the tenth Telepath Tower, Silent Chaoses will begin to appear all over Filgaia as random encounters. You'll know it's them when you encounter an enemy group with an abnormally high ECN cost.

  • After destroying fifteen Telepath Towers, the following message will be displayed.

    "The floating disc finishes its observation. It then sinks beneath the dunes, as if beckoning you."

    Before you go too much further, note that Creeping Chaoses are incredibly good for leveling up. Equip someone with the Total Ward skill found on the Full Libra, and head over to the Baskar Village area. Run around and wait for a white "!" mark; this will most likely be a Creeping Chaos battle. Every time the character with Total Ward is hit with an Arc-En-Ciel attack from a Creeping Chaos, the character will get a +0.7 EXP bonus! You can get it up to 9.9 fairly quickly by setting the game to auto-battle for a while, and when you want to end the battle, it's as easy as summoning Justine with 100 FP to instantly kill all of the enemies! The only downside to this trick is that only one person will be able to acquire EXP at a time, though you CAN have the other team members defend with Status Guard...

    The reason I'm suggesting this now is because once you complete the Telepath Tower sidequest, you will only be able to fight Creeping and Silent Chaoses in the Sunset Peak area, and they are much harder to find over there. So level up now while you still can.

    Anyhow, once you've destroyed the first fifteen Telepath Towers, you can either destroy Telepath Tower 0, or move on with the quest. Destroying Telepath Tower 0 is completely optional! You can complete the sidequest without even finding it!

    Regardless of what you choose to do, after destroying the first 15 towers, head back to Laxisland and speak with Roswell. Afterwards, jump into your Sandcraft.

    To proceed with the quest, we will have to sail around in our Sandcraft and find and destroy 5 UFOs. UFOs are encountered randomly anywhere in the sand ocean, so just keep sailing around until you find one, then destroy it with a Fire all Ammo command. Each UFO has 50000 HP and a weak Hyperion Blaster attack.

    Okay, all done? You should see the following message then:

    "The disc that lords over the skies above you has grown incomparabla huge. It floats there, silently. The ones inside had predicted a coming showdown with the invaders from beyond."

    Time to take the battle into the sky! Board Lombardia, and fly around until you encounter a UFO. These UFOs have the same statistics as the UFOs from before, so a Draconic Gun Blaster should make short work of it. Fly around the world and destroy 20 UFOs this time.

    Done already? You should see the following message then:

    "After the chaos falls defeated, it wheezes a high-pitched breath. The sound spreads liek a splash of water, and silently shakes Filgaia's atmosphere. Soon the trembles mix with a distant beat, and herald the arrival of the mothership of chaos."

    Now's a good time to save! Land Lombardia and save your game, then get back into the unfriendly skies. Continue flying around battling UFOs until a much, much bigger UFO appears.

    The Mothership has 460000 HP and improved stats, but it's basically just a bigger version of the UFOs you have been shooting down. The same tactics will prevail, though it may take a few shots of the Draconic Gun Blaster to win. Once you do deplete the ship's HP, the quest will come to a conclusion. You'll be rewarded with an EX File Key for your meritorious deeds.

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