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Adlehyde's Royal Treasure

You'll begin outside of the Dissection Facility. Our next goal is one you should remember; Ruins of Memory! But head to Baskar Village and rest first; we'll need our strength!

Ruins of Memory

Begin by running north two screens, then take the northwest door beside the smashed statue. Head south a room, then west and across the bridge. From there, head north one screen and rotate the camera to spot a doorway that leads southeast. Head through there.

Now, read the plaque on the wall. It mentions that many have reached for the top to acquire the Teardrop, but all of them instead had to wipe a tear from their eye. Well, we're not crying because we've got the Grappling Hook! Grapple up and descend onto the area above.

The next room features another Lights Out puzzle; this time with statues. To solve this easily (try it once yourself first!), check the statue in the middle first, then check the ones on the far ends. Run over the bridge in the next room to reach an art gallery. Such beautiful use of the color red in that big painting, huh? It almost feels as if the "FIRE" is alive! Why, wouldn't the easel used to prop up that canvas while painting be good "TINDER" for a "FIRE"? Oh, you figured it out? Just light the painting on fire with a Tindercrest.

The next room can be tricky if you don't know what to do. Open up your Inventory, and select the Paperback. A keycard was being used as the bookmark! That Keycard is used for the locked door in front of us. Enter, and... look at that impossible gleam... it's as beautiful as the mother ocean.. it's the one and only Teardrop... crystalized stellar energy at its purest form. Powers floating cities that manufacture cream cheese, opens doors, causes ugly ball-and-chain wielding goblins to burn down villages and ultimately get cut in half.. sorry, got lost in my thoughts there. Take the Teardrop. Now, leave the way you came. A scene will play, and it's one of the coolest ones in the game.

Boss Battle: Leehalt, Malik, Melody

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Leehalt's Attacks:
Watching your move (does nothing, performed every turn)
Rule of Vengeance (each time you hit Leehalt, the amount of damage the hit did is also done to whoever hit him)
Melody's Attacks:
Eliminate Scanner (non-elemental damage to one target)
Venom Strike (poisons target, also used as a counterattack every time Melody is hit)
Malik's Attacks:
Eliminate Scanner (non-elemental damage to one target)
Disorder (confusion status to one target)

How To Win:

You've beaten the Prophets with their abilities before. You've beaten the Prophets all at once without their abilities. This time, get ready to beat the Prophets with their abilities; all at once! If you have Poison or Confusion Ward Personal Skills, equip them now!

Start the battle with a Mystic Heal Berry, a Gella Card, an Extension + Valiant, and finally, a Decelerate spell on Malik. This way, you can hit him with attacks. He's your first target because his Confusion status can cause serious problems to your team. If Confusion hits, heal it RIGHT AWAY. If poison hits, let it sit for a while and deal a bit of damage to you; it will make Valiant that much more powerful. Save your FP with Jet and Clive, and keep attacking until Malik expires.

Next is Melody; lovely Melody. She has a barrier that negates 350 of the damage you do to her as before, but you'll be doing far more than that now. Deal with her with normal attacks (do not use Summons in this battle; they only incur Leehalt's wrath), and don't worry; she won't last long either!

As usual, Leehalt does nothing. Rather, he watches and waits, then slams you hard with the same amount of damage you do to him. The best way to beat him is to have Virginia accumulate a lot of FP, and then get their life to drop to critical status. This can be done by attacking Leehalt with Virginia WITHOUT Valiant on and letting the damage accumulate. Once she's in critical condition, cast Fragile on Leehalt. On the next turn, switch the turn order so that Gallows goes first, then have him cast Valiant on Virginia while Virginia uses Gatling. This will do a LOT of damage per hit, and you'll hit quite a few times too! One more thing; if you picked up Raftina like I suggested, try the Status Lock spell, because it protects a character from status ailments for a limited time.

Upon victory, a HUGE plot twist comes up, and an unusual plot point is revealed. I'm not saying anything though. Anyways, the enemy's hideout has been found, and we have the co-ordinates. Head to X: 14491 Y: 17470 (west of Laxisland on an area only reachable by Lombardia), and search to find the dungeon. Head insi.... ouch!

We can't do that yet. It seems we will have to find another way in! Head to the Ark of Destiny and speak with Lamium, and he will tell you of a location of an underground tunnel that supposedly leads to the base. Now head to X: 8189 Y: 21859, and note the huge boulder in front of the large stone wall. Fire a missile with Lombardia (Press R2) to blow the rock to bits (doesn't this airship PWN?), then land and search to find Dim Root Path. Enter, then attempt to open the first door; no luck! We need the power of all the Mediums in the game to get through here!

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