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Decaying Labyrinth

Midland Station - The Secret Garden

If you have chosen to head for the Garden at the time I recommended, you will need to have taken a train to Midland Station from East Highlands. Now that you are here, call your horses with a Call Whistle and jump the gorge north of the station. You'll find a heavily forested area. See? Greenery exists even in Filgaia. Now, ride your horse around the forested area to the eastern side of the area over the gorge. Try and skip the enemy encounters, because Saracenians are rather annoying, and there's not much reason to fight them. Head to co-ordinates X: 17695 Y: 8910 and search. The Secret Garden appears! Go on in.

The Secret Garden

Items in this area:

Heal Berry X 10
Head inside the house and check the lone barrel for a Duplicator, then talk to the little girl outside. Her name is Florina (not Mariel!), and after a funny scene where Jet gets pwned by Virginia, you'll be asked by cute little Florina to head northwest and get rid of a monster who is corrupting the soil. She gives you 10 Heal Berries, then sends you off.

The Secret Garden - Decaying Labyrinth

Items in this area:

2000 Gella
The corruption is actually much closer to you than you might think, and Florina was a little off. Your target lies more to the immediate west or southwest, so get on your horse and travel west along the forest. Check co-ordinates X: 16282 Y: 10250 for 2000 Gella, then search X: 15377 Y: 9750 for the Decaying Labyrinth. Save before entering, because this dungeon has a mean trick in store for you at the end.

Decaying Labyrinth

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Strategy: If you have chosen to take on this dungeon at the time I recommended, then the enemies shouldn't be much of a problem. However, make sure you fight all of them, because you need to save your MTC for later on in the dungeon.. you'll see why soon enough. All of the enemies in the Labyrinth hit for a fair amount of damage, but they also have low HP totals and are all weak to Light elemental. Spectre works well on everything here, killing anything in one hit, and summoning Stare Roe on large groups of Racheals is a very good idea.
Enter the front door of the dungeon and follow the straightforward path through two rooms. At this point, you'll reach a room with a rather narrow walkway that winds around and around. Tread carefully through this room and head to the next room. If a battle comes up, make sure you fight it! You need that MTC for later!

The next room features a lot of narrow, intersecting walkways with blocks and switches. Walk east and push the first block east one space, then hit the switch in the center of the room. Now, push the northwest block up north one space and head through the door. A little simple? Yes, but... you'll see later on. Head through the next room, down the stairs and in the next door. In the proceeding room, hit the floor switch under the bridge and head through the door, then ascend the stairs and head through another door. Watch as the door closes behind you! What's going on, you ask? Well, grab the chest ahead and see. You'll be attacked by a boss, but fear not; the big guy is a cinch.

Boss Battle: Ring Keeper

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Ring Keeper:
Boss' Attacks:
Mighty Swing (physical attack to one, counterattack)
Phantom Hazard (dark elemental damage to all)
Anti-Arcana Zone (nullifies all Arcana),

How To Win:

Having been cooped up in a decaying labyrinth for so long, the Ring Keeper has developed a hate for bright light. He may be weak to Spectre, but there is a better and more effective way to beat him.

First, start the battle by having Virginia attack to get her FP up, and Gallows attack to get his FP up. Jet should cast Fragile, and Clive should attack. Ring Keeper will probably unleash his powerful Phantom Hazard attack on your party, dealing about 250 to all. On the second turn, Mystic a Lucky Card, have Jet use a Gella Card, and use Extension + Valiant. Make sure you do this now, because in a few turns, Ring Keeper may cast Anti-Arcana Zone, and you will not be able to use Valiant OR Spectre should this happen.

Once you have casted Valiant, begin an all out attack. Attack him relentlessly with everything you have, and you should be dealing about 500-800 damage per team member to him. Combined with the damage done with Clive earlier, this should kill him. If not, keep it up!

If by chance the boss blocks out Arcana on the first turn or before you cast Valiant, all is not lost. You should have a bunch of Light Gems from killing enemies in the dungeon with Spectre, so use them on the boss with those who aren't attacking. Keep your HP up by Mysticing Heal Berries when needed, and you'll do fine.

Now, for the tough part. Remember how I told you to save your ECN points? Well, once you open the chest, you must take an alternate route out of the dungeon. Problem is, once you get the Corpse Ring from the chest, your Max HP is reduced to 1 and your VIT to 0 until you complete the dungeon. You are not allowed to save or go back either, and you MUST take the ring to complete the quest!

So here's what to do. Skip encounters by using the Circle button, and run out of the dungeon as quick as you can. If your ECN is low (not empty, just low enough to skip an encounter) and you are near a pit or a door, jump into the pit or enter the door to skip the encounter for free. Of course, jumping down a pit isn't a good idea because you will have to redo the room.

Anways, from the chest, head forward and through the door. Run quickly through another room, then in the next room take the SECOND staircase up and through the door. You'll be in another narrow catwalk room, so switch to Gallows. In this room, you'll have to push the blocks around with Gallows and step on all the floor switches, so push the blocks out of the way with the Steady Doll and hit all 4 of the tiles. You can get the blocks out of the way by crossing over to the other "side" of the block and using the Steady Doll to knock it off the walkway. If encounters start, you might want to just jump in the hole, or grab a nearby block (it works!). When you're done, hurry through the door and take the staircase to the WEST (check the compass!).

Head through the door at the top of the stairs, then run down the walkway, stopping at the curve. Skip encounters, because fighting is extremely dangerous at this point. Run through the next room (which is the bridge we passed under earlier), then tread carefully through the next room, which winds quite a bit. The room after that is another room with blocks and floor switches, so follow the same strategy as before. Head through the door when you are done, and progress through another room. After that, you'll find another room with 2 staircases, so take the one farthest from the door you came in and head through the next door. Again, you'll find a winding path, so tread carefully and hit the switch at the end to open the door. Finally, jump down to the lower level in the next room, and dash south with all your might through the next 2 rooms. You made it! The Corpse Ring is no more, and the soil is now clean. Your party is back to full health! Head back to the Garden!

The Secret Garden

Now talk to Florina again. All is well, and you may begin the Gardening sidequest. Might as well start now, so Sow one of each of your Sowable items (you should have everything but Mega Berry and Full Carrot), then set them up in flower beds. If you are having trouble understanding this, please refer to the Gardening section of the shrine! While you are here, you might as well breed 5 or 10 Heal Berries to improve Heal Berry growth, so go for it! It will pay off in spades in the long run. Keep checking back with Florina throughout the game to breed more stuff and to harvest the goods. Now, click HERE to return to the walkthrough if you completed this quest when I recommended it, but return to the train station first.