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The following is a list of the main characters, the main villains, and the supporting cast of Wild ARMs 3. There are much more than the ones listed here, and revealing the identities of a select few of them would spoil the game's story. And with a story like WA3's, you wouldn't want that! However, should there be any questions that arise during the story that confuse you, or perhaps a character that you do not fully understand, send me an email, and I will explain to the best of my abilities.

BTW, if anyone would like me to add mini-profiles for the townspeople in the game, just email me and ask politely. I'm willing to do it.

First, we'll cover the main cast of characters.

Our Party!

Our party is a rather diverse quartet of Drifters who have taken to the wastelands for their own personal reasons. One dark and stormy night, they all happen to be on the same train, and they work together to protect the valuable cargo on board from would-be thieves. Shortly after, they find themselves in a deep conflict involving the safety of the planet Filgaia, and agree to stick together, using the power of the ancient Guardians to bring peace and tranquility to the wasteland.

Virginia Maxwell
  • Hometown: Boot Hill
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 108 pounds
  • Arm: Rapier Ex and Bantorain 93R (Dual Pistols)
  • Ever since she was a young girl, Virginia has always wished to be a Drifter. Her father was one, and he would come home and tell little Virginia stories about life out in the wasteland (he also taught her how to operate ARMs). Sadly, Virginia's mother Ekatrina passed away when she was still young, and Virginia's father disappeared into the wastelands, never to be seen again. Virginia wishes to see her father once more, to ask where he went, and to ask why he left her and her mother alone to die.

    Virginia lives in Boot Hill with her Aunt Shalte and Uncle Tesla, who have taken good care of her during her teen years. Now that she is an adult, she enters the wasteland with a strong sense of justice and a good head on her shoulders. Little does she know that such things mean little in the wasteland.. and that the exciting life of a Drifter comes with many consequences. Can Virginia hold out in an unforgiving world? Is she secretly looking for her father?

    As a team member:

    Virginia has relatively low HP and defense, so protecting her is very important. Her speed is the highest in the game, and she will almost always get first command in battle. Her Force Ability (Mystic) allows you to bring out the hidden effect of items and equipment in your inventory. By using Mystic and a healing item such as a Healing Berry, you can extend the effect of the berry and heal your entire team with one item! For a list of Mystic effects, CLICK HERE.

    Gallows Caradine
  • Hometown: Baskar Village (last seen in Little Twister)
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 220 pounds
  • Arm: Modified Coyote M17F (Sawed-off Shotgun)
  • Gallows is a young Baskar tribesman who is next in line to become a priest. He is destined for great things, yet chooses to turn his back on his faith and his people; he just wants to be free and to explore the world. As a child, he was rambunctious and a hassle to take care of, and he ignored the teachings and ways of the Baskar heritage. Though he shuns his background and his upbringing, he's never afraid to use his title as future priest to intimidate and impress people.

    He may seem like an irresponsible person (and he is, along with being a bit of a clumsy oaf at times who rushes into things), but he does have one saving grace; his relationship with his straight arrow brother, Shane. Gallows cares deeply for Shane, and proves that he is truly a good person at heart through his actions with his brother. Eventually, Gallows might just clean up his act a little and become the finest priest in Baskar history... maybe.

    As a team member:

    Gallows is a magic user, through and through. His Force Ability, Extension, makes his magic even more versatile. By expending 25 FP to use Extension, you can target one group of enemies or all allies with a spell! Imagine being able to heal your entire team at once, or hit 4 enemies at a time with a powerful spell! Gallows cannot do too much damage with his attacks, but equip him with the right Mediums, and you will have a very powerful mage and healer. Gallows generally attacks third in battle, so be careful with timing.

    Jet Enduro
  • Hometown: Unknown (last seen in Little Rock)
  • Age: ??? (That would be a SPOILER)
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 126 pounds
  • Arm: Airget-lamh B/V2 (One-handed machine gun)
  • Jet is cold; very cold. This lone wolf has always wanted to travel alone and drift from place to place, claiming all the rewards for himself. He cares little for people or for memories, and fails to see the pleasures of being a Drifter (seeing the world, meeting people, camping out in the wilderness in front of a roaring fire) other than the ones that can be sold for Gella. It takes quite a bit of pulling to get him on your team in the first place!

    Jet has a deep reason for acting the way he acts, but you will discover what this reason is as you reach the end of the game. Not much is known about Jet, but that's the way he likes it; after all, Jet doesn't even know anything about Jet! He has lost his memory, and only remembers the training he received from a wise mentor about how to survive in the wasteland. Eventually, Jet's history will be revealed, and he has an incredibly important role in the game's story.

    As a team member:

    Jet is surprisingly average. It is rather hard to tell what exactly he is good at, but he is not good with magic. Rather, he hits hard with physical attacks, which makes him the second best attacker in the game. He is very swift and his commands will usually be the second to play out in battle, often before the enemy gets a chance. His other stats such as defense and HP are fairly average. His Force Ability (Accelerator) forces him to get the first command in a combat round, but its usefulness is fairly limited.

    Clive Winslet
  • Hometown: Humphrey's Peak (last seen in Ballack Rise)
  • Age: 30
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 152 pounds
  • Arm: Gungnir HAG35 (Sniper Rifle)
  • The most experienced of the four, Clive is a wandering bounty hunter who travels Filgaia, exterminating monsters for pay, and generally making the world a better place. He gets more than Gella and experience points for vanquishing monsters, though; he gives the people of Filgaia security and safety, and they give him confidence in his abilities in return. Clive is very proud of what he does, and with good reason; he is fairly well known. He is the cool-headed member of your party, and is always watching out for your team's safety.

    Why? Because he's been through some tough times, and he knows what lies out there in the wasteland. Clive's academic persona suggests he was once a student in the history of Filgaia, and he is also travelling the wasteland to learn more about Filgaian history, disproving folklore and continuing his research. Clive does not tell much about his past, but no one asks. 8)

    As a team member:

    Clive is powerful; VERY powerful. He will do the most damage with attacks, and he has the highest Defense and HP in the game, so he takes a lot of punishment. Unfortunately, he is the slowest member of the team, and will even lag behind most enemies, getting the last command in. His magic power is also phenomenally low for such an intelligent person, so don't expect Clive to do a lot of magic damage. His Force Ability (Lock On) ensures that his physical attack hits the enemy; so when an enemy is nigh impossible to hit, have Clive Lock On and fire!


    WA3 has its fair share of villains. Though they may appear to have the same agenda, each of them have their own reasons for fighting the bad fight. I'll leave you to discover them.

    Janus Cascade
  • Hometown: Little Twister
  • Age: ???
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 165 pounds
  • Arm: Sniper Shark XR (Bayonet)
  • Janus is a Drifter known all over Filgaia. His outlaw attitude and extreme actions have earned him this reputation, and he's the bad guy everybody wants to be. Though he may seem overconfident and brash, he has every right to be, as he has the skills and power to back up his attitude. He is a master with the Bayonet, and fans of Wild ARMs 2 will recognize his various attacks.
    Romero Gigio
  • Hometown: ???
  • Age: ???
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 126 pounds
  • Arm: N/A (he uses stilettos, which are basically Oriental throwing needles)
  • Not much is known about Romero, but he and his buddy Dario are followers of Janus, and the three of them journey the wasteland together. Romero is a bit cowardly and often loses his nerve, but Janus doesn't take well to "rookies" , and poor Romero often gets hit in the nose with the butt of the Bayonet. Romero fights like a ninja, tossing stilettos at his opponents.
    Dario Nicolodi
  • Hometown: ???
  • Age: ???
  • Height: 6'8"
  • Weight: 286 pounds
  • Arm: Gillius GS12/23 (Magnum)
  • Dario is also pretty unknown; he follows Janus and Romero around the wasteland, fighting, stealing and pillaging. Dario has a classic Black Bart look to him, but his actions belie his appearance, and he is every bit as much of a coward as Romero, which also results in him being abused by Janus. Dario attacks with a Gillius GS12/23, which resembles a Dirty Harry type magnum. He also has a bad habit of leaving his fly undone...
    Melody Vilente
  • Hometown: ???
  • Age: ??? (in her 20's, supposedly)
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: ??? (hard to say)
  • Arm: N/A (uses a device called the Eliminate Scanner and poison to attack)
  • This strangely (as in unearthly) beautiful young woman is a member of the mysterious trio known as The Prophets. They operate behind the shadows of Filgaia, and no one really knows that they exist. But they have a mission; one that will come into play later into the game. Melody may be easy on the eyes, but she is very tough on the rest; she is much more violent and deadly than she looks. She is very vain about her appearance, and wishes for everything to be beautiful, including the planet, which she labels as an "incomplete world".
    Malik Bendict
  • Hometown: ???
  • Age: ??? (in his 20's, supposedly)
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: ??? (hard to say)
  • Arm: N/A (uses a device called the Eliminate Scanner and various status ailments to attack)
  • Malik is another one of The Prophets, and like Melody, he operates mainly behind the scenes. His occasionally cheery personality is drowned out by his strange movements and body motions, and his overall shifty demeanor. Though his motto may be "Work with a smile and always go the extra mile!", he may be the type who finds pleasure and solace only in his work, as he harbors a dark secret about himself that borderlines on psychotic.
    Leehalt Alcaste
  • Hometown: ???
  • Age: ??? (in his 40's, supposedly)
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: ??? (hard to say)
  • Arm: N/A (he doesn't fight much, so it's hard to say)
  • Leehalt is the leader of The Prophets, and he is very rarely seen. He is extremely well versed in the ways of ancient technology and ancient folklore, and when he speaks, he frequently makes allusions to ancient folklores and religious figures and events. He seems to care about nothing but his work, and will stop at absolutely nothing to get what he needs done. He harbors a very intriguing past... and also a very tragic one. Play the game and find out!
  • Hometown: ???
  • Age: ???
  • Height: 8'10"
  • Weight: ??? (hard to say)
  • Arm: N/A (You'll see...)
  • Not much is known about this particular villian, but your party will have several run-ins with him.

    The Schroedingers:

    The Schroedingers are a travelling family of... unusual Drifters, who travel the wasteland as a team. It's rather hard to tell if they are friend or foe at times. They are not all blood-related, but they treat each other as if they were.

    Maya Schroedinger
  • Hometown: ???
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: ??? (A lady never tells! ^_^ )
  • Arm: Vantage Rage MM (handgun), AW-RSTN87 (chaingun), and a few other nameless ARMs she hides in.... places.
  • Maya is the leader of the Schroedingers, and she is a vibrant young woman, full of energy and cuteness, even if she gets angry rather easily. She and Virginia do not get along very well, as Maya thinks Virginia is silly for trying to change the world. Maya has a very interesting power involving the books that she reads, but I'll leave you to discover that on your own. She's also the owner of the most interesting "holster" I've ever seen in my life. By the way, she looks strangely familiar, doesn't she?
    Alfred Schroedinger
  • Hometown: ???
  • Age: 16 (could have fooled me)
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: ???
  • Arm: N/A (just lots of Homemade Bombs)
  • Alfred is Maya's younger brother, and he is an expert on explosives and tracking devices. He is usually very timid and shy, but he is never afraid to defend his sister. He's always trying to keep the peace between his sister and the many enemies she makes, after all, Maya comes off as mean, but she's a good person at heart... hmm. Isn't he a little young to be making bombs?
    Todd Dukakis
  • Hometown: ???
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: ???
  • Arm: N/A (performs Fast Draw techniques with a family heirloom sword)
  • Todd may look rather funny (check out the Mazrim Taim-fro!), but he is a very devoted servant to Maya and her family. He is polite and considerate to friend and foe alike, and he comes off as a bit of a "butler" with his choice of words and actions. He is a little underconfident in his abilities, but he has little reason to be; as a student in the way of the Fast Draw sword techniques, he is a force to be reckoned with. Hmm... a butler that follows around a wild girl through the wasteland... sound familiar?
    Shady Thousand
  • Hometown: ???
  • Age: ???
  • Height: ??? (very short)
  • Weight: ???
  • Arm: N/A (uses his breath!)
  • A talking cat with a choice between baking and freezing breath, Shady is a very unusual character. Very little is known about him (you might say he's a "Shady" character), but we do know that he likes fish, and that he can tell the time of day by listening to his stomach. 8)

    Other Characters:

    These are other characters who make appearances in WA3. Some of them are very important, and some of them are not. I'm not telling you which ones are important; that's for you to figure out.

    Tesla Maxwell
  • Hometown: Boot Hill
  • Age: ??? (not really important)
  • Height: ??? (not really important)
  • Weight: ??? (not really important)
  • Tesla has watched over Virginia with his wife Shalte since Virginia was left parentless during her younger years. He cares deeply for his neice, and although he is reluctant to let Virginia journey the wasteland, he supports her every step of the way.
  • Hometown: Baskar Village
  • Age: ??? (really old)
  • Height: ??? (not really important)
  • Weight: ??? (not really important)
  • Halle is the grandmother of Gallows and Shane, and has taken both of them under her wing. She has little to no patience for Gallows' fooling around, and constantly scolds him and even beats him with a rod when he falls asleep during sermons. Years of putting up with Gallows has turned her bitter, tired, and perhaps a bit senile... but she sees potential in your team.
    Shane Caradine
  • Hometown: Baskar Village
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 121 pounds
  • Shane is Gallows' younger brother, and he's quite the opposite of Gallows in nearly every way. He's respective of his elders and his upbringing, and studies dilligently in his pursuit to priesthood. Yet, he admires his brother above all else.

    Fun Fact: The official website for WA3 referred to Shane as Gallows' sister, and a number of people were shocked and disgusted to learn that Shane was a guy, since most of them agreed that Shane was "a really hot anime girl." I even wrote a little fanfiction about it for a few cheap laughs. 8P

    Werner Maxwell
  • Hometown: Boot Hill
  • Age: 41
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: ???
  • Werner is Virginia's father, and his current whereabouts are unknown. All I am going to say is that he is alive and you will eventually find him. He's too important to tell much more about...
    Martina Vanbasten
  • Hometown: Claiborne
  • Age: 11
  • Height: 4'5"
  • Weight: ??? (doesn't matter)
  • Poor little Martina; her mother is sick and bedridden with a strange disease. And since Martina's mother is ill, poor little Martina is living with her mean old aunt in Claiborne. But Martina is a curious little girl, and shortly into the game, she will journey far across the wasteland in search of a cure. Talk to her along the way and you will be rewarded!
    Lord Begucci
  • Hometown: Gunners' Heaven?
  • Age: ???
  • Height: ???
  • Weight: ???
  • Lord Begucci is snobby rich man who runs the Gunners' Heaven arena. He gets great pleasure from seeing humans and monsters fight in his little arena, enjoying the view from his nice box seat above. There is more to him than meets the eye, however. Try completing all the divisions in Gunners' Heaven to pique his curiosity...
    Coney Begucci
  • Hometown: Gunners' Heaven?
  • Age: ???
  • Height: ???
  • Weight: ???
  • Coney is Lord Begucci's daughter, and she's every bit as enthusiastic about battling as her father. She gives advice to potential battlers, prizes to winners, and condolences to losers. She's also a tad psychotic.
  • Hometown: The Secret Garden
  • Age: ???
  • Height: 4'6"
  • Weight: ???
  • Florina is a young girl who has a naturalist sense; in other words, she can sense the feelings and emotions of plant life in Filgaia. She hears the words of nature, and knows that the planet is dying. The flowers in her garden are crying, and she needs your help....

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