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Migrant Seals

The following is a list of all the Migrant Seals and Booster Kits in the game (listed in the order in which my walkthrough recommends that you should obtain them), along with their locations and necessary items/tools/conditions needed to obtain them. Note: if you decide to obtain the Item Scope early, you can obtain some of the Migrant Seals on the World Map early.

Location: Required to Obtain: How to Obtain:
Jolly Roger Bomb Tool Blow a hole in the large, metal rectangular shed near the entrance to Jolly Roger. Walk inside the hole and you should find the Seal in the very back.
Serpent Coils N/A In the room with the two "bridges" that can be raised with a switch, head two rooms west and descend the staircases to a room with 3 treasures. One of them contains the Seal.
Lunatic Garden Steady Doll Tool, Duplicator In the first room of Lunatic Garden, use the Steady Doll to hit the switch and lower the pillars around the Duplicator-locked doll in the northwest corner of the screen. Enter the room, and use the Steady Doll to grab the treasure up on the ledge to obtain the Seal.
Doomed To Obscurity Steady Doll Climb the same pyramid-like structure you climbed during Jet's intro, and enter the dungeon from the very top as you did before. When you reach the huge hole in the ground, use the Steady Dolls to grab the treasure on the other side.
Fortune Gear Bombs, Duplicator After the first two rooms of Fortune Gear, descend the small staircase and look to the eastern wall for a crack near the northeastern corner of the room. Bomb this part of the wall, and head through the new passage to a room with 3 chests. Use a Duplicator to open the sealed chest for this Seal.
Nidhogg Pass (Entrance 1) Duplicator Not far after defeating the Nidhogg, there is a room with a weak bridge. Tiptoe about halfway across it, then walk normally to allow yourself to fall onto a small ledge. Alongside the wall is a Duplicator door; open it up and head inside to a room with 3 treasures. One contains the Seal.
Little Rock Galecrest In the upper walkways of the town, look for a small gap that leads to a chest. Use the Galecrest to skip over the gap, then open the chest for this Seal.
Fila Del Fia Bombs In the room with the falling floor, check near the northwest corner where the white gems are for a crack in the wall. Bomb the wall, then head inside the newly formed passageway to a trio of chests. The Migrant Seal is in one of them.
World Map Item Scope Search the World Map at co-ordinates X: 15938 Y: 18175.
World Map Item Scope Search the World Map at co-ordinates X: 7522 Y: 7928.
World Map Item Scope, Lombardia Search the World Map at co-ordinates X: 22896 Y: 9280.
World Map Item Scope Search the World Map at co-ordinates X: 7576 Y: 13737.
Millenium Puzzle # 18 Lombardia Complete Millenium Puzzle # 18. You need Lombardia to reach it.
Dim Root Path Mighty Gloves Before the room with the large fence that you must pass through is a room with 4 orange blocks on the floor. Take the small staircase in that room up to a door to another room. Inside are 3 chests; one containing the Seal and a fight against 3 Imitators.
Fallen Sanctuary Changecrest, Mighty Gloves Near the end of the dungeon is a switch that requires a block to be held on it. There are no blocks in sight, so use the Changecrest on a nearby orange gem, then place it on the switch with the Mighty Gloves. Head inside the room to find 3 chests; the Seal is in the left one. Bring a Duplicator to open the middle one.
The World's Footprint Changecrest, Mighty Gloves, Duplicator Early in the dungeon is a Duplicator door covered up by an orange block and a heavy block. Changecrest the orange one, then Mighty Glove lift the other one out of the way. Open the door with a Duplicator, then go inside for a room with 2 chests. One holds the Seal.
Ballack Rise Lombardia Search the barrels in the Friendly Fire Saloon for this Migrant Seal.
Mimir's Well Duplicator Enter the dungeon and keep walking. When you reach the first Duplicator door, open it up. The chest in the room contains this Seal.
World Map (Sunset Peak) Item Scope, Teleport Orb Search the World Map at co-ordinates X: 6532 Y: 11234. To get to this area, make sure you have the Teleport Orb, then go to Southfarm Station and buy a ticket for East Highlands. You will teleport to Sunset Peak station (remember, Lilka had no luck with these things either).

Also listed here are Booster Kit locations.

Location: Required to Obtain: How to Obtain:
Ka Dingel Duplicator After the room with the ceiling cages, take the eastern door, then follow the stairs down to another room. Inside the room are two chests; unlock the second one with a Duplicator for this Kit.
Yggdrasil Duplicator In the room where the wall attempts to push you into a pit near the end of the dungeon, climb the ladder to reach two chests. Unlock the Duplicator chest for this Kit.
World Map Item Scope Search the World Map at these co-ordinates; X: 13172 Y: 25055.
Abyss N/A Defeat the Luranaire Zein boss on floor 30 of the Abyss to obtain this kit.

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