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History Lesson #2

The next dungeon in the game features a tough boss fight, so we're going to go get a little something to give us the upper hand. This next step is completely optional, but we'll have to do it sometime, and it is extremely beneficial to do so now, so I highly suggest you go ahead and do it. First of all, take the train to Southfarm Station. Now, did you talk to Tesla in Boot Hill last time? If you haven't yet, go and speak with him. If you have, head south of Southfarm Station and search co-ordinates X: 15723 Y: 24722 to find Gob's Hideout.

Gob's Hideout

Items in this area:

Tiny Flower
Wolf Idol
Gimel Coin

From the start, walk north two screens, then head east and up the stairs, and all the way across the balcony, Follow the path to the room with the weak floor. Tiptoe over to the small ledge with the ladder, approach it from the east, and use the Sneakers to jump up!

Now open the chests for a Tiny Flower and a Wolf Idol, then toss the crate for a Gimel Coin. That Idol holds great power! Head out of the room through the door, descend the stairs, and rotate the camera to spot a chest! Open up for a Duplicator, then light the torch to head back to one of the hallways. From there, simply run out of the dungeon.

Now, take the train back to Midland Station. Head to Fallen Sanctuary, but save your game first!

Fallen Sanctuary

Head back to the outdoor area with the huge stone monoliths. Though you may have not noticed before, there are actually 8 monoliths! The 4 you didn't visit represent the Guardian Lords, and you need to find the Idols to battle them and receive their powers. That Idol we got from Gob's Hideout works on the northeast monolith, so use the Radical Sneakers on the jump pad to get up there and use the Idol in front of the monolith.

Boss Battle: Luceid

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Boss' Attacks: Large Moon (physical attack to one), Lifedrain (drains HP from target and adds it to Luceid's), Dark Destruction (powerful dark-elemental attack on all characters), Dark Luceid (Non-elemental magic damage that damages target based on the amount of elemental types that target has halved or resistance against)

How To Win:

Considering that we're doing this early, this is going to be quite a tough fight. However, it's all worth it in the end.

Dark Luceid has attacks that can seriously damage your party, but on the other hand, he also has an attack that won't really do a whole lot, and he even has an attack that won't do ANYTHING. What he chooses is completely random.

Start the battle with a Mystic + Lucky Card, a Fragile spell, an Extension + Valiant and an attack. Luceid may nail your team with Dark Destruction, dealing about 500 damage to everyone, but this can be nullified with Dark Ward. However, if Dark Ward is on Virginia, take my advice and only power it up to about 50% of its power. You want Virginia to take a bit of damage so that Valiant can work.

Afterwards, just attack with your Valianted characters, recasting it when needed (Luceid has a LOT of HP). If your HP dips below 500, heal immediately. And that's pretty much it.

Was it worth it? Certainly! You now have the incredible Lust Jaw Medium, so Invoke it on Gallows. Also, you are now prompted to choose two of your Mediums to power up. Basically, what this does is levels your Silver Mediums up to Gold status, increasing the stat bonuses they give and increasing their power. Choose any two you like, and don't worry, we'll have all-gold Mediums in a matter of time.

When you're ready, head back to Baskar Village and heal.

Baskar Village

Now talk to Granny Halle. After nearly falling asleep during her lecture, she orders Shane to escort you to The World's Footprint for another history lesson. You'll have to find it and take him there though!

Baskar Village - Jolly Roger - The World's Footprint

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Drill Mandrill 680 136 140 EARTH NONE WIND NONE NONE
Strategy: Everything in this area is weak to wind, so Fengalon will have a field day here! Take care of Drill Mandrills ASAP though, because they have a brutal attack that paralyzes all of your allies.
Board your Sandcraft and take the route outlined on the map below.

When you land, head southeast and around the bend, then search co-ordinates X: 9347 Y: 15544. The World's Footprint should appear.

The World's Footprint

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Apocrypha 370 72 80 NONE NONE FIRE NONE NONE
Strategy: Apocryphas are Arcana abusing magic books that attack in large groups, so summon Moor Gault if you feel there are too many of them. Is that burning literature I smell? Wise Men can be taken down with normal attacks and Inspire Arcana, and make sure you get them fast or they'll give themselves and their allies a whole mess of positive statuses. And as for Christines, use anything Light elemental based on them. Need I remind you to summon Stare Roe? 8)
Items in this area:

Warp Star X 2
Lucky Card X 2
Gella Card
Gimel Coin
Growth Egg
Weather Vane
This is another fairly straightforward dungeon, focusing more on story than puzzles (though there are some tricky ones!), but I'd be glad to walk you through it.

From the start, walk two rooms north, and you should see a stone slate. It's dirty and illegible, so use the Freezer Doll to wipe it off and read a message about showing respect to your forefathers. Hit the switch, and tiptoe (hold Circle) to approach the open door, then walk in. Failure to do so will result in the door closing. Upon passing through, you'll spot a large mural on the wall, and a bit of ancient Filgaia history will be explained. When the lecture comes to a conclusion, head through the door to the next room, ignoring the Duplicator Door hidden behind the blocks. You cannot get that opened yet, but I will let you know when you can.

Continue north a few screens, past another mural until you reach a room with 9 floor tiles on the ground. Read the stone slate for the following clue:

3 - 3

N - S 2 3 2 1 1 3 1 2

W - E 2 1 3 2 3 2 1 1

Now look at the floor, and rotate the camera so that north is pointing up. See the lit up tile? That's 3 - 3, because it's third from the north and third from the west. And according to the chart, you have to step on 2 - 2 next (read them downwards), which would be the second from the north and second from the west; in other words, the middle! So, assuming the camera is rotated so that north is facing up, step on the tiles in the order given below. Ignore 1, because it's already lit up.

8 5 6
9 2 4
3 7 1

And the door opens!

Walk through the next room, watching another scene. In the room after that, look for the door near the end of the hallway that takes you to some treasures: a Warp Star X 2, and Lucky Card X 2 and a Gella Card. Walk to the next room for another scene, then walk through another hallway, taking note of another side door that houses more chests: a Weather Vane, a Gimel Coin and a Growth Egg. The Weather Vane has a valuable Personal Skill that helps you avoid Ambush and Danger, so set it up, then head into the next room.

Another story scene will play, and afterwards, you will head to the next room. Here's a puzzle that may look familiar to fans of the classic Wild ARMs; there are 4 colored blocks and four tiles, but one of them doesn't match the tile color. Use the Mighty Gloves to carry the green to the green space, the yellow to the yellow space, the silver to the silver space, and the white to the red space. Now, "ignite the white ship and paint it red" by hitting the white block with a Tindercrest, then save your game and move on.

Keep going until you hit the final mural, and think about what you'd like to see on it for a minute. When you're ready, head out the dungeon the way you came. Wait a sec... there's something holding us up. What... you thought they were dead?

Boss Battle: Scarecrow, Steamgear, Leonhardt

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Scarecrow's Attacks:
Hellsize Masquerade (instantly kills target),
Arcana Disposal (casts Reflect on Scarecrow)
Raven (physical attack to one character),
Steamgear's Attacks:
Psychedelicor (confusion to one character)
Grasper Mach (physical attack to one)
Undulation Cannon (non-elemental damage to one target; possibly negating MGR),
Leonhardt's Attacks:
Supressed Curse? (dark elemental magic attack to one character, used as a counterattack)
Critical Heal (fully restores entire enemy party's HP)
Blade Arm (physical attack to one)

How To Win:

Now here's a difficult battle. Scarecrow can kill your characters instantly, Steamgear can confuse them, and Leonhardt heals all the bosses fully should they take damage. Leonhardt is also surrounded by a constant Reflect spell, so you can't take him down on the first turn using Arcana.

Here's what to do. Assuming you went and got the Lust Jaw Medium early, make sure it's on Gallows, and power up the Weakness Personal Skill to full. Next, use the first turn Mysticing a Lucky Card, having Jet and Clive use Light Gems on Leonhardt, and having Gallows summon Stare Roe. What this will do will first do damage to Leonhardt, which will cause him to heal. After that, Augoeides will hit the entire enemy party for lots of damage, nearly killing Scarecrow and Leonhardt, then the last Light Gem will kick in, killing Leonhardt!

Next turn, have Virginia use a Gella Card on any of the bosses, then have everyone shoot at Scarecrow. This will take care of him. Afterwards, it's just a simple matter of disposing of Steamgear, who has a weakness to Inspire attacks. And thus, one of the hardest battles in the game is won by an clever strategy, courtesy of Dalton of Zeal. 8P

Doesn't it feel good to pwn a boss that's notorious for stopping many players from proceeding with the game? After a scene, you'll appear back in Baskar Colony. There will be a lot of talk regarding finding the Guardian Lords, so before we do the next dungeon, we're going to acquire another one; it's on the way, anyways.

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