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Walkthrough: Class A Digger's Test

There are two Digger's testing centers, and you have access to one of them in Yosyonke City's church. Passing a test that proves your skills will allow you to not only enter any Class A ruins, but you'll get more zenny from Reaverbots. However, the Reaverbots will also be tougher--but hey, you can handle it!

While you're in town, you might as well buy the Toilet Cleaner from the General Store in Yosyonke (it's open now, and only costs 1,500 zenny). It works automatically, and serves no real purpose, but oh well...
To get to the church, head north past the goddess statues in town. The church will be smack dab in the middle of the graveyard you find.
I suggest donating 100 zenny to the priest here. He'll give you a lot of the game's background information, so it's worth it if you're interested.
To start the test, talk to the girl in the church. To learn the rules, probe her for more information before starting the test.
Once you start the test by going through the door in front of you, you'll immediately run into some Gurugurus, spider-like Reaverbots that flip onto their backs and back onto their stomachs when you shoot at them. The easiest way to kill them is to pick one up and throw it at the other. Then, pick the other one up and throw it at the worm-like Mirumijee that dropped down. If the worm touches you, you won't be able to shoot for a while, so take it out!!
At the end of this hall is Gorobeshu, a Reaverbot that will drop its guard only when not being shot at. This particular Gorobeshu sprays a gas that will prevent you from shooting until it wears of. You can shoot it from afar when it lets it guard down, but the best thing to do is pick it up when it drops its shield, throw it away from the door, and shoot at it from behind, continuously knocking it down. Once its gone, go through the door.

In the next room, shoot at the snakes while running right. It shouldn't be too hard. Go through the east door. You'll see a Gorobeshu standing on a higher ledge. Use the Lifter to pick it up, then run down the hall and take it and the Gorobeshu guarding the door out at the same time by throwing the one you're carrying at it. Go through the door.
Run to the corner at the left to avoid attracting the attention of the smaller, Mine Reaverbots. Instead, pick up one of the Guruguru spiders (don't flip it over), and throw it to the ground. Then, pick up another Guruguru and throw it to the ground as well. They'll both be on their backs. Finally, kill the Mine Reaverbots floating around if they haven't come after you already. Do so from a distance, because they EXPLODE. Finally, pick up a Guruguru and throw it at the other. Exit stage west.
You'll be in a room with Octos and an Octo Spinner. Octo Spinners generate a limited number of Octos, only replacing Octos that are destroyed. Octos like to explode, so first target all the ones in the room, then target the Octo Spinner. Any Octos that come at you should get blown up in the crossfire if you stand in a set spot. After the spinner FINALLY blows up, exit.
A Sharukurusu will attack you. These things are VICIOUS. Its attacks will do a ton of damage, so only put aside your safety if your time is almost out. Jumping works, as it can only charge at you. Circle and shoot with the Buster shots. Eventually, it'll blow up. Take the green door out, and you've won!
Now that you've got your Class A License, your next destination is Manda Island. Once you get there, you can either go on another sidequest into the Pokte Ruins (trust me, it's worth it) or continue with the main game at Pokte Village. You COULD go ahead and get your Class S License, but it's probably a better idea to wait until you have a little more experience under your belt.

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