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Walkthrough: Yosyonke City

Yosyonke City is nestled into the snow-riddled Calinca Island. The people here have all lost family and friends to Forbidden Island. For now, Roll will accompany you as the two of you search for the parts to build a dropship, which will get you to Forbidden Island and save Barrel.

Exit the Flutter and talk to Data at the foot of the stairs, saving your game. Look for a sign that points to town, and then go through the gate it points to. You'll reach Yosyonke City.
At the far end of this snowy oasis is a double-sided goddess statue. Talk to the woman walking around nearby to learn the legend of the two goddesses. Keep this in mind, as it directly relates to the game's events.
At the southwest building, there'll be two doors; the one farther north leads to the General Store. You won't find any parts for the dropship here. Instead, General Stores sell household items. Unfortunately, the lady here hates Diggers, so you won't be able to shop at Yosyonke's General Store for now.
Outside, you may notice a garbage can next to the General Store. It takes practice, but you can kick the nearby can into the garbage can for 200 zenny. You can also kick it into the can behind the northeast building for 1,000 zenny. This is the best way to make money at this point. You'll want at least 24,000 zenny. It seems like a lot, but it'll come fast. Finally, you can check the two mentioned garbage cans for the Mechanic Notes 1 and 1,000 zenny.
Go inside the southernmost door on the southwest building. After the scene, leave the Junk Shop and come back in. You can buy all kinds of goodies here. For now, you'll get to spend your zenny! Buy the Rollerboard, Normal Armor, two Bionic Parts, an Energy Canteen, a Power Raiser, and, finally, a Turbo Charger. All this stuff isn't essential, but you will be powerful. Equip the armor and Buster Parts.
Go south back to the Flutter Dock. A building here has a big 'R' on its garage, so go behind it. Roll is waiting at the door. Give her whatever answer you want, then go inside with her. After the scene, head back out.
Before leaving, go into the Flutter's bridge and talk to Roll. Tell her you'll repair the Flutter (it costs 2,000 zenny). Also, order a refrigerator. That costs 5,000 zenny. Now, go back out. You'll see a short, brown, metal gate opposite of the gate that leads to town. Go through it.
Outside, you'll be on the Calinca Tundra. There aren't any Reaverbots in sight (yet), so cross the wooden bridge. Don't worry about any animals hanging around.
As you proceed across the bridge, White Zakobon Reaverbots will start burrowing out from beneath the snow. Use [R2] and [SQUARE] to shoot them. They can't do much damage. If Roll gets caught in the crossfire, she'll write about it in her diary, but she won't die (awww).
Eventually, you'll reach the entrance to the mines you're looking for at the end of the railroad tracks. Go inside.
Follow Roll through the mines (for now). You'll go north through a door. However, when Roll goes into a green room, veer off the path, north through another door. Stay alert for Zakobons and continue east through another door.
The Zakobons in these ruins fight exactly like the White Zakobons you fought outside--a few shots will do them in. Head south.
At the dead end, you'll find a chest containing a Broken Model Gun. That can be used for development later. Retrace your path, going north, west, south, and then east back to where Roll went.
Despite Roll's protests, MegaMan won't let her follow you any deeper into the mines. So you can stop worrying about her. Use the elevator to get into the actual ruins.

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