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Mediums are best described as stone tablets that, when invoked, allow your team members to use the powers of the forces of nature of Filgaia; the ancient Guardians.

You will obtain your first 4 Mediums shortly after the introductory dungeons are completed and your team becomes whole. Each character can equip, or "Invoke" 3 each. That means that you should Invoke 1 Medium to each character. As the game progresses, you will find more Mediums, and you will eventually discover all 12 in the game. Don't worry about missing any like in WA1 and 2; it is mandatory that you find and equip all of your Mediums to complete the game.

Invoking Mediums make your characters much, much stronger and much more versatile. Allow me to explain:

- Each Medium increases certain statistics when equipped. The higher the level, the higher the increases. In addition, once you hit a certain point in the game, your Mediums will "level up" to Gold status, with even better stat bonuses!

- Each Medium gives your character access to 4 Arcana (or magic) spells unique to each Medium, ranging from attack magic to healing to supportive. In addition, characters can "summon" the Guardian represented by the Medium they have equipped while in battle for devastating effects. However, you can only summon if you have FP (more FP means more devastating effects, and your FP will be reduced to 0), and you can only summon as many times as your MTC allows. To build up MTC, kill enemies with Summons!

- Each Medium comes with their own set of Personal Skills, which benefit the character who equips them. More Personal Skills can be added through using Gear items (up to 5 per Medium), but we'll cover that in a different section.

So you see, equipping Mediums has advantages. And there are no disadvantages! However, you must allocate your Mediums carefully; certain setups work better than others! Try to take your character's natural strengths and weaknesses into account when you Invoke your Mediums; for example, giving Schturdark to Gallows is an excellent idea, because he can use the Heal spell that comes with it with Extension to heal your entire team at once.

Also, do not be afraid to switch Mediums in the heat of battle. Sometimes, it helps to give a different character access to a specific summon or Arcana, and thus it is often a good idea to swap your Mediums around from time to time, so long as you switch them back. However, try not to switch your "permanent" setup around too much; put your Personal Skill setup into consideration when setting up your Mediums.

Let's look into the Mediums in a little more detail. Below is a table showing Mediums by name, the Guardian they represent, what they do when summoned, what stats they raise and how much, what Arcana they allow you to use, and what Personal Skills they begin with. Note that the 4 Guardian Lords (Zephyr, Luceid, Raftina, Justine) start off as Gold Mediums and thus never have to be leveled up.

Medium Name: Guardian it Represents: Summon Name and Effect: Statistics Raised: Arcana Taught: Personal Skills:
Earth Roar Grudiev (Earth) Planet Breaker
Does earth-elemental magic damage to all enemies.
HP+30%, DEF+30%
HP+30%, DEF+50%
Petrify, Shield, Protect, Decelerate Earth Ward, Disease Ward, Defender
Aqua Wisp Schturdark (Water) Assault Tide
Does water-elemental magic damage to all enemies.
HP+10%, MAG+30%
HP+30%, MAG+50%
Pressure, Refrigerate, Heal, Analyze Water Ward, Ice Ward, ATT Blocker
Fiery Rage Moor Gault (Fire) Vapor Blast
Does fire-elemental magic damage to all enemies.
Cremate, Devastate, Fragile, Revive Fire Ward, Poison Ward, Critical Hit
Gale Claw Fengalon (Wind) Hi-Speed Ripper
Does wind-elemental magic damage to all enemies.
Spectre, Clearance, Reflect, Valiant Light Ward, SOS Invisible, Initiative
Moon Spark Celesdue (Dark) Merciless Queen
If it hits, it reduces all enemies' HP by the number of FP used to summon as a percentage. For example, 25 FP = 25% HP reduction
HP+30%, MAG+10%, MGR+30%
HP+30%, MAG+10%, MGR+40%
Feeble Mind, Sleep, Eraser, Grav Sleep Ward, Dark Ward, FP Save
Flash Hit Stare Roe (Light) Augoeides
Does light-elemental magic damage to all enemies.
HP+20%, AIM+25%
HP+20%, AIM+38%
Spectre, Clearance, Reflect, Valiant Light Ward, SOS Invisible, Initiative
Lucky Hand Chapapanga (Luck) Lucky Shot
Does very, very small non-elemental magic damage to all enemies, but any enemy it kills drops an item.
HP+10%, AIM+7.5%, EVA+30%
HP+10%, AIM+9%, EVA+40%
Hox Pox, Pickpocket, Randomizer, Familiar EXP Boost, Luck Boost, Gella Boost
Cosmic Cog Dan Dairam (Time) System Chronos
Freezes time for the summoner, giving them a number of turns to themself. The number of turns is relevant to FP used to summon; 25-49 FP = 2 free turns, 50-99 FP = 3 free turns and 100 FP equals 4 free turns. Summoning while time is frozen is not allowed, regardless of FP total or MTC.
DEF+10%, MGR+10%, RFX+10%, EVA+10%
DEF+20%, MGR+20%, RFX+20%, EVA+20%
Banish, Replay, Escape, Reset Fallen Ward, SOS Guard, Eagle Eye
Lust Jaw Luceid (Desire) Dark Destruction
Does dark-elemental magic damage to all enemies
MAG+50%, MGR+50% Dark Matter, Lifedrain, Dark Luceid, Curse FP Plus, Weakness, Restoration
Love Charm Raftina (Love) Sacred Blood
Heals the party's HP's by the number of FP used to summon as a percentage. For example, 25 FP = 25% HP recovery. If Raftina is summoned with 25 FP or more, status aside from bomb and fallen is recovered, and if summoned with 75 or more FP, fallen characters are revived.
HP+10%, MAG+25%, MGR+50% Weaken, Copy Ability, Status Lock, Requiem Inoculation, SOS FP Charge, Life Charge
Brave Seal Justine (Courage) Justine Attack
Kills all enemies instantly if it hits. More FP equals higher probability.
HP+20%, ATT+26.7%, AIM+23.4% Magnarize, Synchronizer, Distortion, Hyper Focus, Regeneration, SOS Support
Hope Shard Zephyr (Hope) Phantasmic Heart
Does non-elemental magic damage to all enemies
HP+50%, DEF+50%, EVA+25% Arc Impulse, Attachment, Permanence, Exploder SOS Critical, Lifebringer, Force Charge

And now, information on where you will acquire each Medium.

  • Grudiev, Schturdark, Moor Gault and Fengalon are all obtained during the Fallen Sanctuary dungeon after completing all of the characters intro scenes.

  • Celesdue is obtained at the conclusion of the Lunatic Garden dungeon.

  • Stare Roe is obtained at the conclusion of the Glimmering Emblem dungeon.

  • Chapapanga is obtained at the conclusion of the Fortune Gear dungeon.

  • Dan Dairam is obtained at the conclusion of the Infinitum dungeon.

  • Raftina: Defeat Balal Quo Naga, then take the Suitcase he drops to Emilia in Jolly Roger (Chat with her).

  • Justine: Locate the Gunner's Heaven by speaking to Putnam and Tesla in Boot Hill, then enter and win the Novice Division to obtain the Item Scope, which lets you find items on the World Map. Now, head back to Gemstone Cave, find the secret room, and from there, find the secret exit to appear on a hidden island on the World Map. Search here for the statue.

  • Luceid: Head back to Gob's Hideout (talk to Tesla to find it), and enter the room with the weak floor. Walk over to the ladder, and use the Radical Sneakers to jump up the ledge. Climb the ladder, and you'll find the statue nearby.

  • Zephyr: Talk to the people in Little Rock to learn about The Abyss, then board Lombardia. Fly over the spot where the Abyss is located (use the World Map on the shrine to help), and look for the "path" to it. Follow it until you reach a boulder, and fire a missile into that boulder. Now land nearby and use your horses to run past the place where the boulder once was and along the path to the Abyss. Go in, and complete the first 10 floors, defeating the boss to obtain the statue, then choose to leave.

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