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Walkthrough: Class S Digger's Test

Passing the Class S Digger's Test is something that takes MUCH patience and MANY tries. It's probably single-handedly the hardest part of the game. However, if you do everything exactly the right way, you'll be upgraded to the most revered class of Diggers! You'll be able to enter all of the game's ruins. Reaverbots will be tougher, but they'll yield more zenny, too.

Begin the test the same way you started the Class A test--talk to the woman and choose to take the test, then go through the green door.
At the very beginning of the test, shoot one of the Gurugurus until it flips onto its back, then take out two of the flying Mine Reaverbots. Now, use the Lifter to pick up the other Guruguru. Throw him at the flipped one. That should kill them both, and if not, do it the hard way.
Make a sharp turn around the corner, holding [TRIANGLE]. Hopefully, you'll pick up a Gorobeshu Reaverbot. They can inflict you with Rot, so be careful. QUICKLY throw the one you picked up at the other Gorobeshu. That should blow them up. Now run away and target the rest of the Mine Reaverbots. Go east through the door.
You'll first want to take out the Mirumijee worm Reaverbots, because they can hit you with Rot. Now, destroy all the Octos and target the Octo Spinner. Stand in one place and fire at it. Any Octos it generates will get caught in the crossfire. When they're all gone, head east.
Jump to the Gorobeshu's side and then jump back. The Mine Reaverbot should explode. Then, target the Gorobeshu and jump to its side and pick it up. Then, throw it at a Guruguru around the corner. Pick up the said Guruguru and throw it at the second Guruguru.
As you proceed through the hall, you'll run into Moth Reaverbots. These things are slow, but they can Stun you, making you incredibly slow, so take them out with due speed. Head north.
You'll be in a room with three Octo Spinners. Start out by blowing up the one across from you. Don't lock onto it, but instead, manually aim. When the Octos get close to you, jump OVER the Octo Spinner and continue firing. Jump whenever the Octos close in. When it's gone, take out the one blocking the west door. You can run around it now instead of jumping, though. Feel free to take out the final Octo Spinner as you would any other day, then go west.
This room is full of Mine Reaverbots, which you should take out. Then approach the Gorobeshus from the wall and pick it up. Quickly throw it at the other one, then go through the door.
You must now face two Sharukurusus. They're very tough, and very deadly. Lock on, circle and shoot, and jump when one of them charges at you. Try not to ever let one of them out of your sight for more than a couple seconds.
When they're dead, you'll probably be short on time and health, so hurry up and get through that green door. Congrats!

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