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Walkthrough: Abandoned Mines

You've found yourself deep in the Abandoned Mines on the Calinca Tundra. It seems this area was never mined out and is infested with Reaverbots. You need to find Joe if you have any hopes of getting to Forbidden Island.

At the intersection, go south. You'll find a Tall Shield Reaverbot waiting in this hall. They can only send slow-moving energy balls at you, so they're mostly harmless. Blast it to pieces and continue south. Keep taking out the Reaverbots until you get to the southwest door. Inside this room is a chest containing 500 zenny. Now exit and head north. You'll have to go through more Reaverbots, until you get to the northwest door. Inside this room is a chest with Old Hoverjets inside. Zakobons will drop from the ceiling, so kill them. Exit.
Go back to the elevator you used to get here, then go into the room straight across from it. Two chests in this room have 300 zenny and 100 zenny inside. Exit the room and go south again, then north at the next intersection.
When the hall veers west, kill the Zakobons marching around and go through the door to the west. Tale the elevator down.
Inside this room, you'll find a large Refractor and an injured Joe. You can't get to the Refractor as it is, but Joe tells you defeating the giant Reaverbot in the next room will do the trick.
You'll face your first boss, the Spike Reaverbot. You'll learn a very important tactic in this fight--the circle and shoot method. Target the Reaverbot, then keep shooting while you run circles around him. You'll use this against 90% of your tough enemies. The Reaverbot is PARTICULARLY vulnerable in the butt area, where the spike is. It can only try to smash you. If you need health, have it smash the pillars in the room. You can also use your Energy Canteen if you need to. This is an easy boss.
Back in the room where Joe is, you'll find that Roll has followed you in. Ignore her and take the Refractor from the altar.
You'll automatically be taken back to Yosyonke. Before you leave, you may want to raise some zenny, but it's not imperative that you do.
You may have noticed this already, but there's a back door to the Junk Shop. If you use it and then talk to the owner, he'll give you the Reaverbot Claw for free! It'll collect dust in your inventory until a long time from now.
Go inside the northeast house. In a bookcase in the corner, you'll find a Broken Vacuum.
Back at the Flutter, talk to Roll. When asked, tell her you don't want to go to Forbidden Island just yet. Instead, go to the Development Room and make Jet Skates out of the Rollerboard and Old Hoverjets. Also, have Roll examine the Mechanic Notes 1 to turn them into Radar Notes.
Talk to Roll and tell her you want to go to Forbidden Island. You'll be taken to the world map screen. Pilot the Flutter (it's easy) to the giant island in the middle of the map and choose to go there. You're going to Forbidden Island...

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