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Tree of... Life?

This is it... the day of reckoning. Say yer prayers, Lyn... err, never mind. Before we attack the Yggdrasil (that's the Prophets' base), we're gonna go have some fun with a Millenium Puzzle! First, go back to Greenlodge and check the barrel outside for a Potion Berry.

Greenlodge - Millenium Puzzle 15 - Yggdrasil

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Strategy: Assuming you have a high magic power stat, you should be able to wipe out groups of Shriekers with a Moor Gault summon. This will at least soften them up quite a bit, but make sure you kill them quickly so that they do not get to use Sweet Sigh on you (causes Amnesia). Ape Vargons are what the name implies; big, stupid gorillas that do nothing but physicaly attack, or in some cases, run from battle. Unless you absolutely must fight, I suggest you skip encounters in this area.
This area is heavily forested, so you will have to refer to the pointer to tell where your character is (Virginia's is so cuuute!). You can't use your horses either... 8( At any rate, head to co-ordinates X: 4500 Y: 18258 and search to find the Millenium Puzzle 15.

The idea here is to break away parts of the "floor" with the blocks on the side, but make sure you PUSH them!. Try it once, and if you just can't figure it out, Click Here for help. Winning nets you a 10-Gal Hat! Equip it on a character with spare Personal Skill Points, and with this Initiative working in unison with the other one you should already have equipped, you now have a 50% better chance of getting a preemptive strike!

When you're done, head north near the lake until you spot an unforested area. Search here to uncover Yggdrasil!


Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Cockatrice 590 116 120 THUNDER NONE WIND NONE EARTH
Mimic 800 150 200 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Strategy: Fill up your Earth Ward Personal Skills as much as you can. The enemies in Yggdrasil don't fool around, and since Virginia is at the mercy of her disease, you'll have to be extra careful. Clay Puppets won't hesitate to hit you with single-character Earth attacks, so take them down with Vortex or summon Fengalon on them. Okypetes are annoying, causing Disease status and stealing items, but they don't hit very hard and they don't last long. Save them for later, UNLESS they take something; in that case, take them down before they run from battle with your precious items. Cockatrices may not be able to turn you to stone, but they can hit you with poison and paralysis too, so spin em around with Vortex.
Items in this area:

Lucky Card X 3

I'll warn you now; Yggdrasil is the longest dungeon in the game. There are 5 boss battles along the way, and they only get more difficult, with the exception of the last. This is a big turning point in the game's story, so enjoy the wonderful scenes along the way. 8)

The first room features a large staircase, so climb up and when you reach the top, walk west until the bannister ends. Looks like someone didn't finish safeproofing this room! Actually, this gives you the perfect spot to jump down from above and hit the rusty floor button, opening the door.

The next room features automated defense systems that will electrocute you should they detect your presence. Stay out of their range and blow them up with Bombs, the Boomerang, or Tindercrests. Make sure you kill ALL the components! Head into the next room, and take the stairs to another room. This time, head a bit around the corner and rotate the camera. Now THAT's strategic placement! Hide around the corner and use the Boomerang to take out the defensive drones, then go all the way around the corner, and climb the ladder up to the top, grabbing the treasures for a Duplicator and a Lucky Card X 3. Drop back down, SAVE YOUR GAME, and enter the new door.

After a short scene in which Clive shows off his rapier wit (I've actually done something similar to that before!), Melody is infuriated and attacks!

Boss Battle: Melody

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Venom Strike (poisons target, also used as a counterattack every time Melody is hit)

How To Win:

Melody has a barrier that automatically subtracts 350 from the amount of damage you do to her. Meaning, if you hit her with an attack and it normally would do 500, it will only do 200. Get used to dealing with this now, because she has this ability for pretty much the rest of the game.

By this point in the game, if you've been fairly lucky, you should have enough Moonstones to put Poison Ward on every one of your characters. If you can, do so for this battle, and power it up to full, because Melody will attempt to poison your party members every turn she gets, and every time you hit her!

Begin the battle as you normally would: Mystic a Lucky Card, Gella Card, Fragile and Extend + Valiant, then just keep attacking. If you are protected from poison completely, then there is no way you can lose, so just attack endlessly until she gives up the ghost. If she poisons you, let it drain some of your HP while you continue to attack. As your HP drops, your Valiant-blessed characters will be doing more and more damage.

Items in this area:

Revive Fruit
Gimel Coin X 2
Mini Carrot
Gella Card X 2
Now head into the next room, grabbing the gems along the way. In the next room lies a tricky puzzle.

"Red is the color of fire, and Blue is the color of water. Water does not float on fire.",

What you must do here is hit the poles floating over the coloured tiles to light them up, but you must only light up the ones with the red tiles underneath. Now, you can spend an eternity on this one, or you can use this easy solution; start from the entrance, and stand to the left or right of the puzzle and toss a Tindercrest at the first row to light all of the things up, then head to the southern row and light up the entire row. Next, stand either north or south of the puzzle, and light up the second and fourth columns of the puzzle. Enter the door, and take the elevator up. In the next room, look across the pit to spot 2 chests, and use the Steady Doll to grab them for a Revive Fruit and a Gimel Coin X 2. Next, walk west and go through the door to the door to the south, and open the chests for a Mini Carrot (guarded by Mimics) and a Gella Card X 2, then leave the room and take the other door.

Take the stairs up, and in the next room, walk slowly along the narrow passageway, freezing the steam vents with the Freezer Doll. At the end, SAVE YOUR GAME. Now, set up your personal skills so that you are as protected as possible against misery, amnesia, disease and especially confusion, then step into the next room. If you can give Gallows protection from misery, things will run a lot more smoothly.

Boss Battle: Malik

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Tri-Injury (causes amnesia, disease and misery to target)
Annihilator (non-elemental damage to entire party)
Chaotic Dimension (confusion to entire party)

How To Win:

Malik must be hit with a Decelerate spell ASAP, or bullets and Arcana will pass right through him, effectiveless.

This battle may require a few tries, depending on whether or not Malik decides to use Chaotic Dimension. This rarely used ability confuses your ENTIRE PARTY, so if he does decide to use it, you'd better have a few characters with Confusion Ward status on, or you're going to have a heck of a time getting out of this one alive.

Malik will spend a few turns causing negative statuses with his Tri-Injury attack, so expect to suffer a lot of status ailments in this battle. Furthermore, he also attacks with Annihilator, dealing about 350 damage to your entire party. The best way to win is to open with a Mystic + Lucky Card, a Gella Card, a Extend + Valiant (this is where Misery Guard is a MUST) and a Decelerate spell, and then just keep attacking, ignoring the statuses aside from Confusion. Do not heal unless you KNOW that an Annihilator will kill you, and just keep shooting. With a bit of luck, you'll pull through.

Items in this area:

Potion Berry
Lucky Card X 3
Gimel Coin X 2
Name Tag
Head into the next room, ascending the stairs and grabbing the gems. Keep going through the door until you reach a hallway. Halfway through, the walls close in! Destroy the barricades by placing a multitude of bombs at once, then keep going. In the next room, first Galecrest or tiptoe across the narrow bridge and head through the door, and grab the chests for a Potion Berry, a Lucky Card X 3 and a Gimel Coin X 2, then head back out.

The puzzle here is to get a block on the floor button, and we have an ice block and a Mighty Glove block here. Lift the top block off with the Mighty Gloves and place it one space south, then shove the ice block into the block you lifted, and shove it again across the bridge. Ascend another staircase, and in the next room, use caution rounding the corners, because there are some security drones here. Toss the Boomerang from around the corner to bust them up, then climb the ladder and open the chests for a Name Tag and a Baselard. Judging from past experiences, bosses like to show up in rooms after ones like this, so SAVE YOUR GAME. And heal up too! This fight is TOUGH!

Boss Battle: Leehalt

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Watching Your Move (does nothing)
Eliminate Scanner (non-elemental damage to one target)
Rule of Vengeance (each time you hit Leehalt, the amount of damage the hit did is also done to whoever hit him)

How To Win:

This fight is almost identical to the one earlier, except now, Leehalt can use Eliminate Scanner to damage your team members for around 300-500 damage.

This is all about conservation. Note that Leehalt offers no EXP or Gella, so that should be a clue that he isn't the real boss. You still have to take him down, but right afterwards, another boss steps in, and you must fight him with no regeneration or any time to prepare!

Dealing damage to Leehalt will also do that amount of damage back to you, so be careful how hard you hit him. The best way to take him down is to allow Jet to get a high amount of FP up while keeping his HP at about half. Have Jet keep attacking while Gallows and perhaps Virginia heal him and everyone else defends.

Now here's the fun part. Leehalt will have sustained a pretty high amount of damage by the time Jet hits about 50 FP, so have Jet Reload his ammo and have Gallows cast Valiant on him. Next turn, have Jet use Gatling to deal a huge amount of damage to Leehalt, most likely ending the fight! And with this strategy, your team will be in good shape for the coming battle.

Boss Battle: Janus

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Negative Rainbow (lots of non-elemental damage to party)
Proton Beam (lots of non-elemental damage to one person)
Dark Spear (physical damage to one person)

How To Win:

This is the last time you will ever have to fight him! I promise!

You should be in pretty good shape at the beginning of this battle, but Jet will be worn down. Use the first turn to heal Jet, use a Gella Card, defend with Jet to reload, and use an Extend + Valiant spell. Save the Mystic + Lucky Card for the second turn. Afterwards, fight Janus pretty much the same way you have before. Keep your HP up above 600 at all times, but don't heal unless you absolutely need to. Keep shooting at him, not having to worry about counterattacks, because he doesn't have them anymore! Strangely enough, he will use Dark Spear, his weakest attack, most of the time, so this fight is actually pretty easy in comparison to others; just don't get too confident!

Items in this area:

Cait's Boots
Gella Card X 2
10000 Gella
Booster Kit
Gimel Coin
Ascend another staircase, and prepare for a tough puzzle. You will need either good memory or good finger dexterity and a pencil and paper for this one, so be prepared! The room at the top of the stairs contains a puzzle consisting of a floor button and 8 columns around it. Step on the button, and the 8 pillars will light up, one at a time, in a random order. You must approach the columns in that order and press X to activate them. Get one wrong, and you'll have to start over! Now, this won't be hard if you can easily remember 8 things that are relayed to you quickly, but I can't, so I use this strategy. Grab a pen and paper, and step on the switch. Imagine a part of the paper as the puzzle itself, and when a pole lights up, write the number in a rough position and do this for each pillar. For example, if the first pillar to light up was the bottom, move your hand down the paper and write 1 really quickly, and if the second is on the top left, move your hand up to the top left and quickly write 2. A little hard to read as an end result, but this trick works VERY well. Upon solving this magnificent bastard of a puzzle, take the door to an elevator up.

The next door requires you to Boomerang a crystal switch to open, but there's a block on top it. To make the best of the situation, use the Steady Doll to move the block one space away, then bounce the Boomerang off the block and onto the switch. Take the door to the south first to claim some treasure; a Cait's Boots (Mimic guarded), a Gella Card X 2, and 10000 Gella. Now head through the next door, ascending the next flight of stairs. In the room at the top, the walls will attempt to push you into the deep ravi.... abyss! So use the Galecrest to breeze across the room, then climb the ladder and claim the treasures; a Gimel Coin and a Booster Kit! Use a Duplicator to open the Booster Kit chest, then exit the room from the door below.

A scene will play, and... well, see for yourself. A few subtle hints will be dropped, and Jet's role in the story will be somewhat revealed. Now head through the next room and up the stairs, and you'll spot a set of 9 tiles on the ground. This is one of those "Lights Out" style puzzles; you have to turn them all red by stepping on them, but each time you step on one, the ones in horizontal or vertical range also switch colors. For an easy solution, imagine the tiles as a number pad from 1-9, and step on them in this order: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 8, 5, 2. Then save your game.

Boss Battle: Leehalt, Malik, Melody

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
Eliminate Scanner (non-elemental damage to one target),

How To Win:

What appears to be the last stand of the villians is actually a very simple fight. The Prophets have no special properties, abilities... heck, ANYTHING in this battle! All they can do is use Eliminate Scanner, and they all have the same HP, EXP and Gella totals.

Begin the battle with the usual; Mystic + Lucky Card, Gella Card on ONE of the Prophets, an Extend + Valiant, and perhaps a Fragile spell. From there on out, just keep shooting, taking down the Prophets one at a time. Keep your HP above 400, and target the Prophet you like least first. 8P This fight won't last very long.

After a long story scene (one in which Wild ARMs 1 fans will be overcome with nostalgia and, in my case, theories, you will appear back in Boot Hill. Virginia's status ailment will be cured, and the game will continue.

Now stop for a moment. You are now about halfway through Wild ARMs 3, and from this point forward, the game will start to become a little less linear. Throughout Chapter 3, you will travel from dungeon to dungeon as you have been doing since the beginning, but also, there are many other things that can be done along the way, or some things that HAVE to be done along the way.

The point I am trying to make here is about the walkthrough. With a few exceptions, my walkthrough will be following the story from this point forward and not jumping ahead to grab stuff or do certain tasks early. However, feel free to branch off on your own at any time and jump ahead in the game if you wish, but be warned that jumping ahead too much will result in some difficult battles if you are underleveled. As well, I will not be stating the obvious as much in the walkthrough, because I can now safely assume that you know what you're doing when I tell you to ride your horse here or use the Tool to do whatever. Still, I want you to enjoy Wild ARMs 3, and I want you to be free to decide what to do, but I also want you to keep playing, because Wild ARMs 3 is a wonderful RPG that shouldn't be abandoned at this point in the game, because the best is yet to come.

Here is a list of the tasks that can or must be done during Chapter 3 of the walkthrough. Print it or write it out for future reference.

  • You will need to obtain the airship, Lombardia. You can do this as soon as you complete the Yggdrasil, and it must be done before you can enter the Dissection Facility dungeon. Head to Jolly Roger and speak to Herman to learn the location of a town called Laxisland, then board your hovercraft. With the strongest cannon in the game, head towards the canal that's blocked by rocks and battle Balal Quo Naga, then pass through and head to where Laxisland is (be sure to search). Speak with the ARMsmith to recieve the Kramer Dolls, then head for the dungeon entitled Dragon's Lair and search. Complete this dungeon to recieve Lombardia.

  • You will need to obtain the last four Mediums. To do this, you must obtain four stone Guardian Statues and use them at Fallen Sanctuary. There are more monoliths in the room from before, but you need to use the Radical Sneakers on the jump pads to reach them. You can begin this quest as soon as you obtain the Radical Sneakers from the Iron Dragon's Nest, but you will not be able to complete it until you have Lombardia, have found Gunner's Heaven and won the Novice Division, found and completed the first 10 floors of the Abyss dungeon, and defeated Balal Quo Naga. And you must complete it before you can enter Dim Root Pass. Below are the requirements for obtaining the statues.


    : Defeat Balal Quo Naga, then take the Suitcase he drops to Emilia in Jolly Roger (Chat with her).


    : Locate the Gunner's Heaven by speaking to Putnam and Tesla in Boot Hill, then enter and win the Novice Division to obtain the Item Scope, which lets you find items on the World Map. Now, head back to Gemstone Cave, find the secret room, and from there, find the secret exit to appear on a hidden island on the World Map. Search here for the statue.


    : Head back to Gob's Hideout (talk to Tesla to find it), and enter the room with the weak floor. Walk over to the ladder, and use the Radical Sneakers to jump up the ledge. Climb the ladder, and you'll find the statue nearby.


    : Talk to the people in Little Rock to learn about The Abyss, then board Lombardia. Fly over the spot where the Abyss is located (use the World Map on the shrine to help), and look for the "path" to it. Follow it until you reach a boulder, and fire a missile into that boulder. Now land nearby and use your horses to run past the place where the boulder once was and along the path to the Abyss. Go in, and complete the first 10 floors, defeating the boss to obtain the statue, then choose to leave.

  • You will have to start the Telepath Tower quest now, or lose out on it forever. This can be started after completing the Fila Del Fia dungeon, but must be started BEFORE Dim Root Pass.You must do the following; talk to Roswell and ASK about all he has to say, use the Grappling Hook to read the book about aliens in the higher-up shelves in the Ark of Destiny, and upon completing those, you must find the first Telepath Tower.

  • Upon obtaining Lombardia, you can complete all of the Millenium Puzzles in the game. You will need the Teleport Orb from Puzzle 14 to reach Puzzle 20 though.

  • Upon obtaining Lombardia and the Item Scope, you can begin to find and acquire all of the hidden items on the World Map. Use the World Map provided by the shrine to help locate them.

    And that's about it. Note that the walkthrough will pretty much be following the game without doing this stuff early, with the exception of acquiring the Mediums early. Please feel free to go ahead and do stuff early if you like, because it's your playthrough, and you may enjoy having the upper hand, even if it requires a bit of sidetracking.

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