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The Filgaia Theory

Little Rock

Speak to either Gaspar (the old man up on the top part of town) or Goodwin (the bald man standing near the ARM shop) for information on a ruin that's just DYING to be explored. Mind you, this isn't as much a ruin as it is a forgotten research lab, but it's a ruin nontheless. Rest at the Rolling Stone, and listen to some tunes to relax for a bit. Stop by the ARMsmith for ARM upgrading if you have some cash, and when you're all ready to depart, head out to the World Map. Also, before you go, I highly recommend activating the Initiative Personal Skill on the Flash Hit Medium. This will increase the amount of surprise attacks you get on enemies, and will make travelling that much easier.

Little Rock - Leyline Observatory

Travel northwest again as you did before to reach the Glimmering Emblem, but then keep going west alongside the edge of the land until you reach the end. Search co-ordinates X: 22793 Y: 14389to find Leyline Observatory, then head on in.

Leyline Observatory

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Comic Book 110 24 28 NONE NONE FIRE NONE NONE
Mimic 800 150 200 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Strategy: Strategy: Looks like the researches who departed long ago left not only their corpses, but their comic books and magazines too! Comic Books and Targums are weak to fire, but don't bother with fire elemental Arcana, because Jet's magic power is quite low. Use Moor Gault to wipe out huge groups of them when they appear. Targums use spells like Inspire and Refrigerate to do elemental damage to you, but Comic Books should be dealt with first; they are much more irritating, using HP Robber to try and steal HP and Glassblower to attempt to inflict Glass status on you. Cursed Corpses are enemies you should be familiar with, so deal with them with Spectre attacks. Finally, the mighty Bonedrake enemy must be dealt with quickly. Use Spectre to hurt it with the element it hates, and shoot shoot shoot till it's no more! If you let it live, it will use Rotten Breath, which hits all team members. That sucks.
Items in this area:

Lucky Card
Heal Berry X 2
Radar (TOOL)
Magicleanser X 3
Call Whistle X 3
Dragon Fossil
ID Card
Gimel Coin
4500 Gella
Gella Card
Dragon Fossil
Holy Ankh

After watching the opening scene, you're ready to start exploring. Don't you just LOVE the music in this dungeon? It's possibly my favourite track from the OST...

Head north past reception and enter the next room to find a hallway. Walk down the hallway and take the first door to the west to find a room with 2 chests containing a Lucky Card and a Heal Berry X 2. Read the books in the room; in fact, read ALL of the books in the dungeon, as they will fill you in on the backstory and provide you with GUIDING WORDs. When you're done reading, check the lockers in the northern part of the room to find old socks, old labcoats, old candy wrappers and an old Tool called the Radar! The Radar is a Tool for Jet, and it scans the screen you are currently on (everything in your range) for treasures, then highlights them in green and beeps. Very useful for finding things you might have missed. By the way, you can't open the rusted locker, so don't ask.

Exit the room the way you came, then head through the east door this time. Inside you will find a control panel, which is controlling the lock on the elevator that leads up a floor. If you read the memorandum in the other room as I instructed, you'll know that the password is the name of the current staff member who is on password shift. Bryant was last, and now it is Inkapilia. So enter "Inkapilia" as the password, case sensitive, to deactivate the lock, then head out of the room and go north and around the bend. Press X at the elevator door to take a ride on the wild side.. well, not really, it only goes up.

When you reach the top, head south down the hall and take the first door west. Inside, read the whiteboard for an important notice and a clue. There's treasure in this room, so check the cabinet next to the bookshelf for a Dragon Fossil, then open the chests in the southern side of the room for a Call Whistle X 3 and a Magicleanser X 3. When you're done, exit the room and go south all the way down the hallway and through the door. Read the books on the shelves, then check the mess of papers on the desk in the eastern side of the room for an ID Card. Shame on you, Bryant... always leaving your stuff out. If you're interested, view the computers on the east side of the room for some scrambled data. When you're done with this room, head back into the hallway and check the east walls for a control panel. Walk in front of it, bring up the menu and select the ID card to allow access to the nearby elevator. Board the elevator (the one next to the panel) to go up another floor.

Now, head all the way south through the third hallway and enter. Open the chests in this room for a Gimel Coin, 4500 Gella and a Gella Card, then check out the bookshelves. The one on the left contains a very important plot element, and the one on the right is.... PR0N! OMG! WTF! You can open this book of smut if you have a Duplicator handy, and you might as well, but don't expect anything risque yet. You can't actually "read" this until your Migrant Level is 18 or higher (isn't that clever?), and "reading" it will result in a tough hidden boss battle. So unlock it for now if you want, and remember it for later. When you're all done in this room, and after the dissapointment sinks in, leave the room, go back through the hallway and take the first door west.

The door leads to another room with desks and stuff. Open the chests for a Dragon Fossil and a Holy Ankh, though you will have to battle a Mimic duo for the Ankh. Check out the bookshelves for some more backstory regarding the Guardian Shrines, as well as a book about ARMs. When you're done reading, leave the room and head north around the corner and through the door.

Your team will split up here, and you will have control of Virginia. Now view the computer terminals placed alongside the walls for some important information about the research that was conducted here long ago. Seems that they were trying not only to study the planet, but to create something.. hmm. Speak to Gallows and Clive, then talk with Jet, and he will reveal a hidden door. Don't ask how he knew where the door was... you'll find out sometime later. Head through the door, and travel north past a series of large glass tubes. Check the east wall and read the books, paying attention to the one about the GUIDING WORD, then head through the door to the north. In the next room is a laser barrier; to pass it, examine the control panel next to the laser, and input the password "Guiding Word" (case sensitive) to shut off the laser. Now you may pass, but use a Gimel Coin before you enter the next room.

In the next room, which is the final room of the dungeon, don't miss the bookcases in the southern side of the room; one of them has a book with a little bit of information on the next boss you will face. Also, check out the desk on the opposite side of the room. See that little spot on the desk? That's not a stain; it's half of a photograph. Take a look at it, then stand in front of it and bring up the menu. Select the Right Half from your inventory, and the two photo halves will be together at last! After a touching scene, followed by a very funny scene, your enemies teleport in. This time, they've brought a new friend to test your party. Relax, he's not a hard boss... yet.

Boss Battle: Asgard

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks:
High powered barrier erected (makes Asgard invincible until the turn after "Optimize Data" attack is activated)
Optimize Data (turns invincibility off next turn)
Barrier Knuckle (physical attack to one)
Iron Fist (physical attack to one)

How To Win:

Begin the battle with the usual routine; build FP up to Mystic a Lucky Card, cast Fragile, and use a Gella Card. Being a golem, Asgard focuses primarily on defense, and he's really only in this battle to gain combat data, so he doesn't attack too often.

However, Asgard is also difficult to damage. He gets his turn fast (usually after Virginia), and he usually activates his high powered barrier, which means he will be invincible until the turn after the next. Meaning, you can only damage Asgard on turns that he damages you. Have Gallows extend a Valiant spell to your whole team, and attack every turn, unless he used his barrier during the last turn.That way, if Asgard attacks you, you will hit him with each of your characters (and if they have lost some HP, Valiant will cause extra damage). If Asgard puts up his barrier, no big deal; just reload your ammo during the next turn and try attacking again. Don't bother with healing until you hit about 300 HP, because Asgard usually won't hit a person for much more than that.

Keep chipping away at Asgard, and if you're feeling lucky, unleash a Gatling attack, and you'll come out of this fight just fine (well, kind of.. he does pull a dirty trick at the end.) Asgard will get away, but you'll fight him again sometime.

After what looks like the end of our party, you'll be rescued by a familiar group. After a couple of very well done story scenes (and a surprise visit from a certain someone), Clive will propose that the team takes a trip to his home town. Remember that land bridge near the observatory? We need to cross that next. Your team is fully healed, so there is no reason to stop at Little Rock for rest.

Leyline Observatory - Humphrey's Peak

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Strategy: Once you cross the land bridge, the Corpses and Trilobites stop showing up, and the Twin Tails and Moss Fungus take their place. Twin Tails are annoying, but cute little pests who like to use Grav on your team members. Problem is; it usually works. They also cast Sleep, and occasionally waste their turns doing nothing. Thankfully, they don't have much HP, so zap them with Inspire and shoot them with your attackers. Moss Funguses either waste their turns floating, or they attempt to poison your team members. Take them down first. Note that none of the enemies in this area can actually kill you, but the poison can. Therefore, if you had Poison Ward for each team member, you could level up here penalty free!
Saddle up and ride your horsies southwest from Leyline until you hit a land bridge, then cross over. From there, head southwest along the edge of the land, making note of the chasm, and keep going until you reach a beach. Near that beach at co-ordinates X: 23183 Y: 12021, search and you shall find... Humphrey's Peak!

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