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The Forces That Humans Forgot - The 4 Guardian Lords

As you are no doubt aware, we are nearing the end of the game. Not as close as you may think, but we're getting there. In order to proceed, we will need the power of all 12 Mediums. At this point, you will have at least 8 of them; and if you've been following my walkthrough, you will have 10. If you've been brave and gone off on your own, you may very well have 12!

Regardless of how many you have, click on the name of the one you are interested in going after to bring up the walkthrough for that Medium. Once you have the Idol that represents the Medium, take it to the Fallen Sanctuary, and use the jump pads in the monolith room to reach the upper monoliths that represent the Guardian Lords. Use the statues there!

PLEASE READ: Obtaining the Dragon Idol (Zephyr) is very difficult due to the enemies that reside in the Abyss where the Idol rests. To make it easier, I suggest you obtain the Courage Medium first, then use the Item Scope to seek out all the items on the World Map and complete the remaining Millenium Puzzles. There are Migrant Seals to obtain that will make avoiding fights in the Abyss a lot easier.

Luceid, Guardian of Desire

Raftina, Guardian of Love

Justine, Guardian of Courage

Zephyr, Guardian of Hope

Obtaining Luceid

Obtaining Luceid is actually quite simple. First, head to Boot Hill and speak with Tesla to learn the location of Gob's Hideout. Now, head south of Southfarm Station and search co-ordinates X: 15723 Y: 24722 to find Gob's Hideout.

Gob's Hideout

Items in this area:

Tiny Flower
Wolf Idol
Gimel Coin

From the start, walk north two screens, then head east and up the stairs, and all the way across the balcony, Follow the path to the room with the weak floor. Tiptoe over to the small ledge with the ladder, approach it from the east, and use the Sneakers to jump up!

Now open the chests for a Tiny Flower and a Wolf Idol, then toss the crate for a Gimel Coin. That Idol holds great power! Head out of the room through the door, descend the stairs, and rotate the camera to spot a chest! Open up for a Duplicator, then light the torch to head back to one of the hallways. From there, simply run out of the dungeon.

Now, take the train back to Midland Station. Head to Fallen Sanctuary, but save your game first!

Fallen Sanctuary

Head back to the outdoor area with the huge stone monoliths. Though you may have not noticed before, there are actually 8 monoliths! The 4 you didn't visit represent the Guardian Lords, and you need to find the Idols to battle them and receive their powers. That Idol we got from Gob's Hideout works on the northeast monolith, so use the Radical Sneakers on the jump pad to get up there and use the Idol in front of the monolith.

Boss Battle: Luceid

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks: Large Moon (physical attack to one)
Lifedrain (drains HP from target and adds it to Luceid's)
Dark Destruction (powerful dark-elemental attack on all characters)
Dark Luceid (Non-elemental magic damage that damages target based on the amount of elemental types that target has halved or resistance against)

How To Win:

Dark Luceid has attacks that can seriously damage your party, but on the other hand, he also has an attack that won't really do a whole lot, and he even has an attack that won't do ANYTHING. What he chooses is completely random.

Start the battle with a Mystic + Lucky Card, a Fragile spell, an Extension + Valiant and an attack. Luceid may nail your team with Dark Destruction, dealing about 500 damage to everyone, but this can be nullified with Dark Ward. However, if Dark Ward is on Virginia, take my advice and only power it up to about 50% of its power. You want Virginia to take a bit of damage so that Valiant can work.

Afterwards, just attack with your Valianted characters, recasting it when needed (Luceid has a LOT of HP). If your HP dips below 500, heal immediately. And that's pretty much it.

You now have the incredible Lust Jaw Medium, so Invoke it on Gallows. Also, you are now prompted to choose two of your Mediums to power up. Basically, what this does is levels your Silver Mediums up to Gold status, increasing the stat bonuses they give and increasing their power. Choose any two you like, and don't worry, we'll have all-gold Mediums in a matter of time.

Obtaining Raftina

By this point, Balal Quo Naga is certainly dead. Remember how you got a Suitcase for defeating him? Head to Jolly Roger and chat with Emilia. She'll open the suitcase and reveal the Goddess Idol! It's yours! Now, head for Fallen Sanctuary and jump up to the northwest pillar and use the Idol.

Boss Battle: Raftina

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Silver Fleuret (physical attack to one)
Copy Ability (used on first turn to teach Raftina all of your team's attack Arcana)
Weaken (forces all elemental weaknesses on your team)
Sacred Blood (heals Raftina for 4001 HP)
Various elemental attack Arcana on all characters

How To Win:

Raftina sure knows how to kick ass! Attempting to fight Raftina without a well thought-out strategy can result in fatalities. However, follow my strategy below; it works like a charm! I don't mean it only guves you luck if you believe in it... I mean it works really well!

Spend the first turn by Mysticing a Mini Carrot, casting Fragile, defending with Gallows and defending with Clive. On the second turn, have Virginia Mystic a Lucky Card to the team while Gallows casts Extension + Valiant and everyone else blocks. Before the third turn, go to the Mediums menu and disable all Elemental Ward Personal Skills (trust me on this one!), then switch the team order so that Gallows goes first. Have everyone shoot, except for Gallows, who should use Extension + Reflect. What this will do will allow Raftina to do enough damage to almost half-kill your team, but it will also cast Reflect so on the next turn, her Arcana will not be able to hit you! In the meantime, you will be shooting Raftina, doing a LOT of damage in the process. Turn 4 should be devoted entirely to shooting retaliation free. On the fifth turn, have everyone Gatling. This should do enough damage to win the fight. If not, just keep attacking for a few turns.

And there you go! The Guardian of Love, Raftina! I suggest giving it to Virginia; after all, she's a lovely gal!

Obtaining Justine

First thing's first. Talk to Putnam in Boot Hill to learn of the location of a fighting arena called Gunner's Heaven. Now, fly to co-ordinates X: 2012 Y: 15972 and search and ye shall find Gunner's Heaven.

Wild ARMs Fun Fact: Gunner's Heaven is the name of an obscure Japanese PSX shooter released by Media Vision; the same people who brought you Wild ARMs 1, 2 and 3! Gunner's Heaven is also the name of the saloon in Damzen City in WA2!

Gunner's Heaven

To obtain the item we need here, we will have to compete in the Novice League of Gunner's Heaven. If you need to learn the ropes or just find out what exactly Gunner's Heaven is, Click Here.

Now win the Novice League in the required number of turns. If you need strategy for winning, CLICK HERE. When you win, you will obtain the Item Scope! This allows us to search for and discover items on the World Map!

Now, leave Gunner's Heaven. Do your remember Gemstone Cave? We need to get back there to grab a very special item, so head back.

Gemstone Cave

Now, travel through the first few rooms of the dungeon, crossing over the rock bridge and past the huge boulder Maya dropped on you a while back. When you reach a room with 4 Orange Gems places all in a row, rotate the camera a bit and look along the western wall (past the pond, behind the massive rock pillars). Bomb the weak point in the wall if you didn't already, then head in and grab the treasure if you didn't already. Head to the northern part of this room and bomb the wall up the incline, and you'll find a hidden exit to the World Map. Head to the northwest corner of the island and search to find the Lion Idol! Grab it, then use a Warp Star to get out of here!

Now save your game, head back to the Fallen Sanctuary, and head to the southeastern monolith, using the Lion Idol in front of it.

Boss Battle: Justine

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Heavy Brave (physical attack to one)
Hyper (doubles Justine's attack power)
Magnarize (non-elemental damage to one character based on Justine's FP total)
Justine Attack (instantly kills all team members; works only very rarely),

How To Win:

The only thing you really have to worry about while fighting Justine is his Justine Attack, which causes instant death to all your team members.... IF it connects, which it usually doesn't. There's no warning as to when Justine will use this attack, but you won't have to worry anyways! If by any chance you do lose a character or two, simply revive them with the character with Moor Gault equipped.

Start with the usual; cast Fragile, Mystic a Lucky Card, and perhaps an Extension + Valiant attack. From that point forward, never stop attacking unless you are reviving or recasting Valiant. The fight may take a while due to Justine's high HP, but it's so hard to lose that you'll pretty much win no matter what.

Wasn't that easy? You now own the Justine Medium!

However, there's something I recommend that you do now, and that is to complete the rest of the Millenium Puzzles and seek out and acquire all of the hidden World Map items. Here's a handy checklist of all the puzzle locations with links to solutions! If you are following my walkthrough, you will have already have completed a number of these.

Puzzle 1 (X: 20500 Y: 10549)
Puzzle 2 (X: 7320 Y: 21237)
Puzzle 3 (X: 1000 Y: 24839)
Puzzle 4 (X: 24890 Y: 22187)
Puzzle 5 (X: 22550 Y: 10220)
Puzzle 6 (X: 19240 Y: 15956)
Puzzle 7 (X: 21420 Y: 19926)
Puzzle 8 (X: 8500 Y: 8779)
Puzzle 9 (X: 20720 Y: 13336)
Puzzle 10 (X: 16030 Y: 18899)
Puzzle 11 (X: 7670 Y: 15856)
Puzzle 12 (X: 24890 Y: 14675)
Puzzle 13 (X: 13110 Y: 2689)
Puzzle 14 (X: 21380 Y: 5749)
Puzzle 15 (X: 4500 Y: 18258)
Puzzle 16 (X: 14340 Y: 10256)
Puzzle 17 (X: 4430 Y: 13767)
Puzzle 18 (X: 9360 Y: 13678)
Puzzle 19 (X: 11360 Y: 9062)
Puzzle 20 (X: 7130 Y: 12288)

NOTE: To reach Puzzle 20, first obtain the Teleport Orb from Puzzle 14. Now, head to Southfarm Station and purchase a ticket for East Highlands, and you will be teleported to the Sunset Peak station. Outside is the area with the puzzle.

Below is a list of all the items that can be found on the World Map with the Item Scope.

8000 Gella (X: 1481 Y: 6743)
Gimel Coin (X: 3957 Y: 23122)
Gimel Coin (X: 21322 Y: 4359)
Gimel Coin (X: 23949 Y: 7227)
Lucky Card (X: 18151 Y: 24671)
Gella Card (X: 15536 Y: 8426)
Gella Card (X: 19836 Y: 8434)
Gella Card (X: 8643 Y: 11060)
Big Grab Bag (X: 15124 Y: 16897)
Big Grab Bag (X: 8571 Y: 14780)
Big Grab Bag (X: 6442 Y: 13919)
Name Tag (X: 8345 Y: 12020)
Name Tag (X: 20549 Y: 11944)
Name Tag (X: 18848 Y: 2272)
Duplicator (X: 9201 Y: 18965)
Duplicator (X: 25178 Y: 17609)
Duplicator (X: 1823 Y: 15796)
Duplicator (X: 13177 Y: 11901)
Duplicator (X: 15125 Y: 3223)
Tiny Flower (X: 17574 Y: 16835)
Full Carrot (X: 12964 Y: 14759)
Ambrosia (X: 18691 Y: 14678)
Migrant Seal (X: 15896 Y: 18181)
Migrant Seal (X: 7545 Y: 13736)
Migrant Seal (X: 22870 Y: 9284)
Migrant Seal (X: 7556 Y: 7975)
Booster Kit (X: 13172 Y: 25055)
EX File Key (X: 5805 Y: 17725)
Migrant Seal (X: 6532 Y: 11234)
Duplicator (X: 17324 Y: 2271)

NOTE: To reach the EX File Key, you'll need to enter the Greenlodge area via Nidhogg Pass. To reach the Migrant Seal at X: 6532 Y: 11234, you'll need to head to Sunset Peak. And to reach the Duplicator at X: 17324 Y: 2271, use the Teleport Orb to warp to Boot Hill, then run to the beach north of town and board your Sandcraft and head north to the island. Skip the encounters here.

Obtaining Zephyr

To obtain Zephyr, we'll have to delve into the Abyss dungeon! The Abyss is a 100-floor dungeon filled with the toughest monsters in the game, but luckily, we only need to go down to the tenth floor. Still, this isn't going to be easy!

To locate the Abyss, talk to the people in Little Rock, specifically Annette over at the ARMsmith's place. Next, get on Lombardia and fly to around X:25400 Y:7070 to spot a boulder in the way (you'll be able to tell due to its off color). Blow it up with a missile, and land Lombardia. Now, call your horses and ride northeast to X: 25194 Y: 10303 and search to discover the Abyss!

The Abyss

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Balphon 870 151 176 NONE NONE ICE NONE NONE
Baskerville 870 151 180 NONE NONE ICE, LIGHT FIRE NONE
Calupdis 2460 160 80 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Cannon Buffalo 1880 318 460 NONE NONE FIRE NONE NONE
Mad Gasser 1640 106 53 NONE NONE FIRE NONE NONE
Strategy: If you've been following my walkthrough, you'll most likely have a Migrant Level of 14. The battles in the Abyss can be tricky at your current level, but with a Migrant Level as high as the one you SHOULD have, you'll be able to skip all but the Calupdis battles. And should your ECN run a bit low, the gems that open the portals will restore it.

If you want to fight the enemies here, then be my guest. Refrigerate groups of Baskervilles or Balphons, attack Cannon Buffalo with various elemental Arcana and attacks, and summon Moor Gault on Mad Gassers. Be aware that Aello can cause Poison and Disease, and can swipe an item and then escape from battle immediately.

Then there's Calupdis. This funny looking enemy steals 10% of your Gella on the first turn. On the second, he runs away with it! It's in your best interest to kill him as soon as possible, but there's a really cool trick you can do with him if you're feeling lucky! First, equip as many characters as you can with the Gella Boost Personal Skill. On the first turn, attack him to get his HP down low, but do not kill him. Let him take 10% of your money, and on the next turn, have everyone Gatling him. He normally gets his attack after Jet and before Gallows, so keep this in mind. If you kill him before he gets away, you get your money back, but with the Gella Boost skill, you have a 25% chance of getting DOUBLE that! With 4 Gella Boosts, that means you'll always get double your money back!

The Abyss is a randomly generated dungeon that consists of 100 floors. Each floor consists of one randomly generated room of walkways, a number of gems and a sealed portal. The idea is to grab all the gems so that the portal opens, then enter the portal to jump down another floor. There are no save points, though you can leave once you reach Floor 10, 30, 60 or 100, even though you will have to start over again from Floor 1. It's very easy to understand, but very difficult to complete once you reach the later levels. Fortunately, we are only doing up to Floor 10 to grab a certain item, then we're getting the heck out of here! For now. 8)

Simply travel down 10 floors of the Abyss. It takes a bit of time, mind you. Once you reach the 10th portal, a boss will attack.

Boss Battle: Ephrem Zein

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Ephrem Zein:
12000 17000 20000 LIGHT NONE DARK NONE NONE
Boss' Attacks:
Prepare Intercepts (used at beginning of turn, if Ephrem is damaged before cancelling intercepts, he'll use Luminous Impact)
Intercepts Cancelled (used after Gallows' turn, only if Luminous Impact wasn't used)
Luminous Impact (light-elemental damage to your entire party)

How To Win:

This boss can be tricky if you try and shoot without asking questions first. You see, this boss has a constant Reflect Arcana, but that's not what your main concern is. Ephrem Zein doesn't technically "attack"; rather, he performs a command called "Prepare Intercepts" at the beginning of every turn, and then cancels the Intercepts after Gallows' turn. If you damage Ephrem before he cancels his Intercepts, he'll blast your party with Luminous Impact!

The best way to win is to open with a Mystic + Lucky Card and a Gella Card. Cast Hyper on Clive, and every turn, before you attack, switch the manual turn order so that Clive goes first, followed by the rest of your team. You won't take any damage, as Ephrem will be unable to counter! Still, this will take a while, so if you're feeling lucky, pump up your Weakness Skill and summon Luceid on him when his HP hits about 6000 or so.

Now, step inside the teleporter, and choose to retreat. Failure to do so will result in fatalities. Head back to Baskar Village and rest up, then back to the Fallen Sanctuary. Hop on up to the southwest monolith and use the Dragon Idol to call Zephyr.

Boss Battle: Zephyr

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Exploder (Turns target into a bomb, exploding it on its next turn, which kills it. When it explodes, damage equal to half of bomb's HP is dealt to all targets on bomb's team.)
Phantasmic Heart (non-elemental damage to all characters)
Downburst (physical attack to one)

How To Win:

Start with a Mystic + Lucky Card, a Fragile Spell, a Hyper spell on Clive, and an Extension + Reflect. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU KEEP REFLECT ON FOR THIS BATTLE! Recast it every 4 or 5 turns so as not to let it disappear. If your team members are not Reflected, Zephyr will turn them into ticking time bombs with Exploder, killing them and doing massive damage to the rest of your team.

Other than that, the fight is pretty routine. Keep attacking, watch your HP, and cast Valiant if you get the chance. Just keep that Reflect on!

You now own the Hope Shard Medium!

Now that you have all 12 Mediums, set them up the way you like and stick with that setup. Aside from a few select battles, you'll want to keep your Medium setup the way it is for the rest of the game. Why? Because certain skills work MUCH better in unison (4 Eagle Eye, Gella Boost and Initiative skills work very well), and if you mess around with your Medium setup too much, you won't be able to take advantage of skills like those.

Before you go on to the next section, head back to Laxisland and speak with Roswell, then search co-ordinates X: 16660 Y: 18119 to find the first Telepath Tower. You've now officially started the quest, and can work on it any time you want. 8)

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