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Disaster Girl of the Wasteland

Dissection Facility

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Chimera Fray 740 180 200 NONE NONE ICE FIRE NONE
Chimera Geo 680 140 150 THUNDER NONE WIND EARTH NONE
Strategy: Though they look little like chimeras, the enemies here are not to be taken lightly. Each one attacks with the element it represents (Fire = Fray, Muse = Water, Geo = Earth, Wing = Wind), and if you are silly enough to hit a Chimera with the element it has an Active attribute to, they will begin to use spells that target your whole team! So have everyone use Arcana that the Chimeras are weak to. If you're lucky, you'll get some elemental rings here!
Items in this area:

Name Tag X 3
Potion Berry
18000 Gella
Mini Carrot
Heal Berry
Gimel Coin
Lucky Card
Big Grab Bag
Gella Card X 2
Potion Berry
Gimel Coin
Holy Root
Don't miss the Duplicator Door in the first room; open it up and take the Name Tag X 3 inside the chest. Then take the north door, and mind the HUGE gap. Take the door to the right, and you'll be confronted with a puzzle. The huge block can be pushed around with the Mighty Gloves, and it can be used to bridge the gap leading to the door, but what about the door in the northeast corner? Easy; use the Mighty Gloves to push the block three spaces east into the barrels, then Galecrest across! Grab the Potion Berry in the room, then push the huge block south six spaces (so that you can get out of the northern area), then push it back north so that it bridges the gap. Walk on over and out the room.

Keep going, and you'll reach a room with a bunch of old prison cells. We don't have the police master key, but we do have a body that doesn't feel pain if we run into solid objects, so dash into the cell doors and grab the chests inside for 18000 Gella and a Mini Carrot, then bomb the crates for a Heal Berry. Examine the door and Todd will open it for you by cutting it in half, then kicking away the bottom part. If only every door opened like that!

Go on to the next room, then in the one after that, open the chest for a Gimel Coin, then head up the small flight of stairs in the same room. The switches in this room can be reached with the Steady Dolls, and they raise and lower the three "walls" that you should be able to see on the ground. Stand on the middle "wall", face the switches, and toss the Steady Doll straight to stop it, then hit the left switch to raise yourself up! Now, on the higher level, walk over to the door and go in, then through the next one to a chest that contains a Lucky Card. Now, return to the room with the switches, drop down on the right side, and hit the switch on the left. This will lower the wall blocking the exit, so... exit!

Now, examine the door in the next room for an impressive display of Shady's flying ability, then head through the door. The next room features two more of those massive blocks; push the one that's resting against the wall AWAY from the wall to find a hidden door! Go on in, and open the chests for a Big Grab Bag and (use a Duplicator) a Nectar, then note the red and blue thing in the room. If you're feeling confident and have every character with the Dark Ward Skill, play the Kramer Dolls here to fight an optional boss. Leave the room, and push the gigantic blocks around so that there's a one space gap between them, then Galecrest across them and to the other side of the room. Grab the chest on the other side for a Gella Card X 2, then head through the new door.

There are more jail cells here, so dash into the cell doors to reach a chest with a Potion Berry, and proceed north a room. To the west is a Duplicator Door, so save your game, (there's a Gimel Coin in the crates in this room!) then open it up and go inside. A tricky boss fight awaits you. Grab the Holy Root from the chest when you win.

Boss Battle: Sadas, Sadas Jr.

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
2400 7000 7500 NONE NONE ALL NONE NONE
Sadas Jr:
2400 7000 75000 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE
Sadas's Attacks:
Don't Forget About Me! (sacrifices himself to do damage equal to his current HP to one target), You ain't layin a finger on him! (jumps in the way of attacks aimed at Sadas Jr, taking the damage instead)
Sadas Jr's Attacks:
A Journey of Self Discovery (does nothing, but signifies that Sadas will explode on you)
Life is Wonderful (revives Sadas with full HP)

How To Win:

This is perhaps the strangest battle in RPG history. Sadas and his son have small HP amounts, but that doesn't matter because they can decimate your party very quickly if you don't fight strategically.

Sadas blocks all attacks directed towards Sadas Jr. In addition, Sadas explodes on a target every turn like any good father should. Therefore, you can only hurt Sadas Jr. when Sadas is down, and Sadas Jr. revives Sadas the turn after he self destructs. Also, Sadas has extremely high defense, but is weak against all types of Arcana.

Here's a simple way to win. Assuming you have the Lust Jaw Medium, equip it on Virginia and equip the Weakness Personal Skill to full. Now, have her use an Arcana on Sadas to kill it, while Jet attacks Jr. Do this every turn, and you can't lose! The Arcana will always kill Sadas, halting his attack, and Jet will eventually kill Sadas Jr.

Of course, you may not have the Lust Jaw Medium, and you probably want to double the EXP and Gella from this battle, so do it this way instead; have Virginia cast an Arcana on Sadas to lessen the amount of damage it does when it explodes, and have Jet use a Gella Card while Gallows casts Extension + Valiant and Clive attacks. Sadas will do a lot of damage, but it won't be nearly as bad, and that character will be blessed by Valiant! Next turn, have Virginia Mystic a Lucky Card, and take down Sadas Jr.

Now, head back to the big room. Check the book on the floor and another scene will play, and Alfred will "blow up the door" leading to the last room of the dungeon. Head inside, and check the small panel next to the computer terminal at the east side of the screen, and watch as the screen fills up with the Blue Menace! Watch the scene here, and you'll get a good example of why I love this series so much! It's so creative, so action-packed and fast moving, and the story is just so intriguing! But most of all... the games are always so much fun!

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