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Jet's Intro

Jet's intro assumes you know how to use Tools, and goes a little further into dungeon exploration and the dangers of the dungeons themselves. It's more of a maze than Gallows' intro. Note that Jet begins with his first Tool; the Boomerang. Press Square to throw it, and the control stick to move it around when thrown.

Doomed To Obscurity:

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Strategy: There's not much you can do but shoot. Luckily, Ascomids are very weak, and hit very softly (they are big bags of gas, after all!). Just keep shooting. 8)
Items in this area:

Heal Berry
600 Gella
Mini Carrot
Heal Berry
Gimel Coin
Revive Fruit X 2

Isn't that simply the greatest dungeon name ever? Don't worry, it's not that brutal. However, the door to the dungeon is locked, so we'll need to find another way in.

Climb the staircase to the left of the entrance, and follow the various paths and staircases to the top of the "pyramid". When you reach a wooden barrier that appears to be blocking off a hole in the ground, use the Boomerang to break down the barrier and drop down the hole. We're in! And there's treasure in here, to boot! Run on over to pick the chest up, but then... waaaaah! The floor gives away! Turns out we can't get those chests yet; maybe some other time. For now, fall down, down, farther into the depths of obscurity (ha ha).

We're now in a complicated looking room. Scrawled on the wall is a little tip; when you're confused and want a good look around, rotate the camera with the L1 and R1 buttons. Take a good look around the room, and note the various staircases and stuff. See that thing that looks like a cubic zirconium? That's a switch, my friend. It's gotta be hit by something like a BOOMERANG to activate.

Look around the room and find the treasure chest in the south corner which contains a Heal Berry, then head up north to that switch thing. Step up on the ledge opposing the one with the switch, and toss your Boomerang at the crystal switch. This lowers that big wall blocking your way to the exit. Before exiting the room, open the other treasure chest along the way for 600 Gella.

In the next room, you'll notice a small "crack" in the ground, line shaped. Be careful; this is a trap! When you step near it, spears will shoot out, and if you're standing on the "crack", they deal damage to you which reduces your HP! Don't let this happen! Force the spears to extract by moving close and getting them to shoot out, then wait until they retract and run by before they can shoot out again. Alternately, let the spears shoot out, then Boomerang them to destroy them. The next room has another set of spears; repeat your previous strategy for dealing with them, or try the other!

Now we're in the "main room" of the dungeon, where we'll meet up with a group of people from the nearby mining town. They'll ask for your help in rescuing Pike, a lost villager who came here for treasure. The moronic and crude Jet pulls the "Cloud" crap, but ultimately decides to help out. Take the eastern door in this room to another spear trap; deal with this minor problem, and head into the next room.

Here you'll see a net overhead, and a bunch of suspicious looking floor tiles. Stay off the tiles; they are owies that reduce your HP. Instead, position Jet underneath the net, and press X to leap up and hang on! Cool, huh? Now climb around and over to the red carpeted area, then press the Circle button when you're over the carpet to drop down. Open up the chest for a Mini Carrot, then jump down to the floor.

Now, walk AROUND the owwie tiles, and head back to where you started the room; there's a ladder to climb up. Press X in front of the ladder to grab on, then climb up to the start. Jump back up onto the net, and climb over to the elevated area surrounded by the spike tiles. Position Jet over the elevated section (make sure you can see his shadow over it) and drop down. Walk over to the next net thing, then grab on to that and climb over to the other elevated area with the door. Drop down, and head on in.

Head down through the next room, picking up the gems. In the next room, you'll see some more net overheads. What we need to do here is grab on to one, and "hoist" ourself up to the top so we can walk on top! First, grab on to the southernmost net, and climb over to one of the edges of the net. Press X to swing up on top of it! From there, it's a matter of grabbing, hoisting and dropping until you reach the Treasure Chest at the top; a Heal Berry is inside! Now exit the room from the east door, and pass through the next room (beware the spears!) and into another room.

You'll now be in a room with a red carpet and four candles. See those parts of the wall that are sticking out? Beware; spears shoot out from them! The spears reach pretty far out too, but they are rather slow. Position yourself in the "center" of the carpet so you're far away from both of the walls with the spears, then run through as fast as you can! If your timing and placement are right, you'll make it through safe and sound! On the other side are two treasure chests (Gimel Coin and 2 Revive Fruits) and a door leading out. Grab the treasure chests, and enter the door.

In the next room, you'll find what you've been looking for... Pike! Wait... you were looking for the legendary Crystal Flower.. I see. Well, you won't be finding that anytime now.. it's gone. However, you do find a boss with regenerative powers.. is that a suitable treasure? Ah well, time to fight!

Boss Battle: Tatzelwurm

HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Heave (physical attack)
Baking Breath (fire-elemental magic attack)
Recovery (Tatzel recovers full HP)

How To Win:

This battle is more of a tutorial than anything else. Shoot at Tatzelwurm until you've dealt about 140 damage to him. At this point, he will use his Recovery ability to negate all your hard work! Damn! What do we do?

The game should now instruct you to use a Force Power called Accelerator. Simply select the Force Ability menu and select the Accelerator force. This command will ensure that you will get your attack first. Regardless of the amount of damage this command does, Tatzelwurm will die.

Now that Tatzel is down, talk to Pike then try and head up the stairs... cave-in! It would appear we are trapped. What to do? Talk to Pike, and he'll reveal a secret exit! Head on in to the next room, which has a whole bunch of more nets. Go under the northwest net, and jump up to hang on. Hoist yourself up, then head to the next net and jump and hoist yourself onto that. From there, jump down to the next net, walking along until you drop down to another net. Drop down to that net, then head north to another overhead net; climb and hoist up to reach the ladder out of this room. Phew!

In the next room, you'll find another series of nets... tired of this yet? Well, time to play more Jet-Monkey. Start with the northwestern net, then hoist up then toss your Boomerang at the switch on the eastern wall. This will drop part of one of the nets down for us to use. From the net we are standing on, walk west over to the next two nets, and hoist up to the westmost one. From there, toss a Boomerang towards the second switch, and have it hit the wall. It will stop flying then fall down and land on the switch, activating it. Now you should easily be able to drop down to the lower net, then climb up the next two and up the ladder.

Finally, you've reached the exit. Head to the southern part of the room and examine the door with the X button to end Jet's Prologue!

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