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It's a Trap!

At this point in the game, I recommend you start saving up Gella. You see, once we have access to the Abyss dungeon, there's a really cool moneymaking trick we can do that should give us enough Gella to upgrade our ARMs any way we like. However, as the old saying goes, it takes money to make money, so we'll need a lot before we can get the trick to work.

Anyways, your next destination is Claiborne.


Speak with Myra at the saloon to learn of an abandoned tower nearby. We'll be heading there in a bit.

Claiborne - Caging Tower

Now, head northwest from Claiborne, searching at X: 9319 Y: 9133. The Caging Tower magically appears!

Caging Tower

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Barbarossa 580 115 120 NONE NONE NONE THUNDER NONE
Gorg 1500 272 300 NONE NONE ICE NONE NONE
Imitator 350 180 100 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Strategy: Take down Nybbas first, because he is capable of causing Glass status, and being turned to glass aint got no class. Actually, it sucks. Nybbas is weak to light, so Extension + Spectre is good on large groups of them (summon Stare Roe!). As for Gorg, he's got a lot of HP, but he isn't too strong. Just freeze him with Refrigerate.
Items in this area:

Lucky Card X 2
Revive Fruit
Potion Berry
Gella Card
Gimel Coin
AP Ammo
Grab Bag

Ignore the chests in the first room for now. We can't get them yet. Instead, head up the stairs and through the door. Head up another set of stairs, and you'll see why they call this place Caging Tower. You see, there are traps that appear in random parts of the room every few seconds, and they try to ensnare you and draw you into a battle (which locks you in the cells on the third floor; dash into the cell door to escape). If you get caught in an anti-escape orb, spin the control stick to break free! Your goal is to bomb the machine that's creating the orbs (it's the thing that looks like a cone with a white circle around it), and it's up on the top of the stairs. Climb up there and bomb it to bits, then open the chest for a Lucky Card X 2. Get used to escaping from orbs now, because the ones later on are MUCH faster!

In the next room, there's a door halfway up the stairs, so head inside and open the chests for a Potion Berry and a Revive Fruit. Head upstairs when you're done, and walk through the room with the cells, taking note of the door on the side. That's the elevator, and we'll have to get up to the top to power it up. At any rate, head into the next room, climb the stairs, and you'll find another room with trap bubbles. First, head to the northeast corner of the room and use the jump pad to reach the chest (Gella Card), then drop down onto the other walkway and use that jump pad to reach the generator.

Upon clearing that room (it's becoming apparent that this tower likes to trap things), head halfway up the next flight of stairs and check the room for 3 chests containing a Gimel Coin, an AP Ammo (REALLY good Gear!) and a Grab Bag. Head to the top of the stairs and SAVE!

This time, Maya isn't using a book to fight, but she's as strong as ever, so be ready for a good fight!

Boss Battle: Maya, Todd, Alfred, Shady

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Maya's Attacks:
Vantage Rage MM (physical attack to one)
AW-RSTN87 (stronger physical attack to one)
Calamity Jane (very powerful physical attack to one)
Todd's Attacks:
Black Fenrir (physical attack to one)
Psycho Crack (physical attack that confuses target)
Meteor Drive (physical attack to one)
Divide Shot (cuts target's HP in half)
Alfred's Attacks:
Homemade Bomb (physical attack to one),
Shady's Attacks:
Baking Breath (fire-elemental damage to one)
Blizzard Breath (ice-elemental damage to one)
Alfred, Todd and Shady's Team Attack:
Wild Bunch (big non-elemental damage to entire party. Used every turn, but only if Todd, Alfred and Shady are alive, and if it is used, Maya forfeits her turn.)

How To Win:

For once in his life, Alfred is now a threat. Instead of the usual battle where Todd heals his allies while Alfred and Shady use weak attacks, the three of them now use the Wild Bunch attack every turn while Maya sits and does nothing. Wild Bunch does big damage (about 500-700 to your whole team), so the first goal is to take one of them out to disable the attack.)

But who do you take down first? That's easy; Todd. He has the most HP, but take care of him now, and when he's gone, the three will revert back to their old attacks. Todd's attacks are certainly the meanest to contend with, so take him out as soon as you can.

Begin the battle with a Mystic + Lucky Card, a Gella Card to any one boss, a Fragile spell to Todd, and an Extension + Valiant. You'll be nailed by Wild Bunch, but it can't be helped. On the next turn, focus your attacks on Todd. If you're lucky, he'll go down this turn! If not, just keep at it, healing if your HP gets too low (say, less than about 500).

When Todd calls it quits, your next target is Maya. Alfred and Shady still have their same old attacks, and they haven't really gotten any better at dealing damage, but Maya's attacks all hit hard, particularily her Calamity Jane attack, which she uses quite often. Not to mention, it's without a doubt the coolest attack ever seen in an RPG! A good way to damage all three of them is to have Gallows (assuming he has the Weakness Personal Skill and Schturdark equipped) summon Schturdark to do a fair bit of damage to Maya and Alfred, while dealing big damage to Shady. Meanwhile, use Valianted attacks on Maya, but heal if she hits you, because she's capable of doing over 1000 damage with a hit!

And that's that. Alfred and Shady won't last long at all after Maya's down.

Items in this area:

Mega Berry
Black Pass
Growth Egg
17000 Gella
Gimel Coin
Call Whistle X 3
After a lovely scene, check the room for a floor button. That's the elevator start-up mechanism! Jump on the button, then approach the elevator, press X, and choose Floor 1. Head over to the west to spot 2 chests (one is Duplicator locked) and open them for a Mega Berry (breed this in the Garden!) and a Black Pass (now you can shop at the Black Market!) Take the elevator back up to the 5th floor (the third floor is the room with the cells), then head out the door you haven't entered yet.

Climb the stairs, then switch to Clive and equip the Grappling Hook. Head northwest along the narrow walkway, and look for the grapple point, then hook up and drop to the chests containing 17000 Gella, and a Growth Egg (guarded by Imitators). Then, drop down the southern side, and keep heading south then east to another grappling point. Zip up and bomb the generator, then leave the room. Climb the stairs, and prepare for another trap room; the hardest one yet! Use the first jump pad to grab the Gimel Coin and the Call Whistle X 3 from the chests, then use the middle one to reach the Duplicator chest. The generator is on the far northern part of the room. Blow it to bits, then leave the room through the new door. Don't bother saving, just head upstairs and watch the dramatic scene. Poor Shady! Those who have played Wild ARMs will be able to predict what happens here. 8P

Now head back to Claiborne.


Remember Dessinsey? The guy who sold you the horses? He's in the house at the entrance of town, so head into the house near the entrance of town and speak to Dessinsey. The place he mentions (where monsters are dissected) is our goal, but..... it can only be reached by air.

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