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Parting and a Reunion

Teleport or fly over to Humphrey's Peak, then enter and watch the resulting scene. Talk to Datson and ASK about the situation, then walk over to Clive's house to talk to him. In a rather shocking turn of events, Clive informs you that he's leaving your team!

We still have a job to do though, but it will be much harder without Clive's strength. Regardless of whether or not Clive is coming along, we have to get to that pillar, because those pillars don't destroy themselves! Head out to the World Map.

Humphrey's Peak - Demondor Pillar Rear

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Baphomet 1730 268 280 NONE DARK EARTH, LIGHT NONE NONE
Earth Figure 1300 200 220 THUNDER NONE WIND NONE EARTH
Strategy: Skipping encounters along the long route to Demondor Pillar - Rear might be a wise idea. You see, the Earth Figure is a standard-fare enemy that can easily be taken out by summoning Fengalon, but Baphomets are difficult to defeat. They begin the battle with Reflect, a stat bonus for MGR, and Status Lock. Therefore, casting Spectre will only result in you hurting yourself. A Stare Roe summon will get through, but it might be best to save your MTC for the dungeon ahead.
First, fly Lombardia to co-ordinates X: 20034 Y: 7813 and land on the lower ledge. It's quite a trip to Demondor Pillar - Rear, so call your horses and then ride east across the path that follows the mountain walls. When you reach the end, ride north to about X: 24589 Y: 10592 and search to find the Demondor Pillar - Rear.

Demondor Pillar - Rear

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Imitator 350 180 100 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Radiant Black 1320 210 230 NONE LIGHT DARK NONE NONE
Radiant Bronze 1320 210 230 NONE LIGHT DARK NONE NONE
Radiant Silver 1320 210 230 NONE LIGHT DARK NONE NONE
Strategy: All three types of Radiants are nearly identical in every way. They have the same HP, EXP, Gella, weakness and so on, as well as a non-elemental attack. The differences come in their defensive capabilities. Each Radiant has a different ability that they use to increase the statistics of all of the enemies on the battlefield for several turns; Bronze increases defense, Silver increases speed, and Black raises Magic Resistance. The best way to take them down is to simply cast Dark Matter or summon Luceid while attacking. Mind you, it will take a few castings of Dark Matter to win the battle if their MGR is boosted.
Relax... it's not like Clive will be gone forever. 8)

From the start, head north a room. There are two pathways here, but you can't take the one behind the cracked horns, so toss a Changecrest at the white gem and enter new door. The next room features a series of living pillars that can be cut down to size with the Boomerang. The pillars are made up of segments, and what you have to do to clear this room is head to the eastern side of the room and stand south of the pillars, then toss the Boomerang straight north so that it hits the north wall. Next, jump onto the severed pillars with the Radical Sneakers and then up again to the ledge above. Head through the next room, and then save your game. Walk into the completely obvious trap; there's no avoiding it.

Boss Battle: Nebiros

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
20000 25000 18000 NONE NONE LIGHT NONE DARK
Boss' Attacks:
Crack Tremor (earth elemental damage to all)
Storm Blade (wind elemental damage to all)
Volcannon Trap (fire elemental damage to all)
Maelstrom (water elemental damage to all)

How To Win:

Nebiros is a strange one. At the beginning of each turn, he asks you how you wish to die, and three choices out of four appear. These choices dictate which elemental attack you will be hit with during this turn.

Knowing this, set your elemental ward skills up as high as you can for Fire, Wind, Earth and Water, and choose the attacks that will deal the least damage to you. Meanwhile, use Spectre with Gallows with the Weakness skill for a solid 4000 damage a turn, and have the others attack or cast Feeble Mind to attempt to lower his MGR. As long as you choose the least debilitating elemental attacks each turn, this battle is incredibly easy.

Also, if you don't mind Clive missing out on a lot of EXP, try this. If you've been following my walkthrough, you should have enough Earth and Fire Rings from the Cradle of the Metal God to easily set Earth and Fire Ward to full for every character. Do this, and simply choose either to be "burned to death in agony" or "swallowed up by the earth" while defending every turn. With the Wards equipped, you'll never take damage, plus you'll gain a .1 experience multiplier for each character every turn. Keep this up for a total of 99 turns (it takes a while), and you'll walk out of this battle with 250000 EXP!

Items in this area:

Revive Fruit
Lucky Card
Potion Berry
25000 Gella
Gella Card
Adventure 8
Prism Crown
Gimel Coin

The next scene is a perfect example of how uplifting and moving the story of Wild ARMs 3 can be. It's also one of the most lovely and touching scenes in the game. I won't tell you what happens, but I will tell you that Clive runs to Demondor Pillar - Rear and arrives at the entrance.

You'll now control Clive as well as the other team members, but now they are in separate "parties", so you'll have to switch between them over and over again to finally reunite the team. It's a little confusing, so follow the steps below.

  • As Clive, bomb the horns in the second room and enter the door. Walk along the path, and in the next room, bomb the blue "egg" to release the barrier on the trap that Virginia, Jet and Gallows are in. Now, have Clive stand on the yellow "floor switch". This will open the door for the other team.

  • Switch to the other team and head through the newly opened door on the southern side of the room. Grab the chests in the next room for a Revive Fruit and a Lucky Card, then stand on the blue floor button and switch to Clive. As Clive, head through the newly opened door and grab the chests for a Potion Berry and 25000 Gella, then have him stand on the yellow floor button.

  • As the other three, head into the newly opened door and down the stairs. Stand on the yellow button, then switch to Clive. Have him walk through the new door and stand on the blue button, then switch again and have the others proceed to the next room. Switch to Clive again, and have him stand on the yellow button, then have him stand on the yellow button. Switch back again and proceed.

  • In this room, use the Steady Dolls to reach the chests containing a Gella Card and Adventure Book 8, then chop down and jump over the pillar that's blocking the walkway. Now, freeze the pillar in the southern part of the room with the Freezer Doll, then toss a Boomerang at it to bounce it off and hit the switch below. Keep going along until you reach a blue door, then switch to Clive. Step on the blue button, then switch back and enter the door. Finally, step on the red button, then switch to Clive and run him through the next room and down the stairs to meet the party.

    Now that you're back together, you can use Clive's Mighty Gloves to stack the blocks onto the three switches, then watch as the wall lowers. Walk through the now wall-less area, and check the southwest corner of the room for chests containing a Gimel Coin and a Prism Crown (a VERY useful Gear that adds a skill that nullifies ALL elemental attacks). Head through the new door, and keep going until you reach a room filled with narrow walkways and snakes that encircle the walkways.

    To clear this room, walk along the path, placing a series of bombs in front of each red pillar to destroy it for a limited time, then keep going along the path until you reach the center pillar. Freeze it, then place a bunch of bombs in front of it to open the door out of here! Head through that door (it's to the north), watch the scene, then head a few more rooms north to finally clear this accursed dungeon once and for all.

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