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Bring Back the Flame!

Humphrey's Peak

Now that we've checked out the Gemstone Cave and the Fortune Gear dungeons, it's time for something new. If you haven't equipped Clive with the new Medium yet, do so. You might also want to set him up with the EXP Boost, Gella Boost and Luck Boost Personal Skills, though this will take a lot of Personal Skill points. I recommend you do, though. Having a character with a luck stat of Best is extremely beneficial when treasure chests show up, and Gella Boost gives you a 25% chance of winning double the Gella at the end of a battle. EXP Boost means quicker level ups, so that's a good thing, too!

After the scene in Humphrey's Peak, you'll be instructed to talk to Albert. Remember him? He's the one in blue who was fixing the Memory Figure earlier. Chat with him, and agree to take on his mission. You are to visit a ruin called the Heritage of Faraway Lands and find the Kizim Fire. Once you're done talking, speak with Albert one more time to confirm the location. We'll be heading out there next, but first, we'll head to another Millenium Puzzle.

Humphrey's Peak - Millenium Puzzle # 9 - Faraway Lands

Ride your horsies west past the train tracks to co-ordinates X: 20606 Y: 13469. That's just west of the train tunnel. Search here to find Millenium Puzzle # 9.

This one is a flight of stairs tougher than the first puzzle, but after all, it is Puzzle #9 we're talking about. I figured this one was close, so why not solve it now? Besides, if you solved the puzzles in order, you would have to complete them late into the game, and that would be no fun!

Give this one a try on your own, and if you can't figure it out, Here's the solution. Once you get the prize, SAVE IT! A LVL Apple can be used to make a character advance a level. However, they are very rare, and are best saved for the very end of the game, for gaining the last few levels before 100. So hold onto it!

Ride your horses southwest until you reach an area where you can spot Dune Canyon on the cliffs above you. Search around here (co-ordinates X: 20872 Y: 10887) to find Faraway Lands.

Faraway Lands

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Mimic 800 150 200 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Unknown 300 96 100 ALL NONE NONE NONE NONE
Strategy: For such a cool looking (and sounding) dungeon, Faraway Lands has one of the most irritating enemy sets in the game. Unknowns block out half the damage from elemental attacks... but here's the kicker; they can only be hurt by Arcana! Use Devastate to do about 200 HP damage to them, and have everyone cast any attack Arcana in possession. Don't worry about their attacks; they will try to hit you with a "gradual petrify" type attack, but that merely gives you 4 turns to end the battle; something that isn't hard to do in the least. Vaccumons, on the other hand, are irritating little buggers who either waste turns, cast Grav to lower your HP, or, on rare occasions, kick you out of the dungeon completely! Zap them with Inspire and wear them down with shots from your ARMs.
Items in this area:

Name Tag
Full Carrot
5500 Gella
Gimel Coin
Heal Berry X 2
Lucky Card X 2
Mighty Gloves
Robber's Ego
Gimel Coin
Dragon Fossil
Gella Card
Kizim Fire
NOTE: The eagle-eyed strategist will notice that you cannot actually "die" in this dungeon, aside from in the Mimic battles. That is because the Mimics are the only enemies that can actually damage you. Grav only reduces HP by a percentage, so it cannot kill. However, should you let a fight drag on, you will succumb to Bronze or get booted back to the start, so fight to win!

After a short scene, Virginia starts to feel something strange about this place, but shakes it off. Someone is here already.. it seems. Head north from the beginning, through the first door. In the second room, climb the stairs up, and make a 180 degree turn back through the south door at the top level. Enter the door, and you'll be back at the start, but a level higher! There's a Duplicator Door here; you know the drill. Inside lies a Name Tag, a Full Carrot (VERY valuable), and 5500 Gella. Hold on to that Carrot; we're going to breed it later! Not "with" it, you sick freak!

Head back the way you came, and take the door in front of you. In this next room, look for a floor button, and stand on top. Well, I'll be! They must be a REALLY old civilization if they ran parts of their ship on such primitive engines! While standing on the switch, toss about 5 or 6 Tindercrests into the "furnace" to power up the generator, then exit through the western door. In the next room, grab the first chest for a Gimel Coin, then jump up onto the ceiling cage, climb across to the other side of the room, and drop down for some more treasure! You'll find a Heal Berry X 2 and a Lucky Card X 2 in these chests. Now, jump down to ground level and exit due south. You'll be back in the room from earlier, only this time, that differently coloured part of the floor is now a fully functional elevator! Check the control panel next to it, and ride down, down, down to the depths below!

There's a bit of a problem; the next room's exit is blocked by a huge block, and we can't move it! Don't worry; you'll find something that will help you with that soon. For now, climb up the stairs to the tiny platform. From here, you'll be able to jump up to the cage! Do so, and climb across the cage until you are underneath the floor button (check for your shadow). Now, let go of the cage and show that button that being stubborn and stuck only results in being hit harder. This will open the door, so climb back up the fence and hoist yourself up, taking care not to toss your lunch in the process. Up on the cage, enter the door and open the lone chests for the Mighty Gloves Tool, just the thing you need for moving really heavy blocks short distances!< With these, press Square to grab a nearby block, and then you will be able to place it a space away from you in any of the 4 directions! A bit hard to explain, but try it out and see what I mean!

Oops! Looks like someone didn't want you taking that chest! A stronger-than-usual Vaccumon appears, and this one seems to have one thing on his mind; ending your treasure raid! Send Hoover to the junkyard with an Inspire and a Devastate before he huffs, puffs and blows you away! Once that's dealt with, head out again, jump down the fence, and test your Mighty Gloves on that heavy block. You can move it out of the way, but you can't walk while you're holding it, so don't try. Head through the new door; a puzzle awaits! It's common knowledge that in a RPG game with puzzle elements, the dungeon where you acquire a puzzle solving item will have you using that item over and over again, and it couldn't be more true here. Lift the box up with your Mighty Gloves, and place it on the platform, then walk up and carry it to drop it on the floor button. Get used to using the Gloves in this way; since you can't technically "take" the blocks anywhere, you have to lift, put down, lift, put down, repeat to get the blocks where you want them to be. Head through the newly opened door.

Now here's a new concept; ice blocks. Use the Mighty Gloves on them to shove them, and they will move endlessly in that direction until they hit something. You need to make all 4 hit the floor buttons, so.. do this. Starting from the north block and working your way south, push all of the blocks up north. If done correctly, the blocks will all be grouped together at the northern part of the screen. Push them all east once and they shall all hit the floor buttons! Head for the door, grabbing the chest on the way out for a Duplicator. Ascend the stairs up (redundant?) into the next room. Looks like someone did a crappy job stacking boxes. Ignore it for now, and take the door to the northeast for some treasure. Here you'll find a Mimic trapped chest (but that should be no problem for you at this level) containing a Robber's Ego, and a Gimel Coin. The Robber's Ego is a very cool Gear that increases your chances of successfully disarming a trap chest!

Now, back to the room with lots of boxes. You'll have to use the gloves to clear a path through, because there's a floor switch there we need to step on. It's not hard to figure out; it's just a lot of work. Luckily, the Mighty Gloves make warehouse work as easy as the foreman's job (yelling at warehouse workers), so get lifting, then hit that switch, and lift your way back to the start of the room, where the door to the northwest has opened! Go on in! In the next room, go south to find some easy to miss chests containing a Gella Card, and a Dragon Fossil, then head north through the door. Do NOT, and I repeat... do NOT drop down a level. Just go north through the door, or repeat a section of the dungeon all over again. Descend the stairs in the next room, and head through the next door for a puzzle. It's not hard, but it's a bit of a trick puzzle. Move the blocks onto the buttons with the Gloves, but since the blocks are 3 spaces away from the buttons, you have to move the block to the button on the OPPOSITE side. Once the door opens, head inside and save your game.

Proceed through the small room, and grab the Kizim Fire in the next room. If you can't see it, turn the TV on or get your eyes replaced with eyes that WORK. 8P After claiming the Fire for your own, your team will have a discussion about the Order's motives when all of a sudden, the lovely Melody appears. Along with her is the learning computer, who dropped by to bash your skulls in!

Boss Battle: Asgard, Melody

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Melody's Attacks:
Eliminate Scanner (non-elemental damage to one character)
Asgard's Attacks:
Iron Fist (physical attack to one)
Barrier Flood (big non-elemental damage to entire party)
Wide Barrier (instant death to entire party)

How To Win:

This battle isn't worth EXP or Gella, so you can forget the usual opening strategy. Instead, cast Fragile and Extend + Valiant (re-arrange your turn order so that Gallows goes first). On the first turn, Asgard decimates your party with a brutal Barrier Flood attack, dealing upwards to 600 damage to your ENTIRE PARTY. Luckily, he won't be using this again during this battle. Now that your HP is low, beat on him incessantly with physical attacks. He'll attack with normal physical attacks for the rest of the battle, and you stand a pretty good chance of dodging them.

After the first turn, Melody joins the battle. She will use Eliminate Scanner to.. well, eliminate your team members, and I'm sure you remember what happens if you lose a teammate in a Melody fight. Do NOT attack Melody though, because Asgard will just block and take hits for her like a Golem should. Keep plugging away at Asgard, and DO NOT heal your team members no matter what. You are going to die in this battle after a certain point, but you have to do enough damage to Asgard before it will trigger. Being on low HP will allow Valiant to end the battle on the third turn if you attack enough.

After Asgard unleases his ultra-mean Wide Barrier attack, the battle ends. However... I won't spoil the scene, but a rematch with Asgard begins. You'll be fully healed at 80% of your Max HP (which has been reduced to 80% of your actual MAX HP), but that can't be helped. Besides, Asgard is overloaded, so this fight won't be too tough.

Boss Battle: Asgard

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Asgard's Attacks:
Iron Fist (physical attack to one),

How To Win:

This time, begin by Mysticing a Lucky Card, using a Gella Card, casting Fragile and casting Extend + Valiant. After that, keep shooting at Asgard until it collapses. Meanwhile, don't worry about his attacks; they are weak, and rarely hit anyways.

After your victory, a lot of questions will arise. Keep playing the game, and they will be answered. For now...

Faraway Lands - Humphrey's Peak

Head back to town and speak with Albert. Mission Complete! (FFX-2 fanfare plays). You get your payment, the Ark gets their Flame, and Albert offers you a new mission. Now he wants you to deliver the Flame to the Order's headquarters! Sounds easy enough... but it's on an island. We need a way to travel the sea of sand!

We'll get to that, but there's a bunch of cool stuff we should get done first. Head on over to East Highlands Station, and take the train to Westwood Station. Then, ride your horses northeast from the station until you reach the other side of the "wall" that Serpent Coils is behind. Search co-ordinates X: 11626 Y: 9033 to find Millenium Puzzle 19.

Millenium Puzzle #19

Yes, I know it's 19 and we haven't even completed #2 yet, but it was on route to where we were headed, so why not? Besides, solving the puzzles early is a very good idea; it gets them out of the way, and gets you items to boot.

The clue here is to get the stuff you don't like out of the way first. In other words, do the hard work before the easy stuff. Give this puzzle a spin, and if you're lost, Click Here for the solution.

Winning this one will get you a Vambrace!

Millenium Puzzle # 8

Now, get back on your horsies and head to Little Twister, leaping the chasm to the west of Claiborne as you did before. Once you're in the Little Twister area of the World Map, head northeast to co-ordinates X: 8445 Y: 8762, and search to find another puzzle!

In this puzzle, make sure that you don't jump down to the lower area unless you absolutely have to. Give this puzzle a spin, and if you're lost, Click Here for the solution. Winning will net you a LVL Apple!

When you are done, ride your horsies to The Unclean Mark, near Little Twister.

The Unclean Mark

Items in this area:

Name Tag
Elder Record
Grab Bag

Run through the dungeon while enjoying the luxury of easy encounters and already-solved puzzles that you dealt with long ago. Keep going until you reach a puzzle that you weren't able to solve earlier; the one with the floor button and the block. Now that you have the Mighty Gloves Tool, use the Gloves to move the block onto the button, and head through the newly opened door. Inside lie 4 chests, containing a Name Tag, a Duplicator, a Grab Bag, and an Elder Record! The Elder Record is a very useful Gear that adds a skill that reduces FP cost for Arcana, so equip it on one of Gallows' Mediums. Now, head out the way you came.

When you're done, head back to Little Twister, and follow the chain of events listed in the table below.

This may seem like a lot of running around (and it is), but it is also getting a lot of little things out of the way that have to be done to complete the sidequests, so bear with me and follow these steps in this order.

  • In Little Twister, talk to Martina. She should be in plain sight!

  • Head back to Westwood Station, and this time, buy a ticket for East Highlands. From there, go to Humphrey's Peak.

  • Head to Cheville's house in Humphrey's Peak. Martina should be there, but if she isn't, rest at Clive's house 3 - 5 times, then check again. Talk to Martina and Cheville, then leave the house.

  • Stay at Clive's place 5 times, then leave town and head back in. Check in front of the well for Martina. If she's not there, rest at Clive's house a few more times and keep checking until she appears. Talk to her.

  • - Stay at Clive's house 5 more times, then talk to Martina one more time. She should have a different message now. Leave Humphrey's Peak.

  • Go back to East Highlands Station, and head to Midland from there. Take your horses over the gorge to The Secret Garden.

  • Head back to Ruins of Memory. Run through the dungeon as you did before, but make sure you take the shortcut you made earlier in the game! Once you pass the library room, you'll find a Duplicator Chest from earlier. Open it up for a Name Tag X 3, then leave the dungeon the way you came.

  • Phew! I know that may have tired you out, but look on the bright side; you have managed to get a Full Carrot crop started (VERY useful for the sidequests), you have some new items and Gears, and you can now get Heal Berries any time you want by returning to The Secret Garden! Yes, you probably could do this later, but I believe that it's best to get stuff out of the way early if at all possible.

    Now that you're all done that, head to Jolly Roger. It's not far from here.

    Jolly Roger

    First of all, head to the saloon and talk to Martina one more time.

    Now, head to the ARMsmith and talk with the perky Emilia over the counter. Chat with her, and hand over your Dragon Fossils. Emilia will give you the Sandcraft! Now you can travel the seas of Filgaia and reach the Ark of Destiny!

    Read what Emilia has to say though. Your Hovercraft is vulnerable and weak, and there ARE enemies out in the sand ocean. As you collect more Dragon Fossils, you will be able to buy better equipment and armaments for the craft. In fact, now that you have reached this point in the game, Dragon Fossils will be dropped quite commonly by most of the enemies in the game. If you're up to it, you could buy yourself the most powerful cannon in the game by fighting Gobs around Midland Station for about an hour.

    At any rate, sandcraft battling, customizing and controlling are all very simple to understand and get the hang of. Please read up on it if you are confused on what to do. Take it easy out in the dunes for now, because you can be killed if you try and push yourself. For now, set Virginia to be the gunner, and Jet to be the Deckmate. This way, you'll be able to shoot quick, and reload shortly after. Watch the turn order and fire all ammo at once to attack. Wait through the Harpooner and Helmsman's turns to build FP, and reload with the Deckmate. When the enemy's turn is next, select Defend. You should be able to take down the enemies in the general area, but don't go out too far. Try and hug the land masses, and make sure to Autopilot your ass back to Jolly Roger if you're in trouble. There, you can heal your Sandcraft for a fee.

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