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Gallows' Intro

Gallows' intro goes a little further into basic gameplay. It's slightly more difficult than Virginia's, and teaches you the basics of the World Map and Arcana (magic spells).

Baskar Village

Items in this area:

Revive Fruit
Heal Berry
Heal Berry
Heal Berry X 5
Gimel Coin X 3
Potion Berry

Gallows' intro begins in his hometown, known as Baskar Village. He's sick of living in one place and wants to go out and see the world as a Drifter, but he needs something to protect himself with along the way. So we'll be guiding Gallows to the nearby Fallen Sanctuary to "borrow" a treasure called the "Ark Scepter".

We begin outside Gallows' house. Head back in and look around. See those barrels? One of them has a Revive Fruit stashed inside. Grab it by checking the barrel as you would any other object, and make note of Gallows' futon. That's a free Inn right there; so if you ever need to heal, rest there. Exit Gallows' house and enter the house right below it. You'll find a Heal Berry hidden in a certain object in his house (I'll let you find this one,) and talking to the man inside (Harold) and choosing his second choice will give you a bit of backstory on Filgaia.

In the southeastern house, you can find another Heal Berry inside one of the barrels. Grab that, then talk to the black haired woman walking around the giant rock in the center of town. This is Ellen, a kind middle-aged Baskar woman. You can get some free items off her by speaking with her, but when she asks you questions, be honest! Answer "How'd you guess?", "Yeah. You wanna help me out?", then "I wanna run away and be free." to get the best possible payout; 5 Heal Berries and 3 Gimel Coins. Afterwards, head to the northern building and go on in to talk to Granny Halle.

After being chewed out by the wise old hag, we're gonna do something really stupid. See those poles in front of the entrance to the altar? Run into the poles in front of the altar (press and hold X to run in whatever direction you are facing) and collide with them. You'll actually shake a Potion Berry out of one of them! See? It pays to be a clumsy oaf sometimes.

Okay, now that we've had our lecture and injured our head, we're almost ready to leave town. BEFORE YOU LEAVE, make DOUBLY SURE you talk to Cordell (he's near the southern part of town) and learn about the Search System on the world map. If you do not, there is a good chance your next destination will not appear on the World Map when you search. Many people skip this step and wonder why the game does not find the Fallen Sanctuary for you, but few realize it's as simple as that.

Baskar Village - Fallen Sanctuary

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Strategy: Balloons are the trademark fish-in-a-barrel of the Wild ARMs series, so take aim and fire on the inflated imbeciles. Gobs are a little tougher, but as long as you don't go out too far into the overworld, you won't even run into them.

Not very far south from Baskar Village, you will find the Fallen Sanctuary. Please consult the World Map for directions, looking for an area where the Zenom mountain range forms a "U" shape. Now, when you reach the area where the Sanctuary should be, you'll notice there's nothing there! Well, we have to "find" it first. Head around the general area of where the Sanctuary should be, and press Square to look around. If you're close enough, the Sanctuary will be found and will appear on the map! Head right up to it and press X to enter.

Fallen Sanctuary

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Strategy: Pillbugs are strong against physical attacks! The best way to take them down is to cast Refrigerate, but you will not be able to do so on the first turn. Your best bet is to Shoot once to accumulate some FP, and allow the enemies to attack until your FP reaches 10, then cast Refrigerate over and over until the battlefield is wiped clean.
Items in this area:

Heal Berry
Freezer Doll (TOOL)
Gimel Coin
Ark Scepter

Here we are; the Fallen Sanctuary. This place was once used to worship the Guardians of Filgaia, and now we're robbing it. Sacriliege, don't you think? Anyway, let's begin.

From the start, drop down the small drop and walk north to a staircase and a switch. Going up the stairs accomplishes nothing just yet, so just ignore them for now. Instead, take note of the switch; we'll use that later. Keep going north into the next room, where you'll see a block and a floor button along with a locked door. Head on over to the block and press and hold the X button to hold onto it. Push it forward onto the floor button. Look at that! The door is open! Head on in!

In the next room, you'll see a doorway on the right. Head on in and you'll find a set of 3 treasure chests. Open them all up for a Heal Berry, a Gimel Coin, and a Tool for Gallows; the Freezer Doll! This cute little snowman fires a cold, cold stream straight ahead when you hold the Square Button to use it, and you can stand in place and spin the stream around! Use it to put out candles, freeze things, whatever your fancy! Now head on out of the room and advance farther north to a lit torch and a locked door. Blow the candle out with the Freezer Doll to open the door, then go on in.

Keep following the straightforward path through the temple down some stairs, and in the next room, you'll see a set of four more lit torches. Make a wish and blow all four torches out with the Freezer Doll to open the door. Head in there, and keep walking down the hallways, battling enemies to break up the monotony. When you reach the room with a floor switch, you're presented with a little puzzle. We have to hit that floor panel beside the block, but how do we reach it? Well, there's another panel on the ground that's pressure sensitive. Simply push the block onto the ground panel to lower the higher one, then step on the higher one. Huzzah! Head in the now-open door and keep going.

See that floor switch? We can't activate it just yet... as there's nothing to hold it down with, so just move on until you reach a room with 8 lit torches. Step in the center of the candles, then hold Square and spin around, spraying all 8 out at once! Cool, huh? Enter the now-opened door, and you'll see the prize we came to collect; the Ark Scepter! As you attempt to take it, you're attacked by a boss!

Boss Battle: Kesaran Pasaran X 4

HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Mission Accomplished (physical attack)
Issuing Warning (wastes a turn)
Throws a cordon (splits into 3 Kesarans, used only when 3 Kesarans are dead)

How To Win:

This battle is more of a tutorial than anything else, but more of a tutorial on how to creatively use Arcana to wipe out groups of enemies. You see, the Kesarans are easy to take down, but once you kill two of them, one remaining Kesaran splits into three, and you have to start all over again! Ugh.. what do we do?

Easy; kill them all at once! Once you have built your FP up to 25 through physical attacks, select the Force Ability menu and select Extension. Extension allows us to target more than one target with Arcana. The Kesarans are weak to water elemental attacks, so use the Extension Fore Ability with Pressure. This will without a doubt kill the Kesaran group.

Now that the Kesarans are more or less (certainly more, with the way you overkilled them!) defeated, grab the Scepter and head back the way you came, back through the dungeon. Shortly after leaving the room with 8 torches, you'll be... trapped? Barriers appear around Gallows, trapping him in a confined area. Shane shows up to help, but finds he can't do much. How do we break free? Easy; select the Ark Scepter from your Items and use it and Gallows will use the power of brotherhood to break through the barriers and escape. This ends Gallows' intro.

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