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Our Team - Together At Last!

Now that you have completed all of the character introductions, you should have a fair idea of our characters strengths and weaknesses. Right from the start, you are thrust into a boss battle with train robbers!

Boss Battle: Janus, Romero, Dario

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Janus' Attacks: Multiblast (physical attack on all opponents; used only at the beginning of the battle)
Heretic Stab (physical counter)
Sniper Shark XR (physical attack on one character)
Romero's Attacks: Throwing Star (physical)
Loses Nerve (increases his evade; only works once)

Dario's Attacks: Gillius GS12/23 (physical)
Zips Up (increases his attack; only works once)

How To Win:

Your first battle as a team is a battle against a team. 8) In this fight, you only have to defeat Janus to win, but it's best to take down Romero and Dario first for their EXP and Gella.

This battle is fairly easy, but Janus can do quite a bit of damage. Your best bet is to take down Dario first; as he is a little stronger than Romero, but also slower. Keep attacking him, and have Gallows use Heal spells every turn to keep your HP up. If your whole team is hurting, have him use Heal with Extension to cure your whole team.

Janus is the real threat in the battle. Janus can sometimes counter physical hits with Heretic Stab, so be wary about attacking him when your HP is low. He can also hit all team members with Multiblast (no, that's not Ashley's bayonet.) The first time you're Multiblasted, the game will teach you how to use the Mystic Force Ability to have a Heal Berry heal all at once. However, you don't need to do this to win the battle; in fact, you should save your Heal Berries for a better time, as they can be difficult to come across!

Or, you could begin by defending for the first turn, then healing the second turn, and finally going forward and all-out attacking on the third, having Virginia defend. She won't be able to do too much damage anyways. Thanks to Andvareel for this tip!

Anyway, keep it up with the physical attacks and heal every turn. Clive and Jet's attacks are powerful, and should take the trio down fairly quickly.

With those three out of the way (for now), we arrive at Midland Station. Now we can move on to our destination... Baskar Village? The look on Gallows' face is priceless!

Midland Station - Baskar Village

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Strategy: Now that your team is together, you should have no problems dealing with these enemies. Whenever you can, use Arcana to take down the enemies.
Baskar Village isn't far from here at all. Simply travel west, past the Fallen Sanctuary, and then north. You should remember Baskar from our earlier visit. You may want to kill some of the Gob enemies with Gallows' Pressure and Refrigerate Arcana; enemies that you kill with elemental Arcana always drop gems that can be sold for 100 Gella each!

Baskar Village - Return

Items in this area:

1200 Gella

World Screen (buy it from Roykman for 5000 Gella)

After a long, long chat with Halle (and a 1200 Gella reward!), it's clear that our group of Drifters will be working together for a while. It's here you'll learn how to use the ASK (Activate Selected Keyword) command. Practice it around town by talking to certain people. Also, talk to everyone in the village; then talk to them AGAIN with Gallows in the lead position of your party. You will get different messages depending on who is in the lead sometimes. When you are ready..

Our new mission is to head over to Fallen Sanctuary again and awaken the Guardians to give us a bit of "traveller's insurance". Remember that Medium Gallows was using that allowed him to cast that nifty magic? It was a fake; we're off to get the real version along with 3 more for our other team members. But, before we do that.. there's a salesman in town. His name is Roykman, and he's the only shop in... well, pretty much anywhere. You'll find Roykman in the southern part of town dressed in full green regalia; chat with him.

You cannot buy Heal Berries off of him, but you can buy other things such as status curing items. The most important item for now is the World Screen; it costs 5000 Gella. You'll want this item as it gives you a World Map that you can view by pressing the Select button! Purchase the World Screen. Sell all of your elemental Gems that you have acquired so far to acquire the money, and if you haven't reached 5000 Gella by now, don't sweat it; you'll reach it soon enough. We'll get it after coming back from the Sanctuary.

Now that you've got the World Screen, we're ready to head off to the Fallen Sanctuary again. Head back to the Fallen Sanctuary; you should know the route by now. 8)

Fallen Sanctuary - Awaken the Guardians!

Try to avoid the random battles in the Fallen Sanctuary for now; Pill Bugs are pretty hard to kill without magic, and we'd be better off saving our time and energy for the test ahead of us!

From the beginning of the temple, take the first set of stairs up; this will lead us outside to an area with 4 monolithic figures. The Guardians? That's right; and to earn the Guardians power, we have to awaken them and then defeat them in battle. All you have to do is walk up one of the stairways (ignore the 4 stairways that can't be reached; they aren't important yet) and use the Ark Scepters. Put Gallows as the lead of your party when you look at the monoliths to determine which ones represent each Guardians. So, where do we begin?

Grandma Halle suggested taking down Grudiev first, but she's senile. Our best bet would be to begin with Schturdark, because after you defeat one of the Guardians, you get its Medium. Schturdark's Medium contains the Heal spell, which will be useful when taking down the other bosses!

Aside from different elements, all of the Guardians fight pretty much the same way. They begin the battle with their "Summon" attack, dealing elemental damage to your whole party. After that, they stick to physical or magical attacks on single characters, occasionally using their "summon" attack once more. Therefore, for each boss, it is highly recommended to enter the battles fully healed. Don't worry about each boss' counterattack; it rarely actually hits. Just shoot at them, or cast elemental Arcana to bring them down. The ideal order to take them down is as follows;

  • (Northern Monolith) Schturdark (to learn Heal)
  • (Western Monolith) Fengalon (kill it with Pressure)
  • (Eastern Monolith) Grudiev (kill with Vortex)
  • (Southern Monolith) Moor Gault (kill with Refrigerate)
  • However, Andvareel provided me with this tip, which I believe works very well: "Grudiev seriously is the weakest of the bunch, even if it summons often- heal doesn't help that much. If you can then handle Fengalon, that should be next to abuse earth weakness, then water to abuse lightning weakness. Normally water is easier than wind though. Hardly necessary, but if you then take the medium outside, and gather a few gems, these should deal quite a bit more damage than normal arcana at this point, and then everyone can use it- each should die in about 2 turns, except moor gault, because Virginia and Jet should defend."

    Ready now? Then head to the northern monolith to fight Schturdark.

    Boss Battle: Schturdark
    HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:

    Boss' Attacks: Assault Tide (water-elemental attack on all)
    Big Press (physical attack, counterattack)
    Pressure (water elemental magic attack on one)
    Refrigerate (ice elemental magic attack on one)

    Boss Battle: Fengalon
    HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:

    Boss' Attacks: Hi-Speed Ripper (wind attack on all)
    Sonic Scratch (physical attack, counterattack)
    Vortex (air elemental spell on one), Turbulence (doubles his evade for 3-5 turns)

    Boss Battle: Grudiev
    HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:

    Boss' Attacks: Planet Breaker (earth attack on all)
    Megasmash (physical attack, counterattack)
    Shield (increases its defense for 3-5 turns).
    Note that Grudiev uses its "Summon" attack more often than the other 3 bosses.

    Boss Battle: Moor Gault
    HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:

    Boss' Attacks: Vapor Blast (fire attack on all)
    Vulcan Beak (physical attack, counterattack)
    Cremate (fire elemental spell on one)

    How To Win:

    You fight the Guardians one at a time, with a rest break in-between each fight. Also, once you defeat one, you obtain its Medium, making the next fight that much easier.

    Enter each boss fight on optimal HP, then take the bosses down in the order I recommended. Simply concentrate your physical hits on Schturdark until he croaks, then equip his medium on Gallows. Against Fengalon, have Gallows heal when needed, casting Pressure on Fengalon to exploit his weakness to water. He may use Turbulence to increase his Evade, which you should just try and wait out with healing and resting for most of your characters.

    Next up is Grudiev; have Gallows heal while the others attack and cast Vortex. Finally, we have Moor Gault. Keep your life up high (he's a hard hitter), and fight him as you did the others, taking the occasional turn with Gallows to cast Refrigerate on him. Moor Gault can do a lot of damage, so make sure no one gets knocked out by keeping your HP high. These battles are not difficult; see to it that you win them all without losing a team member.

    With that, we have now obtained the power of the 4 primary Guardians. Set the Mediums you obtained any way you want.

    You have plenty of time to set your Mediums up any way you want, but make sure they are all being used and make sure everybody has one. Don't let it worry you too much yet though; first thing we're doing is heading back to Baskar to get them charged! Head back to Baskar Village.

    Baskar Village - Back Again!

    Hand in your Mediums to Granny Halle, and she'll give you a tutorial on Personal Skills and how to set them, as well as add stat bonuses to each Medium! Score!

    If you haven't already, Invoke (equip) your Mediums whatever way you see as best. Then use your Personal Skill Points to equip as much as you can (your Personal Skill points are equal to your current level, so don't expect to equip too much yet.) I highly recommend going for elemental and status prevention first.

    Now, what to do next? Well, if you haven't bought that World Screen yet, get it now! If you don't have enough money to purchase it, here's an easy solution. Get into some battles, and make sure to kill the enemy (deal the finishing blow) with elemental Arcana. For each enemy killed with elemental Arcana, they will drop a gem of that element which sell for 100 Gella!

    Or, go outside and fight battles against Gob enemies, using your Mediums to summon on the enemies. Killing them with summoning is the same as killing them with Arcana; they will drop elemental gems! Plus, as you kill enemies, your MTC (Material Count) goes up. Basically, you can only summon as many times as your MTC allows, then you'll have to restore MTC at an Inn. However, killing enemies with summons increases your max MTC, so make sure you summon often. Sell the gems until you have enough money to buy the World Screen, then purchase it.

    Got the Screen? Okay, now talk to Roykman and choose to Chat with him. He'll tell you of a town to the southwest called "Jolly Roger". That's where we'll head next. Rest in town if you need to heal, take one more look at the beautiful Baskar scenery, and head off into the World Map.

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