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This section basically answers questions about WA3 that come up quite often on various message boards and emails to me. Please examine the list below and then click on the respective link; it may very well contain the answer you seek! If it is not there and you simply cannot find the answer anywhere in the shrine, please email me and I will help you out to the best of my abilities.

I want to thank the guys at the Wild ARMs 3 board for helping me come up with these questions. 8)

Frequently Asked Questions about Wild ARMs 3

What's MTC? How do I increase it? What's a good ARM setup? How does the Migrant Seal system work?
I need Medium setups! How can I conserve Heal Berries? How should I upgrade my Sandcraft?
I can't find "insert location name here"! I need Elemental Rings and Status Prevention Gear! What does "Luck" do?
How do I start the Telepath Tower quest? Why do some animals get picked up on the Radar? What is Finest Arts, and how do I use it?
Where's the hidden exit in Gemstone Cave? I can't find Arioch! How do I find Deus Ex Machina?
Why are Lucky Hand and Moon Spark so weak? I need more Dragon Fossils! What do you mean by EXP chain?
How can I SURVIVE Glimmering Emblem? What is "inertia cancel"? How do I find Nidhogg Pass?
My horse won't jump! How do I get to "Sunset Peak"? I've got money problems!
What are the best ways to build EXP? Can I "miss" anything in dungeons? I just got a new Tool. Which chests can I open?
I can't find the "Southern Sanctuary"! What's with the game timer? I can't get past the door in Dim Root Pass!

What's MTC? How do I increase it?

MTC is your "Material Count", or the amount of times a character can use the Summon command. Each time that character summons, it will expend 1 MTC, and obviously, you cannot summon if you have 0 MTC! To replenish MTC, stay at an Inn. As for increasing your MTC amount, every one of your team members has a maximum amount of MTC that starts at 1, but this number can be increased through repeated "practice".

Practice involves killing enemies with summons. Dealing a finishing blow to an enemy with a summon adds 1 point to an invisible tally, and once this tally reaches a certain number, that character's MTC maximum will increase by one! The number of enemies you must defeat with summons begins quite low (no one is certain yet, but it is believed to be around 4 or 5 enemies), but each time you increase your MTC max by 1, the amount of enemies you need to kill for the next level gets larger! Rumour is that the number doubles each time; so, if you needed to kill 4 enemies for the first extra MTC point, it will take 8 for the next! The numbers eventually get to the point where it's not worth the time you would have to invest to boost your MTC, but you don't really need a high MTC count anyhow; 5 is fairly good for each character.

The best way to boost your MTC levels is to summon on large groups of enemies that are weak in constitution and have an elemental weakness to the summon you choose. For example, the Jelly Blobs in Serpent's Coils. They're weak to everything, and appear in groups of 4 at times, so use your MTC then. Don't go overboard, and don't spend time "leveling" your MTC; rather, make it a point to use it all up before you stop at an Inn for the first half of the game, then once you get further into it, don't worry about it so much. You can build it further by battling the Dust Man groups in the Fila Del Fia area if you desire. Save Growth Eggs for when your MTC level gets really high for best results.

What's a good ARM setup?

I have some good ARM setups on the ARMs section of the shrine that work quite well. However, please note that different parts of the game call for different ARM configurations. For example, in the beginning, you should mainly opt for weight reductions (and in a few instances, bullet count) because weight is the cheapest stat upgrade, yet it allows you to hit the enemy with Gatling for more shots with less FP. Later on, you can always Initialize upgrades, comforted by the fact that you didn't "waste" a whole lot of Gella.

How does the Migrant Seal system work?

It's actually fairly simple. In the top left corner of the screen is your ECN and your Migrant Level. ECN is the amount of "points" you have to skip battles with (you start with a maximum of 10, but you can increase this number up to 50 by finding the 4 Booster Kits throughout the game), whereas your Migrant Level is a level that dictates how many points it will take to skip an encounter. As you progress through the game, you will most likely come across Migrant Seal items. Each Seal boosts your Migrant Level by 1 (to a maximum of 20), which basically allows you to skip battles for less and less ECN, and in some cases, you'll be able to skip battles for free.

To skip a battle, press the Circle button when the white "!" appears over your character's head. This will skip the encounter and consume some ECN; the amount consumed depends on the combination of enemies you would have had to fight. Check the ECN gauge in the top-left when the "!" appears to see just how much ECN you will need to consume. Obviously, if you do not have enough ECN to skip a battle, you will be forced to fight anyway. You can replenish your ECN by picking up the white gems in battle and by resting at an Inn. Also note that if you see a green "!", it means you have a high enough Migrant Level to skip the battle for free.

However, as the game progresses, the battles will start to cost more and more ECN as the monsters get stronger and stronger. This is why finding Migrant Seals is of utmost importance! Imagine attempting the 100 floor deep Abyss dungeon with a Migrant Level of 1; you would have to fight every battle! Or perhaps you were at a late point in the game, and the enemies weren't exactly worth the effort you needed to beat them. With a high Migrant Level, you could skip most of the battles and cruise your way through the dungeon to tackle the boss.

There's a chronological list of all the Migrant Seals in the game on the Migrant Seal section of the shrine. It also includes Booster Kits.

I need Medium setups!

The best way to set up your Mediums is to have them complement your character's strengths, or to have them make up for their weaknesses. That being said, allow me to share my Medium setup with you. I'm certain there are better setups out there, and I encourage you to email them to me!

However, I think Andvareel said it best when he said that the best Medium setup is one that is constantly changing. You may want to stick with a certain setup for a certain part of the game, then switch them around as you progress further and more options are available to you. Don't equip "rare" or extremely valuable Gear until you have a completed setup that you know you will stick with.

Even more important is to learn to switch Mediums in battle! Take for example the Telepath Tower fights. Now, you can either spend HOURS hunting down status-prevention Gear, or you can begin the battle, equip Love Charm and Hope Shard on Gallows, and then Extend a Status Lock and a Permanence to your entire team.

Virginia: Gale Claw, Moon Spark, Love Charm
Gale Claw increases Virginia's RFX even more, ensuring she will almost always get the first strike in battle. Moon Spark gives a MAG and MGR boost to help her deal more damage and take less magic damage, and with Love Charm and SOS FP Boost equipped, you can fully restore your entire team to maximum HP whenever it gets low.

Clive: Terra Roar, Lucky Hand, Brave Seal
Terra Roar complements Clive's high DEF stat, and with the Defender skill, Clive can be a life-saver in the early stages of the game. Lucky Hand boosts Clive's Evade stat up significantly, and Brave Seal makes his attacks even more deadly. This setup leaves Clive with few options for attack Arcana, which doesn't matter anyhow, as Clive is a very poor magic user. If you're into stealing, you will probably want to give Lucky Hand to Gallows temporarily for Extend + Pickpocket.

Jet: Fiery Rage, Cosmic Cog, Hope Shard
Jet is a fairly strong attacker, so Fiery Rage helps him hit that much harder, and the Critical Hit skill doesn't hurt, either. In the end, I primarily use Jet for Finest Arts, so I like to equip Zephyr on him so that he can Force Charge up to 100FP that much faster.

Gallows: Aqua Wisp, Flash Hit, Lust Jaw
This setup was made with Extension in mind, particularily with Flash Hit. With this setup, you can Extend a Valiant spell to your entire team, or blast the entire enemy party with Spectre. The MAG boosts from this setup ensure that Gallows will be a strong magic user.

How can I conserve Heal Berries?

Simply make the most of them! When travelling through the dungeons in the game, you're bound to lose HP from battles, but remember; after each battle, the VIT meter will replenish some of your lost HP! You don't even need to really worry about manually healing unless the VIT meter runs out, or if you're in a tense situation in a heated battle. Here are some berry-saving tips.

  • A Heal Berry recovers 300 HP. How much HP are you missing? Unless you are certain that the next attack will kill you, don't bother using a Berry to heal a miniscule amount of HP.

  • Rather than using 4 berries when your team is in danger, simply enter a battle and then use Mystic + Heal Berry for HP recovery to all!

  • Skip battles if you have to! In dungeons such as Glimmering Emblem, this is actually recommended!

  • Start the Gardening quest early! If you can bring 30 Heal Berries with you to the garden when it opens, you can breed them into the Heal Berry to bring its proficiency up to 100% right away! As a bonus, you'll get the Dried Flower gear, too!
  • How should I upgrade my Sandcraft?

    Sandcraft upgrading may seem a bit intimidating at first, but unfortunately, the ideal strategy for Sandcraft battles is to simply get the first hit in and hit for enough damage to kill the enemy in one strike.

    That being said, purchase the Ark Smasher gun, put your character with the highest RFX into the Gunner position, your character with the 2nd highest RFX in the Deckmate position, and just Fire all Ammo at any enemy you see. Enemies will rarely (if ever) have a chance to do anything at all.

    I can't find "insert name here"!

    One of the least favourite aspects of Wild ARMs 3 is the World Map Search system, mainly because people claim that it is not only awkward to use, but it forces the gamer down a much more linear path. Though I do not agree with the second point, I can see how people would be confused with the first.

    Usually, if you cannot find a place with the location or co-ordinates given, it means you simply do not have enough information to actually uncover the location. Usually when a location is ready to be "discovered", there will be red text in the dialogue boss and a chime will sound.

    Here is a list of all of the locations in the game, and the requirements you must meet for the locations to appear.

  • Fallen Sanctuary: In Gallows' intro, talk with Halle and watch the story scene, then make sure you speak with Cordell. Only then will you actually be ABLE to use the search system.

  • Jolly Roger: After obtaining the first four Mediums and watching the scene where Halle teaches you about Personal Skills, speak with Roykman, choose "Chat", and he will mention Jolly Roger, then head out on his way.

  • Ruins of Memory: Once you reach Jolly Roger, talk to Hannah at the Saloon and choose "chat". You'll have to pay 150 Gella for the meal; afterwards, a scene will play. Exit the Saloon, and a scene will play, and you'll be able to find Ruins of Memory.

  • Midland Station: After completing the Ruins of Memory, head back to Jolly Roger and speak with Dennis (the guy in the red and blue sailor clothes). ASK him about the train.

  • Claiborne: Once you reach Westwood Station from Midland Station, chat with the attendant, and he'll tell you about a nearby village.

  • Serpent's Coils: Speak with Becky (the girl with the LONG ponytail) in Claiborne to learn about Myra and Martina, then head to the Saloon in Claiborne and speak with both of them. Finally, speak with Becky again to learn about Serpent's Coils.

  • Ka Dingel: This location will become available after completing Serpent's Coils.

  • Little Twister: This location will become available after completing Ka Dingel. You'll need to purchase the horses and jump the gorge to get over there though!

  • The Unclean Mark: In Little Twister, speak to Angela at the Saloon, and select "Point to a 500 Gella Bottle".

  • Lunatic Garden: After completing The Unclean Mark, speak with Claudia in Little Twister and ASK her about the ruins.

  • Sand Canal: After completing Lunatic Garden, speak to Claudia, Berkley and Cormano in Little Twister.

  • Little Rock: This location will become available after completing Sand Canal.

  • Doomed To Obscurity: This location will become available after reaching Little Rock.

  • Glimmering Emblem: Speak with Kovahn in Little Twister.

  • Leyline Observatory: Speak with Goodwin and Gaspar in Little Rock after completing Glimmering Emblem.

  • Humphrey's Peak: This location will become available after completing Leyline Observatory.

  • Gemstone Cave: In Humphrey's Peak, after the long scene, speak to Clive's wife with anyone other than Clive for directions.

  • East Highlands Station: Speak to people in Humphrey's Peak with anyone other than Clive.

  • The Secret Garden: This location will become available as soon as you get your horses. However, it is best to wait until you complete Gemstone Cave before starting the Gardening quest.

  • Decaying Labyrinth: Speak with Florina in The Secret Garden.

  • Fortune Gear: This location will become available after the long scene in Humphrey's Peak where your party must choose whether to visit Fortune Gear or Gemstone Cave first.

  • Millenium Puzzles: After completing Fortune Gear, chat with Simon at Dune Canyon station to start this quest.

  • Faraway Lands: Speak with the man in blue in Humphrey's Peak after completing Fortune Gear and Gemstone Cave. Speak with him again a few times afterwards until he gives out directions.

  • Ark of Destiny: After completing Faraway Lands, head back to Humphrey's Peak and speak with Albert for the location. Next, head to Jolly Roger and purchase the Sandcraft. From there, follow the path outlined on this map to reach the Ark's location.

  • Survey Point #17: After reaching Ark of Destiny and speaking with Lamium, follow the path outlined on this map to reach the survey point.

  • Boot Hill: Upon completing Survey Point 17, speak with Lamium, then head to the Ark's library. Examine the fourth bookshelf from the left, and your party will decide to head to Boot Hill. Now, use a Warp Star to teleport to Midland Station, and from there, purchase a ticket to Southfarm Station. Boot Hill is very close by.

  • Infinitum: Speak with Tesla and Shalte in Boot Hill, then leave town and watch the scene. Now, head back to Baskar Village and speak with Halle. Finally, head to Jolly Roger and follow the path outlined on this map.

  • Nidhogg Pass: After Infinitum, speak with Cordell in Baskar Colony, then head to Little Twister and speak with Claudia. Now, head to Jolly Roger. This map shows the path to Nidhogg Pass 1.
    This map shows the path to Nidhogg Pass 2.

  • Yggdrasil: Upon reaching Greenlodge, this location will become available.

  • Gob's Hideout: Speak with Tesla anytime after the Yggdrasil dungeon.

  • Iron Dragon's Nest: After Yggdrasil, speak with Lamium in the Ark of Destiny, then chat with Albert. Board your Sandcraft and head directly north, then alongside the land until you spot a beach leading to a large mountain range

  • The World's Footprint: After Iron Dragon's Nest, head to Baskar and speak with Halle. Head back to Jolly Roger, and head for the World's Footprint by Sandcraft. Here's a map to help you get there.

  • Ruins of Dreams: After The World's Footprint, watch the scene in Baskar, then use the Map Shred item. Head back to Jolly Roger, then follow the path outlined on this map.

  • Fila Del Fia: After Ruins of Dreams, watch the scene, head back to Jolly Roger, then follow the path outlined on this map.

  • Caging Tower: After Fila Del Fia, speak with Otto (the ARMsmith) in Claiborne and ASK him about the abandoned tower nearby, then speak to Myra at the Saloon.

  • Laxisland: Anytime during Chapter 3, speak with Herman in Jolly Roger to learn of this town. Follow this map, killing Balal Quo Naga along the way.

  • Dragon's Lair: Upon reaching Laxisland, speak to Zim to obtain the Kramer Dolls, then speak to Laura at the Inn for directions. Head south from Laxisland and... well, look for the massive volcano; it's very hard to miss! There's a beach on this island, so land there.

  • Dissection Facility: Upon completing Caging Tower, speak with Dessinisey in Claiborne, then use Lombardia to fly there.

  • Dim Root Path: Upon defeating the Prophets in the Ruins of Memory, speak with Lamium in the Ark of Destiny. There's a boulder blocking the entrance to the dungeon, so destroy it with a Lombardia missile.

  • Gunner's Heaven: Anytime during Chapter 3, speak with Putnam in Boot Hill.

  • Abyss: Anytime during Chapter 3, speak with Annette in Little Rock. Remember to destroy the boulder blocking the path to the Abyss.

  • Ballack Rise: After Cradle of the Metal God, head to the Ark of Destiny and speak with the first person you see and ASK him about his hometown.

  • Den of Miasma: Automatically discoverable after you acquire Lombardia.

  • Deus Ex Machina: After Cradle of the Metal God, head to Ballack Rise and examine the telescope at the very top of the town. Fly around for a while, and look for a very distinct wavy pattern in the sky. Fire 5 missiles into it to destroy the cloaking device and reveal the dungeon. The dungeon appears in random locations, but I've seen it appear near Gunner's Heaven, Caging Tower, and Laxisland.

  • Sacrificial Altar: Automatically available after completing Deus Ex Machina.

  • Demondor Pillar: Automatically available after completing Sacrificial Altar.

  • Demondor Pillar - Rear: After Demondor Pillar, head to Humphrey's Peak and speak to Ricardo.

  • Mimir's Well: After Demondor Pillar - Rear, head to Boot Hill and examine Virginia's mother's tombstone.
  • I need Elemental Rings and Status Prevention Gear!

    Well, first thing's first; don't bother looking high and low for status prevention gear. The Status Lock + Permanence combination is all you really need. If you are worried about Fallen status, head to the first few floors of the Abyss and battle the Cannon Buffalo enemies; they drop Holy Grails.

    Now, as for elemental rings...

    Earth Ring: Pickpocket from Chimera Geo in Dissection Facility. You can also get them from Sekmet in the Cradle of the Metal God if you haven't completed that already.

    Water Ring: Pickpocket from Chimera Muse in Dissection Facility. Also a common drop from Land Lamprey in Mimir's Well.

    Wind Ring: Pickpocket from Chimera Wing in Dissection Facility. Alternately, it's the common drop for Gargoyles in Sacrificial Altar and Demondor Pillar, and you can get them from Griffins in Fortune Gear.

    Fire Ring: Pickpocket from Chimera Fray in Dissection Facility. Or if you haven't beaten Cradle of the Metal God, get them from the Haboryn enemies there.

    Thunder Ring: A rare drop from Barbarossa in Fila Del Fia. Barbarossas attack in big groups though, so your odds of getting them are fairly good.

    Ice Ring: A rare drop from Sun Flayer in Nightmare Castle. The only alternative is to get them in the Cradle of the Metal God off of Fleurety, but you can't do that after you've completed the dungeon.

    Dark Ring: A rare drop from Evil Dead in Dim Root Path. I actually got these rather quickly.

    Light Ring: A rare drop from Fairylight in Glimmering Emblem. No big deal.. you can probably kill these with Lucky Shot, after all.

    Of course, there are other ways to obtain these rings, but I merely listed what I felt were the easiest ways to obtain them. If you don't mind spending some money, you can sell an elemental ring to the Black Market, and from that point forward, you will be able to purchase rings of that type from the Black Market (for a steep price.)

    What does "Luck" do?

    Since I'm lazy, I'm simply going to paste a quote from the game that will answer your question. 8P

    Some may boast about physical strength, and some may boast about magic. But how many of you boast about luck? How many of you out there on the battlefield take luck seriously? Well, let me tell you this. That powerful one-timer, the Critical Hit, and the ever so handy Defender; these skills are activated by chance and governed by luck. And what about those death blows and the various status ailments the enemies throw at you? These can actually be prevented by skills and luck. And the booby-trapped treasure chests you get after winning a battle--the chances of you successfully defusing it also depends on luck. It can be said that almost every action you take in battle is affected by luck. Having read this, I hope you take luck more seriously from now. If you do, there's no doubt you'll emerge victorious in the wasteland.

    So there. Luck has an effect on nearly every battle command in the game that can be attributed to "chance".

    How do I start the Telepath Tower quest?

    You must do the following before completing the Deus Ex Machina dungeon, or you will not be able to start the quest!

  • After completing the Fila Del Fia dungeon in Chapter 3, use your newfound Grappling Hook Tool to reach the higher-up bookshelves in the Ark of Destiny library. Read the book entitled "Mu and Lemuria Monthly".

  • On your first visit to Laxisland where you speak with the locals to gain access to Dragon's Lair, speak with the grey-haired man in the northwest corner of town. His name is Roswell, and he's a paranormal investigator who forsees the coming of alien lifeforms to Filgaia. Speak with him and listen to what he has to say.

  • Upon defeating the Prophets in the Ruins of Memory, head back to Laxisland and speak with Roswell once more, taking in everything he says, ASKing him about anything that comes up. This should allow the first Telepath Tower to be found. From there, simply head to co-ordinates X: 16710 Y: 18173 and search to unveil the first of the towers! From this point forward, you will be able to find and destroy the towers anytime you wish.
  • Why do some animals get picked up on the Radar?

    Said animals are actually items, believe it or not! Later on in the game, when you acquire the Changecrest, you can use it to change the animals into items. A list of these animals can be found HERE.

    What is Finest Arts, and how do I use it?

    Finest Arts is a very useful Personal Skill that, when equipped, gives you access to an extremely powerful attack. To use Finest Arts in battle, equip the skill (obviously), and then use the Gatling command when the character with Finest Arts has 100 FP and no ammo in his or her ARM. The first four hits should do fairly good damage, whereas the fifth hit will be absolutely massive.

    Where is the hidden exit in Gemstone Cave?

    Here's a tiny snippet of my walkthrough that should answer your question.

    Now, travel through the first few rooms of the dungeon, crossing over the rock bridge and past the huge boulder Maya dropped on you a while back. When you reach a room with 4 Orange Gems places all in a row, rotate the camera a bit and look along the western wall (past the pond, behind the massive rock pillars). Bomb the weak point in the wall if you didn't already, then head in and grab the treasure if you didn't already. Head to the northern part of this room and bomb the wall up the incline, and you'll find a hidden exit to the World Map.

    I can't find Arioch!

    The Arioch side-quest is indeed very frustrating. What most people don't know about finding the little buggers is that they never appear in the same dungeon consecutively! Each time you encounter an Arioch battle, you will have to travel to any other dungeon to find the next one.

    Use this method to find the tiny red bastards faster and easier.

  • First, head to Gob's Hideout. Switch to the Kramer Dolls and use them. Fight the battle. Keep using the dolls and fighting until Arioches appear. If they don't appear within 10 battles, move on to the next step.

  • After winning the Arioch battle, exit Gob's Hideout. Head to Doomed to Obscurity. Do exactly what you did last time; use the dolls over and over again until an Arioch shows up, and if they don't appear within 10 tries of the dolls, or if you defeat the Arioches, move on to the next step.

  • Follow the steps above for Fallen Sanctuary and Den of Miasma. Once you complete those, head back to Gob's Hideout.

    Using this method, I was able to battle all 100 groups of Arioch rather quickly.

  • How do I find Deus Ex Machina?

    After Cradle of the Metal God, head to Ballack Rise and examine the telescope at the very top of the town. Fly around for a while, and look for a very distinct wavy pattern in the sky. Fire 5 missiles into it to destroy the cloaking device and reveal the dungeon. The dungeon appears in random locations, but I've seen it appear near Gunner's Heaven, Caging Tower, and Laxisland.

    Why are Lucky Hand and Moon Spark so weak?

    Lucky Hand's summon attack is SUPPOSED to do very little damage, and in some cases, no damage at all. However, any enemy that is killed by Lucky Shot has a near-100% chance of dropping its item after the battle.

    On the other hand, the Merciless Queen summon reduces all enemies' HP by the number of FP used to summon as a percentage. For example, 25 FP = 25% HP reduction. That is, if it hits; some enemies are immune to this, and it doesn't always hit anyways.

    I need more Dragon Fossils!

    Believe it or not, many of the enemies in the game drop Dragon Fossils regularily (as in, the fossils aren't in a treasure chest at the end of battle), and even simple enemies such as Gobs cough them up after battle! All you have to do is beat up some Gobs in Gob's Hideout or around the Midland Station area for a while!

    What do you mean by EXP chain?

    Whenever a Personal Skill is activated in battle, look to the top-left corner of the screen, and look for a notice stating which personal skills were activated. This notice is not there just for show; every time a Personal Skill set and equipped on a character is activated in battle, that character gets an experience point bonus equal to 0.1, or 10% of the battle's original EXP value. Now, imagine if you were to activate 10 Personal Skills for one character in battle... they would obtain 10 0.1 experience bonuses, or an EXP bonus of 100%, which is double the amount of normal EXP!

    Increasing your EXP bonus is a very good idea in boss battles that are worth a large amount of EXP. Simply find a skill that you know will be activated over and over (such as an elemental ward that co-responds to an elemental attack the boss uses), then allow it to activate over and over again.

    How can I SURVIVE Glimmering Emblem?

    Glimmering Emblem is a major trouble spot for many people, mainly due to the battles within. The answer is simple: skip as many battles in Glimmering Emblem as possible!

    To ensure you can skip as many battles as possible, make sure you have the following:

  • The Migrant Seal from Jolly Roger. Blow a hole in the large, metal rectangular shed near the entrance to Jolly Roger. Walk inside the hole and you should find the Seal in the very back.

  • The Migrant Seal from Serpent's Coils. In the room with the two "bridges" that can be raised with a switch, head two rooms west and descend the staircases to a room with 3 treasures. One of them contains the Seal.

  • The Booster Kit from Ka Dingel. After the room with the ceiling cages, take the eastern door, then follow the stairs down to another room. Inside the room are two chests; unlock the second one with a Duplicator for this Kit.

  • The Migrant Seal from Lunatic Garden. In the first room of Lunatic Garden, use the Steady Doll to hit the switch and lower the pillars around the Duplicator-locked doll in the northwest corner of the screen. Enter the room, and use the Steady Doll to grab the treasure up on the ledge to obtain the Seal.

  • The Migrant Seal from Doomed To Obscurity. Climb the same pyramid-like structure you climbed during Jet's intro, and enter the dungeon from the very top as you did before. When you reach the huge hole in the ground, use the Steady Dolls to grab the treasure on the other side.

    Since the goal is to get in and out of the dungeon as soon as possible, run through as fast as you can. Skip as many battles as possible, utilize the white and orange gems strewn about, and try and let the VIT meter do the healing for you. When you HAVE to battle, try to summon on the enemies to wipe out the large groups as quickly as possible.

  • What is "inertia cancel"?

    Inertia Cancel is a little-known command that allows you to cancel a character's action and select a new one as it is being executed, at the cost of 25 FP. You can reduce this cost to 0 by equipping the Baselard and setting up the Power Cancel personal skill. To use Inertia Cancel, press Circle while the command name is displayed at the top of the screen, but before the character actually performs the action. This is best done by repeatedly tapping the Circle button through the previous character's turn.

    How do I find Nidhogg Pass?

    After Infinitum, speak with Cordell in Baskar Colony, then head to Little Twister and speak with Claudia. Now, head to Jolly Roger.

    This map shows the path to Nidhogg Pass 1.
    This map shows the path to Nidhogg Pass 2.

    My horse won't jump!

    I'll admit, the controls for jumping your horse over a chasm are aggrivating. However, most people tend to think it's the angle you jump at. While a factor, most people just simply aren't going fast enough. Move as far back as possible, and try to hit the gap within 20 degrees of straight.

    How do I get to "Sunset Peak"?

    First of all, you'll need the Teleport Orb from Millenium Puzzle #14. Now, head to Southfarm Station and purchase a ticket for East Highlands, and you will be teleported to the Sunset Peak station. Dash into the clock there for an EX File Key! 8P

    I've got money problems!

    Here are a few tips then.

  • According to Andvareel: early in the game, sell gems and a few gella cards. DO NOT USE GELLA CARDS ON BOSSES that are worth less than 1500 GELLA, and it's probably not worth it until they're worth at least 2500, because Gella Cards sell for quite a bit, and you'll actually end up with more money sometimes if you sell the cards rather than use them. Later on, sandcraft battles and Creeping Chaoses are worth a fair amount of Gella, too.

  • Once I complete the Yggdrasil dungeon, I hold off on spending any Gella aside from the times where I need to rest at an Inn. That way, by the time I reach the Abyss, I'll have a lot of money, which comes into play in the next tip.

  • Then there's Calupdis, which appears on any floor of the Abyss. This funny looking enemy steals 10% of your Gella on the first turn. On the second, he runs away with it! It's in your best interest to kill him as soon as possible, but there's a really cool trick you can do with him if you're feeling lucky! First, equip as many characters as you can with the Gella Boost Personal Skill. On the first turn, attack him to get his HP down low, but do not kill him. Let him take 10% of your money, and on the next turn, have everyone Gatling him.

    He normally gets his attack after Jet and before Gallows, so keep this in mind. If you kill him before he gets away, you get your money back, but with the Gella Boost skill, you have a 25% chance of getting DOUBLE that! With 4 Gella Boosts, that means you'll always get double your money back! This is by far the quickest and easiest way to obtain Gella quickly if you already have quite a bit, and are looking for a quick way to get lots more.

  • What are the best ways to build EXP?

  • Early in the game, make sure you Mystic a Lucky Card during boss battles that are worth EXP. By using Mystic, the card will give everyone the EXP boost, and thus you will save on cards, which are fairly uncommon.

  • Later in the game, you'll run into bosses like Kraken and Heimdal Gazzo; bosses who use elemental magic attacks that hit all your team members at once. With the proper elemental wards equipped, set the wards up all the way, and simply defend against the enemy or do whatever it takes to get the boss to activate the elemental magic attacks. Every time you're hit with said attack, your EXP multiplier goes up by 0.1. You can get this all the way up to 9.9 if you are patient, and a 9.9 EXP bonus equals LOTS of EXP.

  • Start the Telepath Tower quest and get to the point where Creeping Chaoses appear anywhere on the World Map. Now, equip someone with the Total Ward skill found on the Full Libra, and head over to the Baskar Village area. Run around and wait for a white "!" mark; this will most likely be a Creeping Chaos battle. Every time the character with Total Ward is hit with an Arc-En-Ciel attack from a Creeping Chaos, the character will get a +0.7 EXP bonus! You can get it up to 9.9 fairly quickly by setting the game to auto-battle for a while, and when you want to end the battle, it's as easy as summoning Justine with 100 FP to instantly kill all of the enemies! The only downside to this trick is that only one person will be able to acquire EXP at a time, though you CAN have the other team members defend with Status Guard...

  • An alternative to the above strategy is to complete the Telepath Tower quest first, and then head to Sunset Peak. Save your game beforehand, and then run around until you encounter a Silent Chaos + 2 Creeping Chaoses. Use the same strategy as above. This battle is worth considerably more than the Creeping Chaos battles mentioned above, but I don't really recommend this strategy, as Silent Chaoses are much rarer than Creeping Chaoses, and the battles around Sunset Peak are filled with irritating enemes that require far too much effort to kill!
  • Can I "miss" anything in dungeons?

    Luckily, Wild ARMs 3 is designed so that there are no treasure chests or "rare" items located in dungeons that are only there temporarily. You can miss cheap items like Gimel Coins and Heal Berries in said dungeons, but those aren't really too valuable.

    However, there is a switch in Serpent's Coils that drops a ladder down a little earlier in the dungeon. MAKE SURE YOU HIT THIS SWITCH DURING YOUR FIRST VISIT TO SERPENT'S COILS! This will ensure that you will be able to visit the depths of the dungeon later on in the game if you miss the chests there.

    I just got a new Tool. Which chests can I open?

    Take a look.

    Steady Doll:

  • In Doomed To Obscurity, from the start of the dungeon, head up the multitude of steps to the top. You'll see the chest at the end of the large chasm you fell in earlier. Use the Steady Doll to grab it.

    Mighty Gloves:

  • In The Unclean Mark, on Floor 011 is a floor button and a heavy block. Use the Mighty Gloves Tool to move the block onto the switch, then head inside the newly opened door.


  • In Little Rock, head up to the upper parts of the city, and use the Galecrest to get the out-of-reach chest across the gap.

  • In Ark of Destiny, in the basement, through the west Duplicator door near the orange block wall. Use the Galecrest to skip across the gaps.

    Radical Sneakers:

  • In Sand Canal, enter from the Little Rock side. Head through the first room, and spot the door button. Jump on it to open the door to treasure.

  • In Ark of Destiny, in the basement, through the third door to the west. You'll need a Duplicator to open the door. Use the Radical Sneakers on the jump pad.

    Grappling Hook:

  • In Ark of Destiny, in the basement, through the east Duplicator door near the orange block wall. Use the Grappling Hook to reach it.


  • In Fallen Sanctuary, floor 011, you'll find a floor button that requires you to keep a block on it. Use the Changecrest on one of the orange gems then lift the orange block onto the switch.

  • In The World's Footprint, get to the room with the orange block and the Mighty Glove block that are blocking the Duplicator door. Use the Changecrest on the orange block, then push the other one out of the way with the Mighty Gloves and use a Duplicator on the door.

  • In The Ark of Destiny, go down to the basement, and open ALL of the Duplicator Doors, using the Changecrest on the large wall of orange blocks. Toss a Changecrest at the blue memory figure (Bombur) for a Missanga, and check the chests behind the doors.

  • Toss a Changecrest at the black rooster in Baskar Colony for a Full Carrot.

  • Toss a Changecrest at the white cat in Jolly Roger for a Tiny Flower.

  • Toss a Changecrest at the white chicken in Claiborne for a Potion Berry.

  • Toss a Changecrest at the brown bird in Little Twister for a Growth Egg.

  • Toss a Changecrest at the black cat in Little Rock for a Nectar.

  • Toss a Changecrest at the orange chicken in Boot Hill for a Big Grab Bag.

  • Toss a Changecrest at the brown cat in Laxisland for a Holy Root. Speak with Martina twice in the top floor of the Saloon while you're there.

  • Toss a Changecrest at the white bird in The Secret Garden for an Ambrosia.
  • I can't find the "Southern Sanctuary"!

    The problem here is a simple misunderstanding. The Southern Sanctuary and the Fallen Sanctuary are actually the same thing. Head to the Fallen Sanctuary south of Baskar.

    What's with the game timer?

    If the game timer seems entirely inaccurate, then you're absolutely right. The game's timer only counts time spent on the infield screens; meaning, the screens like the world map or towns or dungeons, and it doesn't count time spent in battles or in cutscenes.

    I can't get past the door in Dim Root Pass!

    Though I haven't pinpointed the exact cause of this, I have noticed that in most cases, people who encounter this problem used a GameShark to acquire the Mediums early. I'm assuming the game counts the Mediums you have when you attempt to open the door, and the number must be equal to 12. Since a code was put in to acquire the Mediums early, and the game still adds Mediums to your quantity when you find them during the in-game events, which completely messes up everything. The simple solution here would be to not use a GameShark.

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