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Walkthrough: Pokte Caverns

The Pokte Caverns require no license to enter, are reasonably easy to navigate, and you can reap big rewards. In any of the game's optional ruins, though, the Reaverbots you encounter are more or less random, so I'm not going to bother with battle instructions here. There aren't really any new Reaverbots here anyway, other than Mimics, which are fake treasure chests. Watch out for those!

When you get out of the Flutter on Manda Island, you'll be in a small meadow. You may notice Servbots walking around, but they're harmless. For now, head left instead of going through the gate to the right.
There's the entrance to the ruins. You don't need an upgraded license to enter, so just go through the doors.
Once you're inside, destroy any Reaverbots and head straight down the hall and to the door. You'll probably run into some Reaverbots in here. Head east to the corner and then through the north door.
You'll come to a fork in the path--one leads north and the other leads south a short distance to a wall. Examine a crack in the wall for 3,000 zenny.
Head north again. At this fork, go through the north door.
In this room, at the far east wall, is a chest containing a Bomb Schematic, which can be used to develop a special weapon later.
Back out in the hall you came from, if you head west at the intersection, you'll come to a room (which may contain a Gold Miroc, more on that later) that dead ends in a rock wall. You can destroy these, but you don't have the proper equipment yet.
Back in the room just after the entrance, head west to the corner and through the north door.
Go west in this hallway all the way to the wall. There is a crack in it containing 6,500 zenny!
Go north down the hall. The side path on the left has a chest with 2,800 zenny, and the path on the right leads to a chest with 4,000 zenny inside. Go through the north door.
...and the path on the right leads to a chest with 4,000 zenny inside. Go through the north door.
The second path on the left here leads to a chest with the Mechanic Notes 2 inside. Go through the next door.
A chest in this room has 2,500 zenny within it. Okay, so now go back to the hall where you found the Bomb Schematic--the one west and north of the entrance. Go through the east door you never used, and then down the hall and through another door. You'll come to an elevator. Use it, then head south through the door.
You'll be face-to-face with another Spike Reaverbot boss, the same kind that you fought in the Calinca Abandoned Mines. He's just as easy to take out, though--the only difference being his health. Remember, circle and shoot and try to aim for its butt.
Go through the south door to find Refractor B. The only purpose it serves you is wasting space in your inventory, OR you can pawn it off for a good price. For now, though, go back to the elevator and work your way south back to the entrance.
Go back to the Flutter and upgrade the Vacuum Arm as much as you can--hopefully, you'll have more than enough to bring it to full capacity. The Pokte Caverns have the best way in the game to make lots of money, and I'll tell you how. First, you must get a certain set of Reaverbots to appear when you enter. If there's a Mimic in the first hall, you're good. If not, keep entering and exiting until there is.
In the second room, go down the east hall and head north. In this hall, head north again, but go west into another hall when you can. Use the door. You'll come into a room with a Gold Miroc Reaverbot. This is the only place they appear in the game. They can also take a lot of damage. The best way to kill them is to blast until they fall over, then quickly use the Lifter to pick up and throw it. Then, take one shot at it, and BOOM.
You've got TONS of zenny! Beware, though: an attack from a Gold Miroc does a ton of damage. Even though it mostly just runs around, it WILL jump at you. Bring along a full Energy Canteen and a Picnic Lunch. Now for the best part: it regenerates every time you leave and come back into the room! That Vacuum Arm will come in handy. :)

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