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Seek Not Lolithia

If you've been paying attention to the story, you'll notice that Jet, Clive and Gallows have all gone through their "realization" dungeons. That just leaves Virginia then. Head to Boot Hill and examine Ekatrina's grave to find a letter from her father, which points out the co-ordinates to the next dungeon. Heal up by staying at Virginia's place first!

Boot Hill - Mimir's Well

Fly Lombardia to co-ordinates X: 441 Y: 19469, and Mimir's Well will appear. This dungeon is the easiest dungeon in the game, unless you choose to grab the chests along the way. What do I mean, you ask? Enter and find out.

Mimir's Well

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Gamygym 1850 295 320 NONE NONE ALL NONE NONE
Imitator 350 180 100 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Jammer Imp 1390 220 250 DARK NONE LIGHT NONE NONE
Strategy: Land Lamphrey is the enemy to watch for here, especially when it appears with the Jammer Imp enemy. Take down Jammer Imps with Stare Roe ASAP, or it will use Thunder Zone or Water Zone to give Land Lamprey's already powerful attacks an even bigger boost. Lamprey attacks with Hydro Launcher and Current Spark, and possesses no weaknesses, so he must also be killed as quickly as possible. Fighting them is beneficial though; they drop Water and Thunder Rings!

Items in this area:

Name Tag X 3
30000 Gella
Migrant Seal
Adventure Book 9
Tiny Flower
Holy Root
Full Carrot
Full Libra

The first time you enter Mimir's Well, a long cutscene will play. Afterwards, your party will appear back in Boot Hill.

But that's no fun, is it? There's more to the dungeon than just the cutscene, so get back over there! Head inside, and this time, you'll be able to open up all those Duplicator Doors you saw earlier! Providing you have enough keys, of course.

From the start, head north a room. Take the first door to the east, and head inside for a chest containing a Name Tag X 3. Exit the room, then head north some more and take another side door to a chest containing 30000 Gella.

The next few treasures are found behind Duplicator doors, and they all feature complicated block-pushing puzzles. I'm not great at describing these puzzles, so I've enlisted the help of Dr. Poo, the author of the Mimir's Well Puzzles FAQ. The information on the puzzles is his, not mine, so if you find his solutions helpful, please write to him and thank him for his fine work. 8)

Click Here for the solutions!

Now that the block pushing fiasco is over, we can move on. Head towards the terminal and enter "TOMORROW" as the password (in all caps) to open the door, then head inside and open the chests for a Full Carrot and a Full Libra.Now you're done! Unless you feel like fighting the optional boss. If you choose to fight the optional boss (and I highly recommend you do), head back to the control panel and enter the password "emeth" in all lowercase letters.

Boss Battle: Lolithia

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
22000 27000 30000 NONE ICE FIRE NONE NONE
Boss' Attacks: Freezing Zone (doubles damage dealt by ice attacks for 3 to 5 turns), Cold Sleep (deals ice damage and causes sleep to one target), Cocytus (deals ice damage to the entire party),

How To Win:

Lolithia is hardly the beast she once was in WA1, but she's still not a pushover. If you gathered Ice Rings from Cradle of the Metal God, then this fight should be no problem; just keep attacking until you emerge victorious, casting Status Lock on your teammates to block out the Sleep status caused by Cold Sleep.

If not, then the battle will be a little tougher, but it's still nothing to worry about. Use Status Lock to block out the Sleep status, and attack with Valianted characters. You'll win fairly quickly.

Now that Mimir's Well is complete, there's only one thing left to do. Return to Baskar Village and plan for the final offensive. The end of the game is nigh!

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