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History Lesson # 1

As mentioned earlier, you will begin in Boot Hill. Speak with everyone in town, and when you're ready, head out to your Sandcraft, located on the southern beach. Board and then autopilot back to Jolly Roger.

Jolly Roger - Ark of Destiny

Items in this area:

Name Tag X 2
Our next destination is the Ark of Destiny, but we're going to do something first. Talk to Herman, who is on the wooden deck reaching out to the beach, and make sure you catch everything he says. This will open up a town that we'll visit later in the game called Laxisland. Of course, you are free to do that now, but this walkthrough will continue without you.

Take the Sandcraft back to the Ark of Destiny and speak with Lamium for your next mission, then speak with Albert to narrow down the location. While you're here, speak to everyone here, then go down to the basement, and use a Duplicator to open the Duplicator Door to the west of the huge orange wall. Use the Galecrest here to float over the holes and open the chest for a Name Tag X 2, then leave the Ark.

Ark of Destiny - Iron Dragon's Nest

Board your Sandcraft and head directly north, then alongside the land until you spot a beach leading to a large mountain range. Search the wall here at co-ordinates X: 13628 Y: 6446 to find the Iron Dragon's Nest, then head inside.

Iron Dragon's Nest

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Basilisk 510 95 100 NONE NONE ICE NONE NONE
Strategy: Basilisks will attempt to either poison your party members or bronze them, so pump up your Poison Ward skill and dispatch of them quickly! Extension + Freeze hurts them like the dickens, so use that. Black Puddings, on the other hand, can only be hurt with Arcana, and they are weak to light, so send these Jello Pudding Cup rejects to the land of dead pudding with an Extension + Spectre, or better yet, a summon of Stare Roe!
Items in this area:

Potion Berry
Radical Sneakers (TOOL)

This dungeon is short and sweet, packed with story sequences and pretty much devoid of puzzles. Your goal is to get to the back of the cavern, hitting switches to open the three fire-protection walls, and then finally arming the explosives to blow the mine to bits. You will then have to escape within 20 minutes. It's not as hard as you might think; in fact, it's really quite easy.

Begin by walking through the first room, and toss a crate at the triangular prism atop the ledge. Hit it to open the door, then keep following the path, watching the story scene along the way until you hit another locked door. The floor tile you need to open the door is in between the crates, so bomb em, toss em, stick em in a stew and hit the tile to proceed further. Keep going, opening locked doors along the way by hitting the switches that are in plain sight. When you reach a set of 5 crates, bomb them open for a Potion Berry. Eventually, you will reach a chest. Open it for a surprise; the Radical Sneakers Tool! You can now jump up ledges and use those weird greyish tiles you've been seeing all over, so test these babies out by jumping up the ledge over in the eastern part of the room. Next, jump while standing on the tile to spring launch up to the highest platform, then save your game! Now, step forward with all your courage and hit that switch!

Now high-tail it out of here! You have 20 minutes to escape, and time ticks away during battle animations and while outside the Menu screen. Run out of the dungeon, skipping encounters and using the jump pads and jumping up the various ledges as you see them to take the shortcut out of here. Basically, follow the trail of white gems out! Once you reach the entrance, something that's been chasing you since you armed the bomb decides he'd like to stay in the mine.. forever!

Boss Battle: Buer

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
2000 9000 10000 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Boss' Attacks:
Baryon Corrida (non-elemental damage to one character)
Evil Gaze (paralyzes target)
Cocytus (ice-elemental damage to entire party),

How To Win:

Buer is a pretty easy boss. He doesn't have much HP, and you have more than enough time to take him down.

BUT, there's a catch. Before you can do damage to him, you must hit him with either Spectre or a Light Gem to "open him up" and make him vulnerable to attacks until the end of the turn. Whether or not his shell is open or closed during a turn also dictates what he will use as an attack; if it's closed, he will use Evil Gaze to paralyze your team members or Baryon Corrida to do a bit of damage, but if it is open, he will use Cocytus.

Start the battle by having Virginia use a Light Gem on him, and have your other team members use a Gella Card, cast Fragile, and an Extend + Valiant. This will negate his opening Evil Gaze, and will have him damage your party. Next turn, Mystic a Lucky Card and have Jet use a Light Gem to open him up while Clive and Gallows attack. Continue this pattern, using Light Gems to open him while attacking with everyone else, and he may not even last 3 turns.

Items in this area:

That was fun, wasn't it? Head back to the Ark and speak with Helga, who is hiding on the stairs to the west. The combined total of the reward money with the money gained from the boss, AND the money from the Yggdrasil equals a LOT of cash, doesn't it?

Go down to the basement, and use a Duplicator to open the Duplicator Door on the south wall; the third one from the west. Use the Radical Sneakers on the jump pad and open the chest for a Duplicator! How... redundant.

We're going to go get a few things that we couldn't get before due to a lack of Tools, so get on your Sandcraft.

Ark of Destiny - Little Rock - Sand Canal

Items in this area:

Migrant Seal
Grab Bag
Nine Lives

This time, take your Sandcraft over to the Little Rock area, heading west until you spot a beach near Humphrey's Peak. Dock here, then ride your horsies back across the land bridge and over to Little Rock. Talk to everyone in Little Rock, then head up to the top part of town and use the Galecrest to reach the chest you couldn't get earlier. Inside is a Migrant Seal, then leave town and head for the Sand Canal entrance to the east.

Once inside, go through the first screen, and you'll reach the stubborn button you couldn't activate before. Stand on top of it and use the Radical Sneakers to pound that puppy down, then enter the door and open the chests (one is Duplicator locked) for a Grab Bag and a Nine Lives. Once you're done, head back out, and get back on your Sandcraft, then autopilot back to Jolly Roger.

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