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Walkthrough: Manda Ruins, Part I

The Manda Ruins are moss-covered and unexplored, inhabited by dangerous Reaverbots. In fact, many of the Reaverbots here have the ability to set MegaMan on fire or cause his Buster to rot too much to be shot for a few moments. Traps plague every corner, and to make matters worse, Bola, one of the pirates, has followed you inside and will be hindering MegaMan every step of the way.

The first thing you'll notice is a large blue tablet. It seems you can use a card key to activate this machine, but there's nothing you can do at the moment.
Head through the green door in the northwest corner.
In this hall, you'll soon find a pit with Red Mirumijee, worm Reaverbots, inside. It's pretty easy to just lock on and shoot them before crossing the pit. Continue through the hall.
When you reach the second pit, you'll see that Crawler Reaverbots are running along the path. You should drop down and time your run to where you're out of the way of the alternating Crawlers. The third pit is more of the same, except that a trap will be in your way. Just don't jump into it.
Use the elevator. You'll be in a hall with Frog Reaverbots. They're just like the ones in the Pokte Caverns, except they hop towards you in a row. Lock and load, then kerplode (that rhymed!). You'll face a few more in this hall before you get to the next room.
You'll face Bola. Don't worry, he's not hard. He'll start by dropping a bunch of Frog Reaverbots down. Destroy them all, then lock onto Bola. Circle and shoot works WONDERS here. All he can do is throw blades at you, and if you keep running, you'll never even come close to being hit. After he's gone, go east.
Notice the crumbling south wall in this hall (more rhymes!), and use the Drill Arm to go through it.
This room has two chests and a terminal. If you use the terminal, you'll be able to download a map of the ruins. The chests contain 10,000 zenny and 5,000 zenny. Go back to the previous hall and through the east door.
There are some Guruguru Reaverbots in the pits in this room. When you shoot them, they flip onto their backs and then flip back over as you continue to shoot them. They also like to ram you at a high speed. I've found that using the Lifter to throw them at each other works best. Anyway, avoid the spinning trap in this room and go through the north door.
In this hallway, you'll have to face Gurugurus and also Gorobeshus, Reaverbots that hold up their shields to block your shots. They spray gas at you that will drain your special weapon energy and prevent you from firing for a few minutes. If this happens, quickly switch to your Lifter. Use the Drill Arm to beat them easily. Continue onwards.
You'll come out on a ledge high above the very first room. Use the terminal on the ledge to unlock one of the doors below. Once you've done so, drop down.
Go through the north red door.
In this hall, you'll find Spike Top Reaverbots standing on spinning spike traps shooting energy bullets at you. Lock on and shoot, they're not hard to beat at all. Some of the Reaverbots in this room will zip away from you, but they're easily taken care of. Watch out for the Reaverbots at the end of the hall.
You'll be in a room similar to the one where you fought Bola at. Gorobeshus guard the south door, and Red Mirumijees will fall from the ceiling. Take them out. Exit stage south.
This moss-covered room features two terminals--one of them isn't useful just yet, but the one on the east wall has item data in it. The west door is locked, so you'll have to go south, but Bola is waiting...

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