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Rescue Claudia?

After the Ka Dingel disaster, you'll find your party alive and drinking in Claiborne, where Clive tells his story and the reason he began a Drifter. Afterwards, your party agrees to try and find some more leads on what the hell happened at Ka Dingel by stopping by a town to the west called Little Twister. Unfortunately, Gallows forgot the location because he fell asleep on the caravan leading him there. 8P For more information, talk to everyone in town. If you haven't bought those horses, you'll need them now; Little Twister is on the other side of a gulch that only horses can leap across (and they don't bridge the gulch because Little Twister is a criminal haven, and they don't want thieves over in Claiborne). Head out onto the World Map.

Claiborne - Little Twister

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Strategy: The Little Twister region enemies won't give you much trouble. Simply selecting Shoot over and over will defeat an Oak fairly easily (do not cast Pressure on them; this "waters" them and gives them a mean paralysis attack). Axe Beaks are relentless, fast attackers, but they don't hit for much. Orcs have high defense, so mix in some Arcana. If you've got a lot of HP, cast Cremate on an Orc for a humorous counterattack. I don't eat pork products aside from the occasional bacon strip; how about you?
Items in this area:

3500 Gella

After a short scene (pay attention to the text, and you'll be able to determine who the next 2 bosses are), climb onto your horse and ride west to reach the gorge. Run at it as fast as you can with the horse, and hit it straight. You have to come at it from the right angle, or the game won't let you jump, so rotate the camera beforehand to straighten things out. From there, go southwest past the train tracks and the large "tower", and search co-ordinates X: 6629 Y: 7782 for some spending money. From there, head northwest a little more and search around X: 6181 Y: 8351 to find Little Twister.

Little Twister

Items in this area:

Revive Fruit
Potion Berry
Peppy Acorn
Grab Bag
Gimel Coin

(Wild ARMs fun fact; in the original Japanese version of WA3, this town was originally called "Titty Twister". Virginia had better protect her nipples...)

As you could probably tell from the music played in this town (it's an EXCELLENT track, one more reason to buy the OST), you'll get the feeling that this town isn't very friendly. Well, it's not, but that doesn't stop anyone from giving out information, so begin by talking to the brightly dressed guy at the entrance. Apparently, a girl named Claudia was kidnapped? Maybe there's a reward for her safe return?

Now look around town. Notice that most of the houses are boarded up? That's because this town is a haven for crooks and no-goodniks, and people are moving out. Head over to the building with the "awning", which is called the Honey of Roses saloon, and head on in and talk to the girl over the counter. This is Angela, and she's willing to give us some information on the Claudia situation; for a price. Select Chat, then select "Point to a 500 Gella bottle" to "refresh her memory" and trigger a scene. Afterwards, chat with Angela AGAIN to learn the location of the ruin where Claudia has been spotted.

Now, it's time to buy some stuff. Talk to Roykman (he won't be around for a while, so shop NOW!), and buy some Pinwheels, Toy Hammers, Medicines and Peppy Acorns from him. Trust me on this one.

Now to clean the town of all its hidden treasure. Check the two barrels west from the Save Robot for a Revive Fruit, then run to the far eastern part of town and check the barrels next to the Sheriff's Office for a Potion Berry. Next, enter the building beside the office, and look around for a valve. Give it about 7 or 8 clockwise spins to open the back door of the building, and head on out. This is the back part of the city, where all the "businesses" run.

From the exit, toss the crate out of the way, then walk around the stone wall, keeping close as you do so as not to walk off screen. Head west and open the chest containing a Duplicator, then follow the stone wall southwest past a small shack. Note this location; this is the Black Market, and although you cannot shop there yet, later on you will be able to buy all kinds of crazy crap. For now, go inside and check the barrels at the bottom of the stairs for a Gimel Coin, then exit. Veer southeast more, still clinging to the wall as you do, until you reach a trio of crates. Toss them south (make sure it's SOUTH) to find a Grab Bag, then go north and through the part where the wall splits. Check inside the small building nearby to find a barrel with a Peppy Acorn inside, then head back to the main part of town. When you're ready to go, leave town.

Little Twister - The Unclean Mark

Get on your horses and travel northeast until you reach co-ordinates X: 7282 Y: 9538. Search around here to uncover the next dungeon.

The Unclean Mark

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Mimic 800 150 200 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Strategy: Pordarges and Orcs should be standard fare by now. Just use Pressure on Orcs and physical hits on the weak Pordarges. Gerbugs are kind of tough; they have a lot of HP, and can do a fair amount of damage with physical attacks (plus they can inflict Poison). Have Virginia and Gallows use Arcana rather than Vortex to wipe them out, or use any spare Earth Gems you might have. Clive and Jet should physically attack, and you should concentrate on one at a time. Mimics are one-time enemies that appear when you open certain treasure chests, and can be easily beaten by shooting over and over again. They are capable of doing a large amount of damage, so be careful!
Items in this area:

Dragon Fossil
3000 Gella
Heal Berry X 3
Heart Leaf
Duplicator X 2
Gimel Coin
Gella Card X 2
Lucky Card X 3

From the beginning of this oddly named dungeon, head north through the first room. In the second room, you will meet up with a woman named Claudia who is searching the ruins for an artifact... but wasn't she kidnapped? Hmm... anyway, your team agrees to help her through the dungeon. She will not participate in battle in the dungeon, but she will attempt to help you through the puzzles... the key word here is "attempt".

After speaking with Claudia, look around the room to spot 4 triangular crystals. These react to bombs, and all 4 must be bombed to open the locked door, but there's a catch; each one only stays "bombed" or lit up for a limited time. You'll have to walk to each one and place a bomb quickly; don't wait for the bombs to explode before you move on to the next one. When you've opened the door, move on in to the next room and move north a bit, but rotate the camera a bit to spot a Duplicator Door to the west. Open it up and claim the treasures inside; a Dragon Fossil, 3000 Gella, Heal Berry X 3 and a Heart Leaf. Exit the room and keep heading east, then enter the doorway with candles around it and descend the stairs.

In the next room, you'll find a narrow walkway and something that looks like a huge steel pipe. It's a trap, but I'll tell you how to avoid it. First, walk to the point in which the pipe will "hit" you, and Claudia will appear and offer to hit the switch nearby. Once she does, hold down on the control stick to walk away; the huge pipe is closing! If you are hit by it, you lose a massive amount of HP, so make sure you dodge! After the near death experience, talk to Claudia to get things moving again, and head through the newly opened southern door.

In the next room, make a short detour through the eastern doorway to find a room with 4 chests containing: Duplicator X 2, Gimel Coin, Gella Card X 2 and Lucky Card X 3. The chest with the Duplicators is trapped by a Mimic enemy, and its attacks half the HP of the target. Fortunately, it doesn't take too long to defeat, so simply keep shooting at it until it bites the dust while Gallows heals. Leave the room when done, and move on to the next one. In the next room, you'll see a crystal switch over a pit, and although it seems impossible to reach, it isn't. Simply line Jet up with the switch, and toss the Boomerang so that it flies OVER the switch. When the Boomerang hits the wall, it will fall down and activate the switch; and best of all, it comes back! Go through the newly opened door.

In the next room, Claudia will head towards a floor panel that she believes is holding the door shut. Take a deep breath, then talk to her and she'll activate the switch. Now, prepare to RUN! The switch opened the door, but it also makes the floor behind you crumble, and the stuff underneath is damage floor! Quickly face North (north is indicated by the red part of the compass!) and press and hold X to RUN! Talk to Claudia at the exit of the room, resist the urge to toss her into the pit, and move on to the next room, descending the stairs and collecting the gems. In the room after that, switch to Clive, and hit the floor panel to release the "wall" blocking your way; the unfortunate part is that the wall of blocks starts to roll over to you! Quickly place a bunch of Bombs in succession, and when they all hit the "wall", the wall will explode and you will be able to move on.

The next room features a block and a switch, but you cannot move the block on to the switch because you do not have the Tool to do so. Therefore, skip this puzzle for now, but make note of it! Move on to the next room. This puzzle is a toughy; you have to activate 8 bombable crystals this time, but the reset timer seems even shorter!< The easiest way to do this is to think of the crystals as groups of 2; and place a bomb in between each 2. You'll have to be fast though; once you're done placing the third bomb, make a run for the fourth group of crystals and place the bomb quickly! And make sure you hit two crystals with one bomb!

Like this!

O Bomb O O Bomb O
O Bomb O O Bomb O

(BTW, if someone could provide me with an easier solution to this puzzle, please EMAIL ME!

In the next room, toss the Boomerang at the switch from atop the "stairs", and try to pass through the trap. Claudia will attempt to help you again, telling you the trap is disarmed. Hardly! Run through as quick as you can from the center of each trap to avoid being speared. When you reach the end, use a Gimel Coin to save your game, and refill your HP, then head through the door. Talk with Claudia one more time, then grab the greenish crystal that looks like an Inanimate Carbon Rod from the wall, and quickly move out of the way! The four corners of the room will fire an electric beam, and you don't want to be caught up in that. Now talk with Claudia one more time, and something happens...

Boss Battle: Robed Woman

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Robed Woman:
Boss' Attacks:
Eliminate Scanner (non-elemental damage)
Annihilator (VERY powerful attack against all targets, only used when one person is KO'ed)

How To Win:

After Clive's cutting remarks, Robed Woman is very noticeably pissed off, and it seems that she targets Clive with her attacks for the entire battle. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep his HP up as high as you can at all times. Robed Woman is capable of doing around 350 damage with her Eliminate Scanner attack, and if anyone in the fight is knocked out, she will proceed to use her incredibly powerful Annihilator. So keep Clive in good health at all times (around 400 HP) by using Gallows to cast Heal, and perhaps a few Heal Berries if absolutely necessary. Save his FP so that you don't have to refill it again.

Begin the first turn by using a Gella Card on her, casting Fragile, and getting Virginia's FP up to Mystic a Lucky Card. Nothing works extremely well on her, so just keep physically attacking while keeping Clive's HP up, and you'll be fine. She won't last long.

After a very dirty trick, Robed Woman gets away, and the ruins start to shake. Heal up, save your game, and move into the next room. Head down the stairway into another room, and get ready to face... well, you'll see!

Boss Battle: Janus

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Negative Rainbow (non-elemental damage to all)
Dark Spear (physical attack to one, counterattack)

How To Win:

Prepare for a tough fight. Begin by casting Fragile on Janus, upping Virginia's FP to Mystic a Lucky Card, and using a Gella Card. During the first turn, you will be hit by Negative Rainbow, which does about 150 damage to your whole team. Ouch... luckily he cannot do this every turn. He'll use Negative Rainbow every 2 turns, and in-between, he remains fairly calm. That means that during the calm turns, get in as much healing as you can so that you can survive the next Negative Rainbow.

Meanwhile, have Clive and Jet focus on attacking, being careful while attacking him on Negative Rainbow turns; he seems to counterattack more then, and his counterattacks hit for over 100 damage. With Fragile cast on Janus, his DEF should be lowered enough so that your team can take him down before he takes you down. Just keep your HP up, and don't be afraid to use Heal Berries in times like these! This is a tough fight, and it might take you a try or two to win.

After the fight, our heroes have a team meeting over a campfire and try and take in what just happened. All of a sudden, a mysterious light points you to your next destination, which is southeast of here. But first, head back to Little Twister and save your game!

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