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Brotherly Love and Creeping Chaos

You should be back in Jolly Roger now. Heal up, and when you're ready, board the Sandcraft again.

Jolly Roger - Fila Del Fia

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Decarabia 730 144 150 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Strategy: If you could tell me a better place than this to build up MTC, then I would be glad to hear it. The enemies here are not as easy as you might like, but you may very well want to stop here a few times just to summon Stare Roe on the HUGE groups of Dust Man enemies that attack here. Just watch your condition!
Follow the route outlined on the map below. Are you getting sick of doing this? Well, you'll be getting aerial transportation soon enough!

Land on the beach there, and you should see what appears to be a massive crater. That's our target! Run over to the crater, heading inside. Search around the center of it (co-ordinates X: 10465 Y: 18319) to unveil Fila Del Fia. Now if you'll excuse me, I suddenly have a hunger for bagels with creamed cheese..

Fila Del Fia

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Barbarossa 580 115 120 NONE NONE NONE THUNDER NONE
Imitator 350 180 100 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Zaebos 630 122 130 NONE NONE WIND, ICE NONE NONE
Strategy: Never, under ANY circumstances, EVER, EVER, EVER hit a Barbarossa with an Inspire Spell. It does nothing, and retaliation is fierce! Now that that's off my chest, I can tell you that Walking Dead has a paralysis attack, so show them the light with a Spectre blast and physical attacks. Zaebos is the same as before; cast Vortex and Refrigerate to take them out.
Items in this area:

Gella Card X 2
Grappling Hook
Potion Berry
Lucky Card
Warp Star X 3
15000 Gella
Migrant Seal
Adventure Book 6

Ahh, the city of brotherly love, cream cheese, and that movie I never saw. Lovely, isn't it? Start by heading north to reach a strange room with a wall in the way, and a lower passageway. Why is there a wall? What's the lower passage for? And what are those things near the ledges that are sticking out from the ceiling? The answer will come as soon as you drop down to the lower area and open the chests in the next room, containing a Potion Berry, a Gella Card X 2, and the Grappling Hook Tool for Clive! Now head back, and walk directly under the metal thing hanging from the ceiling. This is a grappling hook point, so use the hook to pull up to the ceiling, just like Batman! Now face the direction you want to descend and press Circle. Head over to the wall and do the grapple thing again to leave the room.

Now, check the odd-looking computer terminal (the one with the wire or rope thing coming out of it) to open the door. After Clive says a few words, you'll never see this dungeon in the same eyes ever again! In the next room, climb up the ladder and open the chest for a Lucky Card, then look around... better yet, look UP. There's a Ring Pop hanging from that upwards-facing pipe! Use the Grappling Hook while directly underneath the diamond shaped switch to hit it and activate it, proving that the Boomerang is an obsolete and out-of-work tool. In the next room, tread carefully across the floor, because it falls if you run across it. When you reach the northern end of the room, note the crack in the wall behind the white gems. Bomb the crack and head inside for chests containing 15000 Gella, a Migrant Seal and Adventure Book 6, then head back out and down the staircase in the eastern part of the room. Steady Doll across the pit to get the chest for a Warp Star X 3. Moving on, check out another one of those computer thingies, and past that, you'll find a puzzle which requires the Mighty Gloves and the Grappling Hook. Use the Mighty Gloves to move both of the blocks one space north, then grapple up and descend onto the piled blocks. That's usin' yer noggin! I promise I'll never talk like that again if you save your game now!

Walk through the room and into the next. It seems that the bosses don't even make introductions anymore.

Boss Battle: Chameleon Man

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Chameleon Man:
14000 12000 13000 NONE NONE ICE NONE NONE
Boss' Attacks:
Backstab (kills target instantly, not very accurate though. Only used in Stealth Mode)
Lazy Lick (causes Misery status. Only used when NOT in Stealth Mode)

How To Win:

Chameleon Man is an interesting boss. Once physically attacked, he becomes invisible for a few turns, and bullets will go through him. Thus, the key to winning here is attack only if you really mean it!

Start the battle with a Mystic + Lucky Card, a Gella Card, a Fragile, and a Refrigerate spell (his weakness). In fact, have Gallows cast Refrigerate every turn. Even though the boss has abnormally high MGR, you should still be able to do a fair amount of damage.

Have only Clive or Jet attack him, because attacking him with Gallows and Virginia is a waste; it will just turn him invisible with little to no damage done. Instead, have Virginia cast Grav or Feeble Mind, and have Gallows keep casting Refrigerate. If Gallows is inflicted with Misery, cure it immediately. Other than that, there's not a whole lot you can do other than just keep at it. He'll succumb to the Refrigerate spells soon enough, and if someone is knocked out by Backstab (though it may never happen!), quickly cast Revive.

Items in this area:

Gimel Coin
The puzzle contained in the next room is one of the most difficult challenges I have ever faced in my 20 years of videogaming. Requiring perfect timing, control and accuracy with the Grappling Hook, I spent an hour on this puzzle ALONE before I finally pulled it off... an hour of frustration, chaos and cursing. What you must do is climb the stairs and spin the valve all the way, which turns the crystal switch that's up near the ceiling the right way. Quickly, you have to run down the stairs and underneath the crystal switch (you need to be able to stop on a dime), then VERY quickly fire the Grappling Hook. It's an incredibly difficult ordeal...

Until I realized you could turn the valve all the way, then freeze it with the Freezer Doll. That way, the crystal switch never flips back. Damn it, I'm an idiot!

Now head through another screen with a computer, and keep going. You'll wind up in a room similar to the one where you first used the Grappling Hook. Drop down twice to the lowest level and check the room for two treasures; a Pocketbook (guarded by an Imitator, but who gives a flying Rat Monkey's ass?) and a Gimel Coin. Now, grapple back up, then head to the opposite side of the room and through the door. Check the computer terminal in the corner to complete the dungeon, as well as learn the story behind what Fila Del Fia was once powered by. We have to get to that thing before the Prophets do... but they're not the only team seeking precious gems...

Head back to your Sandcraft, and autopilot back to Jolly Roger, then head to the Ark of Destiny. Before the next dungeon, there's something we really should do with this new Tool.

Ark of Destiny

Items in this area:

Full Carrot
Go down to the basement, and use a Duplicator to open the Duplicator Door to the east of the huge orange wall. Use the Grappling Hook here to get up to the chest, and open the chest for a Full Carrot.

Now, remember how I said we couldn't read the books on the top shelves in the library? Well, that later is now. Head to the library, and approach the westernmost bookshelf. See the grapple point? Alley oop (grapple up) to the top, and walk along the bookshelves. Read them all, even opening the locked one if you like, but MAKE SURE you read the one titled Mu and Lemuria Monthly. This will start up the Telepath Tower sidequest for later. Leave this off for too long, and you'll miss it completely.

Now, try and drop off the bookshelf and land on Susan's head!

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