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Meet Clive's Family

Humphrey's Peak

Items in this area:

Potion Berry
Grab Bag
Adventure Book 1

Humphrey's Peak is a lovely town. As Clive tells you, his house is the one with the blue roof. His house is also a place to rest for free if you're feeling weary, so just talk to his wife if you're in need of rest. For now, cross the lovely bridge over the now dried-up pond, and talk to the guy in blue near the lamppost at the center of town. His name is Albert, and he is repairing the Memory Figure. Albert is a member of a religious group called the Ark of Destiny, a non-prophet AND non-profit organization that believes deeply in the ancient folklore and its views on human origins. You'll be meeting with them soon, but for now, just hear him out, then stop by the house with the blue roof to check in on Clive's family.

Clive's daughter is cute, isn't she? So is his wife.. but don't tell him you said that! Anyways, after some research, you will assume control of Virginia for a minute, while your team attempts to put four and three together. Talk to Jet for a very good clue on what it all means, and talk to Gallows for one of the stupidest things he will ever say. Clive has an interesting assumption on what has been going on, but has nothing relevant to the problem at hand to say. Time for Virginia to save the day! Bring up your inventory and select the Taped Photo.There you go!

After a short scene and a rest, our team appears to have even more questions. To make matters more confusing, there are now two locations that we need to visit. One is a Guardian Shrine called Fortune Gear, and the other is an abandoned mine shaft called Gemstone Cave. You can visit whichever one you want first, but you need to go to both. Though visiting the Guardian Shrine first will get you a new Medium, I recommend taking Gemstone Cave first, as it is an easier dungeon overall, and you should be able to pick up a fair amount of EXP to help you through the arduous Fortune Gear dungeon. It's your call, but please take my strategy into consideration.

Before you decide, head into Kaitlyn's room and check the dresser for a Grab Bag. Speak to Kaitlyn with Clive as the lead character to obtain the Adventure Book 1. Throughout Filgaia, you will find Adventure Books 2-11, and all 11 chapters will bring together an interesting story set in the Wild ARMs 2 continuity. It's a very touching and lovely tale, and you can read it in parts, or find all 11 books and read it together with Kaitlyn. To read to Kaitlyn, stand in front of her with Clive, bring up the menu and select the book, then choose Read to Her to begin reading, or select the second option to read the books together seamlessly.

Don't spend too long reading, because we still have a job to do! Head outside and take a stroll through town, talking to everyone. With Clive in the lead, you will get different messages, but you must talk to people WITHOUT Clive in the lead to learn where your next destinations lie. Talk to everyone and ASK about everything, and check the barrel inside the ARMsmith shop for a Potion Berry.

Ready to depart? Well, first of all, you must decide on which dungeon you wish to tackle first. Click a link below, and you'll jump to the spot in the walkthrough. Once you're done that section, head back to Humphrey's Peak, rest, and prepare to tackle the other section.

Gemstone Cave OR Fortune Gear

Humphrey's Peak - Gemstone Cave

From Humphrey's Peak, saddle up onto your horsies, then travel north just east of the train tracks until you hit a huge gorge. Perhaps God was trying to carve his initials into the planet? Who knows... and we don't have time to ponder. Hit the gorge straight at full speed on your horses to leap across and reach a new area. From there, head north until you hit what appears to be a cave. Search there (co-ordinates X: 21579 Y: 15205) to find the Gemstone Cave.

Gemstone Cave

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Rock Baboon 750 48 56 EARTH NONE WIND NONE NONE
Strategy: Rock Baboons and Hodacs live together in this cave, but neither of them like each other at all. This means that when you enter a battle with Hodacs and Rock Baboons, the Rock Baboons will attack the Hodacs, and the Hodacs will attack the Rock Baboons. The enemies will ignore you until one enemy group is destroyed, and then they will notice you and begin to attack. Therefore, the best strategy is to help even out the odds and keep the Hodac/Rock Baboon war going on as long as you can. Attack the side with more enemies, and try to lessen the numbers. What you want is for one group to eventually defeat the other, but you also want to claim as many kills as possible, and you want to make sure that when the survivors attack you, they have as little support as possible. To take care of the enemies, use Vortex on the Rock Baboons with Virginia, and have everyone other than Gallows attack. Both enemies are capable of doing about 100 damage per strike, so if you need healing late in the dungeon, heal while the enemies are wasting each other.
Items in this area:

5000 Gella
Gella Card
Gimel Coin
Revive Fruit
Lucky Card
Heal Berry X 2
After the opening scene, head north down the declines into the next room, and keep going through the next room, taking care not to fall into the pond! Once you reach the next room, a familiar group will call out to you from above; it's Maya and Friends! Maya and Virginia will have a little chat, and when they're all done, bomb the rocks under the land bridge Maya was standing on. Behind those rocks, beyond the bridge lies a chest with 5000 Gella! Take it, then pass back under the bridge and take the incline up to the next room.

Now watch the very short scene for a little lecture on why gems restore your HP, then travel up around the spiraly part of the cave and into the next room, where you will walk over the bridge (progress!) and enter another room. You will now be over the pond I told you about earlier! Take the door to the north to watch another scene in which Maya attempts to keep you busy by doing something cute. Well, not as much cute as annoying, but Maya is cute even when she's trying to destroy you, right? Approach the huge boulder, and before you bomb it, take a look at it. This is no ordinary rock; it is as strong as steel. And how do you weaken steel? Think back to that overgrown turtle, and the answer is clear; temperature change! Have Virginia toss about 10 Tindercrests at it so that it turns bright red, then QUICKLY switch to Gallows and Freezer Doll it. If the rock turns a dark, dull color, then it is suitable for bombing! Place all of your bombs together to destroy it, then walk through the newly cleared opening and through the door.

In the next room, travel north, stopping to turn east near the pond. There's a chest on the other side, so use the Steady Doll to grab it and get the Gella Card. Now, instead of following the trail of gems, head west and look behind the stone pillars. Search the west wall of this room, and you will see a cracked wall. Blow this up with a Bomb, and head inside! This leads to a hidden room with a chest containing a Gimel Coin. However, this hidden room serves a purpose much later in the game, and I will lead you here when the time is right. After grabbing the Gimel Coin, head to the eastern side of the room and blow away the rocks blocking the doorway, then head inside. Grab the Revive Fruit from the chest, then drop down to the lower level. You're back to the room where you use the Steady Doll, so follow the trail of orange gems through another doorway.

After another informative story scene about gems and where they come from, travel south through the next room, and you will reach a cavern filled with lots of holes. Upon taking two steps in... well, watch and see Maya at her "cutest" as she kicks you down the first hole you see. This is but a minor setback. Head to the east side of this room and climb the ramp up, and when you reach the two large gems, walk to the west a bit. There's a small spot here where you can drop down to a lower cliff, and you should, because there is a chest down there that contains a Lucky Card. Grab it, then head back up the ramp and through the doorway. From there, go up the next ramp through the next door, and you'll be back in the room with the holes.

Now here's the irritating part. There are 7 floor holes in this room. You were kicked down the one on the far west side of the room, and there are 6 left to explore. One leads to a treasure and the rest of the cave, and the rest lead to... frustration. Rather than using trial and error, follow my lead. Drop down the southwesternmost hole (the one that appears to be between the two gem formations), and from there, drop down a level to the west to reach a chest containing the Amulet. Drop down again, and from here, you will have to reach the room with the holes again, so retrace your steps and drop down the hole again. This time, walk over to the east to find a doorway. After a very cute scene (in the GOOD way) involving Maya, use a Gimel Coin to save. Head into the room, open the chest for a Heal Berry X2, and then attempt to head through the new passageway. Surprise! Maya has caught up to you real quick, and she's ready to fight! And this time, you get the pleasure of seeing her special power! She's Wonder Witch, the mightiest Mycale of them all!

Boss Battle: Maya, Alfred, Todd, Shady

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Maya's Attacks:
Various elemental Arcana to all targets
Supressed Curse? (dark elemental magic to one)
Eraser (nullifies target's positive status)
Alfred's Attacks:
Homemade Bomb (physical attack to one),
Todd's Attacks:
Psycho Crack (physical attack + confusion to one)
Black Fenrir (physical attack to one)
Heal Factor (fully heals anyone but Todd, used whenever Maya, Shady or Alfred is damaged and Todd is still on the battlefield),
Shady's Attacks:
Blizzard Breath (ice-elemental damage to one)
Baking Breath (fire-elemental damage to one)

How To Win:

This fight is like a MUCH tougher version of the one back in Serpent's Coils, aside from one difference; Maya. Maya no longer uses her old attacks, and now hits your entire team with elemental Arcana every turn. It's a very good idea to bring up the Medium menu on your first turn and set as many elemental ward skills as you can up to full for each character, to reduce the damage taken. Meanwhile, start the fight by building your FP up to use a Mystic + Lucky Card, and Gella Card any of the bosses; they are all worth the same amount of Gella.

As before, Todd must be taken down first, or he will heal his allies. If, by chance, he confuses a character with Psycho Crack, use a Pinwheel to cure it immediately. Focus your attacks on Todd, and don't bother with Cremate; it's not worth the damage Jet can do with Shoot. As your HP goes down from Maya's magic attacks, get Gallows up to 25 FP, then use Extension to extend the Valiant spell to your entire team (you might want to change turn order so that Gallows goes first). On the next turn, Maya will probably cast Eraser on your entire party to nullify Valiant, but by this time, you may very well have defeated Todd with your attacks. Don't bother healing until your Valiant runs out, unless someone is at about 300 HP.

Once Todd is taken out, focus on Shady or Alfred. Maya should be defeated last, because if she loses, the fight ends, and the other two have EXP and Gella that you don't want to miss. From this point forward, have Virginia heal with a Mystic Heal Berry if absolutely needed, and attack with everyone, especially Gallows, because he needs to get his FP back up for another Valiant. Luckily, Shady and Alfred have fairly low HP totals. Once the two of them are down, Maya will be very easy to defeat.

If it all doesn't work out, don't be discouraged. Try again, and things might work out better next time. This is one of the toughest fights in the game, and it's doubtful you'll win the first time through. If you don't mind missing the EXP, go ahead and and take down Maya right after Todd. And if you get completely stuck on this battle, head outside and level up until you hit Level 25. 25 is a milestone level; it allows you to Mystic a Lucky Card or Extension + Valiant on your FIRST TURN! This will give you an extra turn, which may not sound like much, but it really helps in a tight battle like this. Best of luck!

After the victory, watch the short, but kind of sad scene. You'll be back on the World Map. If you took points out of the Initiative Personal Skill, put them back in now! Rejump the gorge and get back to Humphrey's Peak!

Humphrey's Peak

Head back to Clive's house and rest; you've earned it! Now that you're all good and healthy, it's time to either head to Fortune Gear if you haven't already, or proceed with the rest of the game if you have.

Fortune Gear
Completed them both?

Humphrey's Peak - East Highlands Station

Buy some Antidotes and Medicines before heading for the station! Board your horses and ride west from Humphrey's Peak to the train tracks. Now, search around co-ordinates X: 21178 Y: 11945 to reach East Highlands Station. Enter!

NOTE: Now that we have access to a train station, you can head back to Midland if you wish. This is a good idea, because it allows you to head to the Secret Garden and begin the Gardening sidequest. Gardening allows you to grow Heal Berries! This is entirely optional and can be done at any other time in the game, but I highly recommend you take the detour and do it now. If you are interested, ride the train to Midland Station and click HERE to proceed to the section in the walkthrough.

When you feel it is time to go on, buy a ticket for Dune Canyon station and board the train. At Dune Canyon, you'll notice the way out is blocked by the ticket vendor. Chat with him, and he'll warn you of a monster who attacks fast moving things like trains and horses. You have to fight this beast eventually, but hold off for now. He's not a tough fight, but you need your strength for Fortune Gear! Leave the station, then quickly head back in and chat with the attendant, asking him about the nearby Guardian Shrine to confirm that Fortune Gear is east of here.

Dune Canyon Station - Fortune Gear

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Strategy: Try and skip encounters; you will need your strength for Fortune Gear. If you insist on battling though, use Inspire and Spectre to take down the Crab Bubblers before they poison your team members. Some encounters may be with Diobarg, which is the monster who hates speed mentioned earlier. However, if you are on foot, he will not attack you, and the battle will end. Take my advice and stay on foot. You can kill him later.
Head east ON FOOT to the "edge" of the canyon, and search at X: 21626 Y: 9314 to uncover Fortune Gear. Door's open, so head inside.

Fortune Gear

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Critter 190 38 40 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Strategy: The enemies in this dungeon can be a pain if you are underleveled, so try and hit Level 25 before coming here. Critters are cute little... well, critters.. who often lower your magic resistance with Feeble Mind. The thing is, they have no magic attacks! They will also attack with 16t, which is a fairly weak physical hit, or they may even waste their turns doing nothing. They're not the problem; Griffins are. They use Storm Blade to deal Wind elemental damage to your whole team, and cast Turbulence to boost Evasion. Annoying, indeed! The best way to down a Griffin is to have Jet use Accelerator on the first turn of battle to attack first and hopefully kill it. If not, Virginia's Inspire spell might do a bit extra damage to help you out. Don't cast Vortex on them; they're strong against it.
Items in this area:

Lucky Card X 3
Growth Egg
Gimel Coin
Migrant Seal
Gella Card X 2
5000 Gella
Adventure Book 2

Now here's a tough dungeon, but don't worry, you'll do fine! Head north through the first room, AROUND the wedding altar, and into the second room. There's a door here, but ignore it for now and head up the stairs on the east and west to reach a Duplicator Door. Open it up, and you'll find 2 chests. One contains a Growth Egg, and the other is a very special treasure chest called the Black Box. Inside is a very valuable EX File Key, but to get it, you will need to find and open all 319 chests in the game, then return here and open the black one for the 320th, and fight an optional boss. Try and open it anyhow, and it will tell you how many chests you have opened. The number should be 109 at this point, if you are following my walkthrough. Exit the room and head through the door you passed earlier.

Walk north through this room, and when you reach the corner with the vases, check out the east wall. A weak spot! Bomb it open and head inside for 3 more chests, containing a Gimel Coin, a Gella Card X 2, and a Migrant Seal inside the Duplicator locked chest. Exit the room, then head west through the next door.

Ever played Concentration? You know, that game in Super Mario Bros. 3 where you flip over cards and try and match the cards up? Well, you have to do that here. There are 8 orbs in this room, and by moving up to them and activating them with X, you will "flip" them, revealing their colours. They come in 4 colours: Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. What you must do is match the colors up, but if you activate an orb of one color, then activate one of the wrong color, they both go unactivated and you have to try again. Match all 4 colors up to open the door, but keep in mind that you can only mess up twice before the puzzle resets and changes the colors to different positions! When you're done, head through the newly opened door.

Walk through the next room, taking the door in the "corner" along the way. Rotate the camera so that you don't miss it! Head inside and raid the chests for 5000 Gella, a Lucky Card X 3 and Adventure Book 2! Leave, then head through the south door. The next room contains another Concentration game, but in this room, many of the floor tiles around the orbs are weak and will give away should you step on them heavily. Tiptoe by holding Circle while you walk, and toss the Steady Doll at the orbs to activate them from afar. You get unlimited chances this time, thankfully. When you complete the puzzle, save your game, because a boss is waiting in the next room!

Enter the next room, and your party will intercept a feast of monstrous proportions. Seems that the Prophets keep summoning goofier and goofier monsters as the game progresses, no?

Boss Battle: Olivier

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Bwaaargh! (does damage to all targets and causes Disease; damage is relative to HP. Damage formula is unknown), Prohibited Play (poisons target, counterattack)

How To Win:

Not satisfied from eating that wheat field in Palace Village back in Wild ARMs 2, Olivier is back and starving for more. True to his gluttonous nature, he also "consumes" any elemental attacks you throw at him, so hold off on casting attack Arcana, unless you want to refill his HP!

Start the battle the usual way; Mystic + Lucky Card, Gella Card and Fragile. Olivier will use Prohibited Play (eww!) to Poison individual characters, and Bwaaargh! to do damage to all characters and inflict Disease. Curing Disease for each character takes a lot of time, and since he'll just inflict it again, let the status ailment stay until the end of battle.

Instead, Extend a Valiant spell and plug away with physical attacks. Should your HP fall down low, Valiant will increase your attack power by a lot. As long as you keep attacking and ignore what the boss throws at you, you'll win this fight in no time. If you want, you can reduce his HP with Grav, but this only has a 25% chance of success.

Items in this area:

Call Whistle X 3
Duplicator X 2
Gimel Coin
After the fight, clean up any outstanding status ailments, because we're not done yet. The Dark Spear is nearby, and who carries the Spear? You know who! Head east through the door. Here you'll find an interesting puzzle. 4 statues sit here, each facing a statue on the other side. In front of each statue's "view" is a floor switch, which sends a laser bouncing from statue to statue. I don't really see the logic in this puzzle, but the solution is as follows; freeze any of the three hand statues with the Freezer Doll, then step on any switch that isn't "frozen" to open the door, then go in.

Head east down the stairs, and go around the corner. Look to the west wall for a very obvious loose tile switch, and dash into it to open the door on the "corner". Head in there and open the chests for a Call Whistle X 3, a Gimel Coin and a Duplicator X 2. Now exit and leave through the door near the tile you dashed into. You'll find the final Concentration puzzle. This one is the same as the second, minus the falling floor. However, this time, the orbs only stay activated for about a second or two. To complete this puzzle, you will have to figure out which orbs have which colors, and then activate one, and quickly turn around and toss the Steady Doll at the other orb of the same color. It's a little tricky. When done, head through the door, walk past the Chock and the Stigma, then use a Coin to save your game.

Janus is in the next room. Were you expecting the Addams Family? (A cookie to whoever gets that reference!) Oh yeah... GOOD LUCK! Too bad Janus stole it all... 8(

Boss Battle: Janus

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
3300 1600 1700 NONE NONE NONE NONE ALL
Boss' Attacks:
Negative Rainbow (lots of magical damage to all targets)
Dark Spear (physical attack to one person, counterattack)
Proton Beam (lots of magical damage to one target)

How To Win:

Ignore the regular procedure here; Janus requires special measures. On the first turn, cast Eraser with Virginia, then Fragile with Jet, while Clive attacks and Gallows uses a Gella Card. Why? Because Janus begins the battle with so many positive statuses make him more than a match for your party. Once Eraser hits, he'll lose his positive statuses, including his Reflect status, which will allow Fragile to work. Next turn, proceed with the Lucky Card and the Extend + Valiant combo.

That's not to say things will be easy after casting Eraser. Janus is capable of doing up to 500 HP damage to your whole TEAM with Negative Rainbow, and he probably will on the first turn, too! Luckily, he can't do this over and over again, and he may never even use it again throughout the battle if you're lucky! You still have Proton Beam (which does around the same damage to one person) and Dark Spear attacks to worry about, though. So end this battle quickly. Blast away with Valiant on and if all goes well, you'll defeat him in a few turns before he ends your game. Good luck!

Give yourself a cookie or two for winning the battle, then watch the scene. You'll receive the Lucky Hand Medium, and I recommend equipping it on Clive. Don't worry about Jet; he'll get a Medium soon enough!

Fortune Gear - Dune Canyon Station

If your team is in sad shape, run to the station as fast as you can and take the train back to East Highlands, then rest in Humphrey's Peak. If you're in good condition, or if you have rested in Humphrey's Peak, head back to the Dune Canyon area and call your horse. Saddle up and run around like a crazy horse, and when a green exclamation mark shows up, DO NOT SKIP IT! If it is a group of Crab Bubblers, do away with them, but there is a chance it will be Diobarg! Don't worry, he's not tough at all.

Boss Battle: Diobarg

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Ram (physical attack on one)
Paralysis Bite (paralyzes one target)

How To Win:

This overgrown sand serpent may be tough if you're riding a train and have no battle experience, but for a team of experienced Drifters... it's a joke! Begin by Mysticing a Lucky Card and using a Gella Card (cast Fragile, too!). MAKE SURE you do this; he's worth a lot of money and EXP!

Afterwards, have Virginia and Gallows cast Vortex and Refrigerate to hit Diobarg where it hurts.. not the twig and berries.. the elemental weaknesses! Keep attacking with Jet and Clive, and Extend + Valiant if you feel like it! Diobarg has high HP, but he doesn't last very long.

His attacks? Don't worry! Ram isn't all that powerful, and his Paralysis Bite is a joke; it rarely, if ever, hits! Cast Clearance or use a Heat Salve if it does, and you'll breeze through this battle.

After Diobarg's incredibly humiliating defeat, he coughs up (really, he actually coughs them up!) 15 Dragon Fossils! 15! That's enough to build the Sandcraft (which we will be doing soon enough!) Head back to Dune Canyon Station now!

Dune Canyon Station

Talk to Simon, the ticket vendor. Chat with him and ask when the question comes up. He's been bored out here on his own, so he's been doing puzzles. The Millenium Puzzle Sidequest has opened up! Now you can find "dungeons" called Millenium Puzzles throughout Filgaia, and complete them for rare items! It's very beneficial to you to complete them, and this walkthrough will get you to them as early as possible for completion, so might as well do them, right? In fact, let's do one right now!

Dune Canyon Station - Millenium Puzzle # 1

Get back on your horses, and ride them worry-free to co-ordinates X: 20449 Y: 10599.

Millenium Puzzle # 1

Items in this area:

Cait's Boots (solve the puzzle!)

Welcome to your first Millenium Puzzle! This is a very fun block pushing minigame in which you must push and pull blocks of the same color together to eliminate them. You must clear them all out, and you can't push any off the edge of the platform you play on! Step into the white crystal to play, and if you screw up, jump off the platform to return to the entrance and try again! I suggest you try and solve these puzzles on your own first, but if you get stuck, click


for the solution. This one is fairly easy however, being Puzzle # 1 of 20. When you are done, head back to Dune Canyon Station, buy a ticket for East Highlands, and head back to Clive's house!

Humphrey's Peak

Have you completed the Gemstone Cave? If so, click HERE to move on, and if you haven't, click HERE.

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