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Near the end of the game, your party will find themselves in a situation where air travel becomes a necessity. However, there are no planes or airships in Filgaia, so you'll have to improvise by finding and taming the last known dragon: Lombardia.

Details on obtaining Lombardia can be found in the Walkthrough.

How to Use Lombardia

Once obtaining her, Lombardia can be boarded by approaching her on the World Map and pressing X. Here are the controls for actual flight.

X: Hold to fly forward
Triangle: Bring up the Menu
Circle: Land Lombardia. Note that Lombardia can only land on grassy plains or the orange-colored wastelands. If you cannot land in the current spot, the game will tell you. Cancel encounters when they appear (there will be times where Lombardia can be assaulted by random battles).
Control Stick: Turn left and right with Left or Right. Press Up to lower altitude, and press Down to raise altitude.
Select: Switch between map settings
L2: Switch camera view
R2: Fire missiles. Lombardia has unlimited missles, but they are limited mainly to blowing up certain boulders.

Lombardia Battling

Don't think the skies are always friendly! There will be times when random encounters will appear in the sky, or times where you will be forced to fight a Lombardia battle.

Don't fret! Lombardia battling is one of the easiest things in the game. Allow me to explain. Somewhat similar to Sandcraft battling, Lombardia battling has your 4 characters taking positions on Lombardia and using her various powers to annihiliate the enemy. The turns are determined by each character's RFX score, so the fastest one goes first. Here's the thing though; each character has the same commands! The commands are listed below.

Attack: Physically attack opponent with Draconic Attack
Dragon ARM: Select from various Dragon ARM commands and use them. Using these requires a certain amount of FP, but does not decrease FP.
Guard: Defend to reduce damage
Force Ability: Expend FP to perform Dragon Force Abilities
Missile Might: Fires a multitude of missiles to damage enemy. This skill can be used a limited amount of times in battle, and that amount is the total Bullet Count of all your character's ARMS

And now, here's a list of the Dragon ARM and Force Abilities that can be used, along with other information relative to them. Force abilities are highlighted in yellow font.

Command Name:
What it does:
Cerebral Matter (10 FP) Increases Lombardia's RFX and EVA stats for 7 turns.
Epidermal Shell (10 FP) Increases Lombardia's DEF and MGR stats for 7 turns.
Mighty Might (50 FP) Doubles Lombardia's ATT and MAG for 7 turns. If 7 turns pass, Lombardia overheats, and you will need to wait 4 turns doing nothing to "cool off".
Self-Regeneration (expends 25 FP) Recovers some of Lombardia's HP. Amount of HP recovered is relative to user's MAG stat.
Draconic Gun Blaster (expends ALL FP) Lombardia's ultimate weapon. Does a MASSIVE amount of damage to the target, expending all of your FP in the process. More FP means more damage, and if you used Mighty Might prior to this, you can do up to 999999 damage!


You will only battle with Lombardia on these occasions.

  • After completing the Cradle of the Metal God Dungeon, you will be forced to fight a Wyvern.

  • After completing the Cradle of the Metal God Dungeon, Wyverns will appear in the sky as random encounters until you complete the Deus Ex Machina dungeon.

  • After completing the Deus Ex Machina dungeon, you will be forced to fight Dragna Seig.

  • After destroying 5 UFOs with the Sandcraft during the Telepath Tower sidequest, UFOs will appear in the sky as random encounters. Upon destroying about 20 UFOs in the sky, the next encounter will be the Mothership boss.

    And that's pretty much it. There are a total of 5 combatants that you can battle in Lombardia, but each of them can be easily defeated by using this simple strategy:

    Mighty Might --> Attack to get FP Up ---> Draconic Gun Blaster

    This will take down anything you will come across on Lombardia. Meanwhile, the enemy will retaliate with pathetically weak attacks, negating the need to ever have to heal. 8P

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