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It's About Time

Ark of Destiny

The library is now open for your studying needs. Read all of the books on the shelves, making note of the top shelves above you. You can't reach those yet, but you will be able to sometime. For now, read the books and don't bother opening the Duplicator locked one.

One of the shelves in the library must be checked in order for the game to continue. Inside lies a list of the last 7 members of the Council of Seven, and some of the names on the list may shock you. Your party decides that Boot Hill is the next place to be headed, and you should speak to Linda in the main room for further direction. Rest up before you head out, then leave the Ark.

Ark of Destiny - Midland Station

For an easy way to Boot Hill, use one of the Warp Stars you received earlier, and teleport to Midland Station. Since Virginia has rode this train before from the station near her home, you can now purchase a ticket to Southfarm Station.

Southfarm Station - Boot Hill

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Strategy: Bogles are just souped up versions of Gobs that have a fairly low hit rate, so they aren't hard to take down with a few attacks. Gallows should Extend a Spectre spell to hit groups of Cobles to kill them faster. Cobs are stronger versions of Bogles, and again, they aren't really a threat, but take them down first.
Boot Hill is rather easy to find. From Southfarm, head south a little, and then west until you hit a beach. Search around co-ordinates X: 15827 Y: 467 to find it.

Boot Hill

Items in this area:

Gimel Coin
Warp Star
Name Tag
Gimel Coin
Tiny Flower
Heal Berry
Revive Fruit

Despite the name, Boot Hill is a very peaceful and inviting town. That isn't going to stop us from claiming the items that were left strewn about the town. Hey, finders keepers, right?

Head into the ARMsmith's place and check the crate for a Gimel Coin, then head inside the second house, and check the barrel nearest to the bookshelf for a Warp Star (no Kirby though). Outside, dash into the southern side of the tree to drop a Heal Berry down, then check the wooden box near the crops for a Name Tag. Next, head to the graveyard north of town, and check Virginia's mother's grave. Someone keeps leaving Tiny Flowers here... hmm.

Armengard is walking around outside. Talk to her and read her text; she has a different message for every day of the year! For a list of all the messages, click here.

Also, talk to everyone and read the books. The people here don't seem to be able to settle with the fact that the world is what it is. It's sad, isn't it? Anyways, head for Virginia's house, which is the huge one in the north part of town.

Virginia and your party will speak to Tesla about matters concerning Werner, Virginia's father. After a long chat, lead Virginia outside to the rest of the party, then head back inside and check the barrel for a Revive Fruit. Stay at the house for full healing, then head outside again. Go around the house (but inside the fence) and check the crates for a Gimel Coin. Now that you've gotten everything, head out of town. Guess who followed you?

Janus, cocky as ever, tells you what the Prophets are up to, and gives you a faint clue on where to head next. Unfortunately, Gallows was never the sharpest tool in the shed, and he never DID pay attention in school, so we'll have to head back to Baskar for instruction. But there's something we should do first.

Millenium Puzzle # 13

Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Horned Beast 470 96 100 NONE NONE WATER NONE NONE
Strategy: Kobolds are the same as always; just cast Vortex and use physical attacks, ignoring their weak Leyline Cannon. Horned Monsters are brainless beasts who do nothing but Stampede over and over again, so freeze them with Refrigerate and attack them with physical attacks.
Travel south and then west from Boot Hill, following the way of the land as it curves until you hit a wide open area. Check out co-ordinates X: 13160 Y: 2722 for a Millenium Puzzle.

Now here's a fun puzzle! Give it a shot, and if you can't figure it out, well... that's what solutions are for, right? Solve it for a Lion Shield!

Millenium Puzzle # 13 - Baskar Village

Use a Warp Star to teleport to Midland Station, then head to Baskar from there. Talk to the people in town, and you should get a pretty good idea of what Guardian is under attack now. Now go and talk to Granny Halle, who can point you in the right direction. Your destination is Infinitum, home of Dan Dairiam, Guardian of Time. FYI, I once pondered naming my cat Dan Dairiam or Cait Sith, but ultimately settled on Domi.

After the scene ends, Gallows has a plan. The party thinks he's nuts, but he has complete faith in it, and Gallows has his heart set on it. Wait until you see what it is! Save your game, and head outside.

Baskar Village - Infinitum

Enemies in Infinitum area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Manticore 433 86 90 WIND NONE EARTH NONE NONE
Strategy: Manticores are irritating. They cause Poison status with Poison Tail, and use Sky Twister to do Wind-elemental damage. Get rid of them as quickly as possible, ignoring the Kobolds. Virginia should use Inspire, while Gallows uses Spectre. Luckily, they don't last too long. If they cast Turbulence, summon Grudiev and some other Guardians to take them down.
Infinitum is on the continent west of Baskar, but we'll have to run back to Jolly Roger to get the Sandcraft. Board the craft, then travel northwest, following the map I made.

Now that you've landed, search at X: 9389 Y: 10881 to find Infinitum.


Enemies in this area:
Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Manticore 433 86 90 WIND NONE EARTH NONE NONE
Premium Delphin 500 96 100 THUNDER NONE NONE NONE EARTH
Strategy: Delphins attack with earth-elemental Arcana, and are weak to Wind, so cast Vortex for some good damage, and take them down with attacks and Arcana like Spectre. Deal with Manticores using the same strategy as you did on the ones outside. A Premium Delphin is a rarer version of the Delphin, except it's easier and it tends to run from battle. Maybe it has something valuable on it?
This is a Gallows "character development" type dungeon, where he comes to realize a lot of things. Read up on everything he says, because this is what RPG stories are all about; people with good intentions who learn about the world, themselves, and the enemies who threaten the planet. Scenes like this are what make the Wild ARMs series' stories so great, so enjoy them.

It's also full of puzzles that deal with perfect timing, so good luck!

From the start, head north through the first room, then up the staircases. You'll reach a room with lots of gears. The idea here is to turn the various valves to line the gears up with each other, then step on the floor switch to get the machine running. Turn each valve so that the gears move 3 times, and then step on the switch. The door opens! Don't be shy; go in!

Now climb the stairs, using a Gimel Coin when you reach the top. Head through the door when you are good and ready. You'll meet up with the leader of the Prophets, and as you probably would have figured, he chooses to sic a legendary beast on you rather than sully his hands battling. You might call him a scaredy-cat, but why fight when monsters can do it for you? 8P

Boss Battle: Pyrodrake

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Pyrodrake's Attacks:
The Giant Groans (physical attack to one)
Caloric Sphere (fire-elemental damage to one)
Volcannon Trap (fire-elemental damage to all),

How To Win:

This beast has lots of HP, but he's pretty straightforward as far as bosses go. In addition, all of his attacks are pretty weak, too. He's just there to buy time, remember? Begin the fight the usual way: Mystic + Lucky Card, Gella Card, Fragile, Extend + Valiant, then go all out. If Gallows has a lot of HP, toss some Refrigerate spells at the fiery dragon for some variety. The big lug won't last long!
Items in this area:

Gella Card X 2
Adventure Book 3
Potion Berry
7000 Gella
Gimel Coin
Revive Fruit
Gimel Coin
Growth Egg
Lucky Card X 3
Now, before we move on, there's a very easy to miss treasure room nearby. See the blocks along the wall? Move them aside, then bomb the wall they were behind. There are 4 chests in here, and they'd love to be opened. Get to it, and you'll be rewarded with 7000 Gella, a Potion Berry, a Gella Card X 2, and Adventure Book 3! Now exit the secret room, and stack the blocks so that they form a 4-block bridge. Cross the bridge, and go all the way around the walkway to find a strange looking thingamajig. Only Baskars can operate them, so switch to Gallows and press X. The profanity-operated jewel lights up, and the door opens! Head up the elevator (the Baskar don't shun technology, I see) and into the next room.

There's a few things to do in this room. First, walk along the walkways to the east and west to find chests at the end, containing a Gimel Coin and a Revive Fruit. Second, rotate the camera so that you can see under the "bridge". There's a crystal switch hanging from the bottom of the bridge, so Boomerang it to get the pendulums on the bridge started. Now, walk onto the bridge and allow yourself to be hit by the first pendulum so that you land on the floor tile that's out of reach. It's a bit painful, but it's the only way. This starts up the second pendulum, so get back on the bridge, walk past the first one, and get hit by the second one so that you land on the platform that houses another crystal thingymabobber. Gallows has to say the magic word to activate it, so switch to him, and the door opens! Now walk past both pendulums and take the newly opened room exit. Head through, then up the stairs and into the next room.

This next set of puzzles must be taken slowly and carefully, or you will just end up repeating it ad the name of the current dungeon. Step on one of the teeth of the first gear in the room, and step off when you reach the other walkway. Make sure you walk here, or you will fall. Follow the walkway up the stairs, then step on one of the teeth on the next gear (do not use the ones with the wooden poles on them), riding until you see a small platform with a railing. Step off there, and hit the switch to start a swing moving. Head back on the gear's teeth, and prepare for a tricky part. You need to step off one of the teeth and step onto the swinging platform. Be patient and wait until you KNOW you will make it onto the swing, then step over. Hit the floor switch on the other side, then ride the swing back. You need to step onto one more swing, so follow the same strategy as before. Was that tough? It took me forever the first time. Now, walk down the walkway and activate the crystal with Gallows, then head into the next room. Go up the stairs (sensing a recurring room design yet?), and head into the next room.

This next puzzle.. it's about time. Get it? 8P What you have to do is light the numbered candles in order from 1 to 12, walking around the clock. Use the Tindercrest, and make sure you don't hit two candles with one shot. By the way, you have to do this reasonably fast, or the candles blow out. Once the clock is fixed, head through the door, up the elevator, and a little past the chock, you'll find 4 chests containing a Gimel Coin, Growth Egg, Duplicator, and Lucky Card X 3. Save your game now. There's a 2 part boss battle coming up!

Head through the door, and prepare for another battle with the thinking machine. No, I don't mean the Dreamcast!

Boss Battle: Asgard

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Asgard's Attacks:
Fortress of the Gods (does nothing, performed every turn)
Barrier Knuckle (strong physical counterattack to one character),

How To Win:

This is an odd battle. Asgard spends so much time studying you that he forgets to attack, but he will counterattack should you strike him. Given this knowledge, it's impossible to lose, right?

Well, yes.. but you want to come out of this fight in the best shape possible, because there's a nasty surprise waiting for you afterwards. Begin the battle with the usual strategy (Fragile, Mystic + Lucky Card, Gella Card, Extension + Valiant), then let him have it, but count how much damage you do so as not to kill him too quickly. You want to get Virginia's FP to 25, so use Gallows to heal your party or use Heal Berries. Make sure that if someone attacks Asgard, they have enough HP to take the counterattack, which normally does about 500 damage. Take this battle slow.... but do it right. Remember, you have all the time in the world...

After your victory, Gallows runs off to try something. You have to keep Asgard busy for 3 turns now! Unfortunately, that Glumzamber to the chest really pissed him off.

Boss Battle: Asgard

Boss Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness: Active: Absorbed:
Asgard's Attacks:
Barrier Storm (strong physical damage to entire party)

How To Win:

These are going to be the hardest 3 turns of your life. Asgard will use Barrier Storm every turn, so block every turn unless you are around 500 HP. Should your life fall that low, use Virginia to Mystic a Potion Berry. As long as one person is alive after these 3 turns, you will win, and there's no EXP or Gella from this fight, so worry not about that.

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