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Photosphere Redux

Now that you have all of the Mediums, you can enter Dim Root Path. Before you do, make sure you get the Telepath Tower quest started! Also, did you find all the World Map items and complete all the Millennium Puzzles? If not, then I suggest you scroll back a walkthrough section and follow the instructions there.

Dim Root Path

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Imitator 350 180 100 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Lycanthrope (Human) 1000 167 180 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Strategy: Don't let the enemies here give you a hard time; they aren't difficult. Evil Dead, Balloon's distant cousin, can be wiped out with a Spectre spell, and you can always summon Stare Roe on them. Anzu is not dangerous, and can be brought down with simple attacks and Arcana aside from Vortex. Lycanthrope is annoying with his various Arcana, but he usually hits slow, and he doesn't take much punishment. Feel free to use all your MTC here; there's free healing and MTC recovery later on! In fact, try and battle here as much as you can; Evil Dead drops Dark Rings!

Items in this area:

Changecrest (Tool)
Lucky Card X 3
Potion Berry
Gimel Coin X 3
20000 Gella
Gella Card X 2
Revive Fruit
Adventure Book 7
Migrant Seal

Walk over to the door that's covered in "bumper stickers" and press X to open it up. The 12 Mediums break the seal, and grant you entry! Now, head into the next room, and note the unreachable ledge. We'll get up there in a sec! For now, head down the stairs and through the door to a room with a lot of orange blocks and a chest. Open the chest for the Changecrest Tool! This Tool does wondrous things with orange blocks (turns them into orange gems and vice versa), and if you fire it at a white gem, you will warp to the white gem's location!

The first thing to do is to use the new tool to dissipate the orange walls and grab the chests behind, containing a Lucky Card X 3 and a Potion Berry. Next, head back to the room from before, and climb back up the stairs. Use the Changecrest to hit the white gem, and you'll warp over to the other side! Now, walk into the next room, and note the orange gem on the floor button. Use the Changecrest on the orange gem, and it will turn into a block that's heavy enough to weigh the floor button down!

Now, travel through another room, watching a scene (where you'll get a good close up of Melody's face), and heading to another room. Climb down the stairs, then head towards the stack of orange blocks. The idea here is to use the Mighty Gloves to move the orange blocks and make a "bridge" that Virginia can Galecrest across. It's easier to do than to describe, so get to it! Gale over the "bridge", then head into the room and open the chests for a Gimel Coin X 3, 20000 Gella and a Gella Card X 2, then leave the room, and head past the orange wall and through the door.

Here's a rather tricky puzzle! To cross the pit, you have to Changecrest the blocks, then Galecrest across the platforms the blocks (that should now be gems) to reach the other side. Open the chest for an incredibly useful Gear: the Violator! This gives you the Finest Arts Personal Skill! Fill this skill up to full any way you can, and listen well: Finest Arts is the most powerful weapon in your team's arsenal. Basically, what you have to do is get the person with Finest Arts up to 100 FP, with 0 ammo in that person's ARM. Select Gatling when these requirements are fulfilled, and sit back and watch the damage add up! The first four hits will be fairly powerful, but the last hit does damage equal to your character's ATT stat multiplied by 10! And it's affected by attack raising Arcana such as Hyper! Should you choose to use this awesome ability, boss fights will be much easier from here on out.

Head through the next room, and move the orange blocks onto the floor buttons with the Mighty Gloves, then head through the door for another scene. It's becoming apparent that this isn't the end of the game, huh? This dungeon is quiet.... too quiet. Walk through another room, and you'll reach a room with a lot of floor buttons and a lot of orange blocks. Not much to do here but place the blocks onto the buttons with the Mighty Gloves, then keep going. In the next room, move the blocks out of the way, then climb the stairs and enter the room, and open the chests for a Revive Fruit, Adventure Book 7 and a Migrant Seal! Head back a room, and use the Mighty Gloves to stack the blocks on top of each other in 2 block stacks, making sure they're right beside each other. You may now Galecrest across.

Ascend the stairs, and note the large fence in the way. Tim isn't here to help us through, but Virginia can do the job pretty well herself! Toss the Changecrest at the white gem on the other side of the fence to warp over there, then walk through the door. A scene will play (looks like someone else is heading for the Cradle, too!) Now, a tricky puzzle awaits you. Try and figure it out first..... can't get it? That's okay. Use the Changecrest to turn all of the orange blocks into Gems, and turn the lone Gem on the other side of the platform into a block. Now, use the Steady Dolls to push the other blocks into the abyss below. The path is clear for you to Galecrest across, so do so, and you'll hit the orange block to stop you from falling down to oblivion. Now, here's the cool part; grab the block with the Mighty Gloves and rotate the camera to spot a hidden Ring Pop switch down the pit! Place the block on the space directly over the switch, then wait for another Gem to spawn. Create another block, stack it on top, and then walk over to the northern part of the room. Toss the Boomerang so that it bounces off the gem wall and hits the switch. Voila!

The next puzzle is a clever one; you must grab all 4 orange gems, but you must get them all before they start regenerating. The problem is... they're all on opposite sides of the room! Not a problem though; use the Changecrest to change the 4 gems into blocks, then move all the blocks close together into a straight line. Now, toss a Changecrest into the line, then dash through! Head through the next room, past the open steel gates, and press X when you reach the closed door. Another scene will play, and that concludes the Dim Root Path dungeon. However, that's just the beginning. 8)

Cradle of the Metal God

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Fleurety 1000 160 180 NONE NONE FIRE ICE NONE
Haboryn 1000 160 180 NONE NONE ICE FIRE NONE
Sekmet 1420 234 250 NONE NONE ICE, WIND NONE NONE
Strategy: Armed with the knowledge that there are 2 full-healing points located in this dungeon, you should have no fear in summoning as often as possible in this dungeon. Summoning Luceid with Gallows can easily take down any enemy group in the dungeon, regardless of weakness. If you aren't summoning, then simply use the Arcana that the enemies are weak to. Nothing here should give you any trouble.
As soon as you enter, walk over to the odd contraption beside the door. This is a healing machine, and it fully restores your HP, VIT, ECN and MTC! Use it to heal up from your trek through Dim Root Path.

While you're here, try this. Walk into the next room and call enemies with the Kramer Dolls. As I said earlier, the enemies here will die very quickly if you summon on them, and they appear in large groups. Fight battles for a while, summoning as much as you can, and when your MTC runs out, head back to the healing machine and use it again! Your MTC will be refilled, and you'll be able to boost it even more! In addition, the enemies here drop Earth, Fire and Ice Rings, and it's highly recommended that you pick up 3 of each now!

When you're done with that, move on through the first room. A bit of tactical espionage action awaits us, as there are spotlights in this room that we must sneak past. Getting caught in a spotlight forces your party into a random encounter. To destroy a spotlight, stand underneath it (they're built into the walls) and fire the Grappling Hook. Destroy the spotlights here, then stand on the floor button to lower the raised part of the floor with the switch, and toss the Steady Doll at the switch to open the door. Save your game now!

Climb down the stairs (or jump off the ledge) in the next room, then walk forward a bit. Prepare to battle a liquid panther! No, I'm not kidding.

Boss Battle: Ose

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
16800 4500 4700 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Boss' Attacks:
Evil Gaze (paralyzes target, only used in "blob" form)
Diabolic Claw (physical attack to one)

How To Win:

This is an interesting boss. Ose starts the battle in "blob" or "liquid" form, and at this time, physical attacks have no effect on him, while Arcana does little damage. However, if you cast Refrigerate on him, he will change into a solid "panther" form for a few turns. In panther form, he will physically attack you, but he will also be susceptible to your physical hits!

Therefore, start the battle with a Mystic + Lucky Card, a Gella Card, a Fragile spell and a Refrigerate spell. Other than that, just keep attacking and casting Refrigerate every turn, clearing up the Paralysis status if he manages to hit you with it.

Now, head back to the beginning for healing (as if you need it!), then move on to the room past Ose and hit the button that's clearly sticking out of the control panel to start up the elevator, then board it. Watch the impending scene, then move on to the next room, where you'll find 4 floor switches guarded by spotlights. You have to activate all 4 of the floor switches, but they only stay activated for a limited time, so you have to be fast! For a challenge, try it with the spotlights still on, but if you want the easy way out, destroy the spotlights with the Grappling Hook. Move on through the next room to view another scene, then head up the stairs in the next room, taking the detour to the south if you need gems. Destroy the stationary spotlight guarding the door, and walk in.

This next room is fun. This walkway is guarded by twin contraptions at either end that generate a laser beam, and touching that beam results in lost HP and french-fried feet. To get past the beams, you will have to walk under the ceiling "fences" with Jet and use the Radical Sneakers to hop up onto the fence and climb across, free from the danger of the beams. The beams move, so note the delay in the time you press Square and the time Jet actually jumps up (do it earlier than you think you should). Also, when dropping down from a ceiling fence, make sure the laser doesn't hit you when you land! Clear this room to witness another scene, which looks like it might be a boss battle, but really isn't, then walk through another straight room, gathering the gems along the way.

This next room is about the closest thing to "platform jumping" that you'll find in a Wild ARMs game. Use Jet's Radical Sneakers to grab the ceiling fences, then climb across over to the small moving platforms that move across the huge pit. Watch Jet's shadow, and line it up with the platforms when they stop moving, then drop down onto them. Work your way to the southern part of the room in this fashion, flipping up the fence to find a switch in the southern corner. Use that to open the door, then head to the northern part of the room and through the door. After a seismic disturbance, you'll be situated in the next room. Take the door to the east to find the room Malik was in earlier, then examine the machine on the far corner of the room for full healing! The Prophets are nearby, so save your game. When you're ready, head up the stairs in the other room and through the door.

Boss Battle: Melody, Malik

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Melody's Attacks:
Eliminate Scanner (non-elemental damage to target)
Venom Strike (poisons target, used as a counterttack)
Malik's Attacks:
Eliminate Scanner (non-elemental damage to target)
Disorder (causes Confusion status to target)
Tri-Injury (causes Misery, Amnesia and disease status to target)

How To Win:

You should be very familiar with the Prophets and their fighting style by now, so strategy for this fight is fairly simple. Begin by Mysticing a Lucky Card, casting Decelerate on Malik, and casting Status Lock on your team members, followed by a Permanence on each. This will block out negative status for the entire battle. If you wish, set up your Mediums each turn so that Gallows can Extend + Status Lock and then Extend + Permanence. Also, when you get a chance, use a Gella Card on each boss, and Extend a Valiant spell.

At this point, you're pretty well protected from anything the boss can dish out, aside from Eliminate Scanner, which can cause about 700 damage a hit. Of course, with Valiant cast on your team members, you'll be dealing lots of damage every turn, and the Prophets will be pretty much powerless! If your HP gets low, summon Raftina to heal!

Head back to the machine for healing, then move on. The next room features a switch that's in range of a spotlight, but there's no way to hit the spotlight! Use the Steady Doll to hit the switch from afar, then destroy the spotlights guarding the walkway and the door. Head up the elevator, and watch another scene... but this time, pay attention to the battle displayed during the scene! Walk through the next room, and you'll reach another room with laser beams patrolling the floor. This one is a little tougher than the last, so be careful with your timing. When you reach the last ceiling fence/gate/whatever, climb up it, stand on the northern corner and rotate the camera to spot a wall switch. Toss a Boomerang into the wall directly over the switch, and it'll bounce off and open the door. Run through the next room, and watch as the Cradle becomes no more.... but what's the huge thing in the sky? And what the hell is THAT thing?

Boss Battle: Wyvern

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
100000 5000 10000 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Wyvern's Attacks:
Draconic Attack (physical attack)
Cerebral Matter (boosts RFX and EVA stats)
Epidermal Shell (increases DEF and MGR stats)
Mighty Might (doubles attack power)
Missile Might (non-elemental damage to one character)

How To Win:

This is your first Lombardia battle, and like all Lombardia battles, it's ridiculously easy to win. You get 4 turns per combat round, and the order of them is decided by the RFX of members of your team. Each team member has the same commands.

There are quite a few commands to fool around with, but the easiest way to win a Lombardia battle is to use the first turn to cast Mighty Might, then attack with your other team members. On the second turn, have the first 3 people (Virginia, Jet, Gallows) use physical attacks, and have the fourth fire the Draconic Gun Blaster. This incredible move consumes ALL of your FP like a summon, but is capable of doing an astonishing amount of damage (up to 999999!) Coupled with the Mighty Might from earlier, you'll see why this battle is such an easy win.

Our next goal is the aerial fortress "Deus Ex Machina", but unfortunately, it's shielded by a cloaking device, and we have no idea how we might find it! Please note that from this point forward until you complete Deus Ex Machina, there will be random enemy encounters while flying Lombardia. The encounters consists of single Wyvern units.

Head back to the Ark of Destiny and talk to the very first person you see, and ASK him about his hometown. That's where we're going next! Board Lombardia, and search co-ordinates X: 11890 Y: 14179 to find Ballack Rise.

Ballack Rise

Items in this area:

Mini Carrot
Mini Carrot
Migrant Seal
Grab Bag
LVL Apple

FYI, this is the town from Clive's intro. How nice it is to be back! There's lots to do here, so let's start from the top. First, speak with Martina, who should be here at this point. If she isn't, don't worry. Talk with her twice, then talk with the boy standing beside her.

Next, enter the Friendly Fire saloon and go on upstairs. Inside the room is a lone barrel containing a Migrant Seal. After that, head up the northwest stairs to the ARMsmith, walk through his house and out the exit door, and open the chest for a Mini Carrot. Next, climb the ladder next to the ARMsmith's shop, and use the Radical Sneakers to jump up onto the metal crates stacked near the saloon sign. Walk along them to the area behind the sign, and bomb the crates for a Mini Carrot.

Next, open the chest in the northeast part of town for a Grab Bag, then climb another staircase to reach a ladder leading to a telescope. Climb on up (and toss your Changecrest at the bird to turn it into a LVL Apple), then look through the telescope. We can now reach Deus Ex Machina! Now, hop on down the ladder, then jump off the northwestern edge of the platform to walk around the huge building and enter a door. Jump down the large vertical opening, then walk through another room to get back outside, checking the barrel here for a Duplicator.

Before Deus Ex Machina

I highly recommend you do the following before tackling Deus Ex Machina. Now that you have the Changecrest, there's a wealth of treasure to acquire and a few things to do if you haven't already.

Head to the Fallen Sanctuary and run through until you reach the room with the floor button you couldn't activate earlier. Use the Changecrest to change the middle gem into a block, then use the Mighty Gloves to move the block onto the button and enter the new door, opening the chests inside (use a Duplicator for the middle one) to obtain a Migrant Seal, a Mini Carrot, and an Ambrosia.

Head to The World's Footprint, and get to the room with the orange block and the Mighty Glove block that are blocking the Duplicator door. Use the Changecrest on the orange block, then push the other one out of the way with the Mighty Gloves and use a Duplicator on the door. Empty the chests inside for a Big Grab Bag and a Migrant Seal.

Head to the Ark of Destiny. Go down to the basement, and open ALL of the Duplicator Doors, using the Changecrest on the large wall of orange blocks. Toss a Changecrest at the blue memory figure (Bombur) for a Missanga, and check the chests behind the doors for a LVL Apple, a Holy Root, a Big Grab Bag, a Growth Egg (inside a Duplicator chest), and a Tiny Flower.

Head to the Ark of Destiny. Go down to the basement, and open ALL of the Duplicator Doors, using the Changecrest on the large wall of orange blocks. Toss a Changecrest at the blue memory figure (Bombur) for a Missanga, and check the chests behind the doors for a LVL Apple, a Holy Root, a Big Grab Bag, a Growth Egg (inside a Duplicator chest), and a Tiny Flower.

Toss a Changecrest at the black rooster in Baskar Colony for a Full Carrot.

Toss a Changecrest at the white cat in Jolly Roger for a Tiny Flower.

Toss a Changecrest at the white chicken in Claiborne for a Potion Berry.

Toss a Changecrest at the brown bird in Little Twister for a Growth Egg.

Toss a Changecrest at the black cat in Little Rock for a Nectar.

Toss a Changecrest at the orange chicken in Boot Hill for a Big Grab Bag.

Toss a Changecrest at the brown cat in Laxisland for a Holy Root. Speak with Martina twice in the top floor of the Saloon while you're there.

Toss a Changecrest at the white bird in The Secret Garden for an Ambrosia.

Search co-ordinates X: 11971 Y: 16940 to reveal Den of Miasma, then run through until you reach the hidden room from earlier. Remember the holographic archive? Use the Kramer Dolls in front of it, and battle the Arioches that appear. This will allow you to partake in the Arioch side quest, and they will now begin to appear randomly in dungeons.

Start the Telepath Tower quest now, or lose it forever.

When you're all done, it's time to find the next dungeon. Deus Ex Machina has no set location; it appears in random spots on the World Map (I've seen it near Laxisland, Gunner's Heaven, and Caging Tower), so you'll have to fly around and look for it. If you used the telescope in Ballack Rise, you'll be able to find it, and it's pretty easy to spot; look for a VERY wavy pattern somewhere in the sky, then use Lombardia to fire 5 missiles into it to disable the cloaking device and allow entry..

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