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Tips and Secrets

Here I'll be listing a number of general gameplay tips and some miscellaneous fun stuff that's hidden away in WA3. This section is pretty empty at the moment, but the good news is that I'm looking for submissions! Please email me if you have anything that would fit the bill for this section, such as general gameplay tips, little-known secrets, or perhaps even glitches!

The Infamous Calupdis Gella Making Trick!

Enter Calupdis, which appears on any floor of the Abyss. This funny looking enemy steals 10% of your Gella on the first turn. On the second turn, he runs away with it! It is in your best interest to kill him as soon as possible, but there's a really cool trick you can do with him if you're feeling lucky! First, equip as many characters as you can with the Gella Boost Personal Skill. On the first turn, attack him to get his HP down low, but do not kill him. Let him take 10% of your money, and on the next turn, have everyone Gatling him.

He normally gets his attack after Jet and before Gallows, so keep this in mind. If you kill him before he gets away, you get your money back, but with the Gella Boost skill, you have a 25% chance of getting DOUBLE that! With 4 Gella Boosts, that means you'll always get double your money back! This is by far the quickest and easiest way to obtain Gella quickly if you already have quite a bit, and are looking for a quick way to get lots more.

The Infamous Creeping Chaos EXP Trick!

Start the Telepath Tower quest and get to the point where Creeping Chaoses appear anywhere on the World Map. Now, equip someone with the Total Ward skill found on the Full Libra, and head over to the Baskar Village area. Run around and wait for a white "!" mark; this will most likely be a Creeping Chaos battle. Every time the character with Total Ward is hit with an Arc-En-Ciel attack from a Creeping Chaos, the character will get a +0.7 EXP bonus!

You can get it up to 9.9 fairly quickly by setting the game to auto-battle for a while, and when you want to end the battle, it's as easy as summoning Justine with 100 FP to instantly kill all of the enemies! The only downside to this trick is that only one person will be able to acquire EXP at a time, though you CAN have the other team members defend with Status Guard...

An alternative to the above strategy is to complete the Telepath Tower quest first, and then head to Sunset Peak. Save your game beforehand, and then run around until you encounter a Silent Chaos + 2 Creeping Chaoses. Use the same strategy as above. This battle is worth considerably more than the Creeping Chaos battles mentioned above, but I don't really recommend this strategy, as Silent Chaoses are much rarer than Creeping Chaoses, and the battles around Sunset Peak are filled with irritating enemes that require far too much effort to kill!

Easy Elemental Rings!

As soon as you enter Deus Ex Machina, walk over to the odd contraption beside the door. This is a healing machine, and it fully restores your HP, VIT, ECN and MTC! Use it to heal up from your trek through Dim Root Path.

While you're here, try this. Walk into the next room and call enemies with the Kramer Dolls. As I said earlier, the enemies here will die very quickly if you summon on them, and they appear in large groups. Fight battles for a while, summoning as much as you can, and when your MTC runs out, head back to the healing machine and use it again! Your MTC will be refilled, and you'll be able to boost it even more! In addition, the enemies here drop Earth, Fire and Ice Rings, and it's highly recommended that you pick up 3 of each now!

Animal Items

You may have noticed that while scanning towns and villages with the Radar Tool, certain animals will get picked up on the radar, as if they contained an item. The truth of the matter is... they ARE the item! Once you obtain Virginia's Changecrest, seek out these animals and toss the Changecrest at them to get these valuable items.

Toss a Changecrest at the black rooster in Baskar Colony for a Full Carrot.

Toss a Changecrest at the white cat in Jolly Roger for a Tiny Flower.

Toss a Changecrest at the white chicken in Claiborne for a Potion Berry.

Toss a Changecrest at the brown bird in Little Twister for a Growth Egg.

Toss a Changecrest at the black cat in Little Rock for a Nectar.

Toss a Changecrest at the orange chicken in Boot Hill for a Big Grab Bag.

Toss a Changecrest at the brown cat in Laxisland for a Holy Root. Toss a Changecrest at the white bird in The Secret Garden for an Ambrosia.

Toss a Changecrest at Bombur in Ark of Destiny for a Missanga.

Toss a Changecrest at the brown bird in Ballack Rise for a LVL Apple.

Toss a Changecrest at the brown bird in Greenlodge for a Magic Candle.

That's all I have for now!

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