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Sometime about a quarter of the way through your adventure, nearly every RPG will have your party purchasing/building/stealing/trading pepper away for a boat. Wild ARMs 3 is no exception. As you may have noticed while playing the game, Dragon Fossils can be found in numerous treasure chests. Wondering what they do? Well, once you obtain 15 of them, you can build the Sandcraft! The easiest way to get 15 Dragon Fossils is to defeat Diobarg, the enemy near Fortune Gear. Simply get on your horses and run around until you see a green ! mark; Diobarg hates fast-moving things!

When you obtain 15 Dragon Fossils, head to Jolly Roger and speak to Emilia. Hear her out, then choose to help her complete the sandcraft. There you are; a basic Sandcraft! That's your boat for the game; drive it all around the vast "ocean" of Filgaia. There are random encounters along the way though; nobody said the "water" was docile!

Sandcraft Controls

  • The Sandcraft can dock at any beach in the game, and can travel across the "ocean" of Filgaia (but not on land). Walk in front of the Sandcraft and press X to board. To land, drive onto a beach, then press Circle.

  • Press Triangle to bring up the menu.

  • Press Up on the Control Stick or X to move forward, and Left and Right to turn.

  • Press Square to have the Sandcraft autopilot back to Jolly Roger. You will not be attacked while doing this, and it is a good idea to return to Jolly Roger when you are first exploring the dunes.

    Sandcraft Battling

    Sandcraft battling is quite different from normal battling. You still get to input 4 commands (1 per character), but not all at once. Each party member takes a different "position" on the craft; and depending on their RFX (speed) stat, they get their attack sooner. On the bottom right of the Sandcraft battle screen, you'll see a bunch of icons. Read those from left to right, and you'll see the turn order.

    The following is a list of all of the "positions" and the commands they may use. Note that FP is gathered pretty much the same way as in normal battles (passing turns doing nothing adds a lot of FP). Every "position" has 2 commands to choose from, (aside from Guard, and Wait, which simply pass turns) and one Force Ability command. Force Abilities are indicated by yellow text.

    Deckmate Commands
    Command Name:
    What it does:
    Load Ammo (4 FP) Reload gun to full ammo.
    Assist Piloting (24 FP) Deckmate "helps" another position, increasing amount of turns.
    Repair Craft (25 FP) Refills some of Sandcraft's HP.
    Gunner Commands
    Command Name:
    What it does:
    Fire Main Gun (16 FP) Blast enemy with the main cannon. Must reload when ammo is depleted.
    Prepare Elemental Ammo (24 FP) Adds an elemental property to your next attack. Consumes an elemental ammo item.
    Fire all Ammo at Once (25 FP) Fires off all ammo in one shot; damage is relative to current ammo load.
    Harpooner Commands
    Command Name:
    What it does:
    Fire Harpoon and Capture Target (8 FP) Fires out harpoon. If it hits, target's RFX (speed) lowers and your attacks become more effective.
    Retract Harpoon (8 FP) Retrieves harpoon if you missed hitting the enemy with it; if harpoon is in the enemy, pulls the enemy closer, making your attacks stronger.
    Fire and Immediately Retract Harpoon (25 FP) Does both harpoon commands at once.
    Helmsman Commands
    Command Name:
    What it does:
    Move to Advantageous Position (8 FP) Moves the sandcraft to the side of the opponent, so attacks do more damage. If at the monster's side already, this command moves you behind the monster.
    Divert with Flash Bomb (16 FP) Lowers the enemy's evasion by blinding them with a flash bomb.
    Feint and Pursue Target (25 FP) Moves behind target, and blinds them with a flash bomb.

    The ideal battle strategy is incredibly simple; purchase the best Sandcraft gun in the game, put your character with the highest RFX into the Gunner position, your character with the 2nd highest RFX in the Deckmate position, and just Fire all Ammo at any enemy you see. Enemies will rarely (if ever) have a chance.

    Below is a list of equipment for the sandcraft, which can be purchased by talking to Emilia in Jolly Roger. Once you buy the equipment, remember that you have to equip it in store! There are 4 types of Equipment: Main Gun, Sub Gun (Harpoon), Armor and Power (Engine). Upgrade to the Ark Smasher (the strongest gun) ASAP; it takes a bit of time, but Dragon Fossils are dropped by nearly EVERY enemy in the game; including low-level Gobs and Balloons.

    Main Guns
    Name Cost (in Dragon Fossils) Shot Power HIT (Accuracy) Bullet Capacity Critical Hit Rate Weight
    Revolver Cannon 0 (Default) 60 50 2 0.1 4000
    Bunker Cannon I 14 90 150 3 0.5 6000
    Bunker Cannon II 1613012060.38000
    Bunker Cannon III 181608020.211000
    Scud Cannon I 3020028060.710000
    Scud Cannon II 3223022080.512000
    Scud Cannon III 3430018040.415000
    Ark Smasher 5027025080.718000

    Name Cost (in Dragon Fossils) Shot Power HIT (Accuracy) Critical Hit Rate Weight
    Singing Swallow0 (Default)30300.12000
    Owl T11040600.23000
    Owl T21250400.64000
    Owl T31460500.36000
    Hawk T122801000.45000
    Hawk T22490700.86500
    Hawk T326110800.58000
    Soaring Falcon40100900.79000

    Name Cost (in Dragon Fossils) Defense Magic Resistance Weight
    Delux-Frame DX122001009000
    Delux-Frame EX1410020012000
    Delux-Frame FX1618018018000
    Maxx-Frame DX2445020015000
    Maxx-Frame EX2620045020000
    Maxx-Frame FX2835035024000

    Name Cost (in Dragon Fossils) Capacity (HP Value added)
    Dragon Heart OG0 (Default)12000
    Dragon Heart G12018000
    Dragon Heart G22524000
    Dragon Heart G33030000
    Dragon Heart G43536000
    Dragon Heart G54042000
    Dragon Heart G64548000
    Dragon Heart NG5054000

    Elemental ammo is also sold for 1 Dragon Fossil each, but being the vast well of WA3 knowledge that I am, I can safely say you will never need to use anything but Fire all Ammo with the Ark Smasher equipped. Even the big bad Balal Quo Naga will fall in one hit.

    Now for a mini-bestiary for all of the enemies you will meet while cruising around on your sandcraft. I don't have EXACT HP values, but what does it matter when you're doing 300000 damage a hit?

    HP Range:
    35000-44000 540 250
    ??? Sandsea around Yggdrasil Attempts to lower your RFX, and physically attacks.
    33000-73000 720 360
    ??? Sandsea around Yggdrasil Uses physical and Ice attacks.
    Crab Bubbler
    34900-39000 540 250
    ??? Sandsea around Yggdrasil Casts Quicken on itself.
    75000-110000 1030 500
    ??? Sandsea around Yggdrasil Uses physical and Earth attacks.
    Dune King
    45600-102000 1200 600
    ??? Sandsea around Jolly Roger, north of Boot Hill Boosts it's attack with Hyper, weakens your defense with Fragile, then attacks.
    Gara Diablo
    33000-71000 580 250
    ??? Sandsea south of Gunner's Heaven Uses physical and Wind attacks.
    20000-22680 460 250
    ??? Sandsea around Jolly Roger Uses physical and Fire attacks.
    Grodine (flying)
    60000-96000 970 480
    ??? Inner sandsea Uses physical and Water attacks; increases it's speed.
    Grodine (walking)
    60000-96000 970 480
    ??? Inner sandsea Uses physical and Water attacks.
    Jenny Green Teeth
    42000-78000 760 380
    ??? Sandsea around Yggdrasil Uses physical and Ice attacks.
    Jumbo Critter
    35000-68000 670 380
    ??? Sandsea around Yggdrasil Lowers defense, then attacks.
    40000-80000 860 430
    Light Ring Sandsea around Yggdrasil Uses physical and Light attacks.
    66000-89000 970 480
    ??? Inner sandsea Uses physical and Earth attacks.
    Less than 41000 800 280
    Potion Berry Sandsea around Jolly Roger Strong physical attacker.
    Sand Tentacle
    67000-101000 1030 500
    ??? Inner sandsea Uses physical and Thunder attacks.
    36000-52000 580 300
    ??? Sandsea around Yggdrasil Casts Turbulence on itself, physically attacks.
    41000-72000 800 400
    ??? Sandsea near strange rock formation Uses physical and Light attacks.
    Zazan Bronzo
    31000-38000 500 260
    ??? Sandsea around Jolly Roger Attempts to raise it's DEF, and physically attacks.