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Wings Over the Wasteland

Remember what Dessinsey said? We will need aerial transportation to reach our destination, cuz its very location screams provocation! Yes, I know.. I'll never be a poet. 8p

Anyways, before we get started, there are a few things that need to be done before we can begin. If you have been following my walkthrough word to word and doing all the stuff I have told you to, you can skip the steps shown below. Otherwise, make sure you have done the following:

  • You must speak with Herman in Jolly Roger and learned about a town called Laxisland.
  • You must purchase the best Sandcraft cannon and equip it.
  • You must head to the strait blocked by rocks and defeat Balal Quo Naga. If you haven't done so, DO SO!
  • All done? Good! Now we can continue.

    Claiborne - Laxisland

    Enemies in this area:
    Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
    Elbucky 790 68 34 NONE NONE THUNDER NONE NONE
    Masa Gnome 790 68 34 WATER NONE FIRE NONE THUNDER
    Strategy: The enemies here are mere annoyances, so don't even bother fighting them. Elbucky causes Misery status and helps his allies with Great Booster, while a Masa Gnome can use Aspsyxiation to kill your team members instantly!
    Any way you can, get your Sandcraft back to Jolly Roger. Now, follow this route.

    Easy enough, right? Now, MAKE SURE YOU LAND ON THE EASTERN BEACH, then head northeast. Search co-ordinates X: 17780 Y: 19029 to find the town of Laxisland. Lots to do here!


    Items in this area:

    Revive Fruit
    Kramer Dolls (TOOL)
    Name Tag
    Gimel Coin
    Revive Fruit

    First things first; head to the ARMsmith, checking the barrel outside for a Revive Fruit. Chat with him and agree to take his cursed treasure; the Kramer Dolls! These things are used to call random encounters, and can also be used to stimulate and anger bosses hidden inside those holographic archives! Cool, huh? Oh, he also tells you about a mountain to the south where a dragon lives. Hmm... a dragon...

    Head to the northwest corner of town and talk to the guy with the grey hair. His name is Roswell, and he mentions something about invaders from beyond the heavens. MAKE SURE you ASK him! Later on, we'll be talking to him again to start the Telepath Tower Sidequest! Now, head to the northeast corner of town; there's a bunch of crates that can be bombed for a Revive Fruit.

    Head inside the central building, and talk to the two people over the counter. Chat with one to learn something VERY important about dragons; something you must remember for the next dungeon. Then, check the barrel near the stairs for a Name Tag, and the barrel upstairs for a Gimel Coin.

    This town is cleaned out, so rest at the Inn, then board your Sandcraft.

    Laxisland - Dragon's Lair

    We're off to see the dragon! Head south from Laxisland and... well, look for the massive volcano; it's very hard to miss! There's a beach on this island, so land there, then search co-ordinates X: 17996 Y: 13136 to find the Dragon's Lair. Ignore the enemies outside; you'll need your strength for this dungeon!

    Dragon's Lair

    Enemies in this area:
    Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
    Imitator 350 180 100 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
    Thunderdrake 1490 272 290 NONE NONE NONE THUNDER NONE
    Virsago 900 190 200 NONE NONE THUNDER NONE NONE
    Strategy: The enemy to watch out for is Thunderdrake. Its Electrigger is quite a shocking attack to your whole party, and you can't actually hit it until it is hit by a thunder-elemental Arcana. So cast Inspire on Thunderdrakes at the beginning of the battle, then take them down as quickly as you can. Virsagos should also be dealt with in the same matter, except they aren't really all that much trouble. Necrosaurus is fairly powerful, but Spectre can take him out pretty quickly, though Dark Luceid works much better.
    Items in this area:

    Call Whistle
    Gimel Coin
    Potion Berry
    Gella Card
    10-Gal Hat
    Name Tag
    Lucky Card
    This dungeon is very confusing, so please follow the steps below exactly. As you wander the dungeon, beware of the steam coming out of the ground!

  • From the start, head east one room and then north one room. Walk under the arch in the next room, then climb the huge ladder up. Grab the chests on top for a Call Whistle and a Gimel Coin, then head to the south wall and bomb the weak spot with Clive's bombs.

  • Walk through the hole in the wall, and drop down the pit in the next room. You'll be up on the ledge now, so climb the ladder on this ledge, grab the chest for a Potion Berry, then bomb the weak wall. Head inside.

  • Climb the west ladder, and grab the chest for a Gella Card. DO NOT DROP DOWN! There is another weak wall up on the ledge, so bomb that and head through the new hole in the wall. Walk past the steam and look for another weak wall, then bomb that and grab the chests inside the room; a Duplicator and a 10-Gal Hat, then go back and jump down to the lower part, bombing the weak wall there. Grab the 2 chests in the next room for a Name Tag and a Lucky Card, then climb the ladder.

  • Climb the next ladder, then head under the arch and continue into the next room. Look for a hole in the corner (DO NOT DROP OFF THE LEDGE), then jump into the hole. Enter the doorway on the ledge, then drop down on the EASTERN SIDE and climb the ladder. Walk over the bridge, bomb the wall, and then SAVE YOUR GAME.

    Running through the next room causes a cave in which traps you at the summit of the mountain. No worries; we're gonna be flying out! 8P Now, head to the summit outside and use the Kramer Dolls.

  • Boss Battle: Lombardia

    Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
    15000 13000 14000 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
    Boss' Attacks:
    Cerebral Matter (boosts her RFX and EVA stats)
    Epidermal Shell (increases her DEF and MGR stats)
    Mighty Might (doubles her attack)
    Missile Might (non-elemental damage to one character)

    How To Win:

    Don't fret; this isn't like the dragons in Chrono Cross or the dragons in Lunar: Eternal Blue. This boss is actually quite easy. She spends the first 3 turns using status-boosting attacks, so piss her off on the beginning of the fourth turn by casting Eraser!

    Of course, begin the battle with a Mystic + Lucky Card and a Gella Card, because this boss is worth a LOT! On the fourth turn, cast Eraser, Fragile and Extension + Valiant, and from that point forward, just keep attacking. On Lombardia's seventh turn, she'll do absolutely nothing for three turns before reverting to status pluses, so you should be able to take her down by then.

    BUT... that's not all! Once you deal the finishing blow, the "interview" begins. Tuck in your shirt, spit out that gum and get ready to answer the questions correctly..... or die. Here are the answers.

  • I want what you want

  • Yes

  • I will give you something more.

  • Something to quench your desire.

  • Congratulations! You have acquired the airship of Wild ARMs 3! Get used to flying and turn up the music; this track rules! When you're all good and acquainted with Lombardia, fly south of Boot Hill and you'll find a plain that's blocked off by mountains. Head there and search co-ordinates X: 17679 Y: 24129 to find the Dissection Facility! If you run into any Gremlin enemies, summon Stare Roe on them, or cast Spectre, because you can't use ARMs while they are on the battlefield!

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