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Walkthrough (with pictures)

So, you want to beat Megaman Legends 2, eh? I'll do you one better. This walkthrough will take you through the game, getting you EVERYTHING (though I don't exactly expect you to upgrade all the special weapons, but you can do as you like). Optional sections of the guide are marked, though I WILL ASSUME in the non-optional sections that you completed the optional sections. Lastly, if you spot anything wrong in these guides, let me know. Click on the first link below to get started, or on a specific section if you're stuck on a certain part and need to know how to get out.

Go to:
The Flutter
Yosyonke City
Abandoned Mines
Forbidden Island
The Sulphur-Bottom
Class A Digger's Test (OPTIONAL)
Pokte Caverns (OPTIONAL)
Pokte Village
Manda Ruins, Part I
Manda Ruins, Part II
Returning the First Key
Nino Island
Class S Digger's Test (OPTIONAL)
Guild Ruins (OPTIONAL)
Siege on Nino Island, Part I
Siege on Nino Island, Part II
Calbania Island
Glyde's Base
Kito Caverns (OPTIONAL)
Siege on Nino Island, Part III
Nino Ruins, Part I
Nino Ruins, Part II
Nino Ruins, Part III
Saul Kada Desert
Kimotama Caverns (OPTIONAL)
Kimotama City
Dark MegaMan (OPTIONAL)
Saul Kada Ruins, Part I
Saul Kada Ruins, Part II
Train Battle
Calinca Ruins, Part I
Calinca Ruins, Part II
Calinca Ruins, Part III
Battle with Geetz
Final Preparations
Elysium Defense Area
Elysium Center Area
Final Battle

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