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Meet the Schroedingers

Westwood Station

When the train comes to a complete stop (this is all done automatically), you'll automatically depart from the train. Talk to the attendant here (his name is Rick, he's not showing his eyes either) and Chat with him. Ask him about stuff to learn a few things; there's a nice village nearby, and a group of 3 people recently boarded this train looking for the same place. Hmm...

Westwood Station - Claiborne

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Strategy: The enemies around here are no big deal; simple attacks will take them down, and the Pordarges may actually waste most of their turns arguing amongst themselves (they can also Disease team members). If you are mugged by a Pordarge, it may try and fly away with your item, so kill it quickly. Dryads have the ability to cause Forget status, so you might want to hold off on fighting them until you have some Toy Hammers. Fighting Dryads can pay off though; they occasionally drop Memo Pens, which can be equipped on your Mediums to give you the "Forget" Status Ward skill.
Head directly east from Westwood Station until you start to see some train tracks. See the tunnel? Slightly north from that around the co-ordinates X: 11703 Y: 7154, search and you will find the town of Claiborne. It's a nice town. I think you'll like it.


Items in this area:

Revive Fruit
Revive Fruit
Heal Berry
Gimel Coin
Mini Carrot

Again, the first thing our team wants to do is visit the Saloon like a bunch of crazy drunks, but this IS the Wild West, right? Well, the boozing can wait. First, head inside the ARM shop (that's the first building) and check the barrel by the door for a Revive Fruit.

Next, go outside and toss the crates beside the old house near for another Revive Fruit. Head inside the old house and check the barrel next to the bookcase for a Pinwheel.

Now, go BEHIND the Saloon (not to sneak in), and check the barrels for a Heal Berry, then head to the big building to the north.

Speak with the cute girl in the cowboy hat named Becky to learn about little Martina and her aunt, who is a bitch. Talking to Martina in the right spots at the right times will earn you a very special item, and by following this here walkthrough, you'll never miss a step!

Now, head inside the house. Here you'll find a man named Dessinsey, who's has 4 perfectly good horses he's willing to sell for 2000 Gella. If you have the money, by all means invest in them. You will actually NEED to buy the horses in a while, so it's better to get them now. Riding horses is MUCH faster than running across the overworld, and you can call horses to any spot on the World Map if you use a Call Whistle!

After splurging on the horsies (please don't misread that as something gross), head upstairs and read an interesting book about gigantic turtles and how to crack their shells (Leon Uris does the trick too, I hear), then check the barrel for a Gimel Coin.

Head back downstairs and through the not too easy to find east door, and into the manger-esque room. Search the hay bale for a Duplicator, and wonder how in holy hell it got there. Finally, leave the barn and search under the stairs leading to the top floor; a barrel here contains a Mini Carrot.

Now it's time for boozing. Head to the Horse Theft Saloon (nice name), and chat with the cute little girl (Martina), and be sure to ask about her mom. Next, talk to the ugly girl over the counter and chat with her, asking about Martina. Take a rest if you need it, then head outside and talk to Becky again for directions to another ruin.

Claiborne - Serpent Coils

From Claiborne, travel northeast riding your new horsies (don't these things make travelling much easier? And to think; you don't have to clean up their poop!) and look for a part where the mountains kind of form a curve; it's very easy to spot. Search co-ordinates X: 13725 Y: 7761 to find Serpent's Coils, our next dungeon.

Serpent Coils

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Strategy: Jelly Blobs cannot be harmed by physical attacks; you will have to Summon or use Arcana to win. Luckily, they are weak to EVERY element, and are easy to defeat. If your level is less than 10, take one turn to attack the enemies to get FP up, then use Arcana on the next turn. Use the Summon command to wipe out big groups of them and gain lots of MTC; it's actually a good idea to build MTC here, and rest at Claiborne to restore it. Get your MTC up now; it will help you out later!
Items in this area:

Gella Card X 2
2000 Gella
Gimel Coin
Lucky Card X 3
Clear Chime
Migrant Seal
They call this place the Serpent Coils because the dungeon twists and turns like a coiled up snake. That means it's very complicated and hard to map out. Save yourself the grief and follow this section of the walkthrough, doing exactly as I say. I'm not trying to take away your right to play the game the way you want to; in fact, I encourage you to try the dungeon once on your own, then once with my guide. My guide will give you the easiest path through the Coils, and will make it so that you never have to return again, so just hear me out. 8)

  • From the beginning, go north one room, then east one room. Descend the stairs, and go into the next room. You'll see a switch; flip it, then enter the newly opened door. Inside, grab the Gella Card and the 2000 Gella. Flip the switch to turn on the navigation system, then exit the room.

  • Head through the northwest door, and walk under the bridge, then up the small flight of stairs and through the south door. From there, take the door to the west, and open all the chests. They are empty, but they are required for a side quest later in the game. Trust me; open them up.

  • Now head out of the room with 3 chests, and take the room to the east this time. Next to the door is a small part where you can drop down to hit a switch; do so. At this point, you'll meet up with another Drifter party (and in my opinion, the most creative RPG team in history). You'll be chewed out, but press on anyway. Drop down another level and head through the east door.

  • Now, go north through a familiar looking room, then west again. Under the bridge one more time, and south through the door up the tiny staircase. Now, head east one room, and you'll be back to the room where you confronted the Drifter party mentioned earlier. Now, you can go through the northern door. Go on in, then cross the bridge, and walk into the next room.

  • Go north in this room and flip the switch, then go north some more. Open the chests for a Gimel Coin and 3 Lucky Cards (make SURE you get these chests), then head west through the doorway. Go west one more room from there, and descend the stairs. Inside this room are 3 chests; open one and two for a Clear Chime and a Migrant Seal, then use a Duplicator on the third for a Nectar.

  • Leave the room and ascend the stairs to the next room, then head south and flip the switch. Don't go through this door; it's just a shortcut back to the beginning. Instead, stay on the higher part of the floor and go through the east doorway. A funny scene will occur (she's so damn CUTE, isn't she?), and you'll have to head through the western door again, then back up the higher part of the floor and in the east door. When you get back, carefully cross the raised part of the floor and enter the east door.

  • Descend the stairs, and enter the next room. See the frozen switch? The rival Drifters are just trying to cheese you off again, so Tindercrest it to restore it to normal working order, then hit it. THEN, freeze it again with the Freezer Doll, and a REALLY funny scene will occur. Serves them right! Head through the newly opened door down the stairs, but SAVE YOUR GAME FIRST!
  • Boss Battle: Blonde, Afro, Timid Boy, Cat?

    Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
    Timid Boy:
    Blonde's Attacks: Vantage Rage MM (physical attack, counterattack), AW-RSTN87 (strong physical attack)
    Afro's Attacks: Psycho Crack (physical attack, causes confusion), Healing Factor (full HP healing to anyone, used as a counter if you attack anyone but him), Black Fenrir (physical attack)
    Timid Boy's Attacks: Homemade Blast (physical attack)
    Shady's Attacks: Baking Breath (fire attack), Blizzard Breath (ice attack)

    How To Win:

    Blonde is the biggest threat in the battle, but you can't lay a finger on her until Afro is taken down. Afro heals anyone aside from himself if they are attacked, and he does it instantly. Afro can also confuse characters with Psycho Crack, so use a Pinwheel to cure that. Start off by casting Cremate on Afro to set his afro ablaze. This causes him to suffer from the greatest RPG status ailment ever; Flaming Afro (this acts like poison, hitting him for damage every turn). Focus your attacks on him, and heal as soon as necessary. Generally, Cat? and Blonde will do only minor damage (and you can block his attacks out with some Personal Skills), and Timid Boy will do barely any damage at all. Afro is your biggest problem, so get rid of him ASAP. Try to Mystic a Lucky Card as soon as possible, and cure Confusion right away!

    When Afro is down, the fight becomes easier. Next, focus your physical attacks on Timid Boy, and cast Pressure on Cat? to exploit its water weakness. Heal with Gallows when needed, and these guys will go down in no time. Finally, go after Blonde. Beware of Blonde when she has low HP, as she will use her AW-RSTN87 attack, which is quite powerful. She shouldn't last long enough for this to be a threat, however. FYI, if you defeat Blonde, the fight ends, so take down the other guys first for extra EXP!

    Items in this area:

    Gimel Coin
    It's not over? That's right. Use a Gimel Coin to save, then head north one screen. Grab the chests for a Gimel Coin and a Duplicator, then go up one room. When you're good and ready, walk north a bit and grab the item off the wall to trigger another boss battle.

    Boss Battle: Janus, Romero, Dario

    Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
    Janus's Attacks: Multiblast (physical attack to all), Heretic Stab (physical attack, counterattack), Sniper Shark XR (physical attack to one)
    Romero's Attacks: Throwing Star (physical attack), Loses Nerve (increases his EVA, only once),
    Dario's Attacks: Gillius GS12/23 (physical attack) Zips Up (increases his DEF, only works once)
    ALL: Trinity (big physical damage to one, can only be used if all three are alive)

    How To Win:

    This fight is a little different from last time. Rather than Janus healing his allies if you hit them, you cannot hurt Janus until you take down his cronies (they will jump in front of him and reduce the damage). Your best bet is to defeat Dario first (he's stronger), then Romero. Spend a turn to Mystic a Lucky Card. Use Extension - Heal if the Multiblasts start to wear you down. Just keep attacking, and you'll do fine. You might want to cast Fragile on Janus to wear his DEF down. In fact, you really should cast Fragile on EVERY boss from now on; as DEF scores get higher, Fragile always reduces DEF to half, and that gets to be a LOT for some bosses.
    After a sad scene, poor Virginia's spirit takes a kick to the groin. Bummer, huh? Don't worry; she's a strong young lady. 8) Anyways, read the text along the way, and your next destination becomes clear. Talk to everyone in Claiborne, and buy some Pinwheels and Medicines off of Roykman. Seems he's been selling stuff to other Drifter parties, but merchants do it for the money, right?

    While you're in town, buy those horses if you haven't already. You most definitely have the money now. Also, upgrade your ARMs a bit if you want, and note that Martina has left. We're going to pay her a visit before we head to the next dungeon, so head back to Westwood.

    Westwood Station

    Talk to Martina here. Do this NOW to save having to do it later. She's out to find her mommy, so wish her luck. 8)

    Westwood Station - Ka Dingel

    Ka Dingel is very easy to find. South from Westwood is a peninsula that's clear as crystal, so go down there and look around co-ordinates X: 9609 Y: 4400.

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