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Walkthrough: Forbidden Island

Now that Joe has given you the dropship and you've got the Refractor to power it, you're going to the stormy, uncharted Forbidden Island. The Mother Lode is said to rest here, but everyone who's come here in the past never returned.

The dropship will be in the hangar, and Roll will quickly drop MegaMan onto the island.
You'll land in the middle of a large clearing. If you want to return to the Flutter, just use the Dropship. In my opinion, the best Buster Parts right now are the Power Raiser and the Rapid Fire, so equip those before continuing.
As you head up the path, Roll will warn you just as you're ambushed by Rabbit Reaverbots. These things take several hops towards you before shooting shots out of their ears(?) at you. They're easy to kill though, so just make it past them and into the next area.
You'll find some Forbidden Island survivors in suspended animation in a clearing. The immediate area isn't hostile, and you can't do anything for them now, so continue to the back of the clearing.
You'll find a strange girl in a dropship similar to yours. She's unconscious, but she does play an important part in the storyline. Like the nearby Diggers, though, there's nothing you can do, so trek north.
This cliffside is where Shell Dinos live. Once you see one of them, try not to go further down the cliff and attract more of them from beneath the snow.
They're more or less harmless while in their shell, but once you take a shot, they'll turn into vicious dinosaurs. When this happens, lock on and run circles around them, shooting. They can't make tight turns, so this is a good tactic. Continue facing them and heading north.
When you get to the clearing, electric fences will trap you there. Then, a Wolf Reaverbot will hop down to attack. This thing is probably the fastest grounded enemy in the game. It will basically run in wide circles and pounce on you, then repeat.
The best way to win this fight is to lock onto the wolf and keep moving, preferably sideways to avoid the wolf's tackles. Just keep shooting. You may only be able to get a shot or two at a time, but the Wolf Reaverbot has a weak defense. After the battle, the electric fence will die and you'll be able to continue north.
In the next clearing, White Zakobons will pop out of the snow. They're the same things you fought back on the Calinca Tundra, so it shouldn't be a problem. There's a lot of them, though, so I reccomend continuing as soon as you fight off the initial wave(s).
In the following clearing, you'll notice large piles of snow placed between pillars. Roll will warn you about Reaverbots, and indeed--when you approach one of the piles, an Elephant Reaverbot will burst out.
Elephant Reaverbots aren't that tough. All that they do is rear back, snort, and charge at you. They can't turn in mid-charge, either, so you don't have to worry too much about dodging. Just blast them to pieces. After you kill the other two Reaverbots in the other piles, you'll be able to head east.
On this thin path, Elephant Reaverbots will slide into the path, then mindlessly charge down it. If you haven't equipped your Jet Skates yet, now is the time to do it. There are small openings on the side of the mountains that you can stand in safely without being flattened, so as soon as an Elephant has ran past you, dash or run to the next outcropping, and eventually you'll reach the area where the Elephants were coming out. They'll stop appearing when you get there. Go north.
You'll find Data. There's a nasty boss coming up, so heal and save before you continue.
To initiate the boss fight, examine the Refractor under the giant diamond. It's a BIG one. You'll also lose contact with Roll.
First, I'll give you the Mammoth Reaverbot's attacks. It will try to shoot ice at you from its trunk, so dodge that by never stopping your circular run around the boss. Its second attack is to jump up and land, causing a huge shockwave. You'll have to jump just as it lands to get over the shockwave. Like its smaller Elephant cousins, the Mammoth can also charge at you. Finally, when it gets low on health, it may fall onto its back and shoot a giant laser at you. Just keep running and jumping as fast as you can. That one's a little hard to dodge.
One strategy is to hide behind the scattered pillars, but the mammoth can destroy those with a single step. I've found that just using the classic circle and shoot strategy works here--lock on, and shoot while running circles around the Mammoth Reaverbot. Most of its attacks will miss, though you'll still have to jump to dodge the lasers and shockwaves. If the camera ever angles up to where you just see the sky and the Reaverbot, you're too close, so put some distance. You'll get a long series of cut-scenes that will set up the rest of the game's plot, and now Megaman Legends 2 really begins...

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