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Walkthrough: Pokte Village

Pokte Village is a small one, with only a few houses. Run by the beautiful mayor, the villagers here live out their lives in relative peace. Unfortunately, that peace has come to an end, as the pirates have shown up to wreak havoc. It's up to MegaMan to oust them from this serene Manda Island burg.

Before heading to the village, talk to Data near the Flutter. Recharge your energy if needed, and save your game. You have a tough boss coming up. Be sure your Energy Canteen is full and you have a Picnic Lunch. Take the Homing Missile as well. Head through the north path into the village.
Now you have to face Tron Bonne in her Crabbot. As usual, the circle and shoot method pretty much works. However, her attacks are somewhat hard to dodge. When she's spinning in a circle, just circle and shoot, jumping whenever shots are coming your way. It's sort of hard to dodge. If she stops and shoots you, run to the side.
She has a ground pound move as well. As usual, jump to avoid that. It's worth noting that you can blow off her claws to stop her from using this attack.
Eventually, she will start spinning around the village. When she does this, she is invulnerable. She will destroy most of the houses. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to prevent this attack. Just lock onto her and move out of the way if she spins at you. Use Homing Missiles to win this battle.
When she's finally gone, head north through the gate.
The lone house here is the mayor's school. For now, check the pots at the side of the house to find a Broken Drill.
See that giant building? It's the entrance to the Manda Ruins, where the first key to the Mother Lode is said to be. Go through the door, talk to Data, and enter the ruins.
It seems that you won't be alone in the ruins. You'll see a scene where Bola follows you in. Once you're inside the ruins, come back out. Doing this makes people appear back in Pokte Village. Head there.
You'll find a Bowling Ball in a trash can in the southern part of the village.
There's a girl in a pink shirt and an orange dress walking around town. Talk to her, and she'll ask for 500 zenny to help rebuild the town. Keep talking to her and giving her 500 zenny until she won't take any more. Leave the village and come back. It's restored!
The General Store is inside the house with the vase picture on its door. You should buy the Comic Book, Vase, and House Plant there. None will be in your inventory, but instead will be shipped to the Flutter as furniture/decor.
The Junk Shop (marked with a cog on the door) sells more useful stuff now. You'll want to buy anything new there, including but not limited to three Bionic Parts, enough Extra Packs to where you have ten or more, a Medicine Bottle and five to ten Medicine Packs if you don't have them already, Padded Armor, and the Light Chip. Buy any new Buster Parts too. Refill your Energy Canteen. If you don't have enough zenny, repeatedly kill the Gold Miroc in the Pokte Caverns.
Back at the Flutter, grab another Picnic Lunch if you used the one you had and then go to the development room. Have Roll make the Drill Arm out of the Broken Drill and Heavy Duty Gear and equip it. Also, use the Light Chip to make Hover Shoes, which you should also equip. Upgrade the Drill Arm and Vacuum Arm to full capacity now. Head back to the village.
2,000 zenny and 1,200 zenny can be found by searching the northwest house. 2,000 zenny and 800 zenny are in the General Store. 1,800 zenny is in the southwest house. Now, go back to the mayor's place.
You can take several quizzes here by talking to the women. They're all general trivia that have nothing to do with the game. Check out the Pokte Village Quiz section for more info. You can win (in no particular order) the Candy Apple, Candy Bar, Strange Juice, and Pencil from the scary little girl. Everything except the Pencil are recovery items. The Pencil will be used later.
The prizes from the woman in blue are (in no particular order) the Pokte Pastry, Mug, Notes, and Pokte Tea. The Pokte Pastry is for healing, and the Notes will be used later. The Mug and Pokte Tea are for selling.
The prizes from the mayor are (in no particular order) the Textbook and Energizer Pack. The Textbook will be used later and the Energizer Pack is a useful Buster Part. Also, the mayor will offer you the Zetsabre, which can be bought for 2,000,000 zenny (!) or won by completing her 100-question quiz. I'd go for the quiz. Once you're done here, go back into the Manda Ruins.

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