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Death of a Titan

Rest in Baskar Village to restore your party to good health. You're going to need it for the next dungeon! When you're good and ready, head to co-ordinates X: 18400 Y: 6389 and search to find the Demondor Pillar. Not to be confused with the Diablo Pillar.

Demondor Pillar

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Buckbaird 2500 400 450 NONE NONE THUNDER NONE NONE
Hide Bomb 795 128 136 LIGHT NONE DARK NONE NONE
Strategy: Hide Bombs are relatively simple foes that appear in big groups and are weak to Dark elemental Arcana. Summon Luceid or Extend a Dark Matter spell to put an end to their happy days. Buckbaird is no big deal either; just cast Inspire on him for a good amount of damage, then finish him off with regular shots. To aid in destroying the hardy Gargoyle, try casting Fragile.
This creepy dungeon is probably a little more organic than the ones you are used to exploring, and it may freak you out a little. Nevertheless, this is where the knowledge of Hyades is from, and it MUST be destroyed, so bite the bullet, then put it in your ARM and fire it! 8P

Start by advancing a screen, then climb the stairs. Road block ahead! There are 3 giant horns protruding from the ground. To destroy the giant horns that block your path, freeze them with the Freezer Doll, then melt the ice with the Tindercrest to make them brittle. After that, give them a bombing to clear the way. Proceed into the next room, and climb up the stairs. What you have to do here is walk to the edge of the high point of the room, then use the Radical Sneakers to pound the high part down a few levels. Jump on the ground 4 times to lower it to the right level, then toss a Changecrest at the white gem on the other side.

After clearing the next room, you'll reach a room with a large pit and a number of platforms that move from side to side, along with some white gems suspended in the air. With careful timing, you have to toss the Changecrest at the white gems when a moving platform passes under them. If you mess up, the gems regenerate, so do not worry; in fact, if you have good aim, you can skip a platform! After clearing this room, head through another room of stairs, then destroy the giant horns the same way you did before, then proceed to a wide open room. Don't bother saving here; the boss is simply too easy to lose to.

Boss Battle: Gespenst

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
(In all honesty, it doesn't matter...)

How To Win:

Imagine an undead, much creepier version of Johnny the Robo-Tricycle from Chrono Trigger, and you've got Gespenst. Don't waste your precious time trying to hurt this boss.. after all, there's only so much time in the day, and I'd hate for you to waste an hour or two before realizing that YOU CAN'T DAMAGE THIS BOSS! However, cast Requiem on him for an instant kill.

An alternative way to win is to go back in time, find the original copy of the game's boss data, and rewrite it so that Gespenst is damageable. Of course, this takes time and money and a time machine you probably don't have.

Items in this area:

Gimel Coin
Power Boost

After that joke of a boss, you'll probably figure that a real boss fight is waiting for you later on. You'd be right. Proceed a room, then use Jet to toss a Boomerang from the lowest point of the room and toss it towards the switch hidden under the stairs. Proceed through another room, where you'll find an upper section with a jump pad and some other cool stuff. Ignore this for now and just keep walking.. nothing to see here. Ascend the staircase, destroying the giant horns along the way, and you'll reach a room with a narrow walkway and lots off serpent-like things circling certain sections of it.

BE CAREFUL HERE! You have to walk slowly along the walkway, making sure that the serpent things don't hit you. Should they make contact with you, you'll take damage and you'll have to start the room over. So take it slow and don't try to pass a serpent until it's FULLY underneath the walkway, and don't run at all! When you reach the part with the lower platform with chests, stand just past the second serpent and use the Galecrest to jump down. You'll move a bit, but then fall down to the chests, which contain a Power Boost and a Gimel Coin. Grab them, then head to the exit of the room.

Now you'll be in the room I told you to ignore earlier, except on top. To reach the jump pad on the other side, walk over to the edge, face the jump-pad, and use the Galecrest to descend down. Use the jump pad to hop up, then walk through the door. Save your game, and ascend the steps. The mighty Asgard will be your next opponent, but be warned... the fight ahead is long and EXTREMELY difficult. If you haven't already, go and get the Holy Grail from Millenium Puzzle 5.

Boss Battle: Asgard

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
25000 14000 16000 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Boss' Attacks:
Barrier Knuckle (physical attack to one)
Barrier Storm (non-elemental damage to entire party)
Barrier Flood (halves entire team's HP)
Wide Barrier (kills entire party instantly)

How To Win:

Equip as many people as you can with the Fallen Ward personal skill, because Asgard is capable of killing your entire team instantly, and he does this without any warning. At least one character will have this skill no matter what. If you managed to get the Holy Grail from Millenium Puzzle 5, then equip it on another character now! If you want more Holy Grails, head back to the Abyss and battle the Cannon Buffalo enemies for them.

Gaining EXP for everyone in this fight isn't as important as ending the battle as soon as possible, so concentrate on doing just that. Set up Clive with the Finest Arts and Fallen Ward skills, then have everyone boost his FP with Mini Carrots while he attacks for a few turns. Depending on Clive's bullet count, it could take a few turns before his ammo runs out, but when it does, perform Finest Arts to win the battle.

Of course, it's very possible to do this battle WITHOUT Finest Arts, but it's much more dangerous. Equip Fallen Ward on as many people as you can, and cast Fragile on Asgard and Extension + Valiant, and let the damage pile up a bit. He'll most likely use Wide Barrier on the first turn, and follow up with a series of attacks like Barrier Flood. Barrier Flood halves your HP, which is good since you've got Valiant equipped, but it's still important to Mystic a Potion Berry or summon Raftina should your HP plummet too low. Asgard is capable of doing up to 1000 damage with Barrier Storm, so beware!

This is a very tough fight, but do not worry about who lives at the end of the fight; as long as one person makes it out alive, you'll be fine. We can make up for the EXP later.

Upon completion of Demondor Pillar, your party feels a major tremor. Another pillar? It's coming from the direction of Humphrey's Peak!

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