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Walkthrough: The Flutter

The Flutter is where MegaMan, Roll, Data, and Barrel live. The game begins here, and things quickly go wrong.

The game will begin by giving you a chance to ask Roll some questions. You can ask them all, but only "I'll get back to you on that." will move the game forward.
After Roll finishes talking, she and MegaMan will smell smoke. It seems that Data has caught the Flutter on fire, and it's up to MegaMan (that means you) to save the day.
Your goal is to put out the fires and save Data. If you ever almost die, Roll will turn on the sprinklers, but you want to put the flames out yourself. To fight the flames, use the [R2] button to lock on and [TRIANGLE] to use your Aqua Blaster. Use [L1] and [R1] to turn.
Fight your way through the fire, never getting too close. You can't open any other door but the orange one at the end of the hall on your left, so go through it and into the living room.
The living room seems to be closer to the source of the flames. Quickly lock on and target all the flames in the room, but save the flames around the door for last. The bathroom door will explode, so if you stand to the side, you'll be fine. Go through the door on the right.
This is the source of the flames. Put them out as fast as you can. If Data ever catches on fire, he might jump into you, so target him and put the flames out before doing anything else. Soon, you'll have put out the last of the fires.
The Flutter will set down on Calinca Island, close to Yosyonke City, to try and figure out a way to get to Forbidden Island and save Barrel. For now, though, explore the Flutter some. The [CIRCLE] button allows you to open doors, talk to people, and examine things.
By going to the door with the wheel on it in the main hall, you can talk to Roll. For now, all you can do is talk to her and develop. Anytime you want Roll to make special weapons, choose to go to the development room.
Data will always be found in the bridge along with Roll. He'll not only give you gameplay advice and save your game, but recharge your Life Gauge and Energy Gauge. Talk to Data every time you see him!
Go through the door into the room marked with an 'M'. This is MegaMan's room, and checking the green dresser will get you 1,000 zenny! Zenny is the game's currency.
Go through the red door marked with an 'R' in the main hall. This is Roll's room. There's no items to claim here, but Roll's diary sits idly on the table. She will update it fairly often, so check back frequently if that sort of thing interests you.
In the main hall, go through the door marked with a 'B'. This is Professor Barrel's room. Go through the various contents of this room to find out a little bit about the game's history. 5,000 zenny lies under the sheets of Barrel's bed, and another 1,000 zenny is in the drawers with the Flutter model on top of it.
Take the ladder in the main hall down. All the rooms here are damaged from the fire, so go down the next ladder. Go through the doors until you find a room that resembles a hangar. Go through the door in this room to the development room. Search the table in this room for the Rapid Fire Buster Part. The engine room has a panel with 2,000 zenny inside.

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