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Clive's Intro

Clive's intro is the hardest of the four; it's more based on survival in dungeons and desperate situations. It's still not very difficult; just a step up from the others. Clive begins with the Bomb tool; press Square to drop one on the ground (you can have about 8 on the screen at a time), and it will blow up the area around it.

Den of Miasma:

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Strategy: Barghests will fall from one shot of Clive's rifle, but when they appear in groups of 3, you have a little problem on your hands; Clive will run out of ammo! Simply take a turn to reload your ARM (choose Guard), then shoot again the next turn.
Items in this area:

Heal Berry
Revive Fruit X 2
Gimel Coin
Heal Berry
300 Gella

Clive's prologue takes place in a dangerous cave; in which he is sent to take care of a particularily nasty monster. You begin at the entrance of the cave, with your guide, Borgnine. He won't be following you through the dungeon, but you can take advantage of his presence. Talk to Borgnine three times to get three Heal Berries off of him.

Now, to begin the dungeon. Head north up the hills and enter the doorway when you reach it. From there, keep going past the treasure chest and funny looking red things, until you reach a room with a treasure chest near the entrance. Open up for a Heal Berry, then go farther north. Dead end? Not with Clive on your side! In the northeast corner of the room is a wall that's a little lighter than the others; place a bomb in front of it to blow it open!

Enter the newly made crack in the wall and head into a room with a huge pond in the middle. From here, go south and up the incline to another doorway. Step in to find yourself back in the room with those funny red things we saw earlier. These are actually quite dangerous to your health, but we need to clear them out of the way to reach the treasure chest ahead. Place bombs in front of the red things to blow them up, but beware; they regenerate if you take too long crossing! Open the chest on the other side for a pair of Revive Fruits, then exit the room the way you came.

Back in the "pond room", head north until the path is blocked by some tiny rocks. We can't step over them, so bomb the rocks out of the way and keep moving to and through the doorway. Follow the path through the next room, being careful not to fall off the edge of the cliff. Go through the next two rooms, and you'll find yourself up at a higher part of the "pond room". Walk to the southern part of this room, ignoring the higher ledge (we can't get up there yet) until you reach another doorway and another treasure chest containing a Gimel Coin. Grab it, then go in the doorway.

In the next room, search the western wall for a bombable spot; blow it open and head inside. There are two treasure chests here containing a Heal Berry and 300 Gella; grab them both, making note of the strange gyroscopic object in the room. That's a holographic archive containing a hidden Boss, but we cannot battle it until much later in the game. For now, head back to the previous room. Bomb the rocks blocking the northern area, then bomb the blue things on the floor to knock them out of commission for a while. Walk past them and into the next room. From there, head north.. and disaster strikes!

Boss Battle: Goldrake
HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks: Bite Strike (physical attack)
Glider Dive (physical attack)

How To Win:

This battle is more of a tutorial than anything else. Start by shooting at it a few times, gathering FP along the way. Once you've done around 200 damage to it, it takes to the sky and can no longer be hit! To add insult to injury, its attacks are now stronger!

But Clive is a renowned sharpshooter, correct? He ought to be; once you gather 25 FP, open the Force Ability menu and select Lock On. This will hit the Goldrake, ending the battle regardless of the damage it does.

Notice I said it would "end the battle?" It's not over yet, unfortunately. Upon losing, Goldrake takes a deep breath and exhales poison in our hero's face, which inflicts him with Poison status. With no Antidotes to heal, and the passage we took out of the cave now destroyed; we have to find a way out of here, and fast!

From this point forward until we leave the cave, skip as many encounters as you can to conserve HP. Poison does far more damage in battle than it does on foot, and we still need to escape. But how do we do that?

From Goldrake's room, check the east wall. See the lighter section of the wall? Bomb the light section, and head through. The next room has a CRAPLOAD of red and blue things to bomb through; use bombs to clear a path through them, and pick up the white gems if your ECN Gauge is low. Head south from there, and a humongous boulder blocks our path! One bomb will not do the trick, so we need to lay MULTIPLE BOMBS! Stand in front of the big rock, and repeatedly tap Square to lay bombs over and over again until the rock is blown to bits!

Now head south out of the room, and you'll be back in the pond room. From there, jump down to the lower level, and jump down another level to where we first entered this room. Head through the southernmost door on the lowest level of the "big pond" room, and from there just follow the straightforward path out of the cave. It's then that Clive succumbs to the poison...

... and awakens in a nearby town, and is healed from the poison. But now, Goldrake has returned to attack the village. This time, we're given an Antidote to cure poison, and an inspirational message to ensure our victory!

Boss Battle: Goldrake
HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks: Toxic Breath (poisons the target)
Glider Dive (physical attack)

How To Win:

On his first turn, he will poison you; so use an Antidote on the next one. From there, Defend against his physical attacks until you have gathered at least 50 FP. When you have 50 FP, Lock On two of your attacks, and he should die. Don't forget to heal when your HP falls low!

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