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Walkthrough: Forbidden Island

The Sulphur-Bottom is the largest and most sturdy airship in the world, built with the last of Werner Von Bluecher's fortune. Designed to make it through even the fiercest of Forbidden Island's storm, the Sulphur-Bottom offers both comfort and safety. After talking to the ancients you discovered on the island, Bluecher has invited you on the ship to ask a favor...

You'll begin in your guest room. Leave and go through the double-red doors--that's the elevator. Now, go into the southeast guest room.
Examine the exquisite plant here for 500 zenny.
Go back to the elevator you used before, then through the single red door at the end of the hall.
After a short scene, agree to help Barrel and Bluecher get the keys to the Mother Lode. There are four of them, but you'll have to beat the pirates there first. Your first target is Manda Island, the pirates' likely first target. Anytime you need some background info, talk to Barrel and Bluecher.
The plant in the corner hides 2,000 zenny. Leave the room now, and you'll run into Roll. After that, head straight to the other side of the hall, where the elevator leading down is.
You're at the airship dock now, where you can reach the Sulphur-Bottom's Junk Shop or board the Flutter. Search the metal crates in the corner closest to Data to find 1,800 zenny.
Just west of the elevator is a single wooden crate that contains Heavy Duty Gear.
On the west wall is a stack of wooden crates. In one of them is 1,000 zenny. Now, go through the door with the 'JUNK' sign on it.
You'll want to buy the Bottle Rocket, Long Barrel, Buster Unit, Blaster Unit, Autofire Unit, and any other Buster Parts left over if you can manage it.
Back to the Flutter.
If you have any leftover zenny, you can use it to order the newspaper and TV by talking to the Roll. Repairs on the fire damage should also be done, and hopefully the refrigerator is there as well.
Head down to the storage room. It's through the turquoise-colored door on the same floor as the fire. The trunk inside holds a Broken Motor within.
Now, go to the kitchen. There's nothing worth mentioning in the living room and the bathroom. The refrigerator you bought has a Picnic Lunch inside. It will completely restore your health, and as soon as it's used, another one will be in the refrigerator. Always grab a Picnic Lunch before going into a dangerous situation!
In the Development Room, you can combine the Broken Model Gun and the Long Barrel for the Machine Gun Arm special weapon. The Bottle Rocket and Radar Notes can be put together for the Homing Missile. Finally, combine the Broken Motor and Broken Vacuum for the Vacuum Arm. If you have ANY money left (doubt it), spend it upgrading the Vacuum Arm as much as you can. Usually, I don't upgrade weapons, but there are certain ones. Equip the Vacuum Arm.
There's a sidequest to participate in that will get you more zenny throughout the game. Fly the Flutter to Calinca Island. If you're not interested, you can also explore some optional ruins on Manda Island. And if you're not interested in THAT, you can continue the main game by going to Manda Island's Pokte Village.

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