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Andro, Crio, Heiraco

Ka Dingel

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Annaberge 240 14 18 NONE NONE ICE NONE NONE
Strategy: As usual, cast Refrigerate on Annaberges, but feel free to attack them now; you should be strong enough to take the retaliation. Pordarges are still an annoyance, so get rid of them quickly. The new enemies; Gagison and Empusa, are not much to worry about; Gagisons usually choose to cause Disease status or cast Decelerate on your party members. If you bought some Medicines from Roykman, you'll be fine; just cure it after battle. You might want to summon Grudiev on groups of Gagisons (they are weak to earth). Empusas are fairly weak enemies that attempt to steal HP, but rarely succeed. Cast Inspire on them.
Items in this area:

Lucky Card X 2
Gella Card X 3
Gimel Coin

This is the last dungeon in Chapter 1, and at the top lies an action packed story scene. Doesn't that make you want to get up there faster? Aren't you so glad my walkthrough is here to help you ascend the tower as fast as possible? 8P

Begin by walking north through the first room. In the second is a block pushing puzzle; you have to use two blocks in the "low" part of the room to build a bridge. Take the first two blocks that are in the lower section of the floor and push and pull them (go up to them and press and hold X, then push and pull with the directional buttons), and use them to form a 2 block bridge that connects the raised floor where you entered the room from to a raised floor with another block. Cross this bridge, then push the third block to the top right part of the raised floor, then north one space to make another bridge. Cross and grab the Lucky Card X 2 in the chest, then drop down and push the block west to build another bridge to the end of the room. Cross the two block bridges and go through the exit.

Ascend the staircases, and move on to a room with more valve turning. Yay! First, step on the switch to lower the first "valve platform", then walk onto it and grab the valve, then start turning clockwise. After the platform is fully raised, you'll be up on the higher levels.

Rotate the camera a bit to see a doorway that's a slight drop down from the upper area; go on in! Open the chests inside for a Gella Card X 3, Gimel Coin, and a Duplicator, then exit the room. You'll have to drop down a level and do the valve thing AGAIN, but no one said climbing this tower would be easy!

Once you're back up, walk along the higher up section and when you reach the end, drop down. You'll have to do another round of valve turning (oh JOY!) to reach ANOTHER valve (which also has to be turned), and only then will you reach the exit of this room. Hey, you're getting a much needed thumb workout.

Head through the door to exit the room, then ascend another flight of stairs. SAVE YOUR GAME before entering the room; we're going to tangle with a titanium tortoise who is tricky to tackle unless we tarnish his.... carapace. 8P Enter the next room when you are ready, and once you walk about halfway through it, the boss battle begins.

Boss Battle: Trask

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Bio Missile (physical attack, counterattack)
Toxic Breath (poisons target)
Big Press (physical damage, counterattack)

How To Win:

WA fans may remember this big guy from WA1 (oddly translated as Turask) and WA2. In the latter game, it took an incredible amount of force to destroy the dragon-turtle thing, and WA3 is no exception. Unfortunately, we don't have the oh so cool powers that Ashley wielded to save the villagers trapped in Golgotha Prison, so we're going to have to improvise.

Reading is important. RPGs used to have this thing called "talking to townspeople and examining things" that was used to gather information on how to defeat monsters, how to find important items, etc. Some people still use it today, and hopefully, you have been reading the in-game text and reading the books on the bookshelves that I have been recommending you read. If you haven't... then start now. One of the books in Claiborne tells you how to beat this sucker, and I'm not telling you how here.

Just fooling with you. But please, start reading the books if you haven't already. First of all, to lower Trask's defense to a more fair number, hit him with Fire elemental Arcana (either through Cremate or a Fire Gem). This will heat his huge metal shell up (though it will not toast the turtle inside). Next, freeze his shell with Ice elemental Arcana (Refrigerate or an Ice Gem). Voila! No more high defense! Not as satisfying as the destruction of Neslug's shell in FFX, but pretty good nontheless.

Now finish him off with physical attacks (Arcana is no good), but BE CAREFUL. Trask is a hard hitter, and counterattacks every time you attack him with a powerful Bio Missile attack, so only have Jet and Clive attack him while Gallows keeps the team healthy and happy. For a bit more fun, cast Fragile on Trask to lower his DEF even more. He won't last long. Don't forget the Lucky Card routine; I did! And get into the habit of doing it from now on for bosses!

Items in this area:

Heal Berry
Revive Fruit X 2
Blue Bracer
Booster Kit
Gimel Coin
Mini Carrot
After trouncing Trask, head south and ascend another stairwell, gathering orange gems to refill a bit of vitality. At the end of the stairs, head into the next room.

Climb the ladder up to the top, then walk on over to the hanging cage and grab on. Climb over to the raised part of the floor that's sticking out, and rotate the camera to make sure you're directly under it. Drop down, and walk over to the area where the chest is and drop down again. Open the chest for a Heal Berry, then drop down and climb the ladder back up. Climb back to the raised part again, then walk south to the next cage and hang on.

Climb the cage over to the western part and drop down at the end, then head north to another cage. Climb this one northeast and drop down on the platform, and grab the Revive Fruit X 2 out of the chest. And then..... climb the ladder AGAIN, and do the whole room over one last time (I know it's irritating, but you have to do this to get all the treasure!) until you reach the third cage. From there, flip yourself up to on top of the cage, and you'll be facing two doorways.

Take the northern-most door first; it leads downstairs to more treasures! Go on in, then descend the stairs to reach a room with two chests. Open one to get the Blue Bracer, then open the Duplicator chest with a Duplicator for a Booster Kit. This adds 10 more ECN points to your ECN gauge!

Now mosey on back to the two door room and take the other door. Ascend the stairs (we're ALMOST there!) and enter a room with an interesting torch puzzle. It's not hard to figure out, but I'll tell you how to do it anyway. First, stand north from the second torch, and put both torches out with the Freezer Doll. This will fool around with the floor, raising certain sections and lowering others. Now, stand east from the second torch (EAST, not north) and Tindercrest it. Finally, walk as far north as you can, then turn around, and put out the torch with the Freezer Doll. Now it's a straight walk from the platforms to a staircase leading out. Ascend the stairs, grab the gems, then save your game when you reach the top.

In the next room, empty the chests for a Gimel Coin and a Mini Carrot, then head to the center of the room to trigger a short scene, then keep going to trigger a much larger scene. A familiar adversary attacks, but this time, he's fighting you solo! Believe it or not, he's harder alone!

Boss Battle: Janus

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Heretic Stab (physical attack to one, counterattack)
Multiblast (physical damage on all, sometimes a counter)
Sniper Shark XR (physical attack to one)
Rising Nova (strong physical attack to one)
Heal Berry (recovers 300 HP)

How To Win:

Janus may be alone, but he's tougher than ever. Janus will usually counter at least one of your attacks per turn (and he chooses Multiblast pretty frequently to counter with), and he has a new attack called Rising Nova that does more than 200 damage to one target (and also looks pretty damn painful compared to the WA2 version). Ouch!

Begin by casting Fragile on him to lower his Defense. In fact, do this on every boss from now on unless instructed otherwise. Next, have Virginia get enough FP to Mystic a Lucky Card. From there, start whittling down his 1800 HP with physical hits, and heal with Gallows when necessary.

There's not much else to it other than that; keep your HP up, and hold off on attacking him with Virginia too much; this does little damage, and just provokes him. Have Virginia cast Turbulence on your team members to help them out instead. Clive and Jet should be able to take him down before he does TOO much damage to your party, though those Rising Novas add up quickly. When Janus is nearly defeated, he'll attempt to use Heal Berries on himself, so hit him with all you've got when you reach that point.

After the battle, you'll see a scene involving the true villians in WA3. A very painful looking scene occurs, and you'll be prompted to save your game for Chapter 2.

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