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Into the Darkness

Little Twister

Looks like Claudia is safe and sound (and sorry!) Talk to Claudia in the Saloon; she has new things to tell you about the next dungeon. Ooooh, it's a Guardian Shrine.. guess what that means? Before you move on, I highly suggest you upgrade your ARMs! You should have a lot of Gella saved up by now, so go ahead and upgrade your heart out; you won't be needing the money anytime soon. Afterwards, prepare for the next dungeon, which is thankfully MUCH easier than the previous.

Little Twister - Lunatic Garden

From Little Twister, ride your horsies southeast and search around X: 7790 Y: 6580 to find Lunatic Garden. Inside, we'll find a new Tool for Gallows, and a new Medium. Are you excited?

Lunatic Garden

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Strategy: Oaks are the same as always; wear them down with physical hits and Refrigerate and Vortex Arcana, taking care not to cast Pressure on them. Marids are another matter. They will attempt to make water based attacks much more powerful with Water Zone, and then fire Hydro Launcher at your party members, doing a dangerous amount of damage. Make sure you have Water Ward activated and hope that the Marids target that character. Marids attack in groups and have no weaknesses, but they also don't stay alive long. Unfortunately, they are also known to cause Forget status with Sweet Sigh, so I hope you bought some Toy Hammers back when I suggested it earlier. If Marids and Oaks appear together, watch out for Oak's Paralysis Attack; Water Zone will allow them to use it.
Items in this area:

Gella Card X 3
Steady Doll (TOOL)
3500 Gella
Tiny Flower
Revive Fruit X 2
Migrant Seal
Growth Egg
Lucky Card X 2
Gimel Coin
Gimel Coin

This dungeon isn't a madhouse as the name would imply; rather, it is a testing ground for a new Tool you will find. From the start, go north underneath the arch and hit the hard to see floor panel (rotate the camera if you need to) and head north through the newly opened door. Open the chests for a Gella Card X 3, the Steady Doll Tool, and 3500 Gella. Activate the Tool by pressing Square to get the hang of it; the Steady Doll flies in front of Gallows, and then flies back. It can be used to hit far away or unreachable switches, and if you throw it into a wall, you can move it freely.

Now head back one room. There are two switches in this room on the other side of some rather short pillars. You cannot walk over the pillars, but your new Tool can help; toss the Steady Doll over the smallest pillar on the western side of the room to hit the switch and lower the barriers blocking the door! Use a Duplicator to open the door, then open the chests (use the Steady Doll to grab the third chest by standing on the raised part of the floor and tossing the doll at the chest). Your rewards are a Tiny Flower, a Revive Fruit X 2 and a Migrant Seal! Now exit the room and head to the east, where you'll find another set of pillars and the barrier and whatnot. Toss the Steady Doll over the low pillar to lower the barrier, then enter the door.

The next room has a switch and a block, and I'm almost certain you know what to do. Problem is; the switch and block are unreachable! No problem, though! Throw the Steady Doll at the block and it will push over a space! Do it again from the other side, and you've got yourself an open door! Up the stairs and in the door then! Proceed up some more stairs, and through another door, then through another door. You should now be on top of the "arch" we passed through earlier. Progress!

The next room has two blocks stacked on top of each other, a lone block, and three switches. Again, you must use the Steady Doll. Stand on the raised part of the floor and toss the Doll at the higher up block to knock it down a level, then get down to the lower level and push the blocks around with the doll and get them all on top of switches. Enter the next room and climb the stairs to another room. You'll notice a small part of the wall sticking out; hmm... looks like a loose brick or a switch, doesn't it? Climb up the small staircase and toss your Steady Doll at it! This will open the next door.

The next room features a button on the floor, but stepping on it will do no good; we need to hit it REALLY hard! Walk around the room and up the ramp to reach the higher up part, and there will be a walkway for you to walk down. Head down there, and position yourself at the edge of the path, with the button in front of you. Drop down and land on it to activate the stubborn button, then head through the newly opened door, opening the chest near the door (it's hard to see, rotate if you need to) for a Growth Egg. Grab the two chests in the next room for a Gimel Coin and a Lucky Card X 2, then head to the southeast part of the room. See the switch over the small pillars? Yes, we have to Steady Doll it, but make sure you are standing in the southeast corner! This switch raises the part of the floor we are standing on, and doing this is the only way to get up to the higher level.

Pass through the next two rooms, and ascend some stairs, picking up the gems along the way. Look! Light! Head through the doorway, and you'll be taken outside for some fresh air and a not so tricky puzzle; there are 3 crystal switches that are activated by throwing crates at them, and they stay lit permanently. The first switch is up a small staircase west from the center of the room, the second is in the eastern part of the room on a pedestal in plain sight, and the third is in the southwest corner of the room behind the wall with the entrance door. Toss the crates at these switches (one of the crates contains a Gimel Coin), and open the chest in the room for a Duplicator. Do not worry if you miss with a crate; simply exit the room and re-enter to reset the puzzle. When you are done, head through the newly-opened exit. In the next room, simply toss the Steady Doll at the switch, then drop down to the lower part of the floor. Head through the next room, and SAVE YOUR GAME!

In the next room, walk straight past the odd piece of machinery and up the stairs. Head through the doorway to witness evil at work, and to begin a boss fight against another robed person. Who are these people? Why, I can't tell you that.

Boss Battle: Slickster

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Disorder (confuses target)
Tri-Injury (causes forget, downhearted and disease statuses to target)

How To Win:

First things first; cast Decelerate on Slickster. Notice how he is blurring at the start of the fight? While he is blurred, his evasion stat is so high that you will never be able to hit him with anything, so casting Decelerate will erase this bonus and bring him down to Earth, where people move at more manageable speeds.

It's hardly over though. Do the usual Gella Card and Mystic + Lucky Card deal, and hit him with Fragile when you can to speed things up. However, be ready to use Pinwheels to cure Confusion status, because Slickster likes to use Disorder to confuse your team members and make them attack each other. Confusion must be cleared up IMMEDIATELY, or things can go incredibly wrong incredibly quick. Also, make sure you have some Toy Hammers, because his Tri-Injury attack inflicts Disease, Forget and Downhearted Status all in one shot! Take my advice and choose to cure only the Forgetfulness status; after all, Slickster will keep inflicting status ailments over and over again in the battle, and if you just let Disease and Downhearted lie on your characters, you won't actually have any trouble with the battle; you can cure it after battle and save a lot of items this way. Even better, wait until you know he is near death (count the damage you do), and cure it during the round before you kill him.

Thankfully, Slickster is incapable of causing any actual damage, so you do not have to worry about keeping your HP up.

Upon winning the battle, Slickster bails and your party chases after him, but not before acquiring the Moon Spark Medium. Equip the Moon Spark on whomever you want (I suggest Virginia), put 4 Personal Skill points into "Dark Ward" and save your game. Clear up any outstanding status ailments, then backtrack all the way through the dungeon until you reach the room with the stubborn floor switch room, and get ready for another boss fight! Don't let the name throw you off; this Angolmois isn't as tough as he used to be!

Boss Battle: King of Angolmois

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
King of Angolmois:
Boss' Attacks:
Agony Effect (non elemental damage to one target)
Screaming Mad (darkness damage damage to one target)
7th Moon (big non elemental damage to all targets)

How To Win:

10000 HP is a hell of a lot to knock out, but you don't really have to fight for THAT long; you'd never be able to keep yourself alive! Instead, start the battle with the usual tactics; Gella Card, then Mystic a Lucky Card. Afterwards, use your new Medium to cast the Grav spell on Angolmois. This spell lowers the enemy's HP by a certain percentage, and in this case, it works on the boss EVERY time! Cast Grav on him a few times, defending with your other characters and healing when necessary. Once you've done about 9500 damage, unload on him with physical attacks, and he won't last very long at all. If this was the Wild ARMs or Wild ARMs 2 version of Angolmois, you'd wet your pants. 8P

Angolmois' attacks are certainly nothing to sneeze at, but they also aren't all that powerful, save 7th Moon, which deals about 200 to your whole team. Heal after being hit with this, obviously. His other two attacks are Screaming Mad and Agony Effect, and Screaming Mad is the more common one. It deals Darkness elemental damage to one target, and if that one target happens to be the person with your new Medium, make sure you have the Dark Elemental Ward ability on to negate the damage!

After a short scene (he's just pissed off because he wasted a perfectly good monster on such a waste of a good fight), our team will be back in Little Twister once again.

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